My Journey Ch. 07 – Katherine

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My Journey – Chapter 7 – Katherine and Mary Beth

A/N– I am blessed with your feedback and thoughts. I am humbled and am very appreciative to share this chapter of both professional, personal challenges and successes. In life, we tend to see the potential for greater things in others, but do we see the potential we have in ourselves?

I will share with you in the chapter that you see briefly a side of Katherine and Mary Beth that existed for a fleeting moment in their lives. Do not be discouraged, it was a fleeting moment.

My love to you, KAD.

March 1987

And with one last loving kiss she saw me out of the apartment door. I was on the highway at 5:20, giving me enough time to drive to the hospital and prepare for chart review. I had the biggest smile on my face when I badged into the ICU.

Cpt. Phillips saw me, smiled and teased me. “Well we’ll, looks like someone had a nice few days off.”


I knew I would need to speak to her this week and explain my actions and the whole conversation from last week. And frankly I was rude and slightly disrespectful but I had Mary Beth on my mind.

“Good morning ma’am. I did thank you.” I turned and looked at her, “Do you have a moment that I may speak with you please ma’am.”

She nodded her head and walked toward the ICU Manager office. She opened the door and walked in first holding the door for me. The office was empty as Maj. Knoll was under investigation for Adultery and a new Manager had not been assigned yet. Rumor was they would announce a replacement sometime this week. There were three other managers floating around checking in on us ensuring the unit ran smoothly.

I stayed standing as she sat behind the desk and I closed the door.

“Ma’am I would like to first apologize to you for my unprofessional behavior and in how I spoke to you that week.”

She nodded, “If I may explain?”

“Lieutenant, please go on.”

“My friend recently went through some extreme life altering events. They needed my assistance and I had that on my mind which was causing me some additional stress.”

I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath, then finished. “They are better now and hopefully in a better place. Together we are dealing with the stress added to them.”

“I needed to focus as I had to assist them during their time of need back home. My mind was focused and I was thinking how I would be able to assist them. I realize you have a job helping with my career and I apologize.”

I paused, allowing this to just sit there between us.

“Lastly ma’am, if you feel I should prepare for the Captain Selection Board, then I absolutely will take your assistance.”

Cpt. Phillips acknowledged my apology and informed me that we should move on with our day. And that is what we did. I finished chart review and went on caring for my two patients. One patient extremely critical, the other being moved to the Med/Surg floor in a day or two.

There was no time for lunch as my patient coded but frankly we brought him around. It was a hellish shift but as I completed my change of shift report then walked into the lounge to grab my things, I saw Cpt. Phillips sitting there staring at the wall. I couldn’t see her face.

“Ma’am?” I questioned, “Pardon me, can I just grab my things? I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

She turned her head and I could see the tears in her eyes. I stepped forward and just wrapped my arms around her. And she just started balling tears. I maneuvered myself onto one of the chairs and just let her cry.

Now, I must share with you that this isn’t what it seems. It happens in the nursing world. Sometimes we just break down. The reality of dealing with death every day hurts and although we are soldiers, and nurses, we are people and have feelings.

She stopped crying and nodded her head indicating I could let go. I did, I stood and stepped away from her, grabbed a few tissues and handed them to her. She said nothing.

I turned and gathered my personal items from my locker. As I was ready to step out of the room I asked, “Are you okay ma’am?”

And that is when I felt it. I felt that same touch. The back of her hand on me, not my outer thigh like before, this time as I stood in front of her, her hand and fingers moved forward and touched my knee.

Instantly I shivered. “We will see you tomorrow Lieutenant, thanks.”

I took that as my clue and left the lounge. I pulled into the parking lot of our apartment while my brain was still in a spinning mix of emotions as they were all over the place. I thought I had that thing with Cpt. Phillips under control but it seemed it wasn’t. I couldn’t say anything to Mary Beth as within the last 96 hours her entire world was upended. I needed to clear my brain. I needed to take a run.

“Mary Beth” I called out as I opened the door, dropping my backpack and jacket. “I need to take a run and shake off the day.” I said walking back istanbul travesti to the bedroom.

