Nothing Like Rainy Weekend Sex

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How’s this for starters? You walked into the bedroom after a long hard day…you really didn’t even want to take a shower. All you wanted to do was fall in the bed. Who cared if it was Friday night? The chances of you sharing your bed with some new and exciting were remote. Your body yearned to be touched…caressed…stroked and pleased. But there was only so much that your fingers could do. You walked towards the bathroom and turned the shower on. The steam built up in the bathroom as you pulled your clothes off. Damn, the jeans fit a little tighter than usual, you thought as you pulled them off. The denim slid down your thighs and dropped to the floor.

As you looked in the mirror, you saw the moisture staining the crotch of your thongs… it was something that happened more frequently these days. Ever since you broke up with your last boyfriend for cheating on you, you were wet more than usual. Your mind drifted towards the last piece of really good dick you had…it belonged to your TRUE love, Darren. If things had worked out between the two of you, he would definitely be making love to you tonight. As you took your top and bra off you glanced in the mirror through the steamy haze. You were pleased with what was there. They didn’t sag like other women’s breasts did. The morning workouts and sit-ups helped.

Your mind drifted towards the last time you made love to Darren. If you knew that it was going to be the last time you felt his hands across your body, you would have never let him leave. You didn’t mean to get into that argument. He was a store manager trying to work his way up in his company. He got the job offer to go to the Northeast and he had to go. It would be foolish of him to turn down the raise. You knew that, but it didn’t console you on those lonely nights when he was in upstate New York and couldn’t leave to see you. Oh, the two of you tried to work things out, but after so many canceled visits (by him) and exams (for you), the relationship died.

So it had been over two years since someone had made love to your entire body. That last asshole you gave the privilege of seeing you naked had no appreciation for what he was looking at. That was why he had been fired after a few months. The steam clouded the small bathroom in your apartment, giving it a sauna-like feel. If only things had been different. You stepped into the shower and began to let the hot water cascade over your body. The soapy body sponge felt good as it washed away the perspiration and fatigue. You rinsed the soap away and stepped onto the bathroom rug. After you dried off and prepared yourself for bed, you walked by the telephone.

You had missed four calls. There were three from an unknown number and one from your sister (probably asking for money). That wasn’t a problem; you took that second job doing the books for that hair salon so you could make a little extra money. You listened to the messages and were surprised to hear that you had four messages. Normally when a solicitor calls, they don’t leave messages. The voice was pleasant…only it wasn’t a solicitor.

It sounded far away…”I don’t know if I have the right number, istanbul escort I’m praying that I do. This is Darren. If this is the right number for Wanda, please call me at my office. The number hasn’t changed. Call me before 5 pm this evening. Your heart began to race as you heard his smooth and silky voice over the phone. It melted your heart and created even more wetness in your crotch. In a daze you listened to the other messages. There was a message from a solicitor trying to get you to subscribe to the newspaper. You couldn’t be bothered with that. The third message was from your sister. She was trying to get you to go out clubbing with her tonight, but that was the last thing on your mind. Darren had actually called! But it was after 5 pm and you knew that he was gone home.

You listened to the last message on her machine and were quite shocked to hear a strange female’s voice. It sounded matronly, as though it could have come from an older aunt. “Ms. Turner, my name is Mrs. Ferguson and I am Mr. Darren Smith’s administrative assistant. He wanted me to relay an urgent message to you. He is arriving by plane this evening for a Board of Directors meeting at the annual corporate retreat. He would have called you earlier, but he did not know he would be attending until this morning. He can be reached at the Sunset Palms Resort at Rm. 325. I hope that I am not overstepping my bounds, but I must tell you that he has been miserable without you. I hope you have the chance to spend some time with him.”

You began jumping up and down like a little girl at the thought of seeing Darren again. The resort was less than 15 minutes from your apartment. Your hands shook as you called the resort and asked for room 325. The phone rang twice before that voice filled the earpiece. The greeting seemed like it was tailor-made for you. “Darren, I just got the message from Mrs. Ferguson. She told me that you were in town for some sort of retreat…” Darren replied, “Yes, I am here all weekend for a retreat with some of the corporate officials. It’s not really a working retreat, but it’s more like a rest and relaxation weekend for selected management and their families. So how have you been doing?”

You told Darren that you would be finishing your last class in accounting next semester and already had job offers from some well-respected firms. How you longed to tell him that you missed that long, thick-ass dick that had stretched your pussy night after night. Darren seemed to sense what you were feeling when he asked you if the two of you could meet for a late drink at the lounge. Even though it was nearly 11 at night and you were ready for bed, your body tingled at the prospect of seeing that chocolate man of yours smiling at you with those pearly white teeth. “Of course, Darren. It’ll be good to catch up with you. I’ll be there in about half an hour. Is that soon enough?”

After he said that it would be fine, you reached into your closet and looked for something to wear…your black stretch pants would look good with pink silk top and black sandals. You pulled your hair avcılar escort back in a ponytail and did your makeup. Your heart was beating like a drummer during a halftime challenge at homecoming. As you locked the door and walked to your car, you were thinking about how good that dick was when Darren damn near fucked your brains out in his apartment. The neighbors were always looking at you funny when you left in the morning! Damn the neighbors, you always said.

