Lessons in Love Ch. 4

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Kim stirred on the bed slightly as Tom, rolled over and draped his arm across her breasts. She had stayed on the living room floor wrapped in Tom’s arms after they had finished fucking on the living room floor for a long time. When she had been able to stand Tom picked her up and carried her to bed. They had slept for a while in each other’s arms, stirring only when the sun through the windows began to warm the room.

She moved around and kissed Tom, “Is that what you call having your brains screwed out” She asked grinning.

“I think so.” He said with a smile.

“I didn’t expect you to be hard when I sat down on you, then when you moved us to the floor and began to do me from behind it was more than I could take.”

“I thought you took it rather well.” Tom said with a laugh. “I bet you did” she replied. She moved so that she was laying part way across Tom chest. Her left breast was rubbing along Tom’s smooth chest and she moved her leg so that it gently cover Tom’s cock, and left her shaved pussy rubbing along his thigh.

“Where did you learn to make love to a woman like that?” Kim asked. “Most of the guys our age don’t have clue how to please a woman, at least from what all my friends say.”

“It’s kind of a long story” Tom started. “When I was in high school I worked for a friend of my parents, Keith, who had a photography shop. Right after I graduated his sister in law came to stay with Keith and his wife Carol. Andrea was in college and a real babe. We hit it off right away and started spending a lot of time together.” Kim noticed a stirring in Tom’s cock as he was talking. “My parents bakırköy escort and Keith and Carol went on vacation, for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t able to go and Andie didn’t want to go. She had other plans that I didn’t know about at the time. She invited me over to Keith’s house for dinner the night everyone left. When I got there she was fixing a great dinner and dressed in a very sexy dress. I loved what I was seeing, but figured it would only go that far. I had a crush on her, but she was in college and I didn’t figure she was interested in me. Once we had finished eating and cleaning up it didn’t take long to get the idea that something special was about to happen. She had been teasing me all evening, teasing and flirting and getting me very interested.” Kim could tell how much Tom was interested, his cock rock hard and pressing against her leg.

Kim wanted to hear more about Tom’s first sexual experience. She listened while he told about his first time with Andie, the older lover who taught him how to make love to a woman. As Tom talked Kim reached down and began to stroke Tom’s growing cock. Tom told Kim of the summer he had spent making love to Andie, learning to use his body to make a woman feel great. He even told Kim of the night Andie brought a man into bed with them and he experienced anal sex for the first time.

The thought of Tom taking a cock in his ass really turned Kim on, and she began to stroke his cock even faster. Kim kept asking about how it felt and what it was like and how he felt about it. Tom reached down between Kim’s legs and found her pussy soaking wet. “Looks like you need bakırköy escort bayan something I have.” He said with a grin.

“Oh baby you are so right, but not like you think, I want you in my ass Tom, I need to feel your cock in my ass.”

“OK turn around and put your pussy over my face.” Kim straddled Tom’s face and began to lick his hard cock. As she took Tom’s cock into her mouth she felt his tongue begin to lick her hot pussy. Tom stuck his tongue into her hole as his fingers found there way to her lips, opening her even more to Tom’s tongue. As his tongue began to move onto Kim’s clit, his finger began to rub her asshole. Kim was having a hard time concentrating on sucking Tom’s cock as his tongue licked her clit and his finger probed her ass. At first it was one finger and then another, both sliding in and out helped by the generous coating of KY. Her cunt was on fire and Kim wanted so badly to cum, and just when she thought she would never reach the peak she needed Tom slid his thumb into her pussy.

“Ahhhhh, God suck my clit Tom, Oh god I’m cumming so hard, suck it. Uhhhhhhh.” When Kim’s orgasm was over Tom pulled his fingers out of her ass and had her kneel on the bed, head down and ass in the air. He coated his cock in KY and placed it against the tightly packed rosebud of her asshole. He slowly began to push his cock into the virgin ass in front of him.

“Kim you push back against my cock, that will let you control how much you take and how fast. They both stopped as the head of Tom’s cock pushed through into Kim’s tight ass.

“Are you okay” He asks.

“Yes, escort bayan bakırköy give me a second to get used to it. It doesn’t really hurt, but I feel so full.” The stayed like that for a moment. “Okay slid it in slowly and I think I can take some more.”

Tom moved his cock in until Kim started to moan. “Does that hurt.”

“Oh God no, it feels great.”

“Put your finger on your clit and I bet it will fell even better.” Kim’s hand moved between her legs and Tom could feel it going to work. Suddenly he felt something hard next to his cock and realized that Kim had stuck a vibrator in her cunt. When she turned it on the both got a jolt.

“Fuck my ass Tom, fuck it now and Fuck it hard.” Kim cried out. Tom started moving in and out of Kim’s tight virgin ass, slowly at first, her tight ass gripping his cock. Tom didn’t want to cum too soon, and he didn’t want to hurt Kim. It didn’t take long before Kim began to push back against Tom. As Kim began to fuck Tom back he began to move faster and faster, pulling his cock back until just the head was in and then slamming it deep inside, Kim was screaming that she was cumming. “Cum in my ass, oh please let me feel your cum in my ass, yes baby fuck me, oh yes fuck my ass, oh god I’m cumming so hard.”

Just then Kim felt Tom slam into her one more time and then felt his cum spraying into her ass as he cried out. “Oh yes Kim I’m cumming in your ass take it baby, take it all the way.” As Tom cried out and his cum began spraying into her ass Kim threw her head back as another massive orgasm wracked her body with pleasure.

“ahhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss” she cried out. Not capable of any real words, but having to give voice to the unexpected feeling of joy coming from her body.

Once again they found themselves collapsed on the bed, Cum seeping out of Kim’s ass, neither of them willing or able to move.

To Be Concluded…

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