My Freshman Year Ch. 02C

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My Freshman Year, Chapter 2C, The Initiation, Amy’s turn Please read previous chapters to understand what is going on.

I just had my virginity taken by Bill, the quarterback of the football team and I was still in heaven as I was sucking and licking my juices off Bill’s still hard dick, which he called Max. This was to get Max all clean and ready to take my roommate’s virginity. I was sitting on the stool with Bill standing in front of me as I sucked his dick clean of all my juices. I couldn’t believe I was sucking my own juices and they even tasted good. Since he had made me a woman and I was on such a sexual high, I wanted to show Bill how good of a woman he made me and suck him good. Bill looked over at Amy and said it is now time for her to give him her virginity, are you ready? She excitedly said yes and then Bill put his arm around her waist, pulled her close and kissed her, just as he had done me earlier. I got jealous just like the twins had done when Bill kissed me, so I did what the twins did and took his whole dick in my mouth and started running my tongue along the underside of his dick as I rubbed his balls and looked up at him for approval. I heard a little moan come from Bill’s lips as he broke the kiss with Amy and looked down at me as our eyes met. He smiled and said I give the perfect blow job and in fact I was the perfect virgin and he was going to have fun turning me into the perfect sexual woman. I was so proud of myself for making Bill happy and started to smile. This broke the seal of my lips around his dick plus I was running out of breath so I slid his dick out of my mouth and took a deep breath which made me hyperventilate sending a sexual rush through me.

Bill helped me stand up, looked into my eyes and told me how wonderful I was and how I made him feel so good and that I was going to be one of his special girls, which made me feel so good. He wanted one more kiss from me as I put my arms around his neck as he grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up as we locked lips like we had done before. His dick was between our bodies as I rubbed my clit on the underside of his dick. As I felt another orgasm start welling up inside of me, it didn’t take long for me to cum as I moaned into his wonderful mouth as our tongues danced together. He turned and sat me on the altar so I could catch my breath. I felt like a woman now which felt different than being a girl. I felt like a new person and a complete woman. I was so enlightened and alive; I had never felt like this before. I had this euphoric feeling, I felt so invincible, good and magic, I was on a sexual high but I felt so spent and satisfied.

He turned to Amy and asked if she wanted him to take her virginity and turn her into a woman and she gushed oh yes. Then he asked if she was truly a virgin, because as we all knew he would exam her to make sure. She answered yes and he asked how she kept her virginity for so long as she responded that they lived in a small town of about 8,000 people and her father was the mayor. The town is so small that you can’t do anything there without everyone knowing. They had just one high school. So my father told me and my 2 brothers that if we ever embarrassed him then he could lose his job. He told me that if I ever screwed around with a boy then he would find out along with everyone else in town and that would not be good. He even told my brothers, one older and one younger to watch over me so they kept the guys away. So now I am away from home and can do what I want. Bill asked, so what do you want to do and Amy said I want you to take my virginity tonight and make me a woman. Bill said he would be honored to be her first guy and will show her how good it feels to be a woman. You are going to be happy choosing me to take your virginity instead of some inexperienced drunk frat guy who doesn’t even know you are a virgin and doesn’t care. I have done over 30 virgin girls in the last 3 days and have done 3 already tonight, so I know what I am doing with your fine little body. Bill said there is no better way to celebrate losing your virginity than with 5 other virgins watching and helping. What I will be doing to you is a Zen ceremonial preparation that prepares girls to be taken to nirvana by your teachers. Me and the other guys on the team are your teachers and you will have to obey us completely, plus it turns girls on to be controlled sexually. Also me and the guys on the team are the only ones in the country that know how to take a girl to nirvana through the teachings of Zen, and all of you get to experience it. So just relax and give me your body because this is a place where girls can live out their sexual fantasies. This is important because a girl’s first time will affect her desire and pleasure for sex for the rest of your life.

