Oh Baby! What a Sitter!

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Big Tits

This is a new story.

All characters in sexual situations are over the age of eighteen at the point of their involvement.

Please let me know how you like this one.


“Kelly? Is that you?”

I have to be clear, it wasn’t anything about the young woman’s appearance that made her seem familiar. It was her voice. Something about her voice, even from behind, flipped a switch, and made me ask the question.

It was seven years since I’d seen her, and the gawky twelve year old that she had been was no longer standing in front of me. She may not have grown much taller…she was always a lithe, skinny kid…but she had sure grown out, in all the right places. Long brown hair tumbled down her back, leading my eyes to her classic, heart shaped ass, clad in snug denim. She turned, to see who was calling her, and my gaze moved up, pausing on her bountiful chest, before continuing up to a very attractive face, complete with a full, eminently kissable pair of lips. Sexy, black framed glasses surrounded her brown eyes. Those eyes grew wide, as she recognized me.

“Todd!” she gasped, and threw her arms around my neck, leaping into my arms in a hug that left dents in my chest where her big breasts made contact.

Perhaps I should fill you in on the background…


Several years ago, my parents became friends with Kelly’s parents, and that meant the occasional backyard barbecue, both at our house, and their little farm about an hour away. Kelly and her little brother Ricky were okay to be around in small doses, but the age gap made for a lot of rolling eyes on my part. Get away from me kid, you bother me.

By the time I was nineteen, nothing much had changed. They were still an annoyance. Little did I know how annoying they would get.

I was planning on going to college in the fall, and after graduation, started looking for a summer job. That’s about when my longtime girlfriend, Suzy, decided she wanted to go in another direction. Put bluntly, she dumped me, unceremoniously and without warning. The ensuing broken heart did little to improve my job search, and before long, I was just moping around the house, doing nothing, with no plan to fix either situation.

You know what they say : if you don’t have a plan, someone else does, and you might not like what they plan for you. So true. My Dad and Kelly’s Dad made a deal, and I was shipped off to the farm for the summer.

To babysit.

Okay, not only to babysit. I was also going to help around the farm, but in my mind I was going to be a babysitter, and I hated that idea.

Speaking of the farm…calling it one was being optimistic. Half a dozen cows, and just enough land to feed the animals, with little extra. It was a hobby, at best, but I was getting paid reasonably well to help with the hobby. I could use the money, and its location, out of town, kept me from running into Suzy.

As for my other duties, which I may have mentioned I hated, I was there largely to keep the kids from burning the house down. Kelly was twelve. Ricky was eight. Neither was a baby. All I had to do was supervise, as Kelly was happy to cook their lunches while their parents were at work. But I still hated it.

Ricky was a pain, constantly under foot, but he was just being a kid. It was Kelly that drove me nuts, always walking around the house, singing at the top of her lungs, certain she was the next Madonna /Lady Gaga /Whitney Houston. Only if the entire world went tone deaf, which is what she was doing to me. I hated it.

Anyway, somehow I survived the summer without permanent hearing damage, collected my paycheck, and went off to school in the fall. There, I replaced Suzy with an upgrade, a sweet little redhead who was lots of horizontal fun, but not much else. She did, however, eventually lead me to Amy, a pretty, petite brunette, who stole my heart, and soon became my wife. A couple of years later, she also became the Mother of my little daughter, Lynn.

All was good…until a tragic car accident left Lynn and I on our own. It was the result of an unforeseeable mechanical failure, on a big truck. The rest of the story is pointless. Only the outcome matters.

Which pretty much brings us up to date, where we started this little tale.


Kelly was still hanging from my neck, squealing happily. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, as almost everywhere I might touch was a bit inappropriate, especially for a twelve year old, which is how I still thought of her. Of course, those two big, soft reminders were telling me she was no longer the same little girl I knew. She was nineteen, legally an adult, and obviously all grown up. At last, she relaxed, sliding down a few inches to stand on her own again.

“It’s so great to see you!” she gushed, stepping back to arms length. She still had one hand on my upper arm.

“It’s wonderful to see you, too,” I answered. “Although I hardly recognized you. You’ve istanbul escort really grown up!” What an understatement.