And that is where I found her laying there taking a nap. She looked so beautiful, so gentle, so peaceful, and so loveable. My run could wait. I stripped out of my scrubs, dropped them as well as my bra and panties in the hamper and stepped into the bathroom for a shower. Letting the temperature come up I waited to step in but then decided I better shave and trim, after seeing how beautiful the love of my life looked, I now had plans for after dinner.

I stepped in the shower and started with my hair as it would take the longest. I didn’t want to cut it shorter so I dealt with it. As I pulled my loofah and applied my honey wheat body wash there was a sudden coolness in the air, the steam sucked out. I smiled to myself and shivered in excitement.

The curtain pulled to the side as my naked lover stepped in and wrapped her arms around me, her breasts and hardening nipples pressing into my back. Her hands grabbed the loofah from mine and slowly she started washing me.

The sensation was truly indescribable, erotic, hot, and sensual. I leaned my head back and exhaled. She started humming and whispering in my ear. Not words really just sounds of affection and love.

The loofah circled my breasts, down my stomach and over my lower body; I felt her slide down washing my legs. With her hands she nudged my legs wider apart. I steadied myself, my left hand forward on the wall, my right on the side wall. She continued and also washed my most private area, one never teased or touched previously. I shivered, she noticed.

“MB!” I moaned, breathing quicker, “Please I need you to touch me. I haven’t cum for months. All this time waiting for you, waiting for us.” She nipped at my ass, “I have waited for you.”

She must have dropped the loofah as her hands now moved up my legs, her finger tips caressing my inner thighs. Her lips are now kissing my bum. She nipped at each cheek, licking, kissing and nipping.

Her finger spread my outer lips open and the rush of air was almost too much. Then a finger pressed against my hood but lifted it as another came from underneath and found it.

“Ohh yes MB!” I bent backwards. The feeling and rush too much. Her simple touch, this intimate time, her breath on my hip, the touches were too much.

“Baby, baby, more, please” she nipped now at my bum holding my flesh in her teeth, almost sucking and biting, erotic, strange, fun. Her finger stroked my clit and now two fingers entered me. Gently sliding in and out.

Another nip on my bum, a kiss and a nip. Then stronger stroking at my clit, rhythmically in time with her fingers sliding in and out. Then I heard her asking me to cum for her, to please her. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was seeing stars.

“Baby!” I yelled. And a surge flowed from inside my core, a powerful second and then more powerful surge, a wash of pleasure rained over me. I never felt like this before when suddenly I gasped and felt a rush of warmth flow. I squealed and grabbed Mary Beth’s shoulders.

I squealed louder, “Stop!”

I knelt, almost falling down, dizzy, lightheaded, euphoric. I felt her wrap her arms around my tangled and strained body as I knelt on the hard floor. Seconds past I heard her whispering, and then I heard her speaking, trying to get me to stand. It was then I felt a pinch on my arms.

“Ouch!” I slowly stood as our arms untangled. I started laughing, louder and louder, almost a belly laugh.

She looked at me and kissed me saying, “I am crazy in love with you Katherine Aoife Dougherty, I love you so much.”

“Oh Mary Beth I am so in love with you too!”

Then the shocking reality of cold water hit us both. I turned quickly and shut off the water. I stepped out grabbing a towel and then handed her one also. Where we quickly dried and ran to the bedroom for some clothes. Thirty minutes later Mary Beth pulled a baked chicken dish out of the oven.

We enjoyed a nice dinner snuggling on the couch afterwards. Talking about our dreams and short term thoughts. I confided in Mary Beth that I was stressed about this ORB and photo update but I told her it was very unlikely that I would be considered for promotion to Captain. The typical Army Nurse was selected to Captain with six years in the Army, even at the four years mark, which was next year for me, below the zone was rare.


On Tuesday morning March 31st, I badged into the ICU and headed for the Nurse’s lounge putting my personal items away. Once secured, I made my way out to the desk. Other nurses were gathered around when the Chief Nurse, Col Sandbury and a male nurse dressed in camouflage came walking out of the ICU manager’s office.

