Office Affair

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This has been brewing for far too long. Last night I made the decision that today would be the day. I walk through the office with the confidence born of purpose-high heels clacking on the tiled floor, short skirt brushing against my thighs, pussy getting moister with every step. I’m not wearing any underwear today, such is the commitment to my mission, and my skin tight black blouse reveals my ever increasingly hard nipples,. I have a look in my eye demanding anyone who ventures into my path had best get the fuck out of the way.

I walk into your office and close the door behind me, flipping the lock. You look up from your desk, with a shocked expression on your face. “Claire, what the hell are you doing?” you ask, voice slightly quivering, your usual “tough as nails” manager persona dropping for a moment. Before you can formulate a further protest at this invasion, I approach your desk chair, spin you sideways and drop to my knees before you.

“Claire, what the fuck…” you splutter, as I reach for your zipper and begin undoing your pants. In spite of your shock, your cock is rock hard and as I tug at your clothing, it springs out inches from my face. You are bigger than I thought; that’s a pleasant surprise. Any objections you have are stilled as my lips descend, taking the head of your cock into my mouth. I run my tongue around the tip and you gasp. I have wanted to do this to you for so long, and I know you have been thinking of it as well. This sexual tension has been getting in the way of us kurtköy escort becoming more productive working together, hence inhibiting my promotion up the chain, so I think of this as taking one for the company. And my career. It helps I find you drop dead sexy as well.

I run my warm, wet tongue up and down your shaft over and over and you grab the arms of your chair hard enough to make your knuckles white. I linger a moment to tongue that sensitive spot at the juncture where your cock joins your balls and then gently take your balls into my mouth and roll them on my tongue, enjoying the full, tight, fuzzy feel of them. At this you moan and your hands move to my cheeks. I shift to take your cock into my mouth in one swoop. Your hips buck involuntarily as your cock hits the back of my throat. I move my head up and down, my lips stroking your cock, my tongue rubbing it in long slow wet strokes.

“Jesus, Claire” you moan. I reach my hands under you, cupping your ass and pulling you close, diving my throat deeply onto your member. I feel it swell and then the sweet/salty warm gush of your load is flowing down my throat. Your moans grow softer as I continue sucking you gently until I am sure I have savoured every last drop of you. You lean back in your chair and look down at me, amazement and satisfaction glazing over your eyes.

I stand up and smile. “I’m not through with you just yet; now it’s my turn!”

I shove the report you were reading to the side, clearing a space on your desk. I sit malatya escort facing you, and spread my legs, placing my feet on the arms of the chair in which you sit. I lean forward and cup the back of your head, pulling you forward firmly until your face is between my thighs. I lean back slightly, parting my legs so that you can see my shaven pussy lips glistening with the evidence of my arousal.

You place your hands on my inner thighs and move forward, tongue extended. The tip touches me, parting my lips and I gasp softly. You move your hands to my hips and pull me towards you on the desk until my ass is on the edge to allow you greater access and leverage. I sit up a little and grab the back of your head as your tongue begins long slow sweeps the length of my pussy, tasting and spreading my wetness. I arch my back, pumping my clit against the tip of your nose while your tongue delves deeply into my aching hole. Pulling your head in as close as possible, I grind my clit into you, bringing on a shuddering, gushing orgasm that leaves us both gasping for air.

I look down and notice you are hard again. I stand up and turn around, offering you my pussy and ass for your pleasure. I bend over the desk and you rise up out of the seat. I feel your hands on my hips and then you enter me with one hard thrust that pushes me into the desk, crushing my breasts against it. Holding my hips, you pump rhythmically into me-your balls slapping my ass, my body being slammed into the desk. Still sensitive from the tongue kayseri escort lashing of a few minutes before, I quickly feel the waves of pleasure building in my clit and radiating throughout my pussy. I moan and my body stiffens as the orgasm ripples through me.

I feel you pull your cock out, and before I can ask why, I feel the head of it rubbing against my ass, relaxing it. You gently push the head into me. Naughty boy. As you begin to enter, there is mild pain, but you are slow and easy and it quickly passes. Once your cock head has entered, the rest follows easily, and you start pumping in short slow strokes. As I become accustomed to the feel of you in my most forbidden hole, you start pumping faster, allowing more of your length to enter me.

Your right hand reaches around me and dips to my clit, rubbing in soft circles. I begin pushing my ass back against you, urging you to fuck me harder, faster. Your hand rubs in rhythm to your pumping and I can feel your breath getting ragged as the tightness of my ass heightens your pleasure. You put your hands on my hips again, and I begin touching myself. I move my finger on my clit rubbing it firmly trying to time my orgasm to match yours. When I feel your cock swell within me, I allow my release to come and my ass clenches around your cock like a fist, squeezing your orgasm out of you. Your breath comes harshly and your noises are primitive and animal as your hot load fills my ass. You collapse across my back, pinning me to the desk for a moment and them pull out slowly.

I turn around, and we smile at each other as we arrange our clothing and clean up. Then I walk out of your office the same way I walked in, without a word. Tomorrow I will be in to discuss that raise…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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