Hiring a Babysitter

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My wife and I are scanning through the pictures of potential babysitters and looking for someone who would be perfect for us. We are planning on living out several fantasies and know we have to choose wisely. Most of the pool is drained quickly, since they don’t have the right look for us. Most of the ones that do, don’t have the right situation. It isn’t just the right look, but also having no family in the area. The further away from her family, the better it will be for us.

My wife stops on Cleo Simpson and we both smile broadly. She just moved here from across the country, which means there is no family for thousands of miles. She is looking for a job as a live in babysitter, which is exactly what we want. Most importantly is her petite body and small tits, especially since she looks pretty close to being completely flat chested. Neither of us has ever been with a woman like that before and it is something we both want quite badly.

Melissa is bisexual and she never kept that part of herself a secret from me. We have had quite a few threesomes with the women that she has fancied and occasionally spent time alone with another woman, which left me sleeping in the spare bedroom. She has never been with another man since we got married. The only women I have been with are the ones that join us in bed.

I grin and say, “She’s perfect.”

Melissa’s grin is even wider and says, “Yes she is. Do you want to reach out, or should I?”

I grin gets a little wider and say, “You found her. Go for it.”

Melissa writes out a quick email to Cleo and breaths a sigh of excitement after hitting send. My lips press to hers and my tongue enters with ease. My knees grow weak from the passion of the kiss and I have to remind myself to breath. We are about to lose ourselves when the speakers alert us to a new email.

Our lips part and Melissa says, “You don’t think its her, do you?”

I smile and say, “Only one way to find out.”

Melissa opens the new message and the grins widens uncontrollably across our faces. She must be monitoring her email, because she sent the reply back very quickly. My wife picks up the phone and calls her to give her directions to the house to be interviewed and tells her to bring everything with her. Cleo is told if the interview goes well, then she will move in right away.

Melissa ends the call and my hands move to her ass, which is pulled away as she says, “She’s not that far away. We don’t have time to do anything.”

In frustration, I say, “We have plenty of time.”

Melissa scowls in frustration and says, “Later, Luke. We don’t want to answer the door in our robes.”

I smile and say, “Sure we do.”

Melissa shakes her head and says, “That might scare her away. We don’t want that, do we?”

I scowl and say, “No. I guess not. Fine, you win.”

A short time later the doorbell rings and Melissa makes her way to the door. I am sitting on the couch to hide my erection and see my wife open the door wider to allow her in. She has a couple of suitcases with her, but nothing else. My wife sets the suitcases aside and closes the door behind Cleo. She looks much better in person and I am glad I am sitting. My dick just got a little harder.

My wife has Cleo sit in the chair across from couch and I manage to keep my eyes from drifting down her body. My wife offers to get her something to drink, but she refuses. My eyes move to her hands as she hands Melissa a folder with her references. She opens the folder and reads through it, since she wants to give the appearance of this part being very important to us.

Cleo shows no sign of nervousness as she asks, “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I understand you have a son and a daughter?”

I smile warmly and say, “Yes, Cleo. Matt is ten and Sandy is eight. Do you have experience with kids that age?”

She nods and says, “Yes, Mr. Johnson. A ton.”

I nod and say, “Very good, Cleo. Please, call me Luke.”

My wife says, “And please call me Melissa. Cleo, you know we are looking for someone to move in with us permanently. The pay includes room and board. So if you’re looking for staying here just a few nights of the week, it won’t work. Is that alright?”

She smiles and says, “Perfect, Mrs. Johnson. I mean, Melissa. Can I meet your kids?”

I say, “They’re taking naps right now, but they should be up soon. I understand your family is in Florida, is that right?”

She nods and red bangs fall over her green eyes, then says, “Yes, Luke.”

Melissa asks, “Do you have any family here?”

Cleo pushes her bangs back across her tanned forehead and says, “No, Melissa.”

Melissa smiles warmly and asks, “Do you miss them?”

Cleo nods and says, “Yes, I do. But it’s fine. I love it here. Everyone has been really friendly.”

I say, “I’m glad. Have you made any friends?”

She shakes her head and says, “Not yet, but I haven’t been here long.”

I say, “Cleo, there are some things you should know about us. Melissa is a bisexual and occasionally güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri spends time with other women. Does that bother you?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, Luke. To each their own is the way I see it.”