Bill continued to explain why it is important that me and the other girls give themselves to the team. First when we bring a girl to nirvana, this transfers poker oyna energy, love, power, loyalty and devotion from each of you to me and the guys to give us the strength we need to win the game. Also, all you girls give us stamina, which is necessary to win the game. Whenever you exercise a part of your body it gets stronger, so having sex with all of you exercises our adrenaline gland which gives us an adrenaline rush when we need it to help us win our games. Sex also increases our testosterone levels giving us more energy and stamina. Bringing all of you girls to nirvana is like playing a football game, so if we do this 4 nights a week this will give us the stamina and strength we need to win the game. This give us an advantage over the other team to help win every game, this is why this is so top secret that no one else is to know about. Also the more sex girls have, the more they want it which gets them addicted to sex, which makes them crave it more, especially the feeling of going to nirvana. This makes all of you our sex slaves because you have to come back to us to get another shot of nirvana. Also the teaching of Zen has made me the perfect lover and I am going to make you into the perfect lover tonight. Would you like that and of course she said yes.

He said he wanted to check out her beautiful body and guided her into the light where we could all see her complete naked body. Bill smiled and told her how beautiful she was, then gave her a kiss. Then he sat on the stool to check out her breasts. He massaged and ran his hands over her titties until her nipples got hard. Bill then kissed and sucked on her nipples, making them grow even more. He twirled her hard nipples with his fingers and felt her breasts. He asked her breasts size and she said 34C as he wallowed in her breasts. Then he ran his hands down her body feeling her tummy trailing with kisses and told her what a nice tight tummy she had. He finally made his way to her pubic bush and ran his fingers through her light brown hair. He told her how he loves to see girl’s pubic hair because it makes them look so natural. Then he ran his fingers between her legs and exclaimed how wet she is. He pulled his fingers out and showed everyone her girl juices on his fingers. He even licked her juices off his fingers then scooped more of her juices out and had her lick his fingers. She was a little hesitant at first then said she thought she tasted good. Then he had her turn around so we could see her back side and ran his hands over her ass cheeks as he gently squeezed them and said he can’t wait to get a hold of them. He told her she had the perfect body and he was going to have fun making her the perfect girl. He then had Amy and I kiss so I could be the last girl to kiss Amy as a girl. She stepped between my legs as I sat on the table and we did a long wet kiss as we slid our bodies and titties together. It embarrassed me because I enjoyed it so much.

Then he said it is time to introduce ourselves to each other and my name is Bill and I am 21 years old a senior and quarterback of the football team. I am pleased to meet you. Amy then introduced herself to Bill and told him she was 18 years old a freshman and pledge in the sorority. He even asked where she lived. Then Bill said now it is time for you to get to know my dick, Max. He will be the first dick inside you and break your hymen and make you feel like a woman. Are you ready for that and she said yes, then asked her if she wanted him to take her virginity tonight and she said yes. Then sit on the stool and introduce yourself to Max. She sat down where she was eye level to his hard dick. She held him and said Hi my name is Amy and I love you and want you to make me a woman. Then Bill in his high voice said high my name is Max and I am going to take your virginity and turn you into a woman, and we all laughed.

Bill told her to get to know Max, and to kiss him and take him into your mouth because he will be the first one inside you and break your hymen. She held his dick and started kissing the head then licked his shaft. She took his dick head into her mouth and sucked on him a while getting used to his size. She continued to take more of him inside but choked when it reached her throat. She kept trying to take more of him in, but couldn’t. She got upset because she was the only one so far that couldn’t do it. Bill reassured her not to worry and asked if she had ever sucked a guy’s dick before. She said she touched and played with one but didn’t take him in her mouth. Bill said this is great, she is a total and complete virgin in every hole, even her mouth. Now I get to take her first in every hole. He said a lot of girls have to get used to the feeling of a dick in their mouths especially if they have not sucked a guy before, but he would change all of that. This is what it is all about, the ultimate sexual experience.

