His Rules

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It was Tarantina’s turn to surprise me. I should have seen it coming, really. For our clandestine dates we would agree a place to meet, and then I would suggest an itinerary, usually involving a meal and a hotel. We went to different places each time to avoid suspicion. Getting away with a long-standing affair takes a bit of cunning and covering your tracks. Tradecraft, as the writers of spy novels call it. This time, she told me exactly where to meet her — at a cocktail bar in a 5-star hotel — at nine o’clock. Oh, and I had to dress sharp. Getting out in the evenings can be a bit tricky, but with enough notice I can come up with a convincing excuse. Work. Clients. That sort of malarkey. And dressing up goes with the territory.

When I arrived at the bar I took one look at Tarantina and realised this wasn’t going to be an ordinary evening. She was a wearing a sheer silvery-white dress with a slash cut on the neck, and tiny little straps. It was the sort of thing you could roll up into a clutch purse if you took it off, and something told me she had every intention of doing so.

We stayed for a couple of drinks and then she led me up the street. I asked her where we were going but all she would say was ‘you’ll see’. As we strode out we had one of those conversations where you say everything except what you’re thinking, which in my case was how gorgeous her ass looked in the dress, and what I wanted to do to it.

Half a block later she turned sharply into an alleyway, and then descended down a flight of steps to where a handful of pre-Georgian houses opened onto a courtyard. This was old London. It was pitch black in the courtyard, but a slit was visible in the heavy oak door of one of the houses. It slid across. A few seconds later the door opened. A couple went in. And then it closed again. Tarantina led us toward it. She knocked three times — how the hell did she know to do that? — and the slit opened.

‘Private party,’ said a man’s voice.

‘We’re on the guest list,’ she said.


‘Tara and Seba.’

As we waited she pushed her body back into mine. I grabbed her waist and pulled her tight. My cock sprang into action and let that gorgeous ass know just how pleased it was to be making contact.

‘Welcome,’ said the voice, and the door swung open, heavy and slow.

Inside, flagstone floors, burning candles and the revelry of centuries filled the air. A woman ran by, dressed in only a red basque with her nipples cantilevered out the top, pursued by a man in a leather apron. As he passed, we saw he was wearing nothing else, his backside on show to the world.

Tarantina — or Tara as she was calling herself tonight — was laughing triumphantly, as if the place was already proving to be as much fun as she’d hoped.

I pulled her close again and kissed her hard. Our tongues were getting very twisted and my hands were about ready to roam when she broke it off.

‘Before we go inside,’ she said, ‘we need some rules.’

‘Same as before?’

‘No, darling, last time it was my rules, this time it’s your rules. It’s only fair.’

Fair my arse. She was a sub at heart. She wanted the thrill of me being in control.

I said, ‘In a place like this, a woman as good looking as you is going to get a lot of offers. And there are some men who enjoy being cuckolded. I’m not one of them. I have no desire to watch you getting pleasured while I make do with Mrs Palm. If a hot guy comes onto you, and you want to play, that’s cool.’

‘No limits?’

‘No limits. But his partner has to be up for playing with me too.’

‘You want me to pimp for you?’

‘Exactly. You’re my bait.’

She thought about it for a second. ‘Okay. But what if a girl comes onto me?’

‘Same. She needs to bring a friend.’

‘What if the friend’s a man?’ She said it with a little smile and I realised I’d been set up.

‘Then he has to be up for playing. Two guys watching their women get it on is a lot better than standing there by myself. But I still don’t want to be an observer.’

Tara gave me a little frown. ‘I’m not sure how many straight men are going to want to do that.’

I shrugged. ‘I’m straight.’

She laughed. ‘Except when you’re gay.’

All during the negotiation we’d been standing in the hallway, and completely forgotten about the man who’d let us in. He cleared his throat to remind us he was there.

He was wearing a leather apron. I wondered if it was some sort of staff uniform.

‘Don’t worry,’ he said. He pointed to an open door at the end of the passage. ‘You’ll find everything you want in there. And more.’

Tara led us down the hallway and I got another glimpse of that ass.

‘Actually Tara,’ I said.

She was in the doorway, about to enter the main room. She stopped and turned. ‘Yes?’

‘There’s one limit.’

She smiled. ‘My ass, right? You’re so gay.’

