So Here I Am Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

The morning sun was filtering through the drapes of my bedroom window. Dust motes floated in a little dance, making art in the rays of light.

I had woken up early, as always; regardless of when I went to bed, I was awake at 4 a.m. Sometimes it was a little irritating, but I’d get up, have a cup of coffee, check emails, read for a bit, maybe clean the kitchen, then prepare to start my day.

Today I turned 58, and for the first time since I can remember, I took the day off for my birthday so I could spend it doing something that I wanted to do. My problem is, that I had no idea what I wanted to do. Taking stock of my life was proving depressing so I turned to an activity I haven’t engaged in since I left home six months ago; reading and watching porn, and masturbating until my dick died.

It was comfortably warm in my room and I was sitting up in my bed, coffee on the bedside table, covers pulled up to my waist, and my laptop open and ready to go. Multiple tabs were open, Pornhub on one tab, Chaturbate on another, LitE on a third. I was looking for something to fit my mood even though I just don’t know what my mood is right now.

I checked out my situation; towel, poppers, water-based lube, and the prostate massager, that I purchased a year ago, fully charged, sitting on the bed next to me.

Historically when I engaged in lengthy self-love sessions, I read lengthy romance-based stories like “Tied Up In Knotts”, and “Still You Want Me”, or “Wrangler Butts” and “Maverick Cattle Company”, then as my inner fires began to burn a bit brighter, I would engage my physical stimulation device and search out shorter, more explicit stories to fan those flames until I was skirting the borders of the land of ‘point of no return’. That’s the point where I click on an extremely debased, pornographic video, take matters into hand, and push myself, well… pull myself, over the edge.

This morning I was checking out my favorite authors on Literotica; Mrsgnomie, reddirtwriter, Zorse D, or any of the 215 others I follow. My dilemma is that I don’t know if I want quick and dirty, or a slow burn, to build and enjoy. As I scrolled through tags, looking for a story that would feed my arousal, I watched clips on Pornhub, searching for some kink that drew me in.

Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to change up the routine. Quick and nasty to start with, take a break and come back to do a slow build-up to another climax, and if the mood is still on me, have lunch, a drink, or two, and see about repeating the process. I clicked on a FraternityX video, lubed everything excessively, took a couple of deep hits of the poppers, inserted the 4″ massager, and set the vibration to a steady pulse, just shy of full power.

I lay back, enjoying the rush and the insistent pulsing on my prostate. I fleetingly considered why this has become something I enjoyed. My entire life I’ve been mostly a top. While I’ve enjoyed rimming, God I loved rimming, giving and receiving, and gentle fingering of my hole, bottoming had not been an activity I engaged in often. I can count the number of those times on one hand and still be able to hold a pencil. In the past year or two though, I’ve felt a need for more. Thus far I’ve been satisfied with a rare day like today, but the desire to take something more seemed to be steadily growing.

I don’t spend much time thinking about it as I watch the young guy on the screen being relentlessly fucked by his fraternity brothers. Guy after guy using him as a fleshlight, and in the way of these videos, each guy pulls out, shoots his hot cum on the dude’s asshole then shoves his cock back in to pound some more. I work myself into a near frenzy; bringing myself to the edge, just to stop, click another video and build up again. After 4 or 5 of these videos, I search for something else. I watch through a few videos of women happily submitting to BBC gangbangs; repeating the cycle of build-up, stop, click, build up….

Finally, I’m at the point where I’m desperate to satisfy my need for release and I land on a video of a couple on vacation, she’s plump, 50ish, and average. Just a regular woman you would pass on the street. But she’s on her hands and knees, being soundly fucked by a large black man sporting an 8–9-inch cock. You can hear her husband behind the camera asking her if she is enjoying her anniversary present, and she is simply moaning, crying out occasionally, gasping out expletives, her full breasts swaying back and forth, her thick ass shaking and jiggling while the stud behind her relentlessly thrusts into her. It is her wailing, sobbing orgasm that does it for me and I follow her into the ecstasy of full release and make an 1incredible mess of my hairy stomach and chest.

I lay there for a minute, relishing the afterglow and I realize that a towel isn’t going to get the job done. Reluctantly I get up and make my way to the shower.

