Highway Love

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It had been a long drive, but the ends had more than been productive during the raid in Tuscon despite all that had gone wrong and could potentially have gone wrong, it was enough to make both Steven Lupo and his wife Melody Smith glad to cross back over the California border to head back to their Los Angeles home. He glanced over at her, watching the way that she kept the windows down to let the wind blow through her hair despite how cold it was, smiling softly at the traits of the wolf within that showed within her constantly like this. His eyes flicked back to the road, guiding them onto Highway One so that they could travel along the coastline on their way back to their hometown as they often like to, his need to be near the ocean almost always a constant since it reminded him of a memory from when he was very young. He could recall being on his mother’s surfboard with her, he was barely two years old and she was very pregnant, and she was holding him in her arms laughing, it was a memory that broke his heart and made him feel warm inside all at the same time, so for him the ocean was something he needed to be close to in order to feel close to his mother. A hand on his knee brought his attention back to the present, smiling softly as he slid a hand over hers, she always knew when his moods changed before he even did, and it was something that always made him fall in love with her all over again, even though they had been together since they were three years old and had been officially married for a year now.

“Eyes on the road now wolfy, we don’t need to be getting into an accident, or did you want to pull over so that I can drive, I know that your Ritalin has to be wearing off by now and I know that makes you jittery when you’re driving,” Melody said softly, watching him for any signs of weariness but finding none. She knew that he was able to focus on things better when she was around if his meds started to wear off, it was part of the reason that they always traveled by themselves during the raids, so that he didn’t have to worry if something bad happened because there was nothing she couldn’t handle. The smile that played on his lips made her shiver, it was a coy and sly thing that gave her the naughtiest of ideas though she never would have said so out loud, she would never give him the satisfaction that sometimes the slightest of things he did made her want to ravage him fully even though she was sure that a part of him knew. She wolf whimpered at him slightly, it was one of the ways that they often talked to one another, and most would never understand a word that they said unless they too were wolf shifters.

“If I pull over at all it will be to haul you our of the car and throw you down on the sand to have my way with you, cold weather or not since that has never stopped us before,” Steven said with a grin as he took his time on the highway, his two different colored eyes taking in the dark road ahead of them since they were utterly alone. The music playing from the radio made him tap his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat, glad to be as far away from Tuscon’s compound as they could get since all music played there was regulated and controlled, he could never live his life to those sort of rules. The thought of never being able to play music that he liked because he would be punished according to the laws and pacts of the compound made him sick to his stomach, and he wondered if the ones that Johnny and Angel had come from had been like that, he never thought to ask about their old homes. He pushed the thoughts away, he didn’t want to picture living that sort of life, he supposed that was part of the reason why he was such a prominent member of the Revolution, he wanted to abolish places like that and show people they didn’t have to be afraid to be themselves.

Melody smiled softly at the thought of him pulling over to the side of the road to have his way with her, the thought sent chills up and down her spine in a thrilling wave, and she fought herself not to noticeably shiver in complete pleasure at the fantasies welling inside her mind at his words. “You are a very naught puppy tonight my Bloodwolf, I didn’t think all the adrenaline from the raid would affect casino oyna you this much, I am half tempted to make you do it and put your money where your mouth is,” she said teasingly, she knew that he probably would if she pushed the issue enough, it wouldn’t have been the first time. She still remembered the time that he had pulled off the 101 when they had passed San Francisco on their way back from a raid in Oregon and had done exactly what he had said he would have, the thought alone still made her get wet to this very day and it had been ages ago. She bit her lower lip as she heard him wolf whimper at her softly, she knew that she was exciting him and she had no regrets about this except that they were on the road and she didn’t think that she would last all the way home if she didn’t have him soon.

“Wolfsong, you know how hard I get when you start teasing my like that, anymore and I will be too stiff to do anything except think about all the ways I intend to sex you up to relieve the pressure that you’re creating in me right now,” he said roughly, he needed her more than he was able to convey to her right now. He put both hands on the steering wheel, needing to grip something in order to keep his mind focused on the road even though they were the only ones traveling along it, knowing that he could drive at any pace but he was anxious to get home and get into bed with his mate as soon as possible now.