The dick was good and you didn’t care who heard you moaning and groaning through the bedroom walls. His hands always felt good as hell when that tall chocolate brotha started kissing on your neck and heating the pussy up. No matter where you were at, whenever Darren started licking his tongue along your neckline, you started to shiver. Just thinking about it now made your hunter green thong wetter. Subconsciously, you had picked that color out knowing that it was his favorite. With any luck, his tongue would be inside of you tonight. Darren had some good dick, but his tongue was good enough to make a woman wreck a manicure when she grabbed his head.

You got light-headed when you got in the car because the radio station was playing “Turn off the Lights” by Teddy P. Now that was a jam to fuck to. Making love wasn’t even in the picture tonight. You might make love later, but first you wanted to feel that sore all over feeling when you got fucked with a good thick-ass dick… Darren was the perfect man to give it to you. When you pulled out of the apartment parking lot, you let the cool air hit you in the face because you were getting flushed.

The ride to the resort was uneventful. The rain began again and it seemed to wash away all of the tension that you were feeling about meeting Darren. The traffic was light due to the weather. That was a good thing because you were trying to keep the horniness from taking over your every thought. You thought about the message that he left. You were hoping that he wanted you back as badly as you wanted him. In your mind the image of your love sat. He was tall, well over your 5-8 frame. In bare feet, he seemed much taller than his official height of 6-1. He wore the weight well, mostly because of the height. One would never guess that he was 245. He always dressed comfortably, no matter what the occasion.

You drove out of the city and entered the countryside where the resort was. The scenic view brought you back into the present. The resort was Victorian-style, with white columns supporting the overhang where nattily dressed valets waited. A tall gentleman with salt and pepper hair walked out to her car. He looked like he could be the big brother you never had, but when you felt his hand grasp yours when you stepped out of the vehicle, it felt so strong…(damn, get a grip on yourself!) Your mind screamed in admonishment. Had it been that long? Could the touch from a mere stranger send her over the edge?

That question lingered inside your head as your legs swung over and slid out of the car. Without meaning to, your eyes locked onto his crotch and you saw a slight bulge. The evening was şirinevler escort looking up…all of those exercises must have paid off. The valet took your car and gave you a ticket. “I have been instructed to tell you that the parking is free tonight.” Maybe they had the wrong person, but since you were trying to make ends meet, you took the courtesy ticket without asking. The doorman put you in the mindset of a royal greeter. All he needed was a twin and a set of horns to trumpet your arrival. He held the door open and told you that the lounge was across the main lobby.

As you walked to the entrance of the lobby, that queasy feeling started in your stomach. You passed the ladies’ room and couldn’t resist the urge to check yourself in the mirror. You walked in and were rewarded with opulence fit for a queen. There were floor-to-length mirrors with gold ornate trim, the carpet was plush and thick (yes, carpet!) and the lighting was just right. As you caught your breath and composed yourself, it dawned on you that on some level, nerves were playing a big part in your appearance. You couldn’t stop shaking. But after a few moments, you composed yourself….and walked out of the ladies room and into the lounge.

Almost on cue, a waiter greeted you and told you a table had been reserved for you. The lounge was empty, so you were quite confused. You started to order a vodka and cranberry, but the waiter produced a silver tray with a bottle of vodka and a decanter of cranberry juice. In the center were an ice bucket and two short, thick, crystal glasses. Darren remembered! As you started to smile, the waiter placed the tray on the table and disappeared. Then out of nowhere, the slow melodic sounds of a solo saxophonist began to waft through the lounge. The lights seemed to dim until the room turned dark. You poured yourself a drink and began to drift.

The first sip cooled your insides, but it did nothing to quench that fire raging in your pussy…the only man who could do that was your personal fireman. Speak of the devil! He strode into the lounge with a new confidence that you found intoxicating. He had changed. As he got closer, he looked like a panther walking through the jungle. He was always in shape, but now he looked like he had been in the gym every day! His pants hung just right and his chest muscles rippled. He reached the table and you stood to hug him. It felt just like old times…hell, who were you kidding? It felt better than old times. That dick rubbed against your body through his slacks. His hands rubbed across the small of your back before they rested on your ass… were just like you remembered them.

They caressed each asscheek, pulling you closer to his body. With each moment you felt your pussy getting wetter and wetter. It was almost too much for you to handle, but you knew deep down that this was what you needed. Your soul needed a sweet release that only he could give you. He leaned you back slightly as he bent down to kiss you. Your arms reached up to his wide shoulders and you felt as though you could float away with him. He sensed the desire in your returned kisses and slid his tongue to your lips. You breathed out openly and sighed…..his tongue soothed and healed that fire within you. But wait, at the same time, you grew hungry for more. A mere kiss wouldn’t do. Dammit, you wanted this big-dicked brother to bend you over the table and have his way with your body…Would he take you right here in the lounge?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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