He helped her to her feet and said it is now time for her to canlı poker oyna become a woman and asked her if she was ready and she answered yes. He said, then give me a kiss because I am going to be the last guy to kiss you as a virgin, then had me get off the altar. She put her arms around Bill as he grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she pressed her body against his and they kissed like wild teenagers, which she was. I could tell his dick was up between their bodies because I could see his balls hanging down and noticed she was humping his dick. I knew what she was feeling as I rubbed my clit in unison to her clit getting rubbed. She let out little whimpers and I knew she was rubbing her clit on his dick. As they kissed he turned towards the altar and lowered her to the table as he positioned her into place. He continued kissing her like he had done to me and the other girls as he lay on her upper body. It didn’t take long for Amy to have the first orgasm from Bill. He looked at us and said, I told you that girls can orgasm from kissing, now I will show her how her other orgasms feel. Bill continued going through the devirgining ritual taking her from one orgasm to the next so she could feel how different each one felt. He proceeded to do the same thing to her as he did to me and the other girls. He kissed his way down to her neck, then to her under arms then worked his way to her breasts. He had her raise her arms over her head then cupped each breast as he kissed one nipple then the other till he brought her to a breast orgasm.

Then he stood up and looked down at her beautiful body and told her he was going to give her a whole body orgasm. Then he lightly ran his fingers down the side of her body causing goose bumps to rise and her whole body shivered as she let out a long sigh. I looked down at his dick laying on her pubic mound that went all the way up to her naval, just like it did with the rest of us. I was jealous knowing it was going to be inside her soon. He then took each leg from around his waist and handed each one to the girls standing on each side of Amy so they could hold them apart, just like with me. When he stepped back I could see her hairy pussy all spread open and could see her wet slit clearly. This was the first hairy pussy I had seen like this and I couldn’t help but think that shaved pussies looked better and sexier all on display. Bill told her how beautiful she was all open and exposed and I could see she was embarrassed.

Bill sat down on the exam stool and said let’s have a look at you and spread her lips which really exposed everything to all of us. Her slit was all wet, pink and shiny from her juices as Bill said you must really be turned on to be this wet. She was embarrassed again. He said let’s look at your hymen to make sure you are still a virgin. He spread her vagina open to where we could see everything. Bill smiled and said look, another intact hymen, this is just too good to be true. Two intact virgin hymens in one night, but yours is not as thick as your roommate’s hymen and your hymen hole is not as closed either. Breaking your hymen will not hurt as much as your roommate’s did, talking about me. He ran his fingers around her hymen, then rubbed her hymen between his thumb and fingers to feel her hymen thickness and said it should not bleed as much as mine did either. As he did with me and the other girls, he predicted and showed us how and where her hymen would break then leaned in and kissed her hymen. That made her let out a soft sigh. He said he can’t wait to break her hymen with his hard dick, but first let’s get to know you better and get you well prepared. As Bill sat there talking I couldn’t help but see his hard dick sticking straight out and thinking how good he had felt inside me.

He said he is going to give her all the different womanly orgasms so she can compare how each of them feels so let’s start with her clit and told the rest of us to watch. Just like he had done to me he gently massaged her clit in a circular motion which had her moaning instantly. I couldn’t help but play with my clit at the same time and noticed the other girls were too. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm and the other girls could see both of her holes pulsated open and close. Wow, what a hot sight that was. The next thing I know me and the other girls explode into orgasm together also.

I kept hearing the other girls in the room moaning and having orgasms and look around to see girls in different stages of getting fucked and going to nirvana while other girls were watching and helping as they came also. Wow, what a sight that was. I even saw one of the twins getting eaten out by her sister. It was like an assembly line, because the guys were all doing the same thing to all of us and the rest of us stood there watching, helping and having orgasms. It was obvious that the guys had done this before and knew internet casino what they were doing. It seemed like the whole room was in one gigantic orgasmic ecstasy and with 41 girls having orgasms, the scent of girl juice was heavy in the air adding to the sexual stimulation and rapture.

