If Only Ch. 06

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To those of you who commented and sent e-mails, it really helped get this story out quicker. Thank you!


[Kara sat up] “Wow. Then I need to be at work tomorrow.” Kara said.

“I have to be at work tonight, Sunday nights can get a little busy at the restaurant.” Cadogan said as he sat up as well.

“Oh yeah, where do you work?”

“Well, I don’t really consider it work, I actually own Medwins.”

“You own Medwins?!”

Cadogan laughed. “Yes…on occasion I get a request to cook, but for the most part I oversee the chefs in the kitchen, make sure that they put the special ingredient in the food.” Cadogan winked at Kara.

“Special ingredient?” Kara raised an eyebrow.


“And what, may I ask is the special ingredient?”

“I am afraid I would have to get to know you very well to reveal the secret to my success. [Kara blushes] How about dinner tonight?”

“But… I thought you had to work…”

“At Medwins. Kara, will you have dinner with me at Medwins?”

“Wha…buh….I… I’ve never been to dinner at a place so nice..” [Kara lowered her head]

Cadogan lifted her chin and looked into Kara’s eyes. “Kara, will you go to dinner with me?”

{Well, when he asks like that how can I resist} “Okay, but— I will warn you, I have not been on a date in a very long time, and if things start to get a little awkward, then—”

“Kara, [Cadogan cut in] it doesn’t have to be a date, [Kara breathed a sigh of relief] …yet.” Kara looked at Cadogan, dumbstruck. Cadogan smiled confidently. {That little…}

“And what makes you think you will get a second date?” Kara teased.

Cadogan smiled when she said second date, but didn’t point it out to her. “A man can dream can’t he?” Kara smiled and laughed, shaking her head. {He really is something}

“Careful Cadogan, you’ll make my head big.” Kara laughed. {If only she knew} Cadogan thought. Cadogan opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the telltale scratching on the back door. “What’s that?” Kara asked.

“That would be Boris at the door; time for breakfast!” Cadogan moved to get out of bed. As soon Escort bayan as Cadogan said “breakfast,” Kara was instantly reminded that they had pretty much slept for a whole day and that she was DYING of hunger. To further her thoughts, her stomach growled in agreement…loudly.

Cadogan turned to Kara and took in her wide eyes and bright red cheeks, took her hand and said “Don’t worry; I will start on breakfast right away. You are free to use the shower while you wait though.” Kara nodded her head, and Cadogan went to feed Boris.

Kara rolled her eyes upward and sighed. She wanted to fall back into the sheets and disappear. {That was so embarrassing! Well, may as well go and take a shower.} Kara got out of bed and took off her clothes, laying them down on the bed.

Kara walked over to the bathroom, sighing as she entered. {I can get used to this} She decided to explore a little more and looked around…particularly for the water closet. She walked to the back of the bathroom, past the vanity and it was on the other side of the wall. {Hmmm…} She turned around and there was the entry to the shower. {Go figure}

Kara turned on the shower to let it heat up, and double checked that there were towels this time. She stepped in the shower, and let the water soothe her body. She thought about what the night would bring. She had a lot to do until then, and boy was she not looking forward to having to ask Claire for help with what to wear tonight. She may even have to go shopping…{God…}

As Kara stood there, Angelus watched with a smile. {I think she may finally be ready…though this is only the beginning, and she will go through pain greater than before if she is to overcome the scar on her heart, and truly let another in..}


Cadogan walked into the kitchen and went to the back door to let Boris in. Boris yipped in delight when he saw Cadogan. “I know boy, sorry I slept all day yesterday, you must be starving.” Cadogan said as he scratched Boris’ ears. Cadogan straightened up and grabbed the bag of dog food and poured some in a bowl for Boris. He then went to the fridge to get started on breakfast for Bayan Escort Kara.

He looked at the shelves, opened drawers, suddenly nervous about what he was going to cook. {Oh wow, that hasn’t happened in a long time} Then Cadogan straightened up and went to the pantry. As soon as he opened the doors, his eyes landed on a brown paper bag. {Success!} He skipped over to the fridge, rummaged around and found everything he needed. He was nearly jumping for joy. {No better way to start off a special day than with a special dish!} Cadogan pulled out the pans, and set to work.


Kara decided it was time to get out of the shower, her stomach once again reminding her to ‘feed me.’ She dried off and walked back into the bedroom. She approached the bed with every intention of putting the clothes back on, as she had nothing else to wear…but feeling so clean, she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She looked around the room, and located the closet.

Kara opened the closet and looked at the long line of shirts, an idea formulating in her mind. {Now to choose what color…} Kara smiled as she found the right one, and put on the shirt. She looked down and was glad that it was just long enough. She rolled up the sleeves, went over to the bed and grabbed the tie, tying it around her waist and knotting it on the side. Kara was pretty pleased with her ensemble, and decided to head into the kitchen to see what Cadogan was up to.

Kara walked into the kitchen and was hit with a pleasantly familiar smell. Cadogan turned around and nearly dropped his spoon again, stunned by the image of perfection before him. {She is wearing my shirt…} Cadogan fought the urge to moan. Kara gave him an impish smile, and Cadogan gulped.

“So, what may I ask are you cooking? It smells familiar…” At that Cadogan perked up and shooed her out of the kitchen.

“Go and keep Boris company, this is a surprise! [Kara gave him a funny look] Go!” Cadogan finally got her out of the kitchen. {Dear God….} Cadogan went back to work on the finishing touches, meanwhile having to adjust his pants to try to alleviate the discomfort she caused. {How am Escort I going to get through dinner if she looks that good in just my shirt?…Just my shirt?! Could she…no…oh boy…}

The thought that Kara was wearing just his shirt, with nothing underneath, had Cadogan biting the inside of his cheek, willing his cock to go down. {Surely she will notice if I walk out there now..} But knowing Kara was just in the next room, setting eyes on her again would surely be his undoing.

So Cadogan did the only thing he could do. He turned the oven on and stuck in the prepared food to keep it warm and snuck down the hall to relieve himself—before he embarrassed himself. He came to the hall bath and silently shut the door, or so he thought. Cadogan gripped the counter and looked in the mirror, trying to get a hold of himself.

But the longer Cadogan stood there, the longer he realized it was futile. He freed his cock and sighed. There was already precum oozing from the tip, he couldn’t remember the last time he was this hard, and without any contact! He touched his cock and gasped. His other hand gripped the counter until his knuckles turned white. He began to stroke his cock, and the image of Kara in his shirt flashed in his mind. His cock jerked, and his strokes became faster. “Kara..” He was almost there…

Kara peeked through the crack of the door stunned. She just couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that he was masturbating not five feet away from her. She heard him moan her name, and a wave of unrelenting heat slammed through her. She wanted to open that door and feel her lips wrapped around his cock again. But at the same time she knew it wasn’t the right time.

Just as Kara nearly lost her nerve to go in there, Cadogan let out a guttural moan and Kara could tell he was restraining the roar that wanted to erupt from his lips. Cadogan came in the sink, and Kara could not help but think {what a waste}. Cadogan started to wash up, and Kara moved away from the door, heading back to the dining room.

A few minutes later, Cadogan brought the food, and Kara gasped as she realized what he had made. {Tenderloin benedict!} Cadogan smiled as he saw her reaction. “Sorry it took so long, I got a little distracted.” Cadogan said. {I’ll say…} Kara thought.


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