Pictures from Life Ch. 01

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All the characters in this story are older than 18 years.


After a busy day, Mariah finally got back to her house. It was a very hot summer day and she just wanted to get out of her clothes. She quickly went into her bedroom and changed. She picked up a tiny red bikini as she wanted to relax by the pool.

When she got downstairs she came across her daughter Amy with her to friends, Mia and Tiffany, as they were going from the pool back into Amy’s room. All three girls were in thong micro bikinis and it was very hard for Mariah not to stare at the bodies of these three 20 year old girls.

When she saw her mom, Amy asked, “Hi mom, are you going to the pool?”

“Hi girls! Yeah, I just got back home and I can’t wait to dive into the water! Are you finished with sunbathing for today?” Mariah replied.

“Yes, we are going back to my room now,” said Amy as she looked at Mariah’s bikini. “Oh my god, you look so hot in that bikini mom.”

Mariah blushed a little and quickly said, “Thanks honey! I envy you girls so much, look at how sexy and young you are!”

Mia giggled, “Thanks Ms Brown! I would like to be half as sexy as you, at your age!”

“Wow, OK girls, let’s get going now, see you later mom,” said Amy while laughing.

As Mariah was lying by the pool she couldn’t stop thinking about her daughter’s friends. Their perfect asses, their firm breasts, their soft skin. Just the thought about how she could lick and fuck them made her instantly wet. Her daughter knows that she is into women, but how would she take if she knew that she was interested in her friends?

After some time of sunbathing she got up and started walking to her bedroom. As she was passing by her daughter’s room she heard moaning and saw that the door was slightly open. She looked through and saw Mia lying on the bed while Tiffany was licking her pussy, and her daughter sitting on Mia’s face while Mia was grabbing her tits.

Amy saw that her mother was peaking she started screaming, “Yes, grab my tits harder Mia, grabbed them and suck my pussy like you would suck my mother’s pussy, you slut.”

When Mariah noticed that Amy was looking at her she quickly moved away and went into her bedroom. ataşehir escort She lay on her bed and started thinking about what just happened. It was not such a surprise for her that her daughter is fucking her friends, but she never saw that until now.

Seeing Tiffany’s stretched ass as she was licking Mia, and Mia’s big natural tits was an image she couldn’t get out of her head. But the biggest turn on for her was seeing her daughter naked and screaming as she was getting her ass licked. The idea of watching her daughter have sex never occurred to her before, but now she couldn’t stop masturbating to the fantasy of seeing her daughter getting fucked, especially if she could watch while have sex in the same room.

In the evening Amy’s friends went home and so Mariah called her daughter to come and eat dinner together.

Mariah asked Amy, “So, what did you girls do today after the pool?”

Amy giggled, “Oh, not much, you know, just some girl stuff.”

“I can imagine, from what I heard it was a lot of fun,” Mariah replied.

“Well, you know me mom,” responded Amy. “I am always into new experiences. Also, from what I recall you didn’t just herd, you also saw a little bit.”

Mariah with a little smile on her face and then said, “Well, honey I just had to see what was so exciting there.”

“And, did you like what you saw mom?” asked Amy while looking Mariah in eyes.

Mariah blushed again and quickly said, “Amy! I mean, I would be lying if I said and didn’t like it. You friends are so gorgeous! But, you are so much younger than me!”

“You know, they like you to a lot, so I don’t think that would be a problem for them,” said Amy as her mom was getting up from the table.

“Oh common honey, you are talking nonsense now, common it’s time for me to sleep now,” replied Mariah as she walked away. “Goodnight honey!”

As Mariah was lying in her bed that night, her heart was beating strong to the thought that her fantasy might actually come true. However it was hard for her to talk about it with her daughter. These girls were 20 years younger than her, and they were also fucking with her daughter. Also the fact that Amy was so comfortable with this confused her as well. She kadıköy escort didn’t know she was like that. However, Mariah also knew that if she was 20, she would be thinking the same way. With all these in her head she was barely able to fall asleep after 4 hours in bed.

