Love and Lust

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Standing naked in the cavernous master bedroom Salvator’s green eyes bounced from the mahogany armoire with brass handles to a dozen or so crystal picture frames pasted with the faces a happy couple. The bedroom was lit by tea candles and smelled of cinnamon and orange potpourri. Stroking his flaccid tool Salvator whispered, “Time to work Papi,” He knew the drill; some wealthy married woman wants cayenne and hubby can’t deliver so she pays for it. And they always paid well.

Glenda pushed her hair back over her ears as she swallowed straight vodka to murder the butterflies doing flips in her stomach. Peering in the bathroom mirror she saw a middle-aged woman staring back at her and she began to cry. This night was the night of heated arguments and prolonged moments of silence. This night was an intervention that would shatter her vows and break a twenty year commitment. This night scared Glenda the more than anything but she didn’t want to disappoint her husband Eddie.

Glenda emerged from the bathroom steeped with vodka confidence wrapped in pearl-colored kimono covering a matching satin teddy; graying chestnut tendrils framed her soft face as she stopped at the side of the bed. Salvator gave her a sly smile as he touched her chin for a kiss. The hair stood up on the backs of her arms when he touched her. Guilt had turned her butterflies to bats.

Salvator felt her body tighten with his touch,

“Relax Mami, relax.” But he could feel something was wrong,

“Do you want me to leave?”

Glenda could feel herself moisten, she needed to be touched, but not by him, but exhaling through pursed lips, she forced a whispered, “No.”

Salvator lowered her onto the bed and removed her heels. Taking almond oil into his mouth, Salvator swished it around until it was warm. Lifting her feet high he dribbled the oil down between her manicured toes. Glenda tried to resist, but her legs quivered as Sal sucked each toe flickering while pushing his tongue across the sensitive webbing. Glenda dug her fingers deep into the duvet as the sensation made her shoulders inched up around her neck. Her nipples ached for a warm mouth. Her face blushed. She massaged her breasts through her teddy as fat tears fell from her eyes. Salvator stood and rubbed her oiled feet in unison down his thick hairy chest across his rippled tight abs and placed them squarely on both sides of his very swollen veiny shaft. He put her feet in a “V” and slid his member between the opening pumping slowly. He could smell her sex moistening.

Kneeling, he peppered the inside of her thighs with light kisses while rubbing her feet.

Pulling her to the edge of the queen-sized bed he draped her legs over his shoulders and found her engorged clit. He took in her scent. He blew lightly across her sex. He licked at the juices that ran there before pushing his tongue into her opening.

Glenda covered her face with a pillow silencing her deep moans as Salvator took her thick nub into his mouth, caressing it with his lips, and then dragging it playfully across his teeth.

Glenda’s breathe quickened.

Salvator pushed the erect flesh up and licked the underside, noticing the tiny tell-tell rhythmic vaginal waves he stopped.

“Slow down Mami,” he whispered.

Pulling on a condom he rolled Glenda on her side and lifted her cheek. She could feel his bulbous head push against her virginal-tight kartal escort hole. But he was too large. Grabbing the lube he covered his pole liberally. Lifting her ass cheek higher, Salvator gently slipped inside. The sudden fullness followed by instant warmth made Glenda’s juices flow faster. With gentle pushes Salvator drove deeper and deeper until Glenda encompassed his entire 10 inches. Glenda could feel him in the pit of her stomach as she met each stroke with a loud, “SMACK” as her round ass slapped Salvator’s muscular thighs. Sensing she ok with the fit, Salvator turned Glenda over, folded the kimono onto her back and increased the speed of his stokes.

It had been four years, four whole years since Glenda had been with a man. Pushing back against his youthful thrust, orgasmic waves raced from her thighs to her toes and back again. And she suddenly didn’t feel so guilty.


Debra removed the card key from the hotel door slot watching the lock flickered from red to green and opening with a robotic, “Click.” She drove five and a half hours from Memphis to Biloxi. She spent the better part of an hour bribing the scary-assed front desk manager for card key to her fiancée hotel room. The manager relented when nine crisp Franklins were shoved in his face along with a quick peek under Debra’s red leather trench coat.. Debra moistened her lips as she eased the door forward.

