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The people in the story are adults over the age of 18


I was out shopping for a new tv for my entertainment room, the old one died on me the other day. I drove down to the electronics store to see what they had in stock. I started to look around and saw a nice 60 inch hd tv that would work well in my entertainment room. After checking out the specs on I stood and there was an absolutely sexy bbw asking if I needed any help.

She was quite large chested and I noticed that her shirt couldn’t be buttoned up all the way. The stores shirts that they provide are polo shirts that only have three buttons at the top. She could tell that I thought she was jaw dropping sexy, she slightly bent over to help show me how to adjust the tv and I was able to see a bit more of her cleavage and a bright colored bra strap.

I saw her eyes glance over me too, she noticed that the bulge in my shorts shifting a little. She then shifted around to where her ass was a mere inch in front of my ever hardening cock. The woman grins as she knows how bad I want to grind her right there in the store. She stands up and she trips as she stands over the tv stand, I reach out and grab her with my arm around her side and my hand on her hip.

She thanks me and says that she has the same tv at her house and said it is amazing. I started to flirt with her gebze escort a little bit more noticing that she has full beautiful lips and sexy eyes, long curly blond hair. I start to think about how good of fuck she would be and how much I want to get with her. As I continue flirting with her she starts to write something on a notepad, I think it a ticket to pick it up at the counter so I could have it ready to take to my vehicle. She hands me the note and it wasn’t the ticket at all it was a note telling me to meet her back here at the end of her shift. Just then I feel my cock get harder knowing I get to see her again. I smile and tell her yes!

Several hours later…

I go home and shower and change into something better. I show up to her work excited to see her again. She comes walking out of the electronics store with a big smile on her face as she sees me. I open the door to my vehicle and let her in. I walk around to the driver’s side and get in. as soon as I start to buckle my seatbelt I feel her hand rubbing my leg and making her way up to my cock. I start to say something, she tells me to be quiet and enjoy it.

She tells me to start driving. I start to drive and she slides her hand directly over my cock, she gets a smile on her face as she feels how hard it is. She keeps rubbing it over my clothes göztepe escort knowing how much I like it. I have to come to stop because It feels really good, luckily I stopped in an area where no one is around. I unbuckle my seatbelt and she starts to unzip my pants as I reach over and grab her big tits.

I am a big fan of bbws that have big tits and she can tell by the look on my face. She stops rubbing my cock and pulls her shirt off exposing her brightly colored bra and her sexy big body. She says want to see more, I shake my head and she lifts her bra up, and I fuck you not she had the biggest nipples and best looking areolas I have ever seen. I couldn’t help myself I grabbed her and put my seat back and had her come climb on top of me so I would suck on her big tits.

She climbed on top of me and could feel my cock press up against her body. She slowly glides her nipples that are becoming rock hard with every inch she is going up my body. My hands are rubbing up and down her beautiful body waiting for her luscious tits to get to my mouth. She tells me to suck on them it makes her excited and start getting wet. I start sucking on one nipple and tease the other one with my fingers. I bury my face in her breasts and continue to suck on the other nipple. I love the feeling of her soft body up against mine. She halkalı escort lets out “yes, Yess” with each tongue tease I give her. She cant take it anymore and wants me in her.

She opens the door and climbs out and pulls down her pants showing me her sexy panties. I quickly pull my pants and boxers down as my cock is still rock hard and throbbing to be inside her. She pulls her panties down and throws them across me onto the passenger seat and climbs back on me. She teases my cock by barely placing the tip of it in and out.

I grab her hips and thrust my cock into her. I love that she left her pussy hairy I feels better to me. I slide right into her because of how wet she is, the feeling of me inside her sends a great amount of pleasure through her body and starts to ride me as fast as she can.

I keep thrusting and thrusting and I am about to cum, I let her know and she tells me to cum in her she loves the feeling. I start to cum as I keep thrusting in her and love the feeling my cum all over in her. As soon as I came in she yells out “fuck yes baby”, and she cums all over my already cum covered cock. Her body is shaking at how good she came, but she wasn’t done.

She climbed off of me with cum dripping out of her pussy onto her leg and climbed back over into the passage seat and started to suck my cum covered cock moaning each time she goes down. Swallowing up all the cum off my cock while I fondle her amazing tits.

After she is done sucking my cum covered cock she grabs her panties and slides them on enjoying her cum filled cunt. I start to drive again as she directs me to her house to continue on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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