My Wicked Ways Ch. 04

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By the time that the pizza arrived, we were all pretty comfortable, but we certainly didn’t mind getting up to eat our pizzas. Granted, we could have been picky and wanted a great variety, but Cherry was ordering and paying, so none of us felt like hassling her about such things. We trusted her to pick something that would have a broad appeal, but she surprised us by the degree of detail and thought that she put into the order, especially given that the last few seconds of ordering was spent with Nydia’s tongue between her buns and fingers in her cunt. In fact, not two minutes after she finished with the order, Cherry came very messily on her own daughter’s face.

“God, I wonder what that poor girl must have thought! I hope that she didn’t panic and think that I was having an asthma attack or something like that,” Cherry giggled as she kissed Nydia, apparently not too upset with her.

“I hope that she got nice and wet, thinking about what might have caused it,” Nydia snickered, as she slipped her mother some tongue.

“Damn, is that how I taste?” Cherry reacted with some surprise.

“Why do you think I had to eat you, had to have you right then? It wasn’t just as a prank. Your bare ass called my name, begged for my tongue to rim it until you turned into a quivering mess. Your pussy ached for my fingers, too. And vice versa,” Nydia replied with lingering lust.

“You really love your Mommy, don’t you?” Cherry teased her.

“Mommy, her sweet ass, and her juicy twat. Next, I want to suck Mommy’s tits, too, just like when I was little,” Nydia confessed as they made out in front of us, a serious tongue action that made my cock stand up and salute.

“Hey, kiddo, what’s stoppin’ ya now? My tits are bare and ready to serve my little girl. Come to Mama. Suck away, just save some room for the pizza,” Cherry offered to breastfeed her now grown daughter.

Before I knew it, Nydia’s mouth was on her mother’s nipples, sucking like her life depended on it. I had never gotten into adult nursing relationships, but if Nydia wanted to suck her mother’s tits, I had no issue with it. The way that they behaved, the vulnerability of the young woman feeding from her cougar mom, it was rather sensual and loving in many ways, the combo of sex and nurturing that Cherry said that she loved.

They were still engaged in this nursing play when the doorbell rang. Nydia pulled her mouth away from Cherry’s nipple just before as the latter rushed to the door to pay up. The look on the pizza guy’s face was absolutely priceless as he saw a naked Latin cougar greet him. He nearly dropped the pizza and had to shake himself to focus on his job. I think that she could have paid him almost nothing and he would have been thrilled.

It took longer than expected to actually get the pizza back to us, and I could see why not five minutes later. There was cum dripping down Cherry’s chin. She had sucked the boy’s dick, but I can hardly blame her. She gave me a somewhat guilty look, but I winked and she visibly relaxed.

“Sorry. I guess I should have asked it was okay first, but I couldn’t deny him. He ached for some relief, so I gave it to him … and, well, we never discussed whether we could screw around outside the group, had we?” Cherry explained sheepishly.

“Mom, it’s okay. I’m not mad. Is anyone else here mad? I’ve been fucking how many women lately? If one of you wants a little strange, who am I to object? I prefer to keep an open mind on the subject of extracurricular activities,” I commented.

“I hope that extends to you, too. Just because you have a harem to please doesn’t mean that you can’t step out now and then. I certainly don’t mind if you fuck around, especially when you might add a girl or two to the family over time. After all, until they formally join us, that’s what Lucy and Ashley are, too, and Josie was outside the family earlier today, just for example.

“As for Mom’s fun, that’s between her and the lucky lad. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me. We probably want to be somewhat careful, but that kid was clearly a virgin, or damn close. He was squeaky clean and just needed a little TLC, if you ask me,” Nydia asserted.

“True. True. ucuz escort Not sure that I have any desire to screw other guys, at least not yet. Still, it’s nice to know that Mark is so damn understanding, but then I know how he is. He’d give you the shirt off his back, so sharing one of his many women, not a problem. It doesn’t surprise me at all. As for him and other chicks, why would I mind? As I told Mom that day, my husband is yours, too. If he had the means to fuck every woman in the world and not deprive me or get sick, I’d post an offer to share him with the whole fucking planet. Hell, if he wanted to fuck a guy, I’d probably sit, watch, and jill off before trying to join in,” Ninve spoke up as she grabbed her slice of pizza and gave me a French kiss that promised so much more than that.

“Yeah, it’s also true that Mark is only human, and especially if he has the freedom to screw around, we ladies should as well. He’s a stud and he has impressed me with his ability to spread his seed, but even he has limits. Not, mind you, that I have anyone in mind right now, or that I even intend to, at least not yet. Still, in principle, I agree that it should be an option for us, as long as we use some common sense and not fuck pimps or crack whores or anything stupid like that,” Sandra noted.

Sandra then kissed me while stealing a piece of Canadian bacon from my slice and then grabbing a piece of the cheese pizza for herself. I laughed pretty hard about that, knowing my sweet Sandra’s cravings were out of control and not minding a bit.