She smiled, and did a little pirouette, forcing me to take in the impressive curves that had taken residence where a scrawny pre-teen had lived before. Most alluring of all was her chest. Her breasts were full, youthfully prominent and round, forming a rack that was wider than the torso they adorned. Every movement of her hands made her upper arms collide with the sides of her breasts, causing a jiggle that I was having a hard time not watching. Worse yet, it was summer, and her thin t-shirt, stretched tight across her boobs, was showing just a hint of her stiff nipples through her bra. I was the adult, and shouldn’t be leering at a nubile young girl, but she was just so damn sexy, and I was alone… and it had been so long since I got laid by anything other than my right hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Okay…you just have to come lunch with me!” she bubbled, enthusiastically. Bubbles make boobs bobble. She had dispatched the friend that I found her gabbing with, and was now focused on me. “We need to catch up!” She was clearly not going to take no for an answer.

“Okay, let’s go,” I laughed, caught up in her attitude, and her eyes. She wasn’t quite an ugly duckling years ago, but also no raving beauty. Where the ravishing young thing before me came from was a mystery.

So off we went, nowhere special, unless you consider the food court at the mall special. The background noise made her lean in to talk and hear, which rested her big tits on the table, making concentration difficult.

I found myself enjoying being with her. She was no longer an annoying child, having caught up, maturity wise. She filled me in on seven years of growing up, and I told her about school, and Amy, and Lynn. When I got to the accident, Kelly gasped, and a tear trickled down her cheek.

“Oh, Todd, I’m so sorry to hear that,” she whispered, reaching across the table to touch my hand. Her caress was electric, the warmth and softness of her hand a surprise. I hadn’t had much feminine contact since Amy’s death, other than supportive hugs from family members, so Kelly’s gentle touch caught my attention. It also made me feel a bit guilty, not only for pushing Amy aside, but for the clearly lascivious thoughts I was having about a young girl once charged to my care. I know she wasn’t a little kid any more, but that idea was going to take some time to process.

She was now living in town, rather than way out on the farm, which meant we might see more of each other, an idea she openly embraced. I tried to be more reserved, but inwardly, I was thrilled to have someone so lovely interested in me. Maybe it was desperation talking, or loneliness…or maybe I was just horny.

“If there’s anything…ANYTHING…I can do to help you,” she said, looking at me seriously, “just say the word. How old is your daughter?”

“Two,” I replied, wincing slightly. While I didn’t think she was as bad as some kids I had heard about, Lynn had her moments. They don’t call it ‘the terrible twos’ for nothing.

“Yikes! That must put a crimp in your social life!” she giggled, and jiggled. Damn my eyes.

“What social life?” I answered, far too quickly. It sounded like a complaint, but I didn’t mean it that way. I loved Lynn, and her Mother’s death is the only thing I’d change if I could.

“Well, maybe I can help with that,” she said, sitting back and crossing her arms across her chest. “I’d be happy to look after her some evening, so you can go out and meet someone. Get you back on the horse, so to speak.”

Hmmmm. Part of me was hoping she was going a different direction with that sentence, but it was much safer to keep her involvement at a distance. I had a babysitter already, but a spare is never a bad idea. The fact that Kelly was older, and was fully aware of the ultimate goal of my going out…getting laid…put her at the top of the list.

We talked a little longer, and before she left, she programmed her number in my phone. I found myself watching her sexy rear end wiggle as she walked away. I was still watching when she turned, and caught me. A bright smile erupted on her face, and she fluttered her fingertips at me playfully as she disappeared in the crowd.

That night, she was the star of my erotic fantasies. I couldn’t get her incredible curves out of my head. Still, I wasn’t expecting anything further to happen, except my giving her some babysitting business. I wouldn’t be pushing the subject.


“Hi, Kelly…it’s Todd,” I said cheerfully, “Did I catch you at a good time?”

“Todd! I was wondering if I would ever hear from you?” she laughed. “It’s been weeks. Don’t you know better than to keep a lady waiting?” There was a pause, tense and silent, before she laughed again. “Just kidding! Yes, it’s a fine time. What can I do for avcılar escort you?”

“Do you recall offering your babysitting services?” I asked, knowing full well she would.

“Yes I do. When do you want me?” she replied softly.