As Amy recovered from her clit orgasm Bill slides his finger through her virgin hymen feeling around inside her. Bill says nothing better than feeling around inside a girl’s virgin hole. He slides in another finger and goes deeper as we see his fingers stretching her hymen. His fingers are all the way inside her now and tells her, this is your uterus as she lets out a little gasp. Does that feel good and she shakes her head yes. I knew what she was feeling as he had done the same to me. Then he said this is your cervix where baby’s come from, but not tonight and we all laughed. Bill kept saying how he loves fingering virgin pussies. Now I am going to give you a G spot orgasm as he slid his fingers out until she let out a loud gasp. He stops and says this is your G Spot and I bet you didn’t even know you had one did you and she shook her head no. As he massaged her G spot with his fingers he rubbed her clit with his thumb and pressed his left hand right above her pubic bone. He says this presses down on your G spot to increase the sensation from my fingers. This set her off to another vocal orgasm and I noticed her toes curl just like mine had done earlier and were doing now. I could see her holes pulsating around his fingers as Bill said what a great feeling this is. I bet this feels as good to me as it does to you as she barely squeaked out a yes. You feel so perfect inside, all fresh and tight. You can be very proud of your firm body.

Then he said it is now time to check out her virgin asshole. He scooped out some of her girl juices and spread it around her sphincter opening to get her all lubed up. He told her how cute her little asshole looked and how good his finger is going to feel inside her. He told her to relax and let his finger in and it won’t hurt a bit, isn’t that right as he looked at me and I said he made my asshole feel so good. Then he slipped the tip of his finger right into her asshole. She let out a soft whimper and saw her asshole tighten around his finger. He just left his finger in her so she could get used to the feeling. I think I must have tightened my asshole up at the same time. Then he slipped it in a little further with each push, as she let out a little whimper each time. He would rotate his finger around feeling her asshole like he had done to me and the other girls which ran chills through me until he had his whole finger buried in her asshole. Then he slid in another finger as she let out a louder moan and worked it in all the way. He told her to squeeze his fingers with her asshole as I saw her asshole tighten up. He asked her how that felt and she just let out a whimper yes. Then he told her to relax then squeeze his fingers again, but his time squeeze half way as he taught her how to control her asshole for maximum pleasure. This really had her asshole stretched wide as she gasped then shook in an extreme anal orgasm. I think I came with her. He said his dick will feel great inside her little asshole.

When she came down Bill said it is now time to give her oral orgasms and said the clit orgasm will be strongest but quickest. He spread her pussy lips then lowered his face to her clit. He kissed, licked and sucked her clit to another orgasm in no time. The orgasm was so strong she tried to lift her ass off the altar but the other girls held her down. All the other girls including me were playing with our clits at the same time as we all came with her again. He trailed his tongue down along her inner pussy lips with little flicks of his tongue as she continued letting out little gasps. Then he slid his tongue right through her hymen hole and stirred it around feeling her hymen stretch around his tongue which caused her to let out more moans. He pulled away and asked if she liked it and she let out a breathless yes. Then he said he is going to French kiss her vagina and pressed his lips against her pussy lips and his nose against her clit. He slurped and sucked her girl juice driving her crazy with sexual lust as he wallowed in her slit and rubbing his nose against her clit. He pulled away just long enough to tell her how wonderful she tasted and how her tight little hymen felt around his tongue then went back to her. I could tell he was tonguing her G spot because her breathing got faster. I couldn’t help but remember how good it felt when Bill did that to me. Then she let out a loud howl as her body tensed up and had an intense orgasm as Bill continued to wallow in her slit. When she calmed down he pulled his face away and his lips and cheeks were all wet with her juices. There was a strong scent of sexual desire in the room. Everywhere I looked girls were getting fucked and cumming with other girls helping each other get fucked. It was like we were a bunch of sex crazed maniacs in a sexual trance, with no control over ourselves as the guys had their way with us. That was a sight that I will never forget.

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