“Agreed, then. Within reason, as determined by us mature, rational adults here, we can all get a little on the side. Still, I suspect it will not be very often, given your remarks and the overall abundance of sex partners here,” I resolved the matter once and for all, while deliberately feeding Teresa several banana peppers from my own pizza.

I looked over and saw Josie eat part of her toppings that were lodged in Ana’s cleavage, and it only made my hard-on even worse. I still ate my pizza, of course, needing the fuel to keep satisfying these lovelies, but I also walked up behind Ana and started caressing her buns. She reacted by pressing them up against my hard cock, making it clear that she would love more of what I had coming … and cumming for her. I finished my slice and was about to grab another when Ninve began fingering my asshole, and I found it impossible to do anything but dry hump Ana’s tush.

Seeing my predicament, Sandra brought over another slice of my Canadian bacon pizza, though not without exacting two different fees. The first was a piece of the topping again, the second my free hand on her ass, which she indicated that she wanted kept there by trapping it in her butt-crack.

“Are you finished with the pizza for now? If not, I can get you another slice, but at the same price that Sandra wants to charge you. If you are, I’ll put it away for you and still want my ass groped by your fingers,” Teresa warned me.

Shelby had her own apparent plan, which she revealed by passing between Ninve’s thighs and then mine to lick my taint. Meanwhile, Cherry started pressing her lips against Ninve’s bottom and rimming away. Naturally, Nydia started doing the same thing to her mom. She was really on a mother-daughter incest kick lately, not that I blamed her for wanting to play with her new toy, namely Mom. Cherry certainly didn’t complain.

“I’m done for now, but make sure to leave some for me later. I have a feeling that I’ll need it,” I admitted, prompting Teresa to do what she really wanted and put the pizza up for now, after which she stuck my hand between her buns as well.

Josie started rubbing her tits against Ana’s, soon grinding her cunt against hers as well, which just turned this little impromptu gathering into a sort of grope fest or whatever, not that I minded at all, or any of the others did. Before I knew what was exactly going on, my fingers were deep in Sandra’s ass on the left and Teresa’s on the right. While I knew that Sandra kept her ass clean, it was a good thing that I had already eaten. I didn’t knew for sure about Teresa, but ümraniye escort I trusted her reasonably well.

It was only a matter of time with Ninve’s fingers caressing my prostate before I had to start fucking something, and my cock soon passed between Ana’s folds to enter her cunt from behind. She sighed with audible pleasure and even shivered as I pounded her sweet pussy with strokes that grew in intensity with each thrust. She also pushed furiously back at me, as if desperate to get more of me inside her. Meanwhile Shelby began sucking my balls and Ninve started planting kisses on my buttocks, much to my shock. Her fingers remained deep in my colon, still rubbing my prostate sensually, while my own digits sought to bottom out in Sandra and Teresa.

Finally, Sandra couldn’t take it anymore. Her hypersensitive body reacted with chills that were visible on her buns and she came louder than I have ever heard her cum before. Before I could take stock of this, Teresa also started cumming, her pussy smelling delectably of her slick juices as they ran down her thighs and calves to her feet. The two of them then made out in front of everyone, after which Teresa knelt to kiss Sandra’s baby bump in a gesture of special deference.

I looked in relief at my fingers, which were clean after all, and I began using my hands to grab Ana’s hips and drive balls deep inside her. She came in the sloppiest, but most tactile manner possible, her juices soaking my cock. Just then, Ninve and Shelby rose, the former fondling my ass because she just couldn’t help herself and the latter licking Ana’s sweet fluids off my dick.

“Uncle Mark, your dick is fine, but Ana’s juices give it a little extra flavor,” Shelby announced as she then gave me a major lip lock.

“Glad that you like that combo,” Ana told Shelby, “don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to taste it again in the future.”

“Lucky me. I hope that mine are as delicious, but there’s only one way to find out,” Shelby casually commented, which was a rather obvious invitation.

Ana being Ana, she just couldn’t decline it. She knelt in blatant and brazen pussy worship, spreading Shelby’s lips to sink her tongue deep inside her twat. Josie, who had been quietly mashing her tits against Ana’s, now parted Shelby’s buns to slip her some tongue in sensitive areas. I continued to make out with my saucy niece for a moment, but finally I needed to come up for air. Still, I relished the taste of her soft, wet lips and Ana’s juices at the same time in my mouth and on my tongue.

I didn’t get far without tangling my tongue with Ninve, much to our mutual delight. We almost bumped into each other, but I think that on her end, it wasn’t so accidental. I didn’t mind at all. Ninve’s mouth was always a pleasure to engage and her eagerness to please me never let her down yet. I didn’t even care that she had been rimming me, as I had started keeping my butt-crack shaved and clean for just that purpose. Besides, a woman willing to literally kiss my ass … that girl was always a keeper in my book.

