Sophie and The Professor

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This is a story about my friend Sophie. She was dating a professor at a local university and decided to surprise him one day at work. She doesn’t know that I am telling everyone about this, but it was way too hot to keep it to myself. Get prepared to be turned on, this is what happened.

First off, my friend Sophie is really hot. She is 5’5″, long brown hair, deep green eyes, great tits and an ass to die for. She had been seeing this professor, Jack for about three months when she decided to go and surprise him at his school. She dressed in a white top, short plaid skirt, stockings, the whole slutty school girl uniform. Heads were going to turn for sure.

She got to the school and sure enough heard were turning the minute she got out of her car. She stopped the first guy she seen going by to see if they knew where Jack would be.

“Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find Professor Jack Cockburn?” Sophie asked the dazed student as she twirled her hair around her finger.

“Umm, ah, I think he is in the cafeteria. Do you want me to show you where it is?”

Sophie could practically see the guy’s cock get hard as he answered her.

“That’s okay. I’m sure I can find it. Thank you.” Sophie winked, threw her hair over here shoulder, turned and walked away.

As Sophie walked to the cafeteria she was very aware of the stared from all the guys, even some of the girls. She found the cafeteria without a problem and started to look around for Jack. She spotted him sitting with some of this colleagues. Perfect she thought, this was going to be great.

Sophie sauntered up to Jack’s table. He didn’t see her approach but started looking around when he noticed the jaws dropping on all his co-workers. He was very surprised when he turned around and was looking at Sophie.

“Sophie, what are you doing her?” He was clearly was flustered and didn’t know what was going on and it just turned Sophie on more.

“I thought I would come over and say hi Professor Jack. I wanted to thank you for the lesson you gave me last night.” Sophie was again twirling her hair around her finger and putting a nice pout to her lips.

“Lesson? I am sorry I don’t know what you mean.” Jack was beginning to stand up, hoping this was going to be over soon. He could see the looks from the other guys at the table and knew he was going to have a lot beşiktaş escort to explain. “You don’t remember. It was about the Political Revolution or was it about the Sexual Revolution, now I don’t remember.” Sophie giggled, “It was very informative. I have a couple of questions on the sexual part. What did you mean when..”

“Um, Sophie, why don’t we go to my office and we can discuss this further.” Jack interrupted her. He turned to his colleagues, “Dru, Stewart, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Sure, Jack. We wouldn’t want to keep you from your important students now would we, Stewart?” Dru chuckled as Jack turned around shaking his head knowing he was going to have to explain this for sure now.

Sophie held out her hand and Jack took it waiting to see where she was going to lead him. She had never done anything like this before and it was turning him on. Sophie led her Professor out of the cafeteria and down an almost deserted hallway. When she found the door she was looking for she opened it up and led Jack inside. Jack was somewhat surprised to find out that she had led them into a broom closet, but was eagerly awaiting what was coming next. Sophie closed the door and locked it. She started to back Jack up in the small room.

“I really want to thank you for our discussion last night Professor. It taught me a lot.” Sophie kept backing Jack up until he hit the wall.

“Oh really, what did you learn Miss Sophie.”

“Well, why don’t you just wait and see Professor.” Sophie placed her lips on Jack’s. While she started to kiss him she placed her hands on his chest. She traced his lips with her tongue only to hear him moan softly. She smiled to herself as she started to suck on his top lip, then this bottom lip.

She continued to rub his chest while she started to kiss her way down his neck. She un-tucked his shirt and took it off of him in one quick motion.

“MMM, Sophie you are getting me very excited.” Jack said through clenched teeth.

“I know Professor. I can see how excited you are feeling. You are getting very hard.” Sophie couldn’t help but gently rub the front of his pants and again she heard his quick intake of breath.

Sophie started kissing all over his chest paying close attention to his sensitive nipples. She started to flick her tongue beşyol escort over one and then the other. When her mouth was on one she was pinching the other one.

“Oh Sophie, you are so fucking hot.”

Sophie once again started to kiss her way down Jack’s body. A kiss here, a nibble there, all over making him harder and harder.