As the room flooded with light from the hall, there on the king sized bed lay her Paul spooning a bleach bottle blond whose plastic tits jutted from beneath the bed spread. Debra heart sank. Stifling a whimper, she snapped a picture with her cell, quickly pulled out her mace and sprayed the sleeping duo. Flinging her engagement ring across the room, Debra snatched open the door, exited the room and Paul’s life for good.

Glenda awoke at 2:45am to the soft hum of her cell.

“Yeah,” she answered hoarsely.

“That BASTARD was in bed with a whore,” the caller began crying loudly.

Glenda pushed hair from her face as she strained to see the number on the tiny screen. Holding the phone close to her face she noticed it was Debra

Sitting up, Glenda felt a twinge of pain between her legs and the slickness of oil between her toes, “Which bastard Glenda, there are a million of em’ out there be specific.”

“Well make that your brother in-law Paul, bastard, one million and one.” Glenda climbed out of bed and realized she was throbbing and her clit was still swollen. Then the wetness came.

“Debra, where are you?”

“Biloxi, but I’m headed back to Memphis, fuck him and that whore.” The phone fell silent.

Glenda lie back in bed and spread her legs, pulling her breasts from her crinkled teddy she closed her eyes and cleared her throat. Salvator took his queue, climbed on top of her and slid easily inside. As he pushed hard and fast Glenda thought, “Fuck ’em both.”

That next morning Glenda showered as Salvator checked his bank account. Glenda’s payment had posted. Pulling on blue jeans, a white shirt with French Cuffs and a blue leather jacket; Salvator stepped into thick leather motorcycle boots and grabbed his helmet turning off the hidden camera tucked inside.

Standing at the bathroom door her whispered, “Mami, I ‘m leaving.”

Glenda bounded from the bathroom in a white bathrobe gathered tightly around her waist. “When can maltepe escort bayan we make another appointment?” she said throwing her arms around his neck.

Lifting the robe from her full buttocks Salvator slid his hand down her damp cleft, spreading her cheeks and finding her rose bud. He massaged her tight hole with one fingertip while nibbling at the damp flesh on her neck, Glenda could feel her knees loosen, “Whenever you call me back Mami…I gotta go.” Salvator pinched her ass and strolled casually out of the door. But Salvator did not leave the house. He stopped in Eddie’s room and placed the memory card on the patient tray table. Salvator avoided Eddie’s menacing gaze knowing he would kill himself if he ever became a quadriplegic like Eddie.

Pulling into the underground garage at 9:15am, sleep pulled tiny tears from the corners of Debra’s eyes. Yawning she made her way to her condo to sleep away her pain. Debra would wake long enough only to press the “ignore” button on her phone before falling asleep again. A couple of times she awoke frantic noticing her ring was gone only to realize what happened before crying herself back to sleep.

Debra crawled out of bed around 3:00 pm. She walked around the house pulling Paul’s picture out of albums and picture frames before unceremoniously feeding them to the shredder. In went movie stubs, airline ticket stubs,, and love letters. After an hour of incessant grinding, Debra scrolled through her phone until she landing on Paul’s number. Pressing the red button the phone asked, “Are you sure you want to delete this contact?” Three years, six months and 3 weeks of emotions all arrived at this defining moment; Debra hesitated and pressed, “Yes.” The next after Paul’s was, “Mario.” Pausing, a sly smile crossed her face. Debra texed, “Hey, Sexi could usz some company, U free?” Debra placed her phone down and emptied the shredder basket as a text message returned, “Yeah, what time.” The evening was set.

Debra soaked in her whirlpool tub. She shaved her legs and her kitty because company was coming. She moisturized her body with peach scented lotion paying special attention to her areolas and nipples. Mario was forever a tit man. She slipped a pair of indigo velvet shorts over hips plus a matching tank top and jacket to cover her heavy chest. Sprinting to the kitchen in furry house shoes, she sat at the bar nibbling on cream cheese atop a tomato crostini with a chilled glass of chardonnay but not before finishing her snack with a few shots of chilled vodka. The security shack gate buzzed her condo. Looking at the screen she saw Mario’s black Lexus and buzzed the shack back to let him in.

