Her First Foursome

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Michael met Julie from Africa while she was in Australia on holidays. An immediate attraction formed. Julie was 25 and she was still a virgin. One thing led to another, and Julie invited Michael back to her hotel room. See the story “Her First Time”.

Fifteen years, and two children later, Michael and Julie have a satisfying, if routine, sex life. At 45, Michael is still slim, sometimes even mistaken for being younger than he is. Julie has an African body shape, with well rounded buttocks and shapely legs. Her job requires her to by physically active, and she is in good shape, firm in the right spots and carrying no fat.

A move to another city is the catalyst for some adventures. Michael meets two sexually frustrated neighbours (Michelle and Carol) and helps them out of their dilemma. See the story “Good Neighbours”.

Michael invites Carol around one afternoon, and Julie’s inhibitions are gradually peeled away. Carol is in her late 30’s, perhaps even 40; she almost exudes sex. She is shapely with long and firm legs, a rounded and feminine arse, and full tits. Although Julie is not bi-sexual, she participates in a threesome with Carol and Michael. See the story “Her First Threesome”. Julie should have been jealous, watching Michael and Carol finish by having sex in front of her. However, the moment is extraordinarily exciting for her, and she feels like it may be the start of something bigger. Perhaps some of Michael’s ideas in years past may not have been so strange after all.


Michael and Julie are laying on the waterbed. Some extraordinary things have happened today, and Julie is unsure whether to draw the line here, or to move onto even more exciting encounters.

“Michael, you once raised the idea of having another couple around,” stated Julie, leaving the next part of her statement open.

“I know you get excited with adult videos, and I thought that a bit more variety could be good for us”, I replied.

“I don’t really like those tapes, but I feel different about what happened today with Carol and us. Perhaps we could invite her around again?”

“That could be a good idea as long as you are comfortable, but you asked about my idea of another couple”

“Another couple could also be exciting, but you are the only person I have been with. I cannot spoil that”.

“Perhaps we could try what is known as Soft Swing”.

“Soft Swing?” asked Julie.

“Yes, that is where we would get together with another couple in the same room, but only with our own partners”

“Oh, that sounds better. It would be just you and me”, reasoned Julie.

“Yes, it would be exciting, just like with Carol, only more”

I considered my options. There are a number of ways of contacting other couples on the Internet, and l did some research. Some younger couples advertised for single women or other couples, but they were typically 20’s to 30’s and wanted for couples in the same age group. Some older couples (40’s to 50’s) had advertisements, but they were not physically attractive.

I discussed this research with Julie and suggested that perhaps finding another couple through contact advertisements, particularly in this smaller city, may be more difficult than I thought.

Saturday morning, Carol knocks on the door. I answer and invite her in. I have just made some coffee and offer some.

“After that afternoon with Michelle and you”, Carol started.

“Careful, don’t ever tell Julie about that”, I interrupted.

“Sorry, but after that, and then a few weeks ago with Julie and you, I realised I needed a man in my canlı bahis life more than anything else. So I found one”.

“Really, that’s not surprising, you are an attractive and sexy lady”

Ignoring my comment, she continued, “I thought, maybe, that Julie and you would like to meet him”.


Carol obviously had this planned “You seem to be daytime people, so how about tomorrow afternoon at my place? Do you mind if my kids come over here?”

“Sure, our two can be babysitters again. What’s your new mans name?”


“Okay, tomorrow at 2”.


Just after two, we cross the road and are greeted by Robert. We introduce ourselves before being invited in.

Carol offers us some coffee. I ask for water instead. We get to talk. Robert tells us that he has heard about us in detail. I hope that it is all good. Julie is typically quiet, she understands what is about to happen, but is still a little apprehensive.

The lounge room is dominated by a corner sofa setting, with a TV and DVD player opposite. The curtains are drawn.

“We could play a card game like strip poker or something”, Carol states. “But that idea has been done to death. “Lets just do it!”

