Highest Education Ch. 02

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If Amy’s bra had been any tighter, Nick’s cock probably wouldn’t have been able to slide in. It would have slid up the giant girl’s considerable cleavage and right up to her lips. That would have been amazingly awkward, but it was nothing compared to what actually happened.

Amy’s massive breasts were packed to the point of overflowing bra. As Nick’s body traveled downward, his already achingly-hard cock slid right into Amy’s cleavage. Nick was a man with a lot of willpower, but all of that failed him as the giant girl’s warm breasts squeezed up against the length of his cock. It didn’t take more than a second before his cock began to spasm powerfully. He shot spurt after spurt directly into her cleavage, each spurt much bigger than an average guy’s entire load. Amy jumped as she felt the warm wetness of Nick’s cum soaking her bra. After about two dozen spurts, his cock finally calmed down, but still just as hard as before.

Amy lifted Nick upward, pulling his cock out of her cleavage. This time, she moved her head out of the way just in time to avoid his cock swinging upward. “Holy shit!” Amy exclaimed. “What the fuck happened?”

Abby was just speechless behind Amy, still trying to process exactly what had just happened. Even Nick was at a loss of words for a few moments, trying to regain his composure.

“I’m… so sorry…” He managed. “I tried to stop it, but…” He blushed.

Amy and Abby weren’t exactly strangers to people cumming in their presence, but they had never seen anything quite like that before. “No, no. We’ve seen people cum before… just not like that!”

Nick blushed deeper for a second. “Oh that? That actually wasn’t that much for me… the first time never is.” He pointed down to his cock, showing that it was still fully hard.

“First time?” Abby asked from behind.

Nick nodded. “It usually takes at least a few times for it to go down.”

Both of the girls stared at him, mouths open wide. Nick anxiously waited for them to say something.

“Can we… help?” Amy asked eagerly.

“By ‘we’ she means ‘me’, because she’s already had a turn.” Abby said as she took Nick from her sister’s hands. “We’ll see you in a little bit!” She exclaimed as the carried him into her room.

When they got to her room, Abby tossed Nick onto her bed. It was the biggest bed he had ever seen! Easily 10 feet long. But his fascination with the bed didn’t last long. He stared up at the undersides of her massive breasts as she took her shirt off. Underneath that shirt was a gargantuan bra. Despite that, however, her breasts seemed to be exploding out of it!

“Do you think you could help me out of this little thing?” She winked as she turned around. Nick stood up on the bed, his massive cock standing to attention, sticking more than three feet in front of him. He carefully walked across the squishy bed, but he didn’t realize how close his cock head was to Abby’s ass. Long before he reached her, his cock head bumped right into it.

“Hey!” Abby giggled. “Careful where you stick that thing.”

Nick took a few steps back and pressed his shaft downward a bit. Stepping forward again, the head scraped against the bottom of her ass as it pressed against the back of her thighs. Cooing, Abby slid her legs apart just a little bit, allowing him to push his cock head in between them, with some effort. He continued stepping forward, those curvy thighs rubbing against his shaft as more and more of it passed between them. He wobbled a bit, the pleasure almost too much for him to handle, but he made it to her back.

The back of the bra was imposing. He had undone a few bras in his time, but none with quite as many hooks. He was used to seeing, two, maybe three hooks. Four, if the girl was particularly blessed. But this one had no fewer than 12! So he got to work. He tugged on the first set of hooks, but it was a lot harder than he thought. “I shouldn’t be surprised.” He thought. “Not with how much breast is packed in there…”So he pulled harder and harder. After a few minutes of struggling, he got the first one undone.

“How’s it going back there?” Abby will trent izle grinned as he started on the second hook.

“It’s a little harder than I thought it would be.” Nick grunted, trying his hardest to get the second one undone.

“Funny, that’s what I was just thinking…” She giggled as she looked down at his cock sticking out at least a good 3 feet from her legs. “Here, let me see if I can help.”

Nick watched her take a deep breath, the hooks straining more and more to stay closed. It didn’t take long before he heard the poor metal hooks starting to fail, either bending out of shape or snapping outright. One by one, those hooks gave way, placing more and more strain on the rest of them. Faster and faster, they snapped until the poor bra fell to the floor. He watched as she was knocked forward by an explosion of flesh, forcing those massive breasts downward until they wrapped around his gigantic member.

“Oh my god….” He cooed. He’d never felt anything like it! No girl had ever been able to cover as much of his cock as Abby was able to.

“Ooh. Looks like the little guy likes that!” Abby exclaimed as she pressed her breasts together slightly, increasing the pressure along his shaft.

