How I Became Her Cuck Pt. 01

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Note: This story is autobiographical. It’s here because I’m often asked about how I became the way I am and it’s too long and complicated for a quick text chat. If you’re the kind of reader who just likes the sex bits you might want to skim the first couple of paragraphs!

Growing up where I did wasn’t exactly easy for someone who had always been bi-curious. My memories are of a place so homophobic that I was quite literally terrified of anyone finding out what went on in my head. I even found at times that I had been conditioned to react to things in a homophobic way; you’d hear a rumour about someone or something and without prompting I would react with the exact same disgust as the others. If they’d known the kind of man I would become I have no doubt that my life would have been in real danger.

So when I left that place and went off to uni, the first openly gay guy I met I reacted with the same disgust that I thought I was supposed to. But as I looked around I realised that I was the one the others were disgusted with. It took some weeks for me to heal those relationships and it needed me to do a few things: I had to reflect on my behaviour and understand where it came from, I had to tell the people around me about my experiences of growing up and apologise and then, ultimately, I came out. They all began to understand and forgive me and we, this group of young guys thrown together in a hall of residence, became friends. More notably for me this was the first key turning point – I had told people about my inclinations for the first time. It was so liberating.

Time went on and I was able to talk more freely about my sexual leanings but still had no experience. There had been opportunities but I had always freaked out a little. Ghosts of the past and all that. Then casino siteleri came Becky. Becky was a slut, always had been apparently. She loved sex, couldn’t get enough but also wanted to try everything. She was always looking for new experiences and that was where I fit in. She had a boyfriend who was a this hot, sporty, muscle type. There was no personality there whatsoever. She was with him because he was hot and he was with her because the sex was amazing – that was the full extent of their relationship. Her next idea was one he was not so keen on, she wanted to see him have sex with a guy. At first he’d refused but she’d persisted and they negotiated until eventually he agreed to let a guy suck his cock, provided he didn’t have to interact with the guy and she had to make out with him topless while it was happening. They just needed a volunteer. Becky had heard that I was bi-curious and hoped that I would be a good bet. As I said earlier, whenever I had been propositioned by a guy I’d been a bit freaked out and couldn’t go through with it, but this time I wasn’t being propositioned by a guy I was being propositioned by a girl and fuck she was smoking hot.

Short and skinny was the simple way of describing Becky. Around 5’2″ and no more than 100lbs, she was a little flat chested for some but I didn’t care about that. She has gorgeous copper-red hair, green eyes and just a light sprinkling of tiny freckles which are just visible through her gentle tan (which I found out later was all over…) To be honest I’d have done anything she asked so giving a blowjob to this really hot guy without having to interact with him seemed a really safe way of testing out my bi side.

The day came and there was a knock at the door and there they were. He was wearing black jeans and a Supergrass slot oyna t-shirt and had clearly had a few pints of liquid courage. He stood a clear foot taller than her, I don’t know why but that itself was a turn on. She was wearing a short, red tube dress with black ballet pumps. She always wore flats in those days – a phase that didn’t last very long. He pushed past me into the room and there was this awkward pause while none of us knew what should happen first. The he said:

“Right well take your dress off, lets get this over with.”

To my utter delight she did, she just peeled it right off. I was even more pleased to see that there was nothing underneath. She was standing there in nothing but the shoes and a little silver necklace; the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. He leant down to her, roughly groping one of her breasts as he rather brashly pushed his tongue into her mouth.

“Well this isn’t going to work.” He said.

He casually picked her up and placed he on the bed. She knelt down on it which helped the height difference and making it much easier for him to get what he wanted from her. I was standing there mesmerised when he broke of the kiss and said, rather angrily.

“Well? Get on with it then!”

I snapped out of my trance and dropped to my knees obediently pulling at his jeans. When it sprang out it was a long way from erect but it was beautiful. Her elegant fingers scooped it up and even semi-soft it still filled her hand. I moved toward it and kissed it. Between he touching and my kissing it began to swell, as it did it pushed its way between my lips which parted easily. His had found its way to the back of my head, gripping a handful of my hair he began to push his way in. Feeling it swell even more as it filled my mouth I remember wondering if canlı casino siteleri it ever got any better than this. I looked up to meet his eyes but he wasn’t looking at me, he was fixated on her. In fact he seemed determined to pretend I somehow wasn’t there. You know something? I didn’t care, I silently went back to my task.

Having seen plenty of porn I had a rough idea of what I need to do but doing it in reality was trickier than I thought. Fortunately Becky knew exactly what she was doing. While I clumsily worked my lips and tongue around his swollen head Becky’s hands worked the shaft with a firm and steady rhythmic wank. Within a couple of minutes he was twitching and throbbing. He kissed her more frantically and his groping of her tits became rougher. So I knew it was coming, I knew what was going to happen, but I wasn’t ready. The first spurt filled my mouth and completely surprised me. I pulled back to swallow but he wasn’t done; a second spurt hit my right in the eye and ran down my cheek and a third, less forceful blast sprayed onto my t-shirt.

Becky was clearly over the moon but we didn’t really know what to do. She was bouncing about the place saying things like:

“Oh my god, oh my god, that was amazing!”

He just kinda grunted and shuffled about awkwardly and pointedly not looking in my direction. I knelt there, cum all over me, no idea what I was supposed to do next. He looked at her and told her he couldn’t pull his pants up while it was still dripping. She dropped to her knees next to me and pulled it into her mouth. The way her soft lips worked his cock was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen as she cleaned him up.

With that he pulled up his jeans and as he fastened his belt Becky grabbed her dress and pulled it on. And they left… that was it… she blew me a kiss and thanked me as she left and he mumbled something under his breath but that was it. They went out for the night and just left me there and it was the best night of my life!

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