Carol gets up and plays a very adult movie, X-rated with two gorgeous girls and two handsome men. Not surprisingly, the actors pair off as two couples. Carol returns and sits on Robert’s lap, kissing him passionately. I move closer to Julie, who seems mesmerised by the movie until I start kissing her too. I reach under her top and fondle her breasts; as usual for the weekend she is not wearing a bra. Carol has already removed her top and Robert has his head buried in her voluptuous but oh so firm cleavage. I feel a little jealous. I unbutton Julies top and expose her smaller but brown breasts, the nipples already swelling and turning a darker shade of brown. I gently cup them and massage them, circling my fingers around her nipples to build up the anticipation. I brush the nipples from time to time. Julie relaxes, opens her mouth a little wider. My tongue quickly finds hers, and they stimulate each other as I continue to taunt and tantalise her breasts.

Robert is quicker than us, He already has Carol stripped down to her panties, and is running his hand over the cotton surface, feeling the wetness building, feeling Carol responding to his touch.

I stand and strip to my underpants, re-arranging my erection to lie flat in my jockey underwear. I then reach for Julie’s hand for her to stand as well. I get on my knees and pull down her shorts and panties. Since our threesome with Carol, Julie has kept up her shaving, and I kneel to admire her smooth vulva with those prominent dark brown lips. I run my tongue from the back of her knee up to the top of her thigh, briefly touching her lips, before running my tongue down the other leg and then return. Julie is still a little unsure, and not yet wet, but the teasing of my tongue on her is starting to take effect.

Carol looks across to Julie’s pussy, the same one she was admiring and eating just the other week. As she watches me, perhaps it is her turn to feel a little jealous. To break this, she suggests her bedroom might be more comfortable. Her bed is much more suitable than our waterbed.

The bedroom is very feminine, floral curtains and a nice drape around the bed head. Carol and I remove our last remaining underwear, and Carol suggests that Robert, who is still fully dressed, should get into the mood. Robert strips down, revealing a larger, better toned body than mine. His erection is average, whereas mine is somewhat larger.

Julie bahis siteleri is getting well aroused at this stage, and takes my manhood into her mouth as if to say “my mans bigger than yours”. I reposition myself so that I am lying beside her, my head close to her pussy. Automatically, she spreads her legs to give me access. I dive in; the musky smell gives away her arousal. I start on her lips, liking her up to her clit, feeling the clit enlarge with each stroke. I then start to run my tongue across her clit before moving back to her lips. Again and again I tease her, she responds my pressing her pussy harder towards my face and taking more of me into her mouth.

Robert is laying between Carol’s spread legs, eating her while she plays with her own breasts. Not wanting to get too aroused by too much oral sex too early, I again move; roll Julie onto her back, and duplicate their position. Side by side the two girls lay, with their men working on their pussies. Carol reaches across and starts to stroke and play with Julie’s breasts. Julie is still hesitant to explore another woman’s body, but remains relaxed as Carol explores hers. I now have better access to Julie, as I start to suck her clit between my lips, rubbing it and stimulating it with my tongue. Then, I slip my finger into her warm and wet love tunnel.

I change position, using my thumb against the side of her clit, any my finger inside pressing up. After 17 years together, I know that this position always works. Robert keeps on with his face buried in Carol’s pussy, Carol is more vocal, we can hear her giving directions “that’s right, just there”, followed by the announcement “Oh god, I’m cumming”. Julie is getting hot too, usually very quiet when she cums, she is more vocal this time when she pants a load “Oh” as I feel her wet pussy spasm around my finger.

After Carol comes, Robert doesn’t bother to change positions, he just slides up her body and starts on her, missionary style; deep and fast. I whisper in Julies ear “you on top, I can’t last like that”. I roll over and she straddles me, lowering those big wet lips around my shaft. I love woman on top, the stretching of her legs stretches her pussy making it tighter. Or perhaps it is because I am big. I start the rhythm slow and deep, her whole pussy surrounding my manhood, wrapped tight around it. Julie starts to match my rhythm, she is well tuned to my slow lovemaking, and she too must feel my penis filling and stretching her inside.