My shower is quick, just enough to bahis şirketleri wash the cum out of my hair and to make sure my hole was clean as well. Yes, it did take me a few extra minutes to ensure my asshole was clean deep inside, only two knuckles deep though… sue me, it’s my birthday.

I walk naked into the kitchen and look around for something quick to snack on. As I rummage through the cupboards, settling on a bagel, I turn to my minibar. I smile at myself; barely unpacked anything in this temporary shit hole, but I invested in a good bed and a bar cart loaded with top-of-the-line liqueurs. My priorities are sideways…

Regardless, I drop a big round ice cube in a glass and pour a double measure of bourbon. Sucking down the untoasted, plain, bagel, I sip my whiskey and go back to my room. Getting on the bed I open the laptop and pull up LitE again. Laying back against the wall I start reading another story, sip my bourbon with my left hand, lube up my right, and pick up where I left off.

I’m halfway through a story of a twinky son who’s acting as a server for his father’s poker game. It’s getting to the good stuff where casual touches from the men, and leading comments from the dad, are turning more explicit. The son is flaunting himself more openly, and…. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

Are you fucking kidding me!? I grab a towel, wipe my hand off a bit, pick up my phone, and look at the caller ID. Fuck, it’s one of my managers. I roll my eyes and answer the phone. She starts babbling about an issue which I can do nothing about, but apparently couldn’t wait until tomorrow because it was so important. I get up and walk into the living room, listening to her drone on and on. Tucking the phone under my chin I fill up my glass again and take a deep swallow. All the time she’s talking I’m trying to figure out a polite way of ending the conversation so I can go back to stroking my, surprisingly still hard, cock.

I’m just about to cut her off when my doorbell rings. What. The. Actual. Fuck? It’s like the world didn’t get the memo that today was my birthday, and as such, I was entitled to unlimited alone time so I could try to leave friction burns on my cock without interruption.

Sighing heavily, I tell the nuisance on the phone that I have to go. I push end call, throw my phone on the credenza and take the two steps to the door. I take another deep swallow of my drink and pull the door open. It’s just a fraction of a second too late when I remember that I’m completely nude with a lube-slicked erection bobbing from my groin, showing all the world my glorious 6 inches.

So, here we are. I’m standing there, nude, one hand on the doorknob the other hand holding my glass of bourbon with my shiny little dick pointing straight at the pudgy little woman standing in my doorway. I stare dumbly at her cute little face, my mouth working but no sound coming out. I start to slowly close the door and her hand comes up, palm flat on the door, holding it open. Her gaze takes a deliberate stroll from my face, down my body, stopping for a moment on my tumescent cock, and then back up again to my face.

I look at the slightly flushed face of my Relator and start to utter an apology but she cuts me off. “I’m sorry to stop unannounced. But I think I’ve found the perfect house for you. Can I come in?” Without waiting for my response, she steps into the doorway, squeezing her plump little body past mine, I swear I felt her hand touch my dick and moved into the living room. I stupidly stare after her and slowly close the door. Turning in her direction I take in the sight of her taking in the sight of me.

She is blatantly staring at my erection and talking rapidly. “It’s a cute 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath farmhouse with a finished basement. It is an older house but in great shape, and it has a small barn and loafing shed, on 18 acres.” With that, she stopped, took a deep breath, licked her lips, and continued. “I’m sorry to come by like this, but I think it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for and I wanted you to see it before anyone else made an offer.”

She was blushing furiously now, her breath coming a little heavier. I thought for a moment and decided I didn’t care at this point. I was two, or three, drinks in. I was horny as fuck, although not so much now, and she has already seen me in my altogether, so….

“Joanne, I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting company, and, um… as you said, you did stop by unannounced. Would you, ah… like something to drink while I go get myself presentable?”

“No, no, I’m fine.” She blushed more, the red of her cute little round face setting off the chestnut of her hair splendidly. If you want, we could sit for a minute and go over the details. I’d love to take you today. Uh, well, I mean… take you out there today, if you have time.” She made a valiant effort in looking away, but it seemed that no matter how far down she tilted her head, her eyes stayed focused on my dick.