Nick couldn’t help himself. He began thrusting his cock. The feeling of so much of his cock being covered at one time was so foreign to him, felt amazing! In fact, it felt so amazing that it only took about a minute of the world’s best titfuck for that cock to start to spasm. A massive white rope shot out of it, hitting the wall with a splash. It was clear that Nick wasn’t lying. This load was going to be much bigger than the last. That first shot had to have been about twice as much as last time! Spurt after spurt kept coming, splashing against the wall and creating a big pool on the floor. He grabbed onto her massive hips to help stabilize himself as his cock kept on going, blowing past the two dozen spurts he had done before and approaching three dozen. It wasn’t until he’d hit about 42 spurts that things started to die down. Another half a dozen spurts and things seemed to stop.

“That…. was… amazing.” Nick panted.

Abby slid her legs a bit further apart, and wiggled her way off of his massive cock. Being careful not to step in the huge white pool by the wall, she turned around to look at him.

She stared at his cock. He stared at her chest. She couldn’t believe he was still hard! He couldn’t believe they were that big! That poor little bra must have been compressing them down pretty well. Despite not wearing a bra, they were still surprisingly shapely, only drooping a tiny bit. They were, simply put, amazing.

Abby broke the silence. “You’re still not done?” She exclaimed, mostly impressed but also a little scared.

It took Nick a moment to come out of his stupor. “No, not yet.” He shook his head. “I’ve still got at least one more, maybe two more in me.” He looked down at his still massive cock.

Her face broke out into a grin. “Perfect! Because I need to know what it feels like to have that thing inside me.” She stepped toward the bed, climbing onto it. Even with her laying down, he still felt tiny. Everything about her still looked massive. She lay down on the on the opposite side of the bed from him, yet still her gigantic chest was incredibly close. He could actually feel the heat radiating off it! She leaned forward and kissed him, her large lips encompassing his. Pulling away for a moment, they both smiled.

“That was nice.” Nick grinned. Abby happily nodded and went back for seconds. As they made out, his hands wandered downward to her nipples. Thanks to the size of her chest, it took him a second to find them.

“Mmmmh.” She cooed as he brushed her nipples with his fingertips, letting him know that he was in the right place. He couldn’t help but be amazed at how big they felt in his hands. They must have been about two inches in diameter! He definitely wasn’t used to having this much area to work.

As he rubbed, twisted, and squeezed her nipples, his cock moved upward toward her chest. fate the winx saga izle Almost like it had a mind of its own. The head hit the bottom of her chest, which made her hand wander down to it. Even her massive hand was barely able to wrap around half of its circumference. Giving it a little push, she let it in between those massive breasts. Nick was immediately struck by the weight of the breast on top. It wasn’t painful, just… he didn’t think he’d be able to move his cock without her help. With his cock head safely in her cleavage, her hand started rubbing the rest of the shaft.

“Well, you’re clearly ready to go…” She chuckled as she pulled away from his lips. “But I might need a bit more help before I can take that thing. Could you… help me out?”

Nick nodded and slid down the bed a little bit. As he thought, his cock was stuck between her breasts, but luckily it was long enough for him to be able to reach her massive hips. He ran the back of his fingers against the outside of her labia, causing her to shudder. He rubbed it a few more times with his fingers before slowly sticking one inside. Nick was surprised at how big it was in there. He probably should have guessed, but he quickly realized he could stick more than a few fingers inside.

He found her clit and began working it, making slow, deliberate circles. Abby cooed and wiggled a bit, so he figured he was in the right place. As he kept working her, he looked up to her chest and wondered if he could still reach her nipples. Reaching up, he grabbed her left nipple and started working it too. As soon as he did, her wiggling became more powerful. He could feel more and more lubrication down below, which allowed him to pick up the speed and pressure a little bit. Her wiggling continued, which caused her breasts to wobble downward. This made it easier for him to rub her nipple, but it also brought her other nipple pretty close to his face.

Seizing the moment, Nick wrapped his lips around the other nipple, letting his tongue rub against it. Abby gasped as he did so, which he took as an invitation to work her clit even faster. At this point, she was more than lubricated enough to try to take him, but he wasn’t a quitter. She cooed again as her body writhed in pleasure. As she got closer and closer to her climax, Nick gave her more and more until he abruptly slowed down, keeping the same amount of pressure. That was it. Almost immediately afterward, Abby gasped, and her whole body spasmed. She convulsed in pleasure for almost a minute afterward before she started to calm down.

“What the fuck was THAT?” She gasped. “Where did you learn how to do that?” She looked down at him eagerly.

Nick shrugged. “When you’re way too big to fit for basically any girl there is…” He looked up at her. “Or almost every girl…” He smiled. “You learn a thing or two about how not to leave a girl hanging.” He grinned.