“Professor, your pants seem a little tight. Can I help you out of them?” All Sophie had to do was look up into Jack’s eyes for the answer.

She quickly undid his belt, button and zipper. Jack lifted his hip a bit to make the pulling off of his pants easier. Once they were off his rock hard cock stood straight out. Sophie wanted him so bad but she wanted to make him wait. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and gave it a squeeze. Jack started moaning again.

“Oh yes baby.”

Sophie took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked hard. Jack started to breath heavy with the pleasure of having her mouth on him. Sophie stopped sucking on his cock long enough to blow softly on it. She knew she was driving Jack mad now. She couldn’t stand it any longer, she had to have him in her mouth, all of him. She took all of his cock in right to the base. She began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. She could feel herself getting really wet. Jack took charge of the moment and grabbed Sophie’s hair and began thrusting his hips.

“Oh yes, take it all baby, it feels so good to have my cock in your hot mouth.”

Sophie was getting very hot while she was having her face fucked by Jack’s amazing cock. She reached down and pulled her panties aside so that she could play with her wet pussy. Sophie was so wet. She easily put two fingers in her pussy and let her thumb rub circles over her clit. Now she was feeling very hot, finger fucking herself while having Jack’s cock fill her mouth.

“Yes, baby play with yourself for me. You must be so wet, you are so fucking amazing.”

“Do you want to taste Professor?” Sophie raised her hand to Jack’s mouth. When he opened his mouth she slipped her fingers inside his mouth. She started to get wet all over again as he sucked all her juices off her fingers.

Sophie squeezed her tit, her nipples were so hard they hurt. She tore off her top.

“Oh Sophie, no bra. You really know what I like.” beykent escort Jack grabbed his cock and rand the head around Sophie’s nipples. Taking the hint Sophie wrapped her tits around Jack’s still hard cock.

“Professor Jack, I know how much you love fucking my tits. Your cock feels so good and hot between them.” Sophie looked up into Jack’s eyes. She started to flick her tongue over the head of his cock when it came near her mouth.

“I am glad you like this Professor, but I really need to have that cock in my pussy.” Sophie stood up and turned her back to Jack.

“Oh yeah, let me raise this pretty little skirt of yours, Miss Sophie. Oh Sophie, you tiger, what a tiny thong that is. I love it.”

“I knew you would like them Professor. I am so wet for you, please fill me with that great cock of yours.”

Sophie felt Jack bury his cock deep inside her pussy. Sophie couldn’t help bute to moan with pure pleasure. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any bettter Jack started to play with her asshole. He gently put pressure on her tight hole until at last he was insider her ass too.

“Fuck, Professor. Fill my holes. You are making me so wet.” Sophie was pleased with the attention her ass and pussy was getting. She was feeling so hot and Jack’s assault on her pussy was bringing her so close to orgasm. Of course, being in a broom closet in a busy university added to the thrill of it all. Jack had her hips now and was pounding into her.

“Yes, please, harder, faster, harder.”

“MMM, Sophie, I am going to cum all over your gorgeous ass.”

“Yes please, Professor. I want your hot cum all over my ass cheeks.”

Jack started thrusting harder and deeper. “Here it comes baby. All my cum just for your sweet ass.”

“Oh yes, I am cumming too.” Sophie moaned through clenched teeth, the power of her orgasm shaking her whole body.

Jack felt Sophie’s pussy muscles tighten on his cock. He quickly removed his cock from her wonderfully wet pussy and shot his load all over her beautiful ass. Sophie could feel all of Jack’s cum squirt over her ass. It felt so good to have been able to do this for him…and her.

“Oh Sophie that was amazing.” Jack wrapped his arms around Sophie and leaned over her and started kissing her back.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Professor. It was my pleasure.” Sophie smiled again, please with herself.

Once they had dressed, Sophie unlocked the closet door and peeked outside into the hallway. Once back in the hallway they gave each other a deep kiss and walked back towards the cafeteria.

So that is the story. No one was ever supposed to know about Sophie and Jack’s little meeting. Oh well, I never could keep a secret.

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