Just Next Door Ch. 02

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John went to work earlier than Andrea and the next morning when she woke, she found a simple note had been pushed under her door. She thought back to last night’s excitement: John discovering that she’d masturbated in his apartment and using that against her, how mercilessly John had teased her entire body (stroked, caressed, spanked) and eventually fucked her dripping wet pussy and ass. She felt a wave of electricity move through her body, making her skin warm and sensitive to the touch and her pussy tingle and become more alive.

She opened the note. The instructions were simple: arrive at 8 o’clock. Wear a dress.

She had hoped for more information so she could get a better idea of just what she was in store for. As she showered that morning and all that day at work she was distracted, feeling her pussy tingling with anticipation of what was to come that night. Besides being fucked again, she was curious to watch what he had taped, knowing that watching her being enjoyed from head to toe, just like the video of his ex that she had discovered. She found herself clock watching even more than normal and at the first chance she got, she bolted from work twenty minutes early, making up an excuse.

Andrea made the remaining few hours pass by listening to music, having a glass of wine and deciding what to wear. She eventually decided on a black slinky dress that zipped up the back and showed off her curvy hips and ass and the shape of her breasts nicely and a sheer, tiny black g-string and nothing else. She didn’t even bother to slip shoes on, hoping that would speed the process up because by the time she arrived, she could already feel that she was moist and ready.

Andrea knocked and she heard John yell for her to enter. She found him sitting on the couch, which looked faced a large bay of windows looking out over the city. He was still in his slacks and a dark blue shirt from work, but he’d removed his tie.

“Come around here so I can see you,” he said, motioning for her to walk around in front of him.

She did, watching his eyes make their way up and down her body, admiring her tan legs, the shape of her body under the silky black material and her bare shoulders and neck. He motioned for her to turn around so he could admire the shape of her curvy, full ass as well.

“Now, let’s get down to business, how bad do you want this?” he asked, pulling a copied CD out of his pocket, obviously the copy of last nights incredibly hot sex that she was there to collect.

“I’ve been thinking about it all day.”
“We’ll see just how bad you want a copy.”

He told her to undress for him, slowly, so he could get a good look at her body. If she hadn’t had that glass of wine earlier she might have been a little more self conscious about standing in front of him like this, or for that matter in front of the large windows looking out over the city, which were open, and taking her clothes off. But she started to get turned on thinking about being naked and ready for him. Reaching back, Andrea unzipped her dress, feeling it slide away from her torso. John told her to move slower and motioned for her to turn around, so her back was facing him so he could get a view of her back as the black dress was unzipped all the way down her shoulder blades and lower back, revealing the top of her hips. She wiggled her body out, pulling it down, her perky and tanned tits bared for the city to see while she wiggled her dress over her hips, baring her ass for John at the same time. As she undressed her directed her, telling her how to move her body so he had a perfect view of her sliding the dress down her athletic legs, the tiny black sheer thong slipping down between her ass, barely obscuring his view of her pussy as she leaned forward and the waist, moving her legs wider apart.

“I want you to kneel here in front of me,” he said, motioning between his legs.

She did so, licking her lips with anticipating of sliding his cock between her lips, kissing and sucking him, feeling him getting hard in her mouth. Andrea knew she gave extremely good blowjobs and knew once she started sucking him, it wouldn’t be long before she would finally be bent over that couch and fucked.

“Close your eyes,” he instructed.

She felt his hands Antalya Escort all over her breasts, stroking and exploring her nipples, making them hard, running his fingertips over her lips. She knelt there for a few minutes, his hands caressing and touching her anyway and anywhere he wanted.

Then she heard his belt being undone and unzipped and he told her it was time to show him just how good of a “cock tease,” she was.

She opened her eyes, seeing his full, hard cock standing straight out for her. There was a few droplets of precum at the tip and when his cock surged as she took it in her hand, another pulsed out. She wasted no time licking them away, tasting him spread all over her lips and tongue. As she slowly slid his cock in her mouth, taking as much as she could fit, she thought back to how she’d practically spent all day at work thinking about John’s hard cock filling her mouth, pussy and ass and how she was finally getting what she wanted.

But after a minute of her pumping and sucking, she told her to slow down and teasing his cock and balls, kissing and licking but not sucking. She obliged, for a minute, but eventually got hungry for his cock again and pushed it in her mouth, sucking and pumping which made him groan.

“You’re off to a good start,” he said, and then motioned towards a nearby footstool.

