Mother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 04

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Driving my engorged cock deep into my mother’s ass for the first time, hearing her slutty moans, I had a sudden flashback to ten years ago.

I was twenty, and attending the U, and my friend Rick and I went to a party where Rick said there’d be some good drugs. There weren’t. But the apartment was pretty crowded. Maybe fifty people in two rooms, with the music up loud.

We walked around, looking for someone we knew, or someone ready to part with some drugs. In the second bedroom, there was a girl in a chair next to the bed. She had her head back, oblivious to the party and in her in own private world. I would have like some of whatever she was on. There was something familiar about her. Was she the girl with dirty blond hair from my pysch class? Or someone from the cafeteria? She was wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt that was a little too tight, stretched across her ample tits, and she was wearing blue sneakers and red tights below a short skirt. Her legs were firm and long. Her tits were medium size, at best. The song on the sound system changed, and suddenly she opened her eyes and looked around. Then I recognized her.

It was Paula. We grew up next door to each other. All my life until college, she was in my class at school. What a stuck up bitch! Always the smartest girl in every class, and she walked around like she had a ten-inch dildo up her ass. Never, ever saw her at a high school party. My mom was totally into what a good, wholesome, Catholic girl she was, and how I should ask her out. “Why don’t you ask out that nice girl, Paula, from next door?” As if Paula was ever going to give me the time of day! No way. When we graduated from high school, I guess I knew she was head to the U, when I was headed to the local community college. But this semester I’d just transferred to the U, too, and I occasionally ran into someone from high school. This was the first time I’d run into Paula. In fact, I’d forgotten she was here, until now, somewhere in the sea of 25,000 students.

She looked at me. I could see a puzzled look in her eyes. “Jimmy?” she asked. Her voice was lazy, as if she had forever to say anything. “Yeah, hey Paula, long time no see,” I answered. I sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned toward her.

“Jimmy, how’s your mom?”

Jeez! First thing out of her mouth is to remind me of my mom.

“I don’t eshpect she’d picture me here. I don’t eshpect you w’d, ether.” Paula was slurring a few words and talking very very slow.

“Mom’s fine. How’s yours?”

“Mine? I guess she’s fucking everything she sees, like she always has.” Paula smiled a big smile at me.

This was news to me. While Mrs. Beechen was definitely a mother-I’d-like-to-rape, I didn’t know she played around.

“Really? She never offered to do me,” I said.

“Oh? Before she used to go out to sunbathe, she always said, ‘Time to give Jimmy an eyeful.'”

Come to think of pendik escort it, Mrs. Beechen did like to sunbathe in a lawn chair on the side lawn, where I could see her from my bedroom window.

Never, ever, would I have expected this conversation with stuck-up Paula. “So, Paula,” I asked, “How have you been? Haven’t seen you in two years expect in church when you come home to visit.”

“Sure, Jimmy, I have to haul my ass into church to repent for the fun I have since leaving that hick town. Mom makes me go, and we don’t want to hurt our mommy’s feelings. So how come you never asked me out?”

That one took me by surprise. “I guess we didn’t run in the same circles.”

“Oh,” she laughed, “you mean I wasn’t putting out back then?”

“I suppose. Are you putting out now?”

“Let’s go someplace else, and see. Just call me Mrs. Beechen.”

This was a girl with a twisted mommy fixation. I helped Paula to her feet, gave her my arm, and steered her over to Rick. “Dude,” I whispered, “got any purple pills? I think I got lucky.” I wasn’t that loud, but I had to speak up because of the party music. Paula must have heard, because she said, “Yeah, duuuuuude, he needs to be stiff for the next few hours.”

Miss prude was turning out to be anything but.

“Yeah, in the glove compartment,” Rick advised.

Paula was unsteady. I steered her out the door and down the block. I had Rick’s extra set of keys. Sure enough, the glove compartment had a few baggies of pills. I found the purple Viagra, took one out, formed a mouthful of saliva, and swallowed one.

“I need a fuck,” Paula declared. “I hear you like to fuck, Jimmy.” She laughed.

“How often do you fuck, angel?” I asked. I remembered her years ago in her white first communion dress. I thought she was the purest girl in the world.

“Angels aren’t physical. They don’t fuck,” she said. Miss Priss with the dildo up her ass wasn’t gone, after all.

“How often do you get corporal, angel?” I asked.

“Only when the guy is cute,” she said.

We were about three blocks from the dorm where Rick and I shared a room. I steered her in that direction. As we were cutting across a campus lawn, we passed a bench that was pretty dark. There were no lights directly on it. Suddenly, Paula pulled all her weight in the direction of the bench and came to a hard landing on it. I guess she wanted to sit. I sat down next to her.

“Jimmy,” she said, “There are rules.”

“With you, Paula, I assume there are.”

“No cunt.”

I was surprised that she used the word.

“No vagina?” I asked.

“No cunt. Cunt is for my honeymoon. Anything else.”

“Got it,” I said, “no cunt.”

“Do ya wanna inspect the goods?” she asked. “Everybody was afraid to touch me, ’cause I’m smart. If I had mom’s tits and ass, that wouldn’t be a problem.” Suddenly, she pulled her t-shirt up to her neck. A white, tuzla escort lacey bra was exposed to the night sky. “Will these do, Jimmy? They’re not as big as Mandy’s. I know you had a thing for her.”