Okay, bahis firmaları I know I’m not something spectacular, I’m not ugly though. Just an average guy. Not bad to look at, but not much to write home about. Joanne however, seemed intently focused on me. She was very cute and extremely pleasant, that’s why I retained her to find me a place to buy. But I had a feeling that she didn’t have much going on in her life outside of work.

You would think the embarrassment of getting caught out like I was would do something to relieve my erection. But it seems that the voyeur/exhibitionist dynamic, not to mention the little blue pill I took earlier to facilitate my self-pleasure marathon was doing just the opposite. Not only was I hard, but I was also starting to leak, and that cute bob she had for a hairstyle, was making me crazy aroused.

“Why don’t we sit for a minute and you can tell me the details, then we can head out and take a look. “I gestured to the chair for her to sit, “Would you like something to drink while we talk?”

“Maybe some water, if you don’t mind?”

“No problem” I walked over to the kitchen, “I can get you something else if you want. I know it’s a little early but I do have some wine, or a cocktail if you’d rather. I grinned a bit while I was facing away from her, because yes. I deliberately emphasized the cock in cocktail.

“Oh, why the hell not. A glass of wine would be nice, red or white is fine.”

I redirected my steps and stopped at my little bar cart and grabbed a bottle of Merlot. I turned to Joanne and held the bottle at groin level, just in front and to the right of my still hard cock. “Is this one okay for you?” I smirked a little as she leaned forward a bit to get a better look at the label.

“Yes, that looks delicious. But I don’t want you to open a whole bottle just for me.”

“It’s really not a problem. It’s the least I can do for you since you put so much effort into looking for the right properties for me.” I turned back to the bar cart, got a corkscrew, and opened the bottle. Pulling a glass from the little channels under the cart I went back to Joanne. Stepping up close to her, I held the glass by my groin and poured the wine. “Here you go”.

Her hand was just inches from my, now softening, cock as she took the glass. I stepped back and leaned against the edge of the credenza, legs about shoulder-width apart, my balls hanging free, and in full view Joanne as she sipped her wine. “Tell me more about the property, is it fairly remote? I’m not sure if any neighbors close by would appreciate me traipsing around the place nude.”

“The closest neighbor is a distance away, you can see their roof from the front porch, but you’d need binoculars to see anything else.”

“That’s good. Although, when I think about it, I probably wouldn’t mind if they were watching me, or anyone else, walk around naked.”

“Anyone else?”

“Yep. I plan on having the place clothing optional. I’ll most certainly be nude and anyone visiting or staying there will be encouraged to do the same.”

She laughed. “Is that such a good idea? What happens if someone big like me stopped by for a visit? I’m sure the last thing you want is to see a big woman like me naked.”

I stood, and stepped over to her, just a foot away from her face I stopped and looked down. “Let me freshen that up for you,” I leaned forward and took the wine bottle from the chairside table and filled her glass. “I think you’d be cute as hell naked. I’d be crazy to not want to see that.”

She blushed and looked down.

“So, I can go throw some clothes on and we can head out, or we can visit some more and maybe see if I can convince you to give nudity a try.” I grinned at her and she blushed deeper. She looked around the room, her finger fiddling about the collar of the pink blouse she was wearing. She looked over at me, obviously nervous.

“You look so casual, so comfortable, and I do still have a glass of wine I haven’t finished.” She glanced around again and looked down at her feet. “Maybe we could just visit for a little bit more?”

“Cool! Feel free to make yourself more comfortable if you want. There are no judgments here. You Just be you, and do what you feel like doing.”

“May I use your bathroom?”

“Certainly. You go ahead and do what you need to do, and I’ll see about getting us a little snack.”

Joanne stepped into the bathroom and I went into the kitchen and rustle up some grub. It was maybe 10 minutes when I heard the bathroom door open. I had just put the finishing touches on the little charcuterie board I threw together and turned to see her standing in the doorway.

She was definitely cute as hell. 5’2″ give or take an inch, probably 185 lbs., and bright red from the tops of her voluptuous bare breasts to the top of her cute little head. I paused and just took in the sight of her. Pale skin, thick thighs in perfect proportion to her wide hips. Her tummy was kaçak bahis siteleri pleasingly plump, hanging a bit to obscure a clearer view of her pubic area. Her waist was surprisingly small considering the width of her hips and the heft of her full breasts.

