Long Distance Lover

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ME (text): Guess what?

Leanna (text): what’s up handsome?

ME: I’ve got some time off next week, I thought I might spend it in Philly. Know where I can find a tour guide to show me around 😉

Leanna: :-D:-D I don’t know if you can find one on short notice. Maybe I can service you instead 😉

ME: lol hmmm… idk, what’s your going rate?

Leanna: I think we can work out a ‘special’ payment plan for you hehe. I’ll throw in some extra perks too since you’re my friend 😀

ME: That sounds good to me, I do like perks

Leanna: You are definitely going to LOVE these perky perks 😉 😉

ME: I can’t wait to finally fuck you

Leanna: Me too! I hope I’ll have been worth the wait?

ME: I can’t see how you could be anything less than amazing in person. I’ll see you next week 😀


I was pulling into the hotel that I rented a room in for my long weekend in Philly, and I can’t remember having been more nervous than I am right now. I had been exchanging messages with this girl I had met online for ages. We lived way to far apart but that just deepened the sexual tension between us. A part of me was nervous she wouldn’t be what she seemed like on line…would she even show up? Did I just drive 3 hours to Philly just to see the Liberty Bell? A million thoughts flying through my mind as I settled in on the bed for a quick nap, hoping that I would certainly be thankful for that little bit of recovery before she joined me.


I rolled over from a very intense dream I was just having with a raging hardon to look at the screen of my phone.

Leanna: On my way, hope you’re ready for me 😉

ME: You have no idea, can’t wait. See you soon.

About 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door, I jumped and then slowly walked to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it…only to find it was one of the maids bringing the extra towels I had requested in my booking request. I accepted them, thanked her then kicked myself for being so uptight, and went to go wash my face.

I peeled off my shirt and looked at myself in the mirror briefly. I was in good shape, a lot of heartbreak and more hours spend at the gym have really been paying off. I am about 5’8″ not ripped but certainly a more athletic toned than anything else. I finished washing my face and flopped back onto the bed. I barely hit the mattress when there was a tentative knock on the door.

When I opened it this time it was her. A gorgeous woman dripping in sensuality was standing at my door. I looked her up and down drinking her in… She had long dark hair, just the right application of makeup bringing out her startling blue eyes, my eyes drifted down her body to her perky C breasts, thin waist, beautifully curved hips (a perfect hourglass build), long long legs, ending in a pair of moderately high heels. All of that was wrapped up in a skin tight deep cut dress barely being held up by the tiny behind the neck strings. I could already see her nipples standing at attention.

She giggles, “Are you going to let me in, it’s a little chilly out here… and you’re starting to drool lover boy.”

‘Chilly’ was a bold faced lie, it’s the middle of July and though the Hotel was air conditioned the halls were still fairly warm compared to the rooms.

I closed my mouth and said, “Wow.” Replaying it in my mind and relaxing how dumb I just sounded.

“Are you always this articulate?” she said with a giggle knowing all too well she was quoting one of my favorite movies.

I stepped to the side and gestured for her to come in. She stepped through the door way and brushed past me just barely grazing my chest with her shoulder and her hip gently caressing my crotch as she casually stepped by me. The scent of her perfume filled my sense, even through that heady scent I picked up on a silky feminine scent that told me she was just as excited to see me in person for the first time.

I closed the door and she pressed her whole body against me as we hugged for way longer than a casual hug. She tilted her head up to me and we kissed for the first time. It was like a fire was light in my body. I had never been so fired up from a kiss before. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock, and she pressed her hips tighter against me and I could feel a similar fire coming from her pussy even through our clothes.

“Wow” she said, and before I could come back in a similar fashion to her comment to me earlier. She put her finger to my lips and whispered, “shut up and fuck me.”

“Oh I will,” I promised escort bostancı as I took a step back, “but first I have something for you to put on to make it more exciting.

Her face lit up with a smile as she wondered what it could be. She and I had talked a lot about our fantasies so I doubted she would guess this one because it was so easy. I reached into my bag and pulled out a black silk scarf.

“Come here,” I said in a more commanding tone than I thought I was capable of, but knowing it would turn her on even more made it easier to role play.

She obeyed and I turned her around, admired her perky ass. I find that little tuck just at the bottom of her ass where her legs came up to meet it, to be incredibly sexy. I had a full blown erection and I didn’t see it going down any time soon, least not for as long as she was there with me. I guided her to near the foot of the bed but just far enough away that I could walk around her without touching her body unless I chose to. This was where the fun would begin…

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, my lips just caressing it lightly as I did so “do you trust me?” I moved my lips to her other ear, “I will never hurt you, but I need you to…” back to the first ear “surrender yourself to the pleasure I’m about to give you.”

She visibly shivers with excitement as she shifts from foot to foot. That feminine scent I picked up on traces of earlier was very prevalent now.

She just nods, too excited to say anything, desperate for a taste of all the stories I’d written to her, and dirty texts we had exchanged.