She knew that my love of anal didn’t mean I was gay, and I knew that she knew that I knew that she knew. But it was still funny, so poker oyna I didn’t care. That’s what I loved about Tara, she didn’t give a shit. We were on a wavelength where it didn’t matter.

‘No. Your orgasm. You’re not allowed to cum with anyone else.’

She stood there, shocked, for a minute. ‘What if I cum by accident? That happens sometimes, you know.’

‘I’ll bet there’s a dungeon here, somewhere. It’s simple. You’ll be tied up and tortured. And I mean properly.’

‘Maybe I’ll like that,’ she said with a wink.

I shrugged. ‘Try it and see. Either way, you’re still my bait.’

She rolled her eyes. ‘Are we going in or not?’ I held my arm out and she took it.

We swept into the main room of the ancient house. A fireplace racked high with hardwood burned hot on the back wall. Animal skins adorned the rest. Women with sharp-cut blonde and red hair strutted the room in black hide mini skirts and matching bras. The men looked like they’d stepped out of a Tom of Finland retrospective, all bulging and skin-tight. None of them were intimidatingly young and beautiful though. They’d just got the memo about the dress code.

As if she read my mind, Tara said in my ear, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll all be naked soon.’

Nothing will make a man harder, or more idiotic, than the possibility of new pussy. Tara, for reasons that are still unclear to me, decided this was the moment to check. The back of her hand brushed across the front of my trousers and, encountering the protuberance she was expecting, saw fit to run her nails up and down it.

We got a drink and it didn’t take long for a couple to make a bee-line for us. I found it slightly hard to speak as we all introduced ourselves. The other couple were David and Caroline. Sounded like their real names, I thought. How weird. She was skinny, blonde and angular, in tight silver leggings, with a deep, husky voice. He looked like an old tennis pro, deeply tanned and a little too thin for his own skin. But they both beamed at us like old friends, and there was no mistaking their intentions. I would have happily gone off to the fun room, but Tara wanted to window shop. We mingled and were chatted up by the exact men I’d been expecting. They’d brought their partners along but really it was an excuse to nail someone new. Their girls would put up with it or maybe fondle a little bit, but all the attention was coming Tara’s way.

‘Remember the rules,’ I reminded her, more than once. ‘I have to choke the chicken enough at home. I’m not doing it here too.’

My hopes rose a little too high when a pair of women, both in the leather mini and bra outfit, one blonde, one red, chatted us up for a while. But Tara, playing to the rules, cut them loose when they explained they were trying to recruit a sapphic mini orgy in one of the private rooms.

Going in search of these rooms that we kept hearing about, we met another couple doing the same. Guy and Frieda were quick to introduce themselves. She was a brunette, like Tara, not as good-looking, but by no means unattractive, especially her body which was taught and lean. She was wearing a pair of hot pants that showed off runners legs and a tiny t-shirt barely covering a miniscule pair of tits that nonetheless sported nipples that longed to be nibbled through the jersey. He was similar in build, tall and lean, with curly hair, bright eyes, and a broad grin. I wondered if he was Tara’s type.

The four of us moved as a group into one of the rooms. Tara seemed interested, talking to him, while I chatted up Frieda. There was already a couple on the bed. She was in the house uniform, and while I’d suspected that none of the women in the leather skirts were wearing panties, this was the first time I’d had any real proof. Her partner had pushed it up around her waist, revealing a thick but well-shaped bush, which he was alternately stroking and licking.

When he saw us enter he turned, and spread her cunt with his fingers so we could see her large clit, red and pulsing like a little dick.

‘Anyone want a taste?’

Guy gave a nervous laugh and Frieda pushed him forward. He took a nervous step forward and Tara turned to me with surprised face. She didn’t like the idea of him doing it.

Frieda said to us. ‘He loves going down.’ She added with a laugh, ‘It’s why I put up with him.’

‘He can always go down on me,’ Tara said.

Frieda and I must have looked as surprised as each other, because Tara said, ‘What? It’s what we’re all here for isn’t it? Let’s go find a room.’

Guy needed no further invitation. He took off ahead of us, only at the last moment thinking to reach back and grab Frieda by the hand.

As Tara and I followed, I said to her. ‘Remember the rules.’

‘Are you kidding? She can’t wait to get her hands on you.’

‘You think? What about him, do you fancy him?’

She gave a little smile. ‘I’ll see how it goes.’