“Wow, you are definitely a beautiful woman. Come, sit. Have a little snack and enjoy your wine and maybe tell me a bit more about yourself.” I set the board on the chairside table and pulled a stool over in front of the chair. She came over and sat on the edge of my recliner, her legs together. I sat opposite her on the stool, I put my feet on the footrest of the stool and allowed my knees to fall open. When she looked at me, she couldn’t avoid a direct view of my exposed groin.

“Go ahead and relax, sit back and be comfortable. I’m not going to do anything you don’t ask me to do, but I do enjoy looking at you and would love to see more of you.”

She took a big gulp of her wine, almost emptying the glass. “Really? Do you mean that? How much more did you want to see?

“Yes, I really mean that. You are a beautiful woman and very sexy. If I had my choice, I’d have you put your cute little feet up on the arms of that chair and show me everything you have.” I stood and stepped up to her again, leaning over her I grabbed the wine bottle again. This close I could feel her breath on my cock, which was once again, growing a little stiff. I filled her glass once more. Setting the bottle down, stepped back, and sat down as before.

“Remember, only what you want, only what you’re comfortable with. I won’t do anything you don’t ask me to do.”

“I feel so, so…exposed.”

“I think like feeling that way, don’t you?” She looked up and I could tell her eyes were a little glazed. “You do like the feeling, I can tell. You like the idea that someone can look at you, naked, with nothing to hide the real you, and that someone likes seeing the real you. Trust me, I understand completely. Do you think I was oblivious to you staring at my cock? I wasn’t. I enjoyed having you look at me. Hell, look at it now. It’s hard because you were looking at it, at me. It’s arousing to have someone look at you vulnerable and exposed.”

Her mouth was open slightly, her breath coming heavier and her glazed eyes were focused on my now hard cock. I saw her legs open slightly. “That’s good, you do what you want to do, I’ll sit right here and stare at you, naked, exposed, aroused.”

I sat and watch as Joanne scooted back in the chair, eyes locked on my cock, legs opening wider, one hand caressing the tops of her breasts, the other on her thigh, caressing the top of it lightly. I made a few encouraging noises as I watched her but no more than that. I said what I was going to say, the rest was up to her.

After a minute she lifted her right leg, placing her heel on the edge of the chair she let her knee fall to the side. I groaned quietly, and she must’ve heard it because she pulled her hand from her thigh and started pulling on her nipple.

I slowly put my hand on my erection and started stroking it softly, her sharp intake of breath told me she liked it. “I feel good like this. Should I lift up my other foot?”

“Mmmm hmmm, make it so” I squeezed my cock on a downstroke, making a bead of precum ooze out. Apparently, Joanne liked this too if the moan she let out was any indication. I stared at her, feet in the chair, her neatly trimmed pussy exposed and glistening. “mmmm…. You are so sexy.” I whispered.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Mmmm mmmm, very much so”

“You can get a closer look if you want to.” It didn’t take but a millisecond for me to end up on my knees in front of my recliner. Her shins to either side of my face and not a foot away was her beautiful pussy. The labia were smaller than many I’ve seen, but they were opening and I could see the moisture coating the inside of them. I inhaled deeply and relished the scent of her arousal.

“Is that close enough, or do you want to get closer?” She asked. I looked up over her heaving breasts into her eyes.

“I’d love a closer look, but this is on you. Get as close as you want me to be.”

She pushed her feet down on the edge of the chair, lifting her butt a little, and scooted forward. She was now mere inches away from my face and it was driving me crazy.

“I have nowhere to put my feet now”

I smiled at her, “You could always put them over my shoulders”

She moaned again, lifted her feet and put them over my shoulders, and used them to pull me forward. I was faced with her open labia. Her smaller lips were open and a drop of moisture dripped from the vaginal opening, down her perineum. I stuck my tongue out and licked that drop. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh, yes please!”

Needing no more encouragement I pressed my face into her and tasted her. Running my tongue along her lips, long slow licks from her perineum to her clit, still partially shrouded under its hood. I reached around her thighs and put my hands on her soft tummy. I massaged it and rubbed it as I ate her out. Occasionally gripping it and using it to pull her into my face harder as I swirled my tongue over and around her erect clit.

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