Step Sis

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My Father married for the second time after the death of my mother. I had not liked it so my father as put me in a boarding school. After a few years of studying in one of his visits my father had come along with my sister – sorry Step Sister. She was still a baby and I was nearly 11. That was the first an last time I saw her.

Now I am 30 running a successful business and was also engaged to my boss’s very pretty, sexy daughter, Namita.

Few days back I received a call from my step-mom informing me about the untimely death of my father. She told me that I had to meet them due to some paper works. Therefore I decided to go and see them.

I few to Ahmedabad. In the airport I was received by my step-mom. She had become weak and really tired and I felt sorry for her. I reached my father’s bungalow. It was really big and showed its richness. My father had really made good money and had built a real big, rich mansion with 7-star facilities.

I was escorted to my room. I took a quick wash and decided to talk a walk around. It was a beautifully furnished place. As I walked around I saw a huge family photo with my late father, step-mom and step-sister. I called one of the servant’s and enquired about my step-sis and was informed that she was nearly 20 now and was out and would be back any moment.

Very soon my step-mom asked for me and I went to meet her. Even though I had never liked her I had all the respect as she had taken care of my father and also she was old. She explained to me about my father’s death. She told me that my signatures were required as I was the son of the family for the property, share and other financial transaction and transfers. She also praised me for doing well in my business. She told me to rest for the day and informed me that the lawyer would be there tomorrow morning to complete the required formalities. I agreed and took her blessings and went back to my room.

I took of my t-shirt and jeans and pulled my undies. My 6″ cock looked pale. I pulled my Jockey boxer shorts and put them on. I switched on some music and asked one of the servants to get me a drink. The servant came in with trolley with scotch and vodka, ice and some soda and water. I being a vodka lover made a drink for myself. I saw the servant glaring at me. I was really happy that my physic enamored the male servant. I was around 5. 8, fair, hairy chest, broad shoulders and a muscular body. When I looked back at the servant he smiled at me and walked out.

I relaxed on the sofa, the music was on. I slowly sipped my vodka and started to think about Namita. Slowly my COCK began to grow and my pre-cum started to flow wetting my shorts. I was least bothered as I was alone and there was no one around. I was suddenly woken up by a young female voice, “Hi”. I opened my eyes to see my step-sis standing right in front of me.

Sushma is 8 years younger than I. Sushma is a slight woman in her mid forties, about 5′-3″, very fair, with oval face, long brown hair and brown eyes. She was chewing a gum, and her red lipstick stood out.

I regained my composure, “I Sushma, how are you” I asked. She gave me a naughty smile as she had see me in a compromising position.

“I am ok, How are you? Hope you are comfortable?” she asked as eyes traveled across my body.

“Oh Yeah” I said

She is wearing a thin white shirt and her lacy back bra was clearly visible. Her tits were rather big but firm. She was wearing a leather skirt, not very short but good enough to expose her nice, smooth legs and thighs.

“Well, won’t you offer you sisy a drink” she asked as I was appreciating her beauty.

“Oh Yeah” I said and made a drink for her. She came forward and illegal bahis bent to pick her glass. The top halves of her lovely breasts were clearly visible. My COCK was now really hard and creating a tent… I was trying to push it back. She was watching all this through the corner of her eyes and sipping her drink.

We talked about many subjects but all through I was totally amazed by my step-sis. She looked gorgeous, sexy, and bitchy and like a real sex-machine. Therefore I decided not un-necessarily control myself and therefore stopped controlling my ragging COCK.

During the conversation she made it very clear that she was not ready to accept me as her bother. She told me that we were just friends. I agreed with her opinion or rather I was very happy too agree with her.

As she saw me twisting my neck a bit she asked me whether I wanted a massage and I nodded. She came from behind and started to massage my shoulders and neck. Her hands were really soft and warm.

I closed me eyes and relaxed as Sushma mashed my shoulders and neck… slowly she ran her fingers over my chest teasing my nipples which became hard and erect… she played there for a while, “Are you married?” she asked and I said “No, not yet” I did not tell her about my engagement with Namita.

After some time she again questioned,

“Do you have ladies working in your office?” My eyes were still closed as I nodded affirmatively.