Few days later, Mariah was again by the pool when Amy came to her and asked her to come inside. She than followed her daughter to her room. When Amy opened the door of her room Mariah was stunned by the sight. Tiffany and Mia were both sitting on their knees in the middle of the bed, completely naked.

Amy looked at her mom and said, “Mom, you already met my friends, but maybe you could meet them little better now?”

Shocked Mariah looked around the room at the girls and asked, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening. Are you girls sure you want to do this?”

Tiffany started to crawl slowly towards Mariah and said, “After seeing you in your red bikini the other day, we couldn’t stop telling Amy how hot her mom is. It made us so horny we had the best sex afterwards. We were so happy when your daughter told us you also like girls. We just had to try to get to you. We think we could learn a lot from you, and we are willing to let you do whatever you want with us.”

Mia than also leaned towards Mariah, “Mhm, and in every hole you want. Why don’t you come here and sit on the bed Ms Brown?”

Mariah looked again at her daughter, “Amy, you want to be a part of this to?”

Amy started to move her hands around her mom’s bra and said, “For the start, I wanna watch the three of you, and then I will maybe join. But first, come here mommy sit on the bed as Mia told you. And make your self comfortable, (unzips her moms bra), here, that’s much better, now sit here.”

As Mariah sits on the bed the two girls are on their knees behind her and start to touch her slowly.

Amy then turned around, started walking out the room and said, “Why don’t you guys start, I will be right back.”

Mariah tried to say something but Mia and Tiffany started kissing her neck and breasts. Few minutes later Mariah was deep into Mia’s ass while Tiffany was dovefucking her. When Mia came, Tiffany and Mariah started scissoring each other bostancı escort bayan while Mia sucked Mariah’s tits. After they came, Amy got back holding a dildo and a strap-on in her hands.

Amy looked at the sweaty girls and said, “I think we can make this even more fun now, mommy.”

“Wow honey, you really thought about this. Well, you girls said, any hole I want, so I think now is the time for some anal experience. But first. you must suck this strap-on, to make it wet enough. OK? So Amy, are you excited to watch me fuck your little whore friends? Is this what you wanted?” replied Mariah.

Amy immediately felt wet and said, “Oh mom, I can’t wait to see that. I’m gonna cum so hard!”

Mariah turned to the two girls in bed, “Oh, I see you girls have sucked before. Now it’s time for you girls to turn around!”

As Amy start masturbating with a dildo her mom fucks both of her friends one after another. After Mariah finishes she takes off the strap-on and the two girls start licking hers ass and pussy. Amy then takes the strap-on and starts sucking it while she masturbates with the dildo. She and her mother start coming to the orgasm at the same time.

While moaning Mariah was looking into Amy and saying, “You like watching your friends lick me huh? You like sucking the strap-on I used to fucked them, huh you little whore? Come on you sluts, harder … harder, yeeees!”

When she saw that her mother had an orgasm, Amy got up and come to her mom, “Oh mommy, thank you so much for doing this for me, your the best mom ever.”

Mariah put her hand on Amy’s had and softly said, “Oh, thank you honey, and your friends, you are so amazing! Why don’t you give me a taste of you friends asses now if you still have it in you mouth.”

Mariah opened her mouth wide as and her daughter spat in them. The four girls then continue to kiss and cuddle for couple of hours.

After Mia and Tiffany left, Mariah sad to Amy, “I just wanted to thank you for today. It was so amazing, and I would have never had the courage.”

Amy hugged her mom and responded, “I never had a doubt that it would be great. Although it turned out even better then I thought.”

Mariah put her hand into Amy’s hair and said, “We have bonded so greatly I think we could have so many other great experiences together.”

“Definitely, I hope this was just a beginning,” Amy agreed. “Good night mom!”

Mariah kissed her daughter in the head and said, “Good night honey, sleep well!”

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