Guy led us into a room with a medieval theme. There was a canopy bed with handy ropes and leather ties attached to its wooden canlı poker oyna posts. I was already beginning to grow hard at the thought of getting my hands on Frieda, and the possibility of tying her up first was accelerating it. I headed across the room towards her and Guy when I saw a suit of armour in the corner. There was definitely someone inside it, because the codpiece had been removed, and a hard cock was sticking out.

I said to the others, ‘Check this out. I’ve heard of a glory hole, but this is crazy.’

Frieda took one look and dropped to her knees. She took the cock in one hand and spat on the other, then started giving the lucky guy a two-fisted handjob. How long he’d been waiting in that suit I had no idea, but this was definitely what he’d been hoping for. The sounds of satisfaction from the behind the iron mask came fast and loud.

‘You need some help there?’ Guy said to his partner. He dropped to his knees and took over, expertly working his fingers around the shaft.

Frieda got up and held her hand out for someone to go and join her on the bed. I was soon disappointed though when waved to Tara.

I was about to say, ‘Rules?’ when Guy said to me, ‘Seb, come over here.’

I wasn’t sure but I went along with it. I have to admit my eyes were fixed on the women. I wanted to see Frieda naked and I wanted to see what she’d do with Tara.

As soon as I arrived, Guy, still on his knees, whipped down my zipper and took out my cock. He began playing with it and I didn’t mind one bit. Frieda’s shirt had come off and her tits were exactly as I’d imagined — tiny but with long, elegant nipples. She was on her knees on the bed and Tara played with her nipples for a while before getting her to stand and began to pull down her hot pants. I think she knew I was watching and would be desperate to get a glimpse of the other woman’s pussy.

‘She has the most gorgeous clit,’ Guy said to me, and then I felt the warmth of his mouth on my cock head. Again, I didn’t mind one bit. Frieda’s pussy, it turned out, was completely shaved. Tara was admiring it while getting her own clothes off. And I was getting my cock sucked by another man who was alternating between me and another chap in a suit of armour.

Suddenly Guy stood up. I figured it was my turn and I reached out for his member. It felt exciting to have it in my hands. He’d made it feel normal for me and I wanted to do the same for him. I pulled him in front of me, placed my own cock between his cheeks, then reached around and started to wank him, so that he could enjoy it while watching my lover go down on his.

He put his hand on my arm and squeezed gently. ‘I didn’t think you’d be so open minded,’ he said.

‘What’s wrong with being nice to each other?’ I said.

We both enjoyed the moment, and then Frieda’s voice broke the reverie. ‘You guys are making us too horny,’ she said. I realised they were watching us more than playing with each other.

‘You need to get over here and fuck us,’ Tara added. ‘Now.’

We jumped on them. Me on Tara and Guy on Frieda. I didn’t wait to see what they were doing, I pushed my girl’s knees back and drove my cock into her, deep and hard. She let out a moan of satisfaction that went on and on for a number of minutes, barely pausing to stop for breath. I rode her until I couldn’t take any more, I was seconds from blowing a load and the night had only begun.

Tara sat up and gave me a long kiss as she normally would before going to another position, but then instead of moving onto her knees or her side, she rolled away. For a second I didn’t know where she was going until I looked to where she’d rolled. It wasn’t an empty bed. Guy was waiting for her. She’d seen him. I turned the other way and there, waiting for me wearing nothing but a smile, was Frieda.

I’d been wanting to get my hands on her lithe body and she didn’t disappoint. Her legs were slim but taught, and between them was that beautiful bare mound I’d been hoping to get to know. I climbed on top and we started kissing. I tweaked her long nipples and sucked on them, although it didn’t get her going the way it does with Tara, who almost cums with enough nipple attention.

Behind me I could hear Tara getting the right sort of attention now from Guy. I didn’t want to turn and look but whatever was happening she was enjoying it. Frieda took my distraction as an opportunity to push me back so I was laying on the bed. Then before I knew what had hit me, her mouth enveloped my cock. Wow, did she know what she was doing. Before long I was feeling the spunk rising. I didn’t want to cum too fast, but I didn’t want her to stop either.

I felt a tug on my arm. I turned. It was Tara. Guy was fucking her hard and she was breathlessly trying to tell me something.

‘I can’t help it, I’m going to…’

I couldn’t tell her to stop, it would spoil Guy’s fun too, so instead I slipped backward on the bed, hoping Frieda would follow, so I could kiss Tara. We locked lips and reached back with my hands internet casino to pull us tight.