“Don’t worry, Paula,” I said. “You’ve got the goods. I can’t resist a girl who gets an A in trig.”

She put the shirt back down and got to her feet. “Okay. Let’s see what you got.”

We continued down the walk, to the south of the dorm. I fished out my key and let us in the door. “I gotta pee,” she said.

“Okay, just up the stairs,” I told her, and took her to the girls’ floor and showed her to the bathroom. I waited in the hall.

Two or three minutes later, she came out. I noticed that her tights were off, and trailing out of her purse. Her legs were milky white.

“One more flight up,” I said, and took her arm and directed her to the stairs.

When we got to my room, I was glad that there was none of the usual crap on my bed and that the sheets were relatively clean. “Jimmy,” she said. “How long since we left the party?”

“I don’t know. 20 minutes?”

“So your pill will kick in soon? Don’t shoot you wad until it kicks in,” she said. Ever the smart one, she was calculating the time until the Viagra kicked in. What a wicked bitch. She kicked off her shoes. Then she reached behind, under her shirt, and unsnapped her bra. “Okay,” she said. “Come here.”

I walked over to her and leaned forward, moving my mouth to hers. “No,” she said. “No kissing.” She reached out a hand, grabbed my belt buckle, and pulled me forward. “Unzip,” she said.

I did as she said.

She reached her hand into my pants, grabbed the top of my underwear, and pulled them down. She slid the hand back up, inside the pants, and fondled my cock. It was getting quite hard. She pulled it through the opening in the front of my pants.

“Can’t we take these off?” I asked?

“No, this is fine.”

She leaned forward, and suddenly my cock was enveloped by the soft wet warmth of her lips. Up to this point, it was a mouth that I thought was only capable of uttering the right answer to classroom questions. Turns out that those lips knew more than the multiplication tables.

She sucked hard on the tip of my cock and released it with a popping sound. “So I got Jimmy’s cock before Mommy,” she said. “I win.”

“Is it a contest?” I asked Paula just before her mouth descended on it again. She stroked it deep along her tongue three times, then pulled off. She wiped the pre-cum in her mouth on to the sleeve of her t-shirt. “You’ll have to see the next time you’re home,” she said, then sucked the head of my cock again.

I grabbed each side of her head with a hand, immobilizing her head, and then I pumped my pelvis forward and back, pumping my penis into her wet, welcoming mouth. On the third push, I drove it as far it would go. She didn’t choke. She took it all. Encouraged, kartal escort I thrust more rapidly, fucking the full length into her hot tight mouth.

After ten or so strokes, Paula pulled her head back. Pre-cum was dripping from her lips, falling onto the face of Hello Kitty. “Don’t shoot it too soon, Jimmy,” she warned. “So do you want a tit fuck? A blowjob? Or in my ass?”

“If you’re offering, turn around.”

Without hesitation, Paula rolled around on to her knees on the bed. She placed her legs a short distance apart, reached a hand back, and flipped up her skirt. Her ass was naked. She leaned on to the bed, putting her forehead to the mattress, bracing herself.

With pre-cum and saliva mixing on my cock head, I rubbed it on her asshole. “C’mon, Jimmy, fuck that ass,” she encouraged me. I positioned the head of my cock right at the opening. Suddenly, she reached an arm back, ran it up my leg to get her direction, grabbed the shaft, and directed it right to asshole. She shifted her weight back. “C’mon Jimmy.”

I pushed the head of my cock against the tiny, tiny opening. The moist juices allowed the head to make a small penetration. “Push, Jimmy, push!”

I pushed. Her moan was not entirely one of pleasure. “I don’t want to hurt you,” I said.

“Fuck, Jimmy, if you want to fuck an ass, pain is half the game. Push! Give me what I need!”

So I pushed. There was too much resistance. It was too dry. I spat above my cock, on her ass crack, and used one hand to guide the juice down onto the shaft of my cock. I pulled it back and massaged it with the saliva, then pushed in again. I went in a few inches, and felt her resistance.

“Yes, Jimmy! Push hard now!” Paula’s voice was animal, almost unrecognizable. Looking down on her, I could picture her mother’s ass in a bikini. “Take it, Mrs. Beechen,” I said, and I pushed. She screamed as she parted open and took my cock.

“Give it to me, boy!”

I gave it to her, hard and fast. The Viagra cut my sensitivity. It took me a full ten minutes of steady pounding before I came.

As I got near, I called out, “Feel that, Mrs. Beechen? Feel that cock?”

“Yes, Jimmy, Yes! Give me it every time you come home from school!”

I shot my wad in ten enourmous spasms.

Paula could feel them, because she counted them out loud! Crazy bitch always loved math.

When I was done, my cock remained hard. I started to pull it out, but Paula said, “Hold it in there, Jimmy.” She put her weight on her left shoulder and then reached back with her right hand, between her legs, and started to vibrate several fingers on her clit. “Hold it there, Jimmy!”

Within a minute, she started to shake and her breathing got rapid. She gave a series of short gasps, then pulled her hand off her clit and fell forward off the bed.

We waited, silently, for her to recover her composure. After a couple of minutes, she said, “Thanks, Jimmy. If you see me a party again, come over and say hello.”

She pulled herself forward, off my cock. “Next time you’re home, go say hello to my mom. I think she likes a good, rough ass fucking, too.”

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