“Are there any pretty ones?” she asked again. I smiled and nodded, “Yeah… a few… really pretty” I said.

“ohh… can I ask you something very personal?” she asked and I nodded

“Do you have any affair any of these girls?” she asked and I said “No”… she felt a bit happy with my answer and continued to massage

“Do you know something… you are much prettier and sexier then the gals in my office” I said still my eyes closed… I could feel her hands shivering a bit… I am sure she was blushing “Oh… thanks” she said. She was still massaging my neck and shoulders and also running her finger tips across my chest… due to this my COCK grew to it full length and was fully up and erect… nearly bursting out of my shorts… I could feel the pre-cum wetting my COCK and shorts… am I am sure Sushma had noticed this.

“Well… looks like you are creating a major problem for me” I said pressing my hard-on… I could feel more pre-cum flow and wet my shorts

“I am sorry for this” she said and withdrew herself from massaging and started to walk out of my room. I sprang out of the sofa and caught her hands, “Hey… I am sorry I did not mean to offend you” I said… she looked at me and blushed, “No you have not offended… I was feeling a bit uneasy too” She said still blushing

I gave a good look at her and could see her erect nipples had made a clear mark on her shirt and I was sure she was creaming between her legs.

I slowly put my hands around her slim waist, “Hey do not worry… this happens… ” and hugged her… even she put her hand around my waist and hugged me… her soft tits pressed and I could feel her perky nipples…

“ooohhhhhh… ” She withdrew… and moved a step back… I was taken aback… she was looking at her skirt and wiping it with her hand, “Your… ” She said an stopped and was blushing… it was my PRE-CUM wet shorts… which has stained her skirt… “Hey I am sorry” I said and she nodded and was still blushing.

I noticed that she’s breathing deeply and averting her eyes from looking at me. It appeared that she is having trouble dealing with the new stimulation between us. I did not want to stand in front of her so I walked back the sofa…

“It looks pretty wet & stained and I can’t illegal bahis siteleri walk out like this” she said and I nodded… Without a second though Sushma pulled down her skirt… and tore of her shirt and threw it at me. I was stunned by her action. She was now standing in front of me in her tight, lacy black bra and a pink lacy panty… I could see her pubic hair, as her panty was pretty wet. She walked towards me… stood right in front of me… her huge tits was pushing against her bra… she slowly undid her bra and it feel on my lap… her lovely tits with pinkish, perky nipples was fully free… She kneaded and massaged her melons and was pinching her erect nipples…

I grabbed her by her ass… and kissed her lovely belly-button… “mmmmmm… ” She moaned… I stood up and our lips met… her went round my neck… her tits crushed against chest… my erect manhood was pressing against belly…

As we kissed her left hand moved towards my COCK… she stated to rub it… and my pre-cum was flowing limitlessly… she broke away from my kiss… and kneeled before me… pulled my shorts…

My Erect, Sticky COCK sprang out… her finger encircled my manhood and she began to move back & forth… my pre-cum was flowing endlessly, her fingers got wet… she gave me a hungry look… she like a pussycat licked her pre-cum coated fingers and slowly inserted my COCK into her sweet mouth…

It was like heaven… my COCK was moving in & out of Sushma’s hot mouth and her tongue was moving like a serpent all over my COCK… she pushed me on the sofa… and started to lick my balls… my COCK and Balls were drenched with her saliva and my pre-cum…

After nearly 20 minutes of eating & licking my COCK… she came up… licking my navel, nipples and planted a deep kiss on my lips… her lips were sticky and her mouth salty with my pre-cum…

She was still in her panty… which was now really soaked with her juices… I touched her pussy and she moaned, “Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh… ” and I slowly slide her panty… She sat on the sofa… spread her legs inviting me to eat her up…

I started by kissing she soft, smooth thighs… I licked her juices which had over flown from her Pussy… Her pussy lips were swollen and was quivering with anticipation… I touched them and let out a moan… I could see her biting her lips…