Robert is pumping away, Carol’s breasts bouncing with his thrusts. After about three or four minutes he grunts and I know he has cum. In the meantime, we continue, slowly and deliciously. The head of my penis gets so close to her opening before a full and slow thrust in again. The slurping sounds unmistakable now that Robert and Carol’s side of the bed has gone quiet.

Robert is relaxing in his post – orgasm state of bliss; Carol decides to join our action. I see her moving across to Julies arse, holding it as it works its way up and down my manhood. I explore Julie’s breasts, alternating between kissing and rubbing her nipples. Julie leans forward to kiss me, exposing more of her arse to Carol. Carol whispers in Julie’s ear, “relax darling, I’m going to fuck your arsehole”. Carol gently starts run her finger around Julie’s rear hole, getting her ready before she gently slips a finger inside. Julie gasps and stops thrusting; I grab her hips in an attempt to reassure her. Carol starts to thrust her finger in Julie’s arse, while I continue to thrust in her cunt.

Carol withdraws her finger, lubricates her hand with some gel, puts bahis şirketleri two fingers together and then slips them back into her arsehole. Again, Julie is startled by the different sensation, but this time only momentarily. She is now almost horizontal, her hips raised for me to thrust from underneath and Carol’s hand now well and truly attached to her arse. Again, Carol starts to thrust with two fingers, her pace matching the pace of my cock.

Robert by this time has recovered, and he watches, amazed, as I keep on fucking my wife while his girlfriend fingers her arse. Julie is beyond caring that she is the focus of three peoples attention. It just feels too good, good beyond what she ever imagined. I feel Julie’s wetness on my stomach as her pussy lips touch me on every stroke.

Carol withdraws her two fingers, lubricates them again, and then bunches three fingers together before inserting them in Julie’s relaxed rear hole. Again, Julie is a little surprised by the change in sensation, her rectum burning a little initially before the feeling subsides and is replaced by that wonderful feeling of fullness, Carol’s long fingers are now buried right inside her rear entrance.

Robert starts rubbing Carol’s pussy, exposed in the air while she kneels to finger fuck my beautiful wife. Carol’s pussy is still wet with her own juices and his cum, and he spreads this mixture around her still sensitive clit. Carol spreads her knees apart to give him access. This is too hot for her. Three fingers in Julie’s arse and her lover working her pussy.

By this time, Julie and I have been fucking for about 10 minutes, and Carol has had her fingers inside Julie for half that time. I know now that now is the time to pick up the pace, and with luck she will come. I start to thrust harder and faster, and use my hands on Julie’s hips to hold her in place. Carol knows what is happening, and she starts with words of encouragement. “That’s right, keep it going. I want to feel you cum”. “I want to hear you cum”. Julie is straddled forward on my chest, impaled on my prick from below and Carol’s hand above as she closes her eyes, for the first time in her life shouts “oh yes” and has the biggest orgasm she has ever experienced. It goes on and on for what seems like an eternity, spasms right through her body in way she never thought possible. The orgasm envelopes her from the top of her head to the tips of her fingers. It was like she was charged with electricity and it just discharged from every part of her body down to her cunt.

I can feel the tension building in my rod, the tingling slowly starting at the base and working it’s way up its length. I can control this, but I know it is time for me to cum too. Faster and faster I go, three of Carol’s fingers still inside Julie’s anus and the others brushing my balls. A huge grunt and I empty myself inside her, spurt after spurt of cum and wave after wave of pleasure. These final thrusts are too much and Julie cums again, quietly this time as if she has exhausted her energy. Julie lays on top of me, Carol’s fingers still buried in her arse and my cum dripping onto my stomach.

Carol has her mind on other things. What she saw and heard alone was erotic enough, but Robert’s expert fingering quickly brings her to her own climax. With a quick “oh god” she audibly cums again, the three of us now done and satisfied beyond our wildest dreams.


Later in the evening, Julie and I were talking.

“Michael, you have never asked me to fuck me in my arse.”

“I remember how hard it was when we first made love, how tense you were. I knew that unless you really wanted it, any tension was going to make it painful. So, I decided it best not to try something that I knew was going to hurt you”.



“Next time we make love, please fuck me in the arse.”

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