Perfect Timing

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The last minute of this shower was sure to be the worst. I was already fully aware that I had washed and rinsed and rewashed and re-rinsed everything that I possibly could… but still the idea of turning the water off and emerging back into the hot summer heat was too much to even imagine.

There had been nonstop hustle for the last three days. First the packing, then the airport, then the running, and the rental, and the tickets, and the rides, and needless to say Disney World was kicking our ass. Last night I could have sworn I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow. We were all just exhausted. With two young girls, my husband and I were all over the place.

This shower had been my first moments alone since we had arrived, and now the idea that it was ending… it was heartbreaking. Regardless I rubbed my hands over my curly brown hair one last time, pushing the excess moisture from my roots all the way out so that it cascaded down my back like a waterfall.

I reached over and turned the water off. Taking a few extra seconds to just stand there naked before throwing my hair up into a towel turban and exiting the shower. Then I noticed something strange outside the creaked bathroom door… What was that? Silence? Our two girls had not been silent since we had arrived… I wrapped a towel around my body and pulled the door open.

As I snuck out into the hallway I tried my best to be quiet. There was an instant burst of hot air on my body, drying my legs and arms almost immediately as I inched down the hall of our studio. The overhead fan was on full blast which was pointless because the balcony door was open letting all the hot Florida air in. Sprawled out on the bed by the door were our two girls dressed in full princess attire dead asleep. Our youngest just snoring away.

On the bed right next to where I stood was my husband. His body stretched out and his legs crossed. He was propped up on the pillows with his arms behind his head and his sunglasses still on. I stared at him with nothing but love in my eyes. Not only had he successfully initiated a nap for the girls while I was in the shower but he had also tidied up the room and placed clothes for me on the my suitcase across from the bed. It was moments like these that I couldn’t help but love him. Our lives eryaman escort were chaotic and frenzied and loud but it’s always the little things that count.

I turned to my suitcase and grabbed the clothes. I bent all the way over looking through the items he had selected when I heard something behind me. I swung my head around hoping it was not the girls. Hoping that I still had another 5 minutes of glorious moments without them.

When I turned around still slightly bent. I noticed my husband was not asleep instead he had shifted a little and now he had his sunglasses raised from his eyes. And was intently staring at me. Of course I hadn’t been thinking about being very ladylike because I was sure everyone was asleep and now I realized I had just completely mooned him. And I think he liked it.

He had a smile growing and I turned around to face him. He just looked so perfect laying there, adoring me from a distance. I rolled the towel off my head and my wet hair fell down onto my shoulders sticking to them from the moisture. He moved his hand to the side and dropped his glasses on the bed, still just staring at me. I looked at the girls, and then looked at him again.

As if the air wasn’t hot and humid enough already it was now FILLED with sexual tension. I moved to the edge of the bed by his feet. I raised one knee up onto the bed and when it creaked loudly we both immediately shot our eyes over to the girls sleeping. I wasn’t looking but I could hear him start laughing quietly. They were still asleep. There was nothing to worry about. Our youngest daughter looked like she was even beginning to drool now. I could chance it… I crawled onto the bed.

There was still a towel wrapped around my body and as I made my way up the bed and moved to straddle him I knew it opened just enough to give him a glimpse of all that was underneath. I stopped and sat there for a moment before leaning in to give him a kiss. His lips were warm and wet. I felt a nudge against my groin. His cock pushed hard against his cargo shorts.

I moved my hands up to his face and wrapped them around his neck. Slowly moving my tongue past his lips and into his mouth for just a second before stopping. I felt his hands move up my thighs, he wasnt headed anywhere in particular just needed to touch me. He sincan escort left them there as I moved my way away from his mouth and down his neck. Leaving a trail of kisses down his warm skin.

His pants were tight now and I could feel his cock aching against the fabric from between my legs. He moved his hands up my thighs pushing my towel up. He grabbed my ass digging his fingers into my cheeks. Full of desire, I put my lips back up to his. Again he grabbed my ass, this time I pushed my pussy down against his pants. Feeling his cock tense up.

I looked over at the girls just to make sure they were not awake before tracing my finger down his body. I rubbed my hands down his chest to where I finally met the button to his pants. As I undid it I leaned in to kiss him. His hand shot up to my face and this time he pulled my lips to his. His tongue shot into my mouth. It was so passionate I had hardly realized when I let a moan escape. He pulled away and looked at me sternly before raising his finger to his mouth to “shh” me.

I smiled and sat up repositioning myself. Reaching down I stroked his cock through his pants and he closed his eyes. I unzipped them and nudged his pants down a bit beneath me so that his dick sprung free. There was already wetness coating the tip and it was hard as a rock. I traced my fingers up and down the sides of it stroking it slowly. He looked at me with fire in his eyes and it was clear that the teasing was not helping.

I moved my face up to meet his all the while keeping my pussy right above his erect cock. I gave him one simple kiss before reaching down and directing his manhood to me. I pushed the tip between my lips, allowing it to meet my wetness. Took a moment to push his tip back and forth against my swollen clit. Once it was wet I started pushing it inside me. His cock was huge, pressing against the walls of my vagina, stretching me to the hilt. His hands moved up to my natural waist and he pulled me down even more. I bit down on my bottom lip as I pushed myself up. Lifting myself off until only his tip was inside of me. He pulled me down slowly filling me up again.

I moved my mouth toward his and wrapped my hands around his neck as I began to ride him. He kissed my cheek and then kissed across my face to my ear. Taking batıkent escort a moment to bite on to the lobe and dig his fingers into waist. I glanced over at the girls… luckly they were still sleeping.

I grinded my hips back and forth on top of him. My pussy was on fire and everytime I moved his cock all the way inside me my clit grazed against his skin. He moved his hands and I felt his thumb find my clit. He started rubbing it slowly in circles. I swung my head back making my still wet hair cling to my back. I could feel my temperature start to rise as I continued to ride him. Each time pushing and grinding his cock harder into me. Again I moaned accidentally but this time he just quietly laughed. I moved my leg so that it was propped up and he began to thrust up into me. I could feel my orgasm rising up fast.

Suddenly I heard movement next to me. We both froze. He looked over toward the other bed as one of the girls russled around, hopefully changing positions and not waking up. I was too scared to look, too scared to be caught so I just looked at him. My eyes as big as a deer in the headlights. But after being frozen for a moment he turned back to me and smiled. We were safe.

I nudged his hand out of the way and started to rub circles around my clit with my finger faster and faster. He moved both his hands to my hips and held me still as he thrusted up into me harder and harder. I could feel the full length of his cock inside me and I knew he was going to cum soon. I wanted him to cum. I hadn’t even realized how close I was to cumming. I had to take my finger off my clit for a moment before I did. I leaned forward and slid my tongue into his mouth. His hands tightened on my waist and he pulled me down so that his entire cock was inside me as he started to cum. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me and a moment later my own orgasm came in big long shocks through my body.

His hands loosened on my waist but he still held me there. Holding me in place until every last drop of cum shot deep into my pussy. I quivered for a moment as my orgasm continued to send waves over me. I went to push myself off of him but he stopped me, reaching through my wet hair and pulling me in for another few quick kisses.

I eventually pushed myself off of his manhood. I hustled down the bed and into the bathroom to clean myself up, as he hiked his cargo shorts back up and buttoned them. I was only in the bathroom for a moment before I heard one of our daughters’ voices. And then the other. I sighed and smiled. Perfect timing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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