I lifted her and took her to the bed… I lay her down on her back and she spread her legs wide. I maneuvered in so I was face to face with her wonderful cunt. As I started licking up and down, it opened invitingly. She tasted great, she smelled so clean and fresh; but I could also smell the aroma of her pussy juice; she was dripping wet and quivering. As I ate her pussy she shivered and moaned loudly and I sensed that she was about to come I opened my mouth to catch her CUM… she was pulling the bed-sheet and with aloud shout… she poured her nectar… I tried to catch up as much as possible and licked her pussy and thighs clean…

I slide up to her face and kissed her lips… she inserted her tongue into my mouth and licked my lips to taste her CUM… I was now fingering her pussy… and her hands were around my COCK…

“I want you to fuck you Shushma, I want you to fuck your really Good, Hard and Deep”, I said… I asked her to wrap her legs around my waist and looked at her. I placed my Erect COCK in front of her lovely pussy and started to insert… she gave a moan… I teased her and very soon my full erect length was… deep inside her, I began to fuck her, slowly at first then deeper, harder, faster. She was crying out “fuck me, fuck me hard”, I was ramming her pussy with full force… and very soon with a loud cry canlı bahis siteleri she came for the second time… my COCK was still HARD…

I asked her to eat my COCK again… I felt my prick twitch and knew I was going to come, I told her, she stopped sucking and leaned backwards, I stood up in front of her wanking myself, my first jet of spunk hit her on the face, she had her mouth open and some of it went inside, the rest I shot over her tits, there was so much, it seemed to go on and on. I fell backwards onto the bed, Sushma got up from the bed and she pressed her spunk covered tits into my chest, she took hold of my still throbbing prick, spunk was still oozing out and she kissed me – a deep passionate kiss!

She soon vanished into the bathroom and I lay on the bed fully exhausted… very soon she came to me and told me that she is going o her room and walked away. I took my sticky, exhausted body the bath room and took a shower… went back and finished my drink…

But Sushma still was Hungry… for my COCK… it was around 11. 30 in the night I heard the door open and saw Sushma standing there.

She walked to me and said, “Come with me?”

“Where Sushma?” I asked but she remained silent and took me hand pulled me along

“Come with me please” She led me upstairs into her bedroom. She gently pushed him on the bed.

She unbuttoned her night gown, and deftly pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor. She had nothing underneath except her panty… her body was looking fresh and ready to be eaten.

My hands went lower, tracing her hips and the small of her back, sliding underneath the elastic of her underwear. He slid her panty down, laying her on the bed. Gently pulling them off of her, he tossed the rest of the clothes into the pile. My fingers traced around her areola. And she could feel as the nipple started to harden. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the feelings

“Roll over. ” I said

She wasn’t sure why he was asking her to do this, she was already aroused, she could feel her wetness already oozing from her thighs. “Why?”

“Just Do it?”

She turned over, letting her weight fall onto her hands and knees. My fingers probed her wetness once more and slowly I started to concentrate on her tight, pink, ass-hole!!

It was unexpected, but she felt her pussy begin to gush even more.

“I am going to go in… you lovely Ass-Hole” I said

“Go in… but… ” I stopped her say anything… “So not worry… I will take care… ” I said

“Oh god! Please be careful… it is still untouched… please… ” She kept saying

It was so tight, so I pulled some cream from the dressing table and applied it around her lovely ass-hole… and started to push further. “Are you doing Ok?” I asked her

“Ye-yes. I-I’m fine. ” She hissed.

“You’re so good baby, so very good. ”

I knew she was getting a little jittery therefore I began to rub her clit, and she went wild, and at the same time I was shoving my cock further into her rear.

Very Soon I was inside… and felt like heaven… I began to ass-fuck… Out and in, out and in; again, and again and finally…

“Oh God!” I signed and Shushma was moaning and crying loudly and seconds later I filled her Ass-hole with my CUM

I slowly pulled my lame COCK out… and she collapsed on the bed… some of my CUM oozed out of her Ass-hole wetting the sheets… I slowly bent and kissed her lips and she responded… we hugged each other and rested for a few minutes…

Nearly after 10 minutes… she got up and went back to the bathroom to clean herself… I slowly pulled my cloths and went downstairs… back to my bed

I extended my stay by another two days… helped my Step-Mom in her paper work and also helped my Step-Sis… in her Sexual work and fantasies… and few back… I could feel that my COCK was still hard… for my STEP-SIS…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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