We all stood at attention, giving respect as was due when Col. Sandbury introduced Maj. Joe Palino, our new ICU Nurse Manager. He briefly told each of us that he would have some individual time with us and that he would let istanbul travestileri us know well in advance so it would not be an interruption to our important mission of patient care.

He then said “Most importantly if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. The one on one meeting would be scheduled within the next two weeks.”

And with that we all left to care for patients. I purposely ignored updating my ORB and purposely did not have a new photo taken which I’m certain would cause some problems in the short term but I was willing to accept the decision I made as I spent more time at home with Mary Beth. It is time we need not worry about my work stuff.

I had my initial meeting with Maj. Palino, it wasn’t anything too serious, it wasn’t anything too heavy, it was just a meeting to discuss where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and how I was liking my time at Walter Reed.

I shared with him how I felt and that my focus was on becoming a better critical care nurse. I would worry about a graduate degree or additional training or promotion but I wanted to hone my skills in the short term. He did recommend to me that I review the prerequisites and the training provided in the Army Combat Casualty Care Course, C4 for short, in San Antonio Texas.

My interpretation of his recommendation was him telling me I needed to request to go toC4. Three days later I found myself at our company headquarters sitting with our training NCO Sgt. Ball as I completed the necessary paperwork. There was a wait list for the course. Sgt. Ball would let me know as soon as a slot opened up for me and that I would be TDY for three weeks in San Antonio once my school date was set.


Of utmost importance to me is that Mary Beth and I have fallen into a very positive and fulfilling routine in our lives. She was getting used to the Washington DC area. What excited me even more was that she updated her résumé and was applying for jobs.

There were little things we were starting to enjoy together. We would take walks in the parks; have subtle but open exchanges of affection while out and about. We started jogging together, we even showed up at a charity race as ‘friends’ and ran the 5K together. We enjoyed picnics in the park; we went to a few Broadway shows when in town. We were really falling deeper in love, if that was possible.

After the Easter Trot in Washington DC, we were walking up the stairs to our apartment and I commented how utterly yucky and sweaty I felt. I joked that I needed her to help wash the grime off of me. Before the apartment door was closed and locked, her hands were grabbing at my top and sports bra, pulling them both over my head. She peeled her top and bra off as our lips and breasts crashed together.

“Hurry” she panted in my ear, “Get your sexy ass in the shower, I have been lusting after you all morning as I watched you running in front of me.”

“MB, I need something from you.” I smiled a wicked smile and she nodded.

“You want a landing strip don’t you?” She teased grabbing my waistline and running her thumbs inside of my jogging pants and spandex slowly pulling them down.

“I want to be sexy for you. I don’t know what else; I want what you want for me.”

Mary Beth, now kneeling in front of me, kissed my red patch. “I love you just the way you are, natural, sexy, and erotic and mine. But I would love to clean things up a bit.”

She kissed me again then ran her pointed tongue down poking at my hooded clit, then down parting my lips until I grabbed her hair squealing for her to stop until I was fresh and clean.

She stood and grabbed my hand and we ran to the bathroom like two little girls experiencing love for the first time. It took us a moment or two to get in the shower, someone was still clothed but as we stepped in together, our bodies just melted into one another.

This time I stood behind MB, my hands wrapping around her body, softly stroking her skin, caressing her, just feeling her. I had a few ideas in my naughty little mind for her pleasure. These ideas were put to a halt when she spun around and kissed me then lowered herself, her hands and nails teasing me as knelt down in front of me.

Her voice immediately sultry as she teased asking for my loofah and body wash. She gently washed from my waist down to my toes and back up leaving no area untouched sending shivers up my spine several times.

Her movements sensual erotic tantalizing but very purposeful as I finished rinsing she stood and reached for my razor and shave cream filling her hand and turning me around facing away from the water.

And what I can only describe, in an erotic, sensual, and very non-clinical Way, Mary Beth freed the majority of my lower body below the waistline of all hair. As what I eventually learned was edging she took me to the cusp of my orgasm several times.