Melody smiled to herself as she silently unbuckled her seatbelt so that she wouldn’t have anything to inhibit her movements while she slid her hand from his knee across his thigh and over his crotch to cup him through the material of the black pants he wore and his boxers beyond that, feeling just how hard he was indeed. She moaned softly as she felt him tense, gently unbuckling his seatbelt and helping him to get it off him since they were alone on the road, expertly getting his pants open to slide her hand inside them and start rubbing his cock through his boxers. His moan urging her forward, she pulled him out of his boxers, watching the way he stood at full attention for her as she gently traced her fingers around the head of him before moving across the seat of the truck so that she was laying partially on his lap to lick the tip of his hard length. Hearing his soft whimper, she engulfed the head of him in her hot mouth as he fought to keep them moving on the road properly, his knuckles showing just how hard he was gripping the wheel in order to keep his mind on the task at hand no matter how good her mouth on his erection felt.

“Oh fuuuuuck,” he moaned, forcing himself not to close his eyes, knowing that he needed to focus on the road despite being the only ones on it, there was no telling when a cop could show up, or some driver that didn’t know what they were doing, he didn’t want to get into another accident. Feeling her mouth begin to take in more of his cock, he knew that he couldn’t keep driving without getting them into trouble, so he pulled to the side the moment that he found a dark place in order to do so, turning the truck off so that he could focus entirely on her movements. He slid his long fingers through her soft chestnut hair as she sucked his stiff shaft, her fingers massaging his base and his balls as she did so, his other hand moving under her to cup her breast through her shirt and bra, her audible moan around his cock vibrating him and making him shiver. He whimpered softly, tugging at her hair to pull her up off his cock and feeling her engulf him further down, feeling the tip of his erection against the back of her throat before she deep-throated him the best that she could with their clothing on, the sensation making his hips buck up gently as his hand pulled her shirt up to expose her bare back to him.

The feel of his hot hand sliding across her cool lower back made Melody shiver all over as she continued to suck his cock, feeling his fingers trace along the waistband of her tight pants as she engulfed his length once again, whimpering softly around him once again. She was so wet that she could feel her panties clinging to her labia, and that feeling was only growing more and more with each passing moment as she allowed him to pull her canlı casino head up from his lap, his lips capturing hers in a deep kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth as she tugged his pants and boxers down his hips so that his cock was free from all garments of clothing. It didn’t take long for him to shove her pants and panties down her legs, kicking her heels off to get everything off and straddle his lap once he moved to the center of the bench seat so she could so, guiding his shaft within her tight walls immediately, throwing her head back as he filled her up. She tugged his shirt up and off his muscular upper body as he got hers off as well, snapping her bra open to let her breasts spill out to him at last, burying his face between them and kissing along her breastbone as his fingers gripped her ass tightly, his hips slamming up to meet hers with each thrust.

“Steven…” she cried softly, her arms wrapped around his neck and letting her nails dig into his shoulder blades, his soft growl making her tighten her walls around his hard shaft as he thrust up into her, every fiber of her body on fire for him alone. The feel of his fingers tightening their grip on her ass, spreading her cheeks open as they did so while he thrust up into her drove her wild as she slid her fingers through his hair, gripping it tightly to pull his face away from her breasts so that they were once more face to face. She slammed her tongue into his mouth, feeling his own fiercely meet hers in an act of pure dominance that made her whimper gently, a shiver pulsing it’s way through her entire body as she rode his erect cock hard, not caring who saw or what happened. They broke the kiss to breathe but she let her fingers trace down his spine, letting her nails dig in and up, causing him to moan and thrust up into her harder, making her cry out softly as she felt the head of him hit her womb at this angle, sending a sharp but thrilling pain through her.

“Take me wolfy, show me the beast within,” she moaned, feeling him hesitate for a moment, and she almost through that he was going to half-shift, the thought sending thrills coursing through her but she knew that they couldn’t within the truck because there was just noth enough room, that would have to wait until they got home. Instead, his hips bucked hard into hers before pulling her off entirely and laying her down on the bench seat, allowing her to prop her legs before he moved between them, sliding his hard erection back within her with one hard thrust that made her cry out loudly, the truck rocking with the force of his thrusts within her.