I lean in and kiss her neck and a moan escapes her lips as she loses her breath. I slowly work my way around to her front kissing along her neck, up to her ears, and across her eyes, nose, lips, chin and back to her other ear and back to her neck. Then I step behind her and nuzzle into her hair I can feel her tremble with anticipation as I find my way to the bow behind her neck holding her dress up. I part her hair and then bite the string, gently grazing the back of her neck with my teeth as I do, and untie the loop.

The front of her dress falls, and as I work my way kissing across her shoulders to her front again I pause and step back to admire her perky tits in all their glory. I see her clenching and unclenching her hands as she continues to get more and more turned on as I make her wait.

Then I take one of her nipples into my mouth and there is a sharp intake of breath as I do before a long sensual moan escapes her lips. Her hands come up to pull my head tighter to her body and I gently tap them with one finger.

“Nope, no hands unless I tell you to.”

She nods again and licks her lips still lightly out of breath. I suck her nipple and as much of her tit into my mouth as I can fit and I let my hands wander her body. I grab her ass as they go by and then finally find the zipper for the rest of the dress. I pull away from her very wet nipple and blow on it as I watch the nipple get hard before my eyes. Then I suddenly undo the zipper on her hip and the dress falls to the floor.

Now this goddess is standing in front of me in just a tiny red G-string with a very dark red patch over her pussy. It must be dripping wet by now.

I chuckle, “looks like someone is excited.”

“You have no i-DEA!”

She jumps as I gently tap the wet spot on her panties with my finger. She presses her hips towards it but I pull my hand away. She pouts a little.

“Turn around” She obeys, “bend over” she also obeys quickly bending down to touch the floor.

I admire the wet spot on her panties some more before kneeling down myself and laying kisses all around her perfect ass. Inching closer and closer to her pussy but never touching it despite her best efforts to catch my lips on the way by.

::SLAP:: I spank her ass she jumps and moans. The contrast between the gentle kisses and the spanking has got to be driving her insane, and I swear that the dark patch in her panties got even darker when I did that.

::SLAP:: I spank her other cheek, “I wouldn’t want them to be uneven,” then I gently pat her pussy and she moans, and her pussy twitches as it finally gets some, albeit brief, attention.

I walk to the front of her and take her hands, and help her to stand up. I kiss her and we make out for a few moments as I grope her ass and grind my cock against her mound.

I grab a pillow, place it on the floor, “kneel” I say and I help guide her onto the pillow as I watch her lick her lips.

I quickly drop my pants, ümraniye escort boxers, and toss my shirt to the side. I press the top of my cock to her lips leaving a little precum for her to lick off them on her tongues next pass. She moans again as she tastes it.

“Suck my cock, and play with your pussy”

She opens her mouth and takes my cock all the way in and down her throat on the first stroke. She grabs my ass to pull me into her mouth as she rubs her pussy with her other hand. I allow the hand on my ass because the feeling of her tongue swirling around my cock and her throat tightening on my cock is making my eyes roll back. If she keeps this up I’m definitely going to lose it in a matter of minutes…

After enjoy her deep throating my cock for as long as I could take it I help her back to her feet and position her with her arms on the foot of the bed. I move behind her and her panties are soaked. I reach up and slowly peal them down watching them roll out of her perfect ass crack revealing the tightest little ass hole I had ever seen. As it pulls away from her pussy I see small strings of her juices pull away with it. I smile, she must have got herself off while I let her play with herself.

::SLAP:: :SLAP:: I spank her ass and she moans and wiggles it at me.

“Did you cum while you were sucking my cock?” she nods. “I couldn’t hear you”

“Yes…a little bit…” ::SLAP:: “ah! Mmm, yes!”

“Say you’re sorry,” I see an evil grin cross her lips. ::SLAP:: “say you’re sorry” She continues to play coy, ::SLAP:: ::SLAP:: ::SLAP::

“OH GOD YESSS…” I see her whole body quiver, “mmmm now I’m sorry” she giggles “but not sorry.” There’s that evil smile again.

I look at her slightly reddening ass and then down to her pussy. She is so wet that it is starting to run down her legs now. She definitely enjoyed her spanking.

I had as much as I could take. I stepped behind her and then buried my cock all the way into her pussy, my hips slapping against her tender ass.

“YESSS!! FUCK ME, fuck me James, oh GOD YE-E-E-E-Ssssssss” She moans and screams my name.

I reach up and pull the blindfold off and she immediately looks down to see my cock filling her pussy again and again and again. It’s only been a few minutes but she has already covered my cock and balls with her creamy cum.

“My god – it’s – huge!” she says as I fuck her making her tits swing with each thrust.

She reaches between us and starts rubbing her clit. I feel the pressure build in her pussy as I fuck her with long deep strokes before she goes rigid and lets out a guttural satisfied groan as my cock is literally pushed from her pussy by the power of her orgasm. She squirt all over the two of us and collapsed on the bed panting.

I step forward, but she holds up a hand, “wait…” Panting “I need a moment” she rolls over onto the bed on her back and I admire her gorgeous body again. She is gleaming with sweat and her pussy is soaked and creamy.

I kneel down and slowly, gently start to lick her pussy. She flinches at first but slowly starts to moan again, and grind her hips up to meet my tongue as it slips as far into her pussy as it can go.