Abby nodded. “Well… I still want to feel that thing inside me, but… you can do what you just did to me ANYTIME.”

Nick nodded too. “Glad I’m not one-dimensional.”

Abby gave his cock head a squeeze. “Trust me, I don’t think anyone would ever call you one-dimensional…” She laughed.

Nick laughed too. “Okay, get on your back and we’ll give this a try.”

Abby obliged, getting onto her back in the middle of the bed and spreading her legs apart.

“Before you put it in, could you just rest it against the outside?” She asked.

Nick nodded and positioned himself. He was always amazed at how far away he had to be from someone to do this. But honestly, with how big Abby was, it honestly didn’t feel as far. He quite liked that. He moved forward until he could feel the head of his cock resting against her labia.

“Oh my god… It’s like you’re trying to shove a fucking grapefruit in me!” She exclaimed.

“How charming…” Nick laughed. “Just let me know when you want me to try sticking it in.”

Abby let the cock head sit against her for a little bit longer before she looked at him and nodded. Very slowly, he began with love izle pushing himself in. He could almost feel her gasp as the very tip of the head entered her. She grabbed the pillow next to her and began to squeeze it. He’d only gotten about 3 inches in so far, still more than three feet of cock sticking out. He decided to press forward, but the walls of her vagina squeezed against his cock. Powerful, but not unpleasant. The result though, was that he couldn’t move his cock at all. In or out.

“Sorry…” Abby panted. “Just give me a moment….”

Nick nodded and waited. About 30 seconds later, the pressure eased up on his cock and he took that as the signal to try to continue. Slowly, he inched forward. It felt a little awkward, since he literally had to move forward to get more of his cock into her, but all of that was completely overshadowed by the feeling of finally being inside someone. It was… indescribable. Even better than the titfuck he had just had! Unfortunately, the pleasure made him forget that he had to be careful, which meant that Abby clamped down on his cock again.

“Sorry about that…” He panted, realizing what had happened.

Abby nodded, and Nick waited. Another 30 seconds passed, and the pressure eased up again. Before he started pushing, he tried to figure out how much of him was inside of her. Based on roughly three feet of his cock was still outside, he had to guess there was about 8 inches inside. Taking a deep breath, he continued. Abby’s hands squeezed harder and harder against that pillow as another two inches entered her.

It took all of Nick’s will not to explode at that moment. The tightness of her vagina against his massive cock was almost too much. But he continued onward, 11 inches… then 12. As soon as the twelfth inch went in though, she clamped back down. Red light. Again, he almost exploded right then and there. He squeezed his fist to try and keep that from happening.

“I…. think that… might be all… I can take… right now.” She said, breathing heavily.

Nick nodded, noting the distance and starting to pull his cock back to thrust. It honestly didn’t take that many thrusts for him to start cumming again. Maybe 3. If it had been anyone else, he would have been embarrassed, but… this girl was just something else.

Again, rope after rope started shooting out. One started filling Abby up as he quickly pulled his cock out of her. The next rope shot out, splashing against her body, drenching her. This one was even bigger than the spurts from his last orgasm! Shot after shot burst forth from his cock, covering every last inch of her torso and head. Two dozen spurts came and went. So did three dozen. As did four dozen. At this point, he blacked out.

When he woke up, he was alone in a large room. He looked around, and knew that it couldn’t be the same room, since there were no pools of cum. But Abby was also nowhere to be found. Luckily, his cock had finally softened by then. He got up and started walking toward the door, his soft cock slapping against his shins with each step. Cautiously, he opened the door and stuck his head out.

“Welcome back, sleepyhead!” A voice said, but it wasn’t Abby’s. Amy. It was Amy. How could he have forgotten about Amy?

“Thanks… Sorry about that.” He rubbed the back of his head, stepping out into the main room. “Um, what happened to Abby?” He asked.

“Oh don’t worry about her. I don’t think that smile will ever come off her face.” Amy giggled. “She had to get going though. So do I, actually, which is… unfortunate.” Her gaze glanced down to his cock very conspicuously with that last word.

Nick nodded. “Will I, um… ever get to see you two again?” He asked, still honestly trying to process whether or not he was having the best dream of his life.

“You can count on it.” Amy grinned. “Abby grabbed your phone number while you were out. I hope you don’t mind.”

Nick shook his head.

“We’ll be in touch.” Amy smiled. She walked over to him, bent way over and gave him a massive kiss. “I really do have to run, but you’re welcome to stay here until you have to go back to school! It’s all paid for.”

With that, she turned toward the door and walked over. She blew him a kiss, winked, and then walked out.

Nick pinched himself. “Ow! Guess I’m not dreaming…” He said to himself. “How is any of this possible?”

He began to wonder when he’d hear from them next…

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