Melissa nods and says, “Good philosophy, Cleo. Are you straight, bi, a lesbian?”

Cleo’s green eyes move down as she says, “Straight.”

Melissa asks, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

She gets a shocked look on her face and says, “Kind of personal, isn’t it?”

I say, “A little, but we are potentially having you move in with us, so we have to ask some personal things.”

She says, “I guess. No, I’ve never been with a woman.”

Melissa asks, “Have you ever thought about it?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, it just isn’t my thing.”

I say, “Cleo, we are offering one thousand dollars per week, as well as room and board.”

Cleo is clearly stunned by the generous offer and asks, “How much?”

I smile and say, “A grand a week, Cleo. That’s about triple the going rate.”

Cleo says, “That’s a lot of money.”

I say, “Yes it is, Cleo, and you should know we are looking to hire someone who is willing to do more than just watch our kids.”

Cleo gets a nervous look on her face and asks, “Like what?”

Melissa smiles warmly and says, “Like spend time with us. Neither of us has ever been with someone with your body and we have both fantasized about it for years.”

Cleo’s green eyes open wide and she asks, “You mean you want me to be with both of you?”

I say, “Yes, Cleo, we want you to be with us in a sexual way.”

Cleo shakes her head and says, “I can’t do that.”

I ask, “Are you a virgin?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, Luke.”

Melissa asks, “Do you enjoy sex?”

Cleo says, “Yes, but not with older guys and definitely not with women.”

Melissa says, “I understand, Cleo, but guys your age are really not very good. Luke is very good in bed and he will make you feel things you never thought possible. As for being with me, you won’t have to do anything right away. We can take all the time you need to do something like that.”

She says, “It’s a lot of money. I know I won’t be able to make anywhere near that much anywhere else. Would I get my own bedroom?”

I say, “Yes, Cleo, but we expect you to sleep in ours quite a bit. The other bed is there for when my wife brings home women that aren’t interested in threesomes.”

Melissa says, “Which is fairly common. I don’t want him to be in bed alone while I have fun. I want the two of you to enjoy yourselves.”

Cleo asks, “Aren’t you worried about your kids finding out?”

I say, “The truth is, Cleo, we don’t have any kids, which means you won’t be expected to cook or clean up after anyone.”

Her green eyes glow with anger and she says, “You lied to me, just to get me here. I’m not some damned whore.”

Melissa’s voice is calming as she says, “We never said you were. If we were looking for a whore to join us, we could do it a lot cheaper. Hell, I’ve brought a few home that didn’t cost anything.”

She glares at my wife as she says, “Of course you think I’m a whore. What, Melissa, you thought you could offer me a lot of money and I’d spread my legs. That isn’t going to happen.”

Melissa maintains her calm state and says, “No, Cleo, that’s not it all. We want you to be a companion to my husband.”

Cleo shakes her head and says, “A companion, my ass.”

Melissa ignores the rude remark and says, “It’s the truth, Cleo. When I go to the gay clubs to meet women, he stays home. Luke isn’t into bar scenes and he sure isn’t interested in going out to clubs. We want someone who will stay with him, while I go out and share the bed when I bring women home. Most aren’t into men at all and I hate the idea of him sleeping alone.”

Cleo says, “You want to pay me for sex, which means you want me to be your whore. I can’t do that.”

I smile warmly and say, “We want to pay you to keep me company. Sex is an added bonus. You said you enjoy sex, so think of it as a great benefit to keeping me company. You also said it yourself. It’s a lot of money and you won’t have the opportunity to make anywhere near what we’re offering.”

Cleo nods and her red bangs fall across her eyes. She is clearly thinking things over in an attempt to justify accepting the position. Her tanned hand brushes her hair back and her green eyes are starting to glow with something new. My wife and I wait patiently for her to break the silence.

Cleo says, “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but alright. You have a companion. I can’t afford to pass up that much.”

I smile and say, “Thank you, Cleo. Do you have anyone coming to pick you up?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, Luke. I was going to call Uber back for a ride.”

Melissa says, “Good. Are you hungry, Cleo?”

Cleo says, “No, not really. I would like to put my things away, if that’s alright?”

I smile and say, “Of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri course it is. Follow us and we’ll give you the grand tour.”