“I love you baby,” Steven moaned, kissing her deeply, propping himself on the back of the seat and the driver’s door to allow him the leverage that he needed in order to pound his entire length into her tight pussy, watching the way that she threw her head back and arched, the growl that emitted from her throat sending a thrill through him. He had always loved the way that her body reacted to his, the feel of the way she took all of him within her, the way that they moved together in a harmony they had perfected since the age of thirteen together, it was all so magical to him even after all these years together. She had been the only woman that he had ever known and ever wanted to know, he couldn’t fathom the idea of ever being intimate with a woman that wasn’t Melody, he always told people that she was his heart and soul which was why he couldn’t live without her in any sense of the word. Looking down at her, his movements slowed, pulling nearly all the way out of her tight walls before sliding his entire length back in, each time slower than the time before, torturing her as she whimpered loudly, he knew what he was doing to her and how he would pay for it when they finally got home.

“I…I love you,” Melody whimpered softly, her fingers tracing along his strong arms and over his chest, entranced with the way he moved above her, there had never been another man for her and she knew that there never would be, she never wanted anyone but the man she had been with for the last twenty years of her life. She had been made for him, she would always tell people that, and when they asked how she knew that she always kaçak casino just smiled and reminded them that she just knew, and that was just the way that things were supposed to be. She cupped his cheek as his hair fell into his eyes, taking in the vibrant green of his right eye and the mysterious blue-violet of his left eye, the eyes that she dreamed about long before she had ever met him, that was how she knew that she was meant for him, made for him, and nothing would ever convince her otherwise. He leaned down, kissing her lips tenderly, her arms snaking around him to pull him closer as she felt his hand under her neck to support her, his arms were her home so anywhere that she went with him meant that she was never far from home, and she knew that he felt the same.

His pace slower and steady, his thrusts fell into a rhythm within her tightness, his eyes locked onto hers, wanting to pleasure her fully before he allowed himself to cum, there was nothing like watching her when she had an orgasm, the way that her spine would bow and the soft wolf whimpers that would emit from her, the thought alone nearly brought him and he had to compose himself before he lost control. He let his hips start to speed up, his balls slapping against her with each thrust that filled her up, occasionally feeling his head hit her cervix that sent thrills down his spine as she cried out, all his senses heightened and every nerve in his body aching for release as she planted her feet to allow her hips to raise up to meet his. He knew what she wanted and he wanted nothing more than to give it to her then and there, kissing her deeply once again as his thrusts turned hard once more, pounding into her with a echoing slap of skin on skin as he moved within her, feeling her slick juices dripping from her to soak the truck seats beneath them as he continued to move.

She threw her head back in a loud moan as his pace became fast and erratic within her once more, feeling the pressure building and growing, knowing that she couldn’t possibly last much longer as his fingers slid between them to find her throbbing clitoris, shivering as he pressed his fingers to it before beginning to move them in a circle around it. She whimpered softly, her breathing beginning to grow shallow as he began to bring her closer to the edge, her fingers finding the seat to dig her nails into it, her knees pressing into his hips as the feel of his hard cock burying itself into her as far as it would go, his balls slapping against her and his fingers massaging her clit drove her crazy. Her hips rose sharply as her spine bowed, her head thrown back against the seat as she cried out loudly, her orgasm tearing through her and stealing her breath away while her hot fluids coated his hard cock while he thrust into her still. She managed to keep her hips in times with his rhythm as he continued to move within her, tightening around him as she whimpered, fighting to catch her breath as she felt him growing tense and knew he was close.

He cried out loud as he felt his seed begin to erupt from his hard body and empty into her womb, his hips bucking hard into hers as his own climax built up and crashed through him, bringing her again beneath him as he brought his fingers away from her pulsing clit and to his lips to lick them clean, their hip movements subsiding slowly together. He lowered himself to kiss her lips, feeling her cup his cheek as he smiled against her lips, knowing that he wanted more but that they both needed rest, food, and to get home before anyone noticed that they had fallen behind on the way back from Tuscon and thought the worst. “We better get home…I think I will take you up on that offer to drive since I am sure my Ritalin is spent by now,” he said with a soft chuckle as he kissed her softly once more before withdrawing himself from her and sitting in the passenger seat to pull his boxers and pants back up, fastening them and seatching for his muscle shirt to pull back on.

“Mm, after that you can have anything you want handsome,” she said, kissing him as she pulled her panties and pants back on, sliding her shirt back on without bothering with her bra, sliding behind the wheel and getting the truck started and back onto the road moments before a highway patrolman came around a bend and passed the spot where they had been parked, both of them erupting into laughter as they headed back to Los Angeles with her hand within his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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