Real Friends

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The doorbell rang. I was bent over the stove, waiting for the roux to turn so I could remove it from heat and certainly unable to greet our guests.

“Mark, can you get that??” I yelled, not turning my head from my cooking. “People are starting to show up!”

“Yeeeah,” called Mark from the office, and I could tell me was up there playing WoW again. I sighed to myself and, as blonde turned to brown, moved the pan to the back burner, threw in a fist-full of gruyere cheese, and began to beat the Mornay sauce for my broccoli into submission.

I heard laughter at the foot of the stairs as Mark opened the door, although I couldn’t tell which of our guests had arrived. Probably Jared and Sara… they live in Stamford and are most like us. Love to be on time. I wondered if Sara was wearing the same thing as me again and whether we’d planned the same dessert.

So it was no coincidence that I was taken totally off-guard when I felt large hands rest on my hips and a tall chest press against my back. Too broad to be Mark, and with a lighter, less aggressive touch, I was puzzled. I was also stuck with my sauce, unable to turn except by tilting my head back and looking up backwards at my mysteryman, lest I get burned or ruin dinner.

And so it was in less than seconds I did just that, only to stare into familiar, crinkled eyes. Even as I recognized the face looking back at me, I could hear a familiar screech from in the living room.

“Kitty!!!!!!’ giggled Kay, and Loki streaked through the kitchen and up to our bedroom where she liked to hide under our bed and pout.

I swiveled and wrapped my arms around you in a hug. “Hey!” I called, my head turned so as not to blast your ears. “This is a surprise!”

I turned back to you. “I’m so glad you’re here. Shocked. What the…”

Mark walked into the kitchen, cheshire-cat grin firmly planted on his bearded face. “Yeah… no one else is coming tonight. I talked to Jared, Kayissa, and Brent – they know about this.”

I shook my head, arms still tight around you, only now feeling as if I let go, I’d pass out. “Huh?”

“We’ve been planning this for weeks,” you said, still smiling.

“It was a major pain, let me tell you,” interjected Kay, laughing. “Traveling sucks – I don’t know why you bother. The airports were insane, the car-ride here was death on blacktop, and there’s no such thing as north , south, east, or west in this blasted town. It’s a good thing Kris is so amazing, or we’d still be sitting on the Tepid Z Bridge.”

“Tappan Zee,” said Mark authoritatively, walking out of the kitchen and back into the living room. “And you weren’t on the Tap. You were on the George Washington.”

Kay rolled her eyes. “Jesus fucking Krist on a pogo stick, do I care what the name of the bridge that almost took our lives is? No!” She stopped when she saw Mark proffering a bottle of Mudslide mix in one hand and vodka in the other. “Drinkie!” she squealed.

“So you guys planned to come out here for a barbecue?” I asked, returning the topic to the surprise at hand. “I..”

You shook your head, snaked an arm around my waist, and reached around me to stir the now congealing mornay sauce slowly, preventing its eminent ruin. “We came out for a visit. We’re here for the next week or so, but I think Mark has planned for all of us to drive up to the Cape after a couple of days. Stay at a place he rented in Buzzards Bay.”

I was dumbstruck. Not only had my best friends come to my home but my husband decided to take us all on vacation. I could feel tears budding at the corners of my eyes.

Mark came in, seeing me puddling, scooped me out from your arms and hugged me tight. “Is this an okay surprise?” he asked quietly. Not able to speak, I nodded.

He released escort ankara me slowly, and went to the freezer to get a chilled glass for Kay’s drink. “Awesome,” he said, back to task. “Then I’ll give ’em the grand tour.”

Trusting you to continue stirring, I ran out into the living room and attacked Kay with a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I am SO glad you guys came!” I said, eyes still tearing.

“Awww,” she said, and she cooed.

“Kris!” Mark yelled, swirling the last bit of chocolate into Kay’s drink. “Whatddya want? Jack and coke? Beer? Wine? Margarita? Tequila sunrise?”

“Uhh…” you said, mumblng from the kitchen. “Whatever.”

“Tequila it is.” Mark commanded, and went to work on the next beverage. “Sarah, I’m gonna get this done, then walk-em around the place, and then we need to start steaks.”

I headed back to relieve you of stirring duty. “Thanks,” I said, removing the spoon from your hand. “You saved the sauce!”

You smiled at me. “No problem.”