I get up and grab her suitcases, then start to show her around the house. They are very light and I know she won’t take long to put everything away. We lead the way to our bedroom first, then my wife opens the doors to hers. The bed is already made and there is a large dresser and night stand, which will make it very convenient for Cleo.

I set the suitcases down and my wife says, “Go ahead and put your things away, then come to our bedroom.”

She nods and says, “Thank you.”

Melissa asks, “For what, Cleo?”

She holds out her tanned arms and spins slowly, then says, “For letting me have my own room.”

I say, “No need to thank us, Cleo. Other than telling you we have kids, we have not lied to you.”

She says, “I know, Luke, but I didn’t believe I’d actually get my own room. I thought I would have to share yours.”

Melissa says, “It’s important for you to have your own space. Just remember you will have to share your bed with Luke on occasion.”

She says, “I understand, Melissa.”

Melissa smiles warmly and says, “We’re going to leave you to put away your things, but make sure you come to our bedroom after you’re done. And we’ll be naked in there, waiting for you.”

Cleo gets a slightly nervous look on her face and asks, “Do you want me to come in naked?”

I say, “No, Cleo. We want to watch you get undressed in our room.”

She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, then says, “Alright. I’ll be there just as soon as I unpack.”

My wife and I leave Cleo’s room and I close her door behind me. We want her to have a sense of privacy, which will add to her becoming comfortable with us. We make our way to our bedroom and leave the door open so we can see her arrive. With not enough time to spare, we quickly do away with our clothing and throw them in the hamper. We sit on the edge of our bed to wait and there will be no hiding my erection from Cleo’s eyes.

Cleo enters and we can see the nervousness on her face. Her green eyes move across our naked bodies and she is soon focusing on my six inches aching to feel some part of her body. Her eyes move to my wife’s large tits and remains focused on that spot.

Cleo scowls and says, “I wish I had a pair like that, Melissa.”

Melissa smiles and says, “I’m sure yours are perfect.”

She shakes her head and says, “Not even close. I hate mine.”

I say, “You should be happy with your body, because I know we will be.”

She shakes her head and says, “You haven’t seen me naked. How do you know?”

Melissa smiles and says, “Easily rectified, Cleo. Why don’t you take off your shirt to start.”

She pulls her hands down to the base of her shirt and hesitates. There is still a battle brewing inside of her and I am rooting for quick victory. Her hands start to life her shirt and she reveals the complete lack of fat on her stomach. Her hands continue to pull up and I see her bra easily hiding her tits from us. She finishes the removal and sets her shirt on the ground.

I am looking up and down her tanned flesh and Cleo says, “I’m wearing a padded bra. I know you don’t want to see anything else up top. Can I leave my bra on, please?”

I say, “No, Cleo. Take your bra off. We want to see them.”

She scowls and says, “I don’t know why, but fine.”

Her hands move to her back to undo the clips and her straps fall down past her shoulders. She moves her hands to keep the cups in place and is waiting for us to change our minds. Once it becomes clear we have no interest in that, she lowers her hands and her bra reveals her beauty. They are small, almost flat chested, and I like what I see. Her nipples are slightly darker than her tanned flesh and far from hard.

She places her arms to her side and says, “See. They’re horrible.”

Melissa says, “No they aren’t, Cleo. They are perfect. I told you we have fantasized about having someone with your body type. You have just what we were hoping for.”

There is a glimmer of hope in her eyes as she asks, “Why would you fantasize about these?”

I smile and ask, “Why do people fantasize about anything? From what we can see, you’re perfect. Why don’t you take off your pants and show us some more of your amazing body?”

There is almost no hesitation this time as she lowers her pants to reveal very thin legs, which are every bit as tanned as the rest of her. Her panties do a good job of hiding what is between her legs and she slowly turns for our pleasure. Her panties hide her ass far too well, but I can tell there is almost no fat to be found. So far, everything she has revealed to us is perfect in every way.

She stands facing us again and her fingers start to slide her panties down. My eyes follow from the top and she reveals a tightly trimmed bush. Once it is in full view, I find it looks just like a red carpet against her tanned flesh. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I cannot see anything between her legs, but I know that will come soon enough. Her panties hits the floor and she kicks them off, then turns to reveal her tanned ass. My eyes take in the image of her cheeks with almost no fat and I love it.

Melissa says, “Your body is wonderful, Cleo.”