Frieda, I think, understood exactly what was going on. Her mouth returned to my cock and her hand motions doubled in speed. Within seconds I was at the point of no return.

‘I’m cumming too,’ I said to Tara. ‘Cum with me baby, cum with me…’

It was all both of us needed. Tara howled with pleasure in my ear while I pulled tight on her hair and let fly into Frieda’s mouth.

We held each other that way, sharing the pinnacle moment, unable to move and barely breathe, for many minutes. When eventually we let each other go with a small giggle, Frieda and Guy had already found each other. He was doing her from behind and the two of them were lost in their own world of pleasure. I pulled Tara onto me and rubbed her clit while we watched them. She had another mini-orgasm and the noise of it set Frieda off, which was then the cue for Guy. The man had stamina, I had to give him that, but he had to finish sometime.

Soon after, the four of us grabbed our clothes and went off exploring again, and we soon found the dungeon. A man was tied to a wheel and was being whipped by one of the girls in the leather minis — this one bright red. Welts the same colour as her skirt were appearing all over his back and buttocks.

‘Would you really have done that to me, if I hadn’t cum with you?’ Tara said.

‘Of course not,’ I said. I added, ‘I would have let one of the girls do it.’

She punched me in the arm. I deserved it.

We dressed and went back upstairs to get another drink and do some window shopping. The venue was filling up now, and people were getting more relaxed. We mingled, keeping our eyes open, tapping each other on the arm to when we saw a hand disappearing up a skirt, or into flies. We saw one guy putting a couple of drops of something in one of the girls’ drinks — with her full knowledge of course. She downed it in one then brought him to her for a long wet snog.

In the main room, the lights had come down and more and more clothes had come off. It was almost like a nude disco. We danced for a while, accepting any glances or hands that came our way, then stopped for a break. Noises were coming from a corridor off the main room, where we hadn’t explored yet. We headed up it, only to pass a very happy, giggly, satisfied couple coming the other way. Whatever they’d found, it looked enticing. But when we arrived, it was nothing but a dead end. A door. With no handle. And yet there was music coming from inside.

Tara knocked. The door opened and we were none the wiser. We could see nothing. It was pitch black. A woman’s voice said, ‘Come in if you’re coming in.’

We slipped inside. The door closed and it was almost completely dark. Only the faintest outline of figures could be seen ahead of us. Some taller. Some smaller. Male. Female. Tara grabbed my hand. ‘Stay with me.’ The music wasn’t too loud but had a heavy beat and bodies were moving to it. We joined the dance floor and soon we felt hands creeping everywhere. I felt Tara’s hand slip away from mine. She’d let go! I felt all alone for a second, until I felt a much shorter woman move in front of me. She put her arms around my neck and we danced together for a few minutes, then she pulled me tight, and said, ‘I was hoping I might bump into you again.’ I recognised that voice. It was Caroline, who we’d met when we first arrived.

She started pulling my shirt off and I realised as I felt for hers that she was already topless. Her tits were firm and she liked having them felt. I started sucking on them and she loved that even more. Without any delay her hands then found their way to my trousers. She felt my already-hard cock through the material. I was enjoying every second but I knew it would turn me on even more to feel her cunt at the same time.

I wondered for a second if Tara was doing much the same and, convinced that she was, I put my hand on the button of Caroline’s silver jeans. Meeting no resistance I popped it open, then went for the zipper. It slid down and my greedy hand followed. I felt some pubes and pushed further down and what I then felt shocked me. There was no wet slit as I was expecting, but a small and very hard cock.

Some trannies are very beautiful and Caroline was definitely one of them. She was all woman. What she had between her legs didn’t matter. It wasn’t a cock, I told myself, just a really big clit. She seemed pleased that I hadn’t pulled away because she kissed me hard. Then she whispered in my ear, ‘Fuck me, Seb.’

She turned around so that my cock was pressing against her ass and I began dry humping her. She led me across the room, slowly, so that the movement didn’t stop, and there, at the side, I felt a bed. I guess she’d known it was there all along. Laying down on her back she stretched out so that I could start sucking on her tits. Needless to say it didn’t take long before my hand was reaching for her jeans. As soon as I touched her she rolled over, pushed the jeans down over her hips, and stuck her ass in the air. It was amazingly smooth and round — a perfect female bum. She handed me a condom and I slipped it on. In the darkness I could just make out the line of her hand putting a big dollop of lube in her crack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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