The evening progressed as Mark had planned. Drinks flowed, as did conversation, as we all caught up on what had been going on. Between the weddings you and Kay attended, and my recent traveling hell, plenty of stories revolving primarily around others embarrassing themselves kept us all laughing silly.

After a dinner of steak (cow for all of you, mahi-mahi for me), broccoli with Mornay sauce, butter-parsley potatoes, and berries with cream, we went into the living room while Mark made himself and I an espresso. Kaylie found a special on the making of “The March of Penguins,” instantly capturing her attention as the baby Emperor penguins rolled across the snowy screen.

I walked out to the porch, wanting to enjoy some of the cool summer air, and because I was still a little overwhelmed by the surprises of the night. After a moment or two, I heard you follow me out. “We were thinking of playing some cards,” you said conversationally. “You up for some Euchre?”

I nodded, but made no move to go in. I watched fire-flies hover in the bushes and trees behind our property. “It’s so magical… I just can’t believe you guys are here. I never thought anyone would ever visit us…” I said, almost to myself. “I don’t think I ever had friends that would bother…”

“Their loss,” you said simply. “You look beautiful, by the way. You look more like you again.”

I turned, blushing. “Well, it turns out you were right,” I said quietly. “About my weight, I mean. You picked about where I’m meant to be. And I can almost say I’m happy there. So…”

Your eyes took on a hungry look, as though we hadn’t just eaten supper and you were about to feast on filet mignon. “You really think that?” you asked carefully.

I shrugged. “Yeah. I guess I do. Its weird… I always thought it would come on, like a light switch, you know? And suddenly I’d be happy…but it’s not like that. It’s like, now I look in the mirror and I’m okay with what I see. Or I notice a feature on my body and rather than hating it, I kind of like it. It’s not as drastic as I imagined. But it’s coming.”

The slider opened to reveal Mark. “Kay and I are ready for Euchre, if you two are,” he said, a small glass of scotch in hand. “You coming, partner?”

My husband held out his hand and I took it, a small smile tipping the corners of my lips. “Sure. Was just telling Kris some secrets.”

“Secrets, huh?” Mark pouted, eyebrows high. “Do I get to know?”

“Not yet, love,” I replied. “It’s not time yet.”

Hand and glass raised in exasperation, Mark retreated into the house saying, “Fine, fine…”

“We better follow,” I said, winking at you. “Or they’ll begin to wonder.”

“Let ’em.” Your voice was husky and that hungry look hadn’t left your eyes.

I escort etlik grabbed your hand. “Come on. Game time now,” and I dragged you back inside.

We played cards until two in the morning, at which point Kay and I were fading, wide-yawns gracing our faces so that we looked more like Mama lions than dutiful wives.

“Time to put these two to bed,” Mark said, gathering the cards up. “Besides, I think we’ve lost enough for one night.”

“Come back to the midwest and you might actually have a chance at winning,” Kay yawned, blinking. “It doesn’t help that you only play when we’re all together.”

“True story.” I agreed. “Then I guess it’s time we all tucked in. Did Mark show you were the extra blankets are, in case you get cold?”

Mark nodded, not letting you all answer. “I showed them everything Sarah, from attic to linen closet. It’s not a problem.”

“Fine,” I yawned again, covering my mouth with the back of my hand and stretching. “Well, when we all wake up later, we were planning to have pancakes with berry topping…”

“FUCK!” Mark exclaimed, “I knew I forgot something.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“The orange juice. For mimosas. I suck.”

I shook my head. “Its not a big deal, Mark, we can go out and get some tomorrow morning.”

Mark shook his head. “No. Stop N’ Shop is open 24-hours/day, let me just run out and get it now so I don’t have to think about it tomorrow.”

“Haven’t you had a little too much to drink for that?”

“Nah, haven’t had anything since midnight. I’m fine for a three mile trip, and besides, you’re wiped. It won’t take more than twenty minutes, end-to-end. Just go to sleep. I’ll be there when you wake up in the morning.”

I hugged him. “Okay… if you insist. Come on all, let’s go to sleep before we can’t get up the stairs.”

Giving me a quick peck on the cheek and Kay an affectionate hug, Mark ran down the stairs and out the door to his car. He was a little buzzed, that much was obvious, but I wasn’t concerned that he’d make any stupid mistakes, so I merely sighed and led the way up to the bedrooms.

After opening up the sleeper sofa, double checking that fresh towels were out, and kissing you and Kaylie on the cheek goodnight, I went into my own bedroom, stripped down to nothing, and climbed under the covers.