I wasn’t sure if she was going for the double entendre intentionally, or if it was an innocent turn of phrase. I just didn’t know the adult Kelly well enough to make an assessment. It certainly started the wheels turning in my head though, as a list of sexual witticisms grew in my imagination. Not now, I thought. Don’t put your foot in your mouth.

“Friday night,” I began, then suddenly realized that Friday was probably the worst possible time. She was sure to have something planned. “Unless you’ve got a date or something. I don’t want to cut into…”

“Friday is fine,” she said, ending the debate. “Should I come over a little early, so you can give me the tour and I can meet Lynn?”

“Actually, that was my next line. Yes, that would be a good idea,” I laughed. She was ahead of me already. “How’s 6 sound?”

“I’ll be there. One question :Where’s there?” she giggled.

“Right. You should probably know where you’re going, shouldn’t you?” I said quietly. I gave her the address, and a few general directions, before hanging up.

Yes, I had a date Friday, my first one since Amy, with a nice girl from work. Sheila had a pretty smile, and striking eyes, with a lean body that caught my eye. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and being my first trip back into the dating pool, after an admittedly short marriage, I was nervous as hell. Also excited.

Confused as well. I was almost as eager to see Kelly as I was to go out with Sheila. Very confusing.


The doorbell rang at 6, on the nose. I was still conflicted, unsure of which female I should be more excited about seeing. My hand was on the doorknob, heart racing. I took a deep breath, and opened it.

That breath I just took? She took it away.

Dressed for action…and by that, I mean the ‘chasing a two year old around’ type…she was beautiful without even trying. Yoga pants, running shoes, and a warm up jacket…everything was covered, but still, she got my attention. She even had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, but that just added ‘cute’ to the list of affectionate descriptives that was growing in my mind, attached to my mental image of her.

I let her in, and Lynn came running, displaying a two year old ‘s impeccable timing. She hid behind my legs, peeking around at Kelly, who was cooing and giggling in a comforting tone.

“Hi Lynn, I’m Kelly. We’re going to have so much fun tonight!” she smiled. It worked. Lynn stepped around my leg, and into Kelly’s arms. I wondered how much of that acceptance might be due to hair colour. Amy was a brunette, too. It suddenly occurred to me that I might be feeling the same thing, for the same reason. That actually made me feel better, knowing there might be another reason for my attraction to someone that was like a kid sister to me.

Kelly toted Lynn around the house as I gave her the tour. The two of them made fast friends, so I knew this was going to work out fine. As we passed the sliding doors to the backyard, Kelly piped up.

“Holding out on me, already?” she laughed, “You didn’t tell me you had a pool. I’ll have to bring my suit next time. I just love the water. I love being wet.”

There she goes again, saying something that makes me notice how incredibly hot she is. I really wish I knew if she was flirting, or if it was inadvertent.

Anyway, I left my daughter in Kelly’s very capable hands, and went on my date.

It was fun, and Sheila was a great dinner partner, but I just didn’t feel anything. No sparks, and believe me, she tried to light a fire, dressed in a way that attracted my eye. She kissed me, and made it pretty clear I would be welcome in her bed, but I just wasn’t ready yet. Damn baggage.

I ended up at a bar. Kelly wasn’t expecting me home for at least an hour, and I needed time to think about things. I wasn’t there to get plastered, just to consider what the hell I was doing going on a date.

Why did I turn Sheila down? She wanted to get busy, and I said ‘no’. What the fuck is that about? What kind of an idiot turns down a chance to fuck an attractive woman? Then there was Kelly. She wasn’t offering herself up on a platter, but we had history. I knew her, sort of. So many things she had said and done could have been seen as flirtatious…or could just as easily be completely innocent. Either she was completely unaware, or she was very good at being subtly sexual. Which one was it?

I decided that the best course of action today was no action at all. Just go home, I thought, and act like nothing happened. Nothing did happen.

Back home, I quietly opened the door. I wasn’t sneaking in, just didn’t want to wake Lynn. Kelly was sitting in the living room, playing solitaire on şirinevler escort her tablet. She looked up when I came in, and smiled brightly.

“So, did you get lucky?” she giggled. Not even a ‘hello’ first, just right to the heart of the matter.

“No,” I laughed, “but I could have. She wanted me to come up to her apartment, but…” I looked at Kelly’s eyes, listening intently, and suddenly wondered what the hell I was doing. This was not an appropriate conversation for us to be having. She was young, and she was my babysitter, not my drinking buddy.