Cleo says, “I guess you like what you see.”

I say, “Far more than like. You’re perfect in every way. Why don’t you turn around and join us in bed?”

She stays still as she asks, “I don’t have to do anything with Melissa, right?”

Melissa’s voice is comforting as she says, “Not if you don’t want to.”

Cleo turns towards us and her small tits come into view. My wife and I lay down on our backs with enough room between us to let Cleo know exactly where we want her. She crawls into bed and her tits have very little movement. She turns over and her body presses pleasantly against mine, which pins one of my arms. My lips find hers and she parts her teeth for my tongue to enter. The only woman I have kissed in a very long time is my wife and I find her tongue to be very pleasurable.

The only free hand I have starts to explore her small tits. She lets out a muffled moan into my mouth and I feel my wife start to position her body into a far more pleasurable place. Cleo is unaware as my fingers start to caress her hardening nipples and her moans become a little louder.

She tries to pull away at the sensation of my wife’s hands between her knees, but there is nowhere for her to escape. She pulls her head back to separate our lips, but does nothing to remove my fingers from exploring her nipples.

Cleo asks, “What are you doing, Melissa?”

Melissa calls back from between her legs, “Getting ready to go down on you.”

Cleo shakes her head and says, “You said I didn’t have to do anything with you.”

Melissa says, “That’s right, Cleo. You don’t have to do anything. We never said I wouldn’t be doing something with you.”

She is about to protest when my wife’s tongue starts to explore Cleo’s pussy. My lips find hers again and she allows my tongue entry with no fight. Her moans get a little more intense as she feels a woman’s tongue on her for the first time. My lips leave her mouth, so I can enjoy the sound of her moans the way they are intended. As she moans in the pleasure my wife brings her, my tongue starts to circle one of her nipples. Her hands move to the back of my head and she pulls at my brown hair, but it is too short for her to get a grip. My lips press around her hardened nipple and I start to suck it inside of me.

I am tempted to pleasure her other one, but I need to be inside of her. My wife reluctantly pulls her tongue away from Cleo’s clit and moves to allow my body room between her legs. My wife’s hand feels pleasant on my shaft as she starts to guide me inside of Cleo’s wet hole.

Cleo realizes what is about to happen and says, “Protection.”

Melissa looks into Cleo’s eyes and says, “He’s not going to use any.”

She shakes her head and asks, “What if I get pregnant?”

Melissa says, “Then we’ll celebrate. It’s not like we’ll kick you out if you do.”

Cleo asks, “Are you sure it’s alright, Melissa?”

She starts to guide me closer as she says, “Yes, Cleo. It feels so much better without a condom. Especially when he cums inside.”

Cleo looks into my eyes and says, “Alright, Luke. No protection.”

My wife guides the head of my dick directly into her waiting hole and she moans out at the sensation. I enter slowly and my wife’s fingers release my shaft. She starts to work on Cleo’s tit with her expert touch and I feel the wonderful sensation of her engulfing me into her warm glove. I keep myself all the way inside of her to increase her pleasure and her moans get much louder.

I start to move my body in a slow rhythm, without losing much depth, and she starts to cry out in appreciation for what we are doing to her body. I knew I should have had some fun with my wife first, since I am very close to the edge and I hope Cleo is close as well.

Her hands move down my back and reaches for my ass. I feel her fingers dig into my cheeks in rhythm with each movement I take. It is not enough to be painful and I quite enjoy the feeling she is adding to my pleasure.

As I reach the edge, I position myself deep within her and feel our bodies shared release. I am grunting and she is screaming, which sounds like a symphony of pleasure to my ears. Her pink hole presses against my shaft and I feel great ecstacy fill my veins. The ecstacy turns to a fire, which engulfs our bodies.

Cleo’s fingers dig in tightly as our shared release continues far longer than I thought possible. I may not have lasted very long to get to this point, but I am giving her wave after wave of my cum. With every twitch of release, her pussy tightens in perfect rhythm. It feels amazing and I’m very happy she didn’t insist on a damned condom.

The waves of ecstacy recede and I slowly withdraw my softening dick from within her pink hole. My lips press down hard on hers and I feel my wife start to take me into her mouth. Her tongue is very thorough as she searches out any hint of where I had just been and I moan softly into Cleo’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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