With the lights out, my exhaustion faded and suddenly I was as awake as if it were midday. My mind raced as I thought about all of the wonderful surprises from the day; I rolled onto my side, facing the window out, and tried to will myself to calm and sleep.

I heard footsteps in the room after what felt like only a handful of minutes. “That was fast,” I said, not rolling over. “Feel better now that you’ve gotten everything you need?”

“I’ll feel better when that’s the case, yes,” said the shadow. It was you.

I sat up. “Everything okay?” I asked, unconcerned about the fact that I was naked from the chest up. You had seen it all before and as far as I was concerned, would be unaffected. “Do you need something? Water?”

In the shadows, I saw your eyes glow with the ambient light of the night outside. “I do need something, but water is not it. I need you. To be with you.”

I laughed, nervously. “Aww come on, you’ve had me. Not a whole hell of a lot to bother with once you’ve tried it once,” I mumbled, falling into old patterns, nervous, and excited all at the same time.

“Nothing about you is the same,” you replied, and I felt you moving closer to the bed, closer to me, eyes still flickering. “You are fantastic. You have confidence. You are healthy, sexy, strong, caring… I want to be with you now. Show you how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed. I can’t get you out of my head…”

You escort demetevler were at my side now, hand outreached, touching the side of my face and tracing the line of my chin. I sat up a little straighter… I could feel my excitement and desire for you rising.

“What about…” I trailed off.

“We have fifteen minutes,” you replied simply.

And you leaned down, one hand tight in my hair, the other bracing your weight, as you gently kissed my collar, from shoulder in toward my cleavage, then down my breast, slowly.

A small moan came from inside me, and I wrapped my arms around you, willing you to come closer. I could feel your erection against my leg as you slid across me, arranging yourself so that you had better access to my nipple. As your tongue flitted across its sensitive peak, your hand dis-entangled itself from my hair and snaked its way down to my clitoris, already throbbing and wet. Another moan, and I pressed myself against you closer.

Not intending to let you get away with everything, I rolled, taking you with me, so that I ended up straddled across you, legs on either side, you flat on your back. Leaning down, I kissed your lips softly, just barely grazing them with my tongue, then giving into the lust I felt and kissing you deeply as I allowed my breasts to caress your chest. When I raised my head, I heard you gasp and felt your rock hard erection against my ass.

Slowly, sensously, I slid down your body, until my mouth rested just above your cock. Unable to see your face, I paused, letting my hot breath excite you further and in moments I felt your hand reaching toward my face, in silent request for me to go further. And so I took your penis into my mouth, slowly at first, letting its juices and mine create perfect friction before beginning a slow, methodical bob up and down the shaft, the tip of my tongue swirling barber poles around the head to tease at the foreskin.

Your hips raised as I continued to blow you; I could feel your hands on my back and my breasts, grabbing, touching, crazy with desire. When I felt your testicles retract slightly against my chin, I stopped, knowing you were close and not wanting to ruin the fifteen minutes we’d managed to steal.

I slid back up your body, kissing you, and wordlessly we rolled again until you were back in control. You kissed my neck and brilliant, vivid, white desire coursed through me only to turn red hot as I felt you penetrate my body with your cock. I shook, a little pain gave way to pleasure as my tight pussy adjusted to accommodate you.

We danced then, a perfect rhythm of thrust and tightness, silently moving to our own internal music. I could feel myself starting to build, an orgasm coming unexpectedly, as I rarely come without some sort of clitoral stimulation. But rather than think about it, I let myself drift on the clouds of pleasure, ignoring the increasingly audible moans, sighs, and gasps coming from my mouth.

As my pleasure built, you turned your head to my breasts, giving them again your loving attention, grazing them gently with your teeth and swirling the nipple with your tongue.

And then it was a wash of color, of music, of light, and of sound as I felt myself orgasm against you. I think I screamed, but who knows, really. All I was sure of was how wonderful I felt with you, your body near mine, our scents mingling together. As my climax began to subside, I felt you coming against me, the thrusting slowing to that overwhelmed motionless that is forced by orgasm.

A moment later we were done, my head against your shoulder, our bodies sweaty, the dark silence cooling us. I kissed your chin. I head the front door slam, and felt you leave my side deftly. I followed you as you walked toward the bathroom and through it. As I closed the door between your bedroom and the bathroom, turning the light on as though I was brushing my teeth, I whispered to you.

“I love you. Thank you.”

And in reply I heard, “You deserve it, love. Thank you.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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