He instructed her to bend over it with her ass facing towards him, while he stayed seated on the couch. She positioned the footstool just as he instructed, positing herself so once again she was looking out over the city, nothing more than the nearly nonexistent g-strong covering her pussy. John reached forward and forced her legs wider apart and her ass higher in the air, so she was much more exposed and wide open for him to visually enjoy. Andrea kept waiting to feel his
hands all over her, just like the night before, stroking and smacking her ass, but he didn’t. She looked back, checking on what he was doing. His hard cock, still glistening from her mouth was still pushed out of his black slacks, ready and waiting, but he was simply examining her. This turned Andrea on to no end, knowing that he had
complete control, studying her bare body, while he was fully clothed, but she needed to be fucked as she could feel herself soaking her g-string. Soon though, without saying a word, John reached forward and gripped the thin side strap of her panties and slid them down her legs and off. With one hand on her smooth, tanned lower back, he kept her pinned against the footstool and began stroking and gripping her ass. From time to time he’d give her ass a good hard smack, other times, lightly teasing her curvy upturned ass, other sensitive inner thighs and eventually, she felt him ever so lightly playing with her pussy. She wiggled and squirmed, pushing back, wanting more pressure to be applied to her pussy but he pushed her down, pinning her against the footstool, pushing her legs farther apart so she was more spread open than she thought she’d ever been before. With one hand he gripped one side of her ass, spreading not only her pussy apart but her ass. It made her wonder if he’d loved fucking her ass last night so much he would do it again before the night was over. Slowly but surely he began fingering her pussy, faster, pushing deeper inside of her. It felt incredible to have him spreading her apart, even if it wasn’t enough, even if she wanted him to push his hard, fat cock inside of her. With one hand stroking and gripping her from the cheeks of her ass, up her back to grab a hold of a handful of her hair, pulling her back, repositioning her how ever he wanted, the other hand slipping one and then two fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out just like he had used her own dildo on her the night before. Then, she felt the familiar weight of his cock against her ass he rubbed and grinded it against her, making her wiggle even more.

“You seriously need to fuck me now John!” she said. But he didn’t reply, he didn’t say a word, simply fingering her, and dragging his full, fat cock back and forth across her ass as a
reminder that it was there and he’d fuck her only when he was good and ready.

But just when things were getting good and she felt like he was close to plunging himself Antalya Escort Bayan into her, he stopped finger fucking her and even
stroking her ass, sitting back.

Without saying a word he led her over to his large kitchen table and pushed her back onto it, spreading her legs wide apart. With his hand gripping the thick base of his cock he guided it against her pussy, which by now was making her inner thighs and the crack of her ass slippery. She loved being totally naked while he was fully clothed as he slipped just the head of his cock in and out, grinding the mushroom shape into her, and spreading her apart bit by bit. Then, just as she
was about to complain again that she needed to be fucked, he plunged it all into her, spreading every bit of her apart. His hands ran up and down her legs, keeping them pushed back and spread wide apart as he slammed into her, his balls slapping against her pussy and ass. As he pounded her she felt him searching the tabletop for something but she was so into the moment of being thoroughly fucked, euphoric, that she couldn’t tell what it was. That is until she looked up and saw that he was dripping trails of honey from a small plastic bear down the side of her neck, between and all over her tits, stomach and thighs. The honey was a little cool but felt good against her body which was by now hot. Tossing the honey bear to the side he leaned down and began biting, nibbling and licking her neck clean, then her tits, taking her nipples into his mouth one at a time.

After a few seconds of licking and sucking he’d lean up and kiss her deep and hard and she could taste the sweet, sticky honey all over his mouth, which made her lick his lips before he returned to his mouth to her skin. She could still feel a bit of stickiness over her body even after he’d sucked and licked her, but she loved the contrast as he continued to grind and slam his cock into her. As he craned down to suck her nipples he nearly slid his cock all the way out, teasing her with the tip which made her try and wiggle down, but this only made him grip her hips, keeping her body right where he wanted her, and only slamming back into her when he was ready. After he’d fucked, teased and finally licked most of her breasts and neck clean he slid out of her and bent over the kitchen table, her upped body flat against the cool surface, her legs spread apart. Within seconds his cock was back inside her and his hands were all over her: pulling her hair, stroking her back and hips and ass and thighs, smacking her ass from time to time, making her ass tingle and sting as he fucked her. Then she felt a slick finger slipping into the entrance of her ass, giving her the wonderful sensation he had the night before of fucking her pussy and ass, using his cock and her very own jelly dildo. Soon he had his finger pushing into her ass, spreading her ass apart, hopefully getting her ready for his cock.