During the evening they played catch-up and the “whose-fucking-who” game and after a couple of drinks and several laughs she reached over and grabbed Mario’s dick, “You gone conversate or penetrate young man?” His massive hand stroked the back of her head as he pulled her closer. Mario however had a bad feeling about this.

“Where’s your soon-to-be-hubby?”

“In his skin Mario, hell, I ain’t his momma.” Mario’s eyes searched the condo as he contemplated leaving.

“Look, Mario you want this or not?” She raised her tank top and stroked her thick nipples until they perked up.

“What the fuck ever,” he thought.

Mario stood and lifted her from the couch with one smooth movement as Debra wrapped escort pendik her long legs around his waist. She inhaled his light cologne and felt the heat from his body. She could feel his dick creeping beneath his pants as she pressed her velvet-covered clef against his bulge. He pinched the soft flesh that covered her ass as he lifted her high into the air pressing her firmly against his thick chest. Debra could feel every one of his chest muscles ripple beneath his shirt.

A professional decision had been made right here and right now; he was going to fuck the shit out of her.

Mario slid her tank top off exposing her ripe nipples to the coolness of the bed room. She took a long deep breath as his long wet tongue wetted a path between her breasts down to her navel. He slipped his tongue between her waistband and round abdomen.

Debra flinched.

Her abdomen trembled as he pulled her shorts off exposing her freshly shaved kitty. He inched back to her chest and took of her full nipples in his mouth. He nibbled slowly. Mario massaged the other nipple in sync with his rhythmic sucking. Debra pushed him away and propped herself up on her elbows. Sliding to the edge of the bed, she unzipped him.

She pulled his dick from its hiding place and popped his shiny helmet in her mouth. Mario’s back arched and his toes curled in his loafers as her hot mouth closed against his dick. He head slid back and forth as she took him to the back of her throat. The sensation being too strong, Mario withdrew from her mouth much to Debra’s surprise.

“Rich white girl one, big bad brother zero,” her pewter gray eyes danced in her tanned face as she wiped the corner of her mouth. She could taste the tanginess of his precum.

“Whateva,” Mario snapped, as he flexed his ass muscles to make the rising wave subside.

Debra stroked her wetness as Mario climbed between her legs. She remembered how thick he was and she spread her legs wide to accommodate him. Mario withdrew almost until his head was exposed before circling his hips and driving home. Mario pressed his athletic body close bumping her cervix and dragging his penis across the bottom of her vagina before withdrawing.

Debra rocked her hips forward trying to dampen his strong thrust. Smiling, Mario gripped both of her ankles and lifted her legs even higher driving deep as Debra became his plaything. She loved the way his sac slapped her ass. She loved brute strength. Mario sped up She grabbed his back; spread her legs while opening herself deeper to him.

The sound of the sloshing juices made her heart race as the crack of her ass became soaked. Flipping her over on her stomach, Mario grabbed her splayed hips and eased himself inside of her throbbing hole. Slapping her ass, he thrust over and over until another orgasm turned her arms into jellyfish and forced her to the bed. Mario held on. He pushed his thumb into her asshole. Debra’s full frame shook violently as an orgasm passed by. Her auburn hair stuck to her head in a tangled mess. Reaching around Mario grabbed her erect nipples and twisted them gently until Debra found herself bucking wildly against Mario’s penis.

As the orgasmic waves again and again Mario withdrew and turned Debra over. She spread her legs wide.

Her mouth opened.

Paul stood behind Mario with a revolver leveled at his head. She tried to scream but it was too late.

Paul fired.

Mario fell bloodied and lifeless on top of her.

“That’s Mario zero,” pushing Mario away, Paul raising the pistol, squeezed the trigger slowly staring deep into those eyes he fell in love with and fired, “and Paul two.”

~Alex Ledue~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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