At one point I begged her to let me finish, only to have my lover back off explaining travesti istanbul she had other plans for me. For the next what seemed to be eternity but really it was only five or seven minutes we spent that time in a very sensual shower exchanging even more sensual touches and feelings that I had recently experienced.

True to her word and after we dried each other off, Mary Beth brought me to the edge and over the top to several intense orgasms. We spent most of the afternoon in our bed focusing on each other. This was truly one of the most erotic experiences between us. I never realized the whole difference between her touch, her kiss, or her tongue as we made love after being freshly groomed.


It was a Thursday evening when I came home from shift. I was as quiet as I could be, understanding that Mary Beth was probably already in bed. It was around 10:50 when I opened the front door. I saw the living room light was still on. Mary Beth was curled up on the couch reading a book which she immediately closed and placed on the end table. She stood as I closed and locked the front door.

“Hi,” I smiled, putting my backpack on the ground, my purse and keys on the hall table.

Oh I thought to myself how wonderful this felt. Coming home to have her in my life. She had a smile on her face that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

She walked over and gave me a hug then a tender kiss on both cheeks and then my lips. “Hi Kathie, I missed you.”

“Ohh baby I miss you every day I go to work but I am so thankful you are here with me.” I kissed her softly, “How was your day?” I gently inquired.

Wrapping her arms around me in a loving hug, her hands caressing my back and bum as she flooded my cheeks and neck with little kisses, she whispered in my ear incredible news.

She received an offer earlier in the day, in fact, she was offered, and accepted a job at Georgetown University, Office of the Bursar. It seems her previous manager at Pitt when called for recommendation suggested that she not work at the job she applied for but for a position one step higher. Based on the recommendation and an additional conversation with the Bursar, she was offered the position of Associate Bursar, Graduate Student Representative.

We turned off the lights in the living room. I walked my beautiful girlfriend back to our bedroom spending the next hour making love and just being with her.

After a nice shower, we put on our “home uniforms” panties and a t-shirt, had a little light dinner then returned to the bedroom where we snuggled. Mary Beth fell asleep laying her head in the nook of my neck and shoulder. I looked down at one point and the smile on her face brought tears of joy to my soul.


With the days off I had in between my day shift and afternoon shift, my father, mother, Richard, Jilla, Erin, and Will came down for a few nights to visit. Not only did we take in the monuments and some other sites, we also enjoyed the Cherry Blossoms as Jilla had previously talked about.

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed good conversation no one asked any questions about our relationship no one asked any questions about our sleeping arrangement when I offered everyone to stay at our apartment my father said there was no reason for us all to invade our small two bedroom apartment and that Mary Beth that I didn’t need to rearrange our entire lives for two days that they would get appropriate hotel rooms.

My father and mother were ecstatic when we quietly shared the news of Mary Beth’s job. I was honestly thrilled in their reaction knowing that they were treating her so close, like she is part of the family.

In the weeks and months that followed my parents would always want to say “Hello” to Mary Beth when they would call or I would call them when we spoke over the phone. Things really came to a head when one Saturday morning after a difficult midnight shift I came home.

Many times when Mary Beth answered the phone, she spent more time chatting with them than I did. It brought joy to my heart.

When working the midnight shift, I usually got home between 7:00 and 7:20. One Saturday, I was running late as the change shift report was very detailed. I arrived home around just after 7:45. Mary Beth was on the couch, her eyes filled with tears, hugging one of the throw pillows. I closed and locked the door, dropping everything on the floor.

I walked over and sat down opening my arms, pulling her into a hug. Mary Beth just curled up on my chest and started to cry. After a few minutes she calmed down, when I asked what was wrong or what was bothering her. She took a deep breath then admitted that she tried to call her parents; it was their anniversary.

“Mom answered the phone. I tried to say hello and wish her a happy anniversary.” She started sobbing again, “She called me a heathen and a whore then hung up on me.”

I wrapped my arms around her just holding her. I told her how much I loved her and how I would never let her go.

“Kathie, she told me to never call again.” She burst into tears.

I held her tight, rocking her in my arms. I shared that with my mother and my father just so they knew how much their affection towards Mary Beth would mean to her and ask them to never stop loving her.

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