Mind you, I was perfectly content to return the favor, as I proved by surprising Ninve and bending her over to get in some damned good licks of her sweet butt. She reacted by moving with incredible eagerness to invite me in further to dine on her bottom. When my mouth slid over her buns, she shivered and I could feel the goose bumps on my tongue. She couldn’t help herself, of course. She made it clear by her reaction that this unexpected treat had her under my spell, and she began moaning with her ecstasy as I continue to lovingly devour her ass. Hell, this could be my dessert and I wouldn’t mind at all, the way that it tasted as always. I always enjoyed the flavors of Ninve’s tush, especially her crack.

Soon, however, I could sense my Assyrian princess getting weak in her knees, so I led her to the back of the sofa, where I resumed my oral services to her beautiful booty. This slight interruption kept her on the edge a little longer, but just long enough that when she finally came, God, that girl came as if she were a fire hydrant shooting out pussy juices instead üsküdar escort of water. I lapped them up and then came back for more, tonguing Ninve now from her clit to the small of her back, a constant oral motion that kept the aftershocks cumming from her main quake. These little miniature post-orgasms caused her knees to buckle again and I had to hold her up long enough to lay her down on the sofa for some rest.

“God, Mark, you never fail to surprise me! That was so damn sweet … so delicious,” Ninve breathlessly praised me.

“Yes, it was,” I replied, winking to indicate that I meant Ninve’s bottom half, both front and back.

“Ready for some ass to fuck now?” Nydia approached me from behind.

I was admittedly hard again from servicing Ninve’s needs, so I slapped Nydia’s tush and told her, “I need to grab some lube first, but sure.”

Suddenly, a bottle of olive oil which for some reason had Rachael Ray’s face on it (weirdly arousing right then) was thrust into my hands and I looked up to see Cherry smile at me.

“Fuck my daughter’s ass like she needs it done, Mark. You know how she is. My daughter needs your cock up that asshole. Give it hard to her. Show her no mercy. Go fast and deep, pulling her hair as you ram that butt of hers. See, she has her boots on again. That’s what she’s been doing for a few minutes now. Butt-fuck my daughter, slam her sweet ass like it’s going out of style,” Cherry egged me on.

I surprised all of them at first right after the oil was applied by sticking the bottle inches into Nydia’s butt before I replaced it with my cock. Right then, I felt Cherry’s fingers stroking my balls and her tongue soon exploring my crack. I began yanking Nydia’s hair like the pain slut clearly wanted, and she replied by thrusting her hips and moaning with excitement. I could smell her pussy juice up again. The others reacted to this by jilling off, though Sandra also whistled and mouthed that I should drive it deeper inside Nydia’s bottom.

“Ah, fuck, Mark! Oh, God, this is why I’m your slut!” Nydia began shouting as I went as deep as I could into her colon.

“Yes, Mark, fucking screw my girl senseless! I want a nice, big, creamy load to eat from her ass!” Cherry continued to encourage me.

By now, Nydia’s eyes were supposedly glazed over, or so I was told later by the other women, and she certainly seemed deaf to everyone and everything else. All she seemed to know or care about was the cock plowing her asshole to our mutual gratification. Her silky soft sphincter certainly gave me the heat and sensual contact that felt like a glove caressing my dick and made it harder by the moment to hold back my release. Still, it helped that I came not long before in Ana’s sweet twat, something that was reinforced by the cum that now lay on the hardwood floor.

Speaking of Ana, Josie and she had at last brought Shelby to an orgasm seemed to go on for hours, if not longer. It also seemed sure to wake up the neighbors on the other end of the block. It certainly helped force me to push more aggressively into Nydia, now gesturing for her mother to help her orgasm by sucking her tits. It worked incredibly well, the display of forbidden mother-daughter passion bringing Nydia past the brink into the abyss of bottomless pleasure. She inevitably tightened hard on my cock and practically forced every last drop of my spunk into her ass.

I had enough for now, however. As great as it was, I needed some rest, so I kissed each of my women on the lips, no matter what I had to interrupt (knowing that they could always resume it), and I walked slowly to the bedroom. I was obviously drained from the day in far more ways than one. I was even too tired to shower, but I was sure that this would be fixed when I awoke. Besides, I had showered earlier that morning and every woman in my harem was as clean as a whistle, as I could attest now.

I heard whispers and footsteps behind me, but didn’t bother to check and see what that meant. I just climbed into bed, quite nude, thank you very much, and slipped under the covers to enjoy a good night’s rest. I felt two soft bodies slide in next to me, but as I loved every woman in the household, I didn’t worry about whose they were, figuring in my dreamy state that I would find out in the morning. Until then, what was the point in thinking about it? I just enjoyed the snuggle action from each of the mystery girls as they caressed my skin with their own.

A day just didn’t end up better than this…

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