“Hehe, you’ve got some fantastic reach with…that tongue!”

I just hum into her pussy and her body shakes with a small orgasm. I keep eating her pussy until it’s all cleaned up though it is still sopping wet.

“Put it back inside me,” she reaches up and pulls me to kiss her. Then lines my cock up with her pussy before slowly sliding back down. “Let me know when you’re about to cum, I have a surprise for you…”

I nod and slowly start building up to the pace we had before missionary style at the edge of the bed so I can keep my feet. I reach up and start groping her tits as I fuck her with long strokes in and out of her dripping pussy.

I ask her again “do you trust me,” she nods as her tits bounce each time I bottom out in her pussy, “when you’re about to cum, you let me know too.”

She nods again and I pick up the pace making sure to grind down on her clit when our hips meet each time slowly but surely building her up to another powerful orgasm.

I feel her shutter beneath me again, we’re both dripping with sweat, completely lost to our own bodies at the moment. I could feel every inch of her pussy as it gripped my cock each time I slid into her again and again. I can’t imagine a more heavenly feeling than this…

“James…soon…OH god! Fuck me, fuck me James…fu—ck”

I took that as my sign and slowly let my hand slip up kartal escort bayan to around her neck. There was a little bit of surprise there in her eyes, but she relaxed as my fingers pressed to the sides of her neck. This was definitely something she had never tried before but from the looks of it she did trust me to do everything I could to bring her pleasure, and I knew she would lose her mind from this.

“Tap my arm twice if you need me to release.”

She nodded again and closed her eyes as my grip tightened at the edges of her neck. After a few seconds her eyes shot open again and her whole body started to convulse from a massive orgasm. She was closer than I’d thought. I kept pounding into her, faster, harder, and maintained my hold on her neck. She came again, and her squirt rushed over my cock. Her chest and arms were all turning red with orgasmic flush. I was careful to be sure she could still breathe albeit with some restriction. She came again, and then her whole body went rigid. I kept fucking her as hard as I could then two taps and as I released her her pussy clamped down so hard on my cock I couldn’t move.

“OOOOHHH – MY – FU – CKING GOOOOOODDDDD!!” She screamed at the top of her long and her whole body locked around mine shuddering and milking my cock for all it was worth, as she squirt all over the two of us again.

I just held there until she could speak again.

“That was the best orgasm…ever…i had no idea…” She trailed off questioning what she had just enjoyed.

“It’s ok, it doesn’t mean anything about you as a person, it’s just another way to get even more pleasure out of an intense orgasm…not really for everyday use, if you know what I mean.”

She smiled at me and slowly started to move sliding me in and out of her pussy again tenderly though, she must still be very sensitive down there. I didn’t blame her, if my assumption was right it probably felt like I had just turned her inside out with how deeply that orgasm wracked her body.

“I want to ride you” she managed to get out between breaths.

I lay on the bed and she climbed on top cowgirl style, just before she took my cock in her pussy again, “remember tell me when you’re about to cum.” And she buried my cock inside her again.

I really wasn’t going to last much longer cowgirl was usually the end of me. She took it slow but all too soon I was feeling that deep tingling feeling as well.

“I’m about to cum”

She did something I didn’t expect. She pulled off me and then slowly turned around. I thought that maybe she was going to suck my cock to finish me off, but then she kept turning into reverse cowgirl.

“Ready” she asked with that evil grin.

It was my turn to just nod, and then I almost lost my mind. She lowered her perfect ass rubbing the head on her pussy lips and around her clit, but then she angled it back further and slid me right into her ass. I almost came on the spot.

I could not believe how tight her ass was. She slammed down on my cock again and again and again. It was almost uncomfortable which was good because otherwise I would have blown my load before she got half way down on me. I just reached up and gripped the metal bars of the headboard and watched that perfect ass take me into it again and again and again.

Even still not to long after that I felt that tingling sensation again. ::SLAP:: I spanked her ass and she pounded my cock extra hard into her ass.

“I’m going to cum” I groaned.

She looked back at me with that beautiful, amazing, evil grin, “Cum inside me.”

And that was all it took. I grabbed her ass and pulled myself as deep into her as possible and erupted like a volcano. Rope after rope after rope of cum shot deep into her perfect ass. I felt it clamp down on me and watched her shuddering as she came as well, and I was completely spent.

She rolled off me and we both promptly fell asleep.

—–A short while later——

Someone poked my nose and it woke me up. I looked next to me to see Leanna still just as naked as I was smiling at me.

“So what do you think of Philly so far?”

“It’s definitely my favorite so far.”


She hopped out of bed and walked towards my rather large duffle bag for a long weekend.

“So what else do you have planned for us?”

“See for yourself” I laughed.

She reaches in and pulls out some rope with Velcro cuffs on it.

Slinging them over her shoulder she said, “Ooo, someone has been paying attention I see. These may have to wait until later though…I’m not sure if I can cum anymore.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe…? First though, I think I need a shower. Someone made a real mess in my ass.” She giggles.

“I am so not sorry for that.”

“Good,” there’s that evil smile, “care to join me?”

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