“But?” she asked, drawing it out like a question. She tilted her glasses down and gave me an inquisitive stare. “Tell me more.” Not a chance.

“Nothing to tell,” I said calmly, ending it.

“Okay. You’re the boss,” she laughed, pushing the glasses back up her nose. “Someone named Ed called for you. He invited you to his place for a barbecue tomorrow afternoon. Said you don’t need to reply, just ‘get your ass there’, she smiled, doing air quotes as she recounted the message. “Do you want me to look after Lynn so you can go? Might be good for you, besides, I could use the money, and I’d like to use the pool.”

She didn’t have to work too hard to convince me. Come to think of it, she could always con me into doing things when she was a kid, too.

“Come sit next to me,” she laughed, patting the couch. “You’ve got to see this.”

I took the spot beside her, expecting to see some YouTube video sensation crap, but she held the tablet against her chest for a second. I couldn’t help noticing how soft her breasts looked. It reminded me how soft they felt, pressed into my chest, when we hugged before.

“Now, I hope you don’t mind,” she said quietly, “but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Lynn is just so cute, and she just loves that little stuffed lobster, so, well…just watch.” She tilted the tablet away, and pressed play.

On the screen, Lynn was toddling across the kitchen. Lobby, her stuffed lobster toy, was on the floor, a few feet away, and when Lynn bent to pick him up, it moved just out of reach. She stepped toward it, and the fuzzy red toy moved again. The process repeated…Lynn steps, Lobby moves away…until my daughter was running at full two-year-old speed, pursuing her favourite toy, which somehow remained just out of reach. She was giggling wildly. It was infectious.

The layout of the house allowed for circular traffic flow, from the kitchen through the dining room, to the living room, then down the hall back to the kitchen. Kelly had tied a string to Lobby, run it all the way around the circle, and tied the other end to the back of Lynn’s overalls. It was hilarious, watching her run in circles, while Kelly followed, recording it on her tablet. Eventually, Lynn got frustrated, but before she began to cry, Kelly stepped on the string, allowing Lynn to break it and catch the elusive stuffed animal at last.

We were laughing like a pair of crazed hyenas, trying to keep from waking Lynn, but unable to stop. I, of course, was also watching Kelly’s boobs heaving with her gasping breaths. She was having an effect on me.

We did eventually regain control, and sat breathing heavily for a minute before speaking.

“I’ll bet she went to sleep fast after that,” I said, smiling at my buxom babysitter.

“Oh yeah,” Kelly giggled. “She’s such a dear. A real good little girl.” She reached over and touched my hand softly. “I’m sorry things didn’t work out on your date. Don’t give up though. The perfect woman for you might be closer than you think.”

God, not again! I thought. Stop with the ambiguous flirting. I tried to read her face, but got nothing to indicate her intent. Just her huge brown eyes behind her glasses, looking back at me softly.

I paid her, and waved goodbye as she pulled out of the driveway. She’d be back tomorrow afternoon, but I was in the bathroom, jerking off to fantasies of her body before she made it three blocks away.


Bing-bong. Right on time again.

I suppose I was allowed to be excited about seeing her this time. There were no other women involved, at least, none that I knew about. I opened the door.

Kelly was dressed pretty much the same as yesterday, even wearing the same smile. She breezed in, and scooped up my giggling daughter quickly, spinning in a circle that made Lynn even happier.

“There’s my girl!” Kelly beamed brightly, hugging her tight. “Do you want to play in the pool today?” Lynn nodded. “Good. So do I. Should we go get your bathing suit on?” She looked at me as she asked the question.

“Yeah, well, her suit is kind of small,” I offered. “She keeps growing, and it doesn’t!”

“Oh. Well who needs a bathing suit anyway?” she laughed, rubbing noses with my little one. “We’ll let Daddy go, then the two of us girls can go skinny dipping. How’s that sound?” Lynn nodded again, understanding none of it.

I did. Understand, that is. As soon as I left, Kelly was going to get naked in my backyard. My dick twitched. The thought of that body, glistening wet in the sun, woke my libido.

I had a few things to do before I left, so I went to do them, leaving them to their fun. The house became quieter than I thought it would, so when I was done I went looking for them.

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