As he moved in and out of her, she could feel the contrast of her bare skin, damp with sweat against his slacks, and even, from time to time his leather belt grinding against her ass. As he filled her up, enjoying her slow or fast, deep or shallow, however he wanted she looked out the window and wondered if anyone out there with a pair of binoculars or perhaps out for a walk could see her bent over the table, ass in the air, being taken by a fully clothed man. This thought excited her even more, knowing that they would instantly be jealous and wish they were either her or John, depending.

Reaching around, John began to stroke Andrea’s clit, his fingers soon becoming slick and soaking wet as they glided up and down, his fat cock filling her pussy, a finger from his other hand now pushing in and out of her oiled ass. She could feel the pressure in her body building getting closer to exploding as he increased the tempo with
his hands and cock, her ass being spread apart, taking what felt like all of his finger, slamming his hard dick into her with such force his balls slapped her pussy near the very spot his other set of fingers were rubbing her swollen clit. The tension built up throughout her entire body until she felt wave after wave released, making her spasm and contract, gripping his cock deep in her pussy and the finger Escort Antalya deep in her ass. He body pulsed and contorted with such force it was as
though she was naturally trying to push him out, the exact opposite of what she wanted, but since John had a strong and powerful body he kept her pinned against the table, pushing deeper into her, leveraging himself to counter her body’s natural reaction. After a minute of slowing his tempo, fucking her slower and shallower, he slide out and
pushed her onto her back on the table. The cool surface against her sweaty back was soothing. She wondered just what he had in store for her as she watched him remove his shirt and pants, eventually stripping completely naked. She enjoyed finally being able to enjoy the sight of his strong chest and shoulders, now glistening with sweat and not to mention his hard cock glistening in her juices. He moved around the other side of the table, near her head which was turned upside down hanging slightly off the side, leaning down kissing her deep and hard for a minute, reaching down and stroking her breasts, pinching her nipples as they kissed. Then he stood and grabbed the honey bear again, this time spreading a thick stream up and down the full length of his cock. Without wasting a second he pushed his cock in her mouth, slowly sliding in between her lips. Andrea groined at first as much out of pleasure as her near inability to take as much as he was slipping between her lips but then she took the base of his cock in her hand and found a steady rhythm, pumping and sucking in such a way that had gotten many a man off before. As she sucked and he pumped himself into her mouth, groaning out for her to suck him, to make him explode in her mouth and all over her lips his hands made their way down her body and soon, a pair of his honey covered fingers were fucking her pussy, slipping in and out of her nearly to the same tempo he was fucking her mouth. She loved him standing over her like that, position and using her body as an instrument of pleasure, whatever came to his mind, leaning over her while she lay there on his kitchen table, the place he probably did mundane things while he fucked her mouth and fingered her pussy, which was by now dripping all over that table. She wanted to leave a bit of herself all over that table, so he would think of her, and maybe just maybe over the next day or two continue to see evidence of her on it.

Then, as he began rubbing her clit, which was ready for more action now, she spread her legs wide apart, offering every inch of her body for me.

“Ohhn yeah, make me cum Andrea,” he said, as she felt his balls tight and finally his cock began to jump and spasm between her lips, as wave after wave filled her mouth, coating her tongue and when she slid the swollen head of his cock out of her mouth, all over her moist lips. She looked up, seeing that John was watching with pure excitement, his face contorted in an intense orgasm. Although the pace with which he was rubbing her clit slowed while he came, he kept finger fucking her, refocusing on getting her off a second time. As he rubbed and stroked her clit faster and faster she began to lick and kiss his slick cock, tasting the honey and his cum mixed together perfectly until once again she was contorting against the kitchen table, her ass and hips pushing up off the surface like an acrobat wanting more. Andrea moaned into and against John’s slick cock, breathing in his wonderful scent, enjoying him standing over her, feeling how her mouth, pussy and ass had all been enjoyed over what had felt like hours and hours. That’s when she came yet again, moaning and yelling so loud that she thought probably everyone in the building knew she was being fucked in there.

As she lay there, he sat in a chair at the table, stroking and kissing and nibbling on her body from time to time until the breeze from the window began to cool her too much.

She had a bit of trouble slipping her dress back on and zipping it up because she felt euphoric and drunk from all the stimulation. As she worked herself back into the dress she remembered her sheer black g-string in front of the couch where she’d been bent over for his pleasure but decided to leave them there as a reminder. Before she
slipped out his door into the quiet hallway. It wasn’t until the next morning when she woke and remembered she hadn’t been given the burned CD. But as she walked into the kitchen she looked down at the front door and saw that he had slipped it under the door, with yet another note attached to it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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