Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 01

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Credit to Indian_fun story line “Still the daughter-in-Law”

The series needed a new life because of the fan’s likings and since Indian_fun has decided to stop writing Erotica and I have obtained the necessary permission to take over the story and give new dimension to it.

Please read the previous 2 segments at Indian_fun submissions to know the characters and background.


Raja,18 is engaged to marry his aunt Sadhana,30 and divorced. He has incestuous sessions with his mother Rukmini,37 behind his Grandma’s eyes and has knocked up his would-be mother-in-law Soumini,47 who lusts after Raja as does her daughter.


It was midnight and my mother looked radiant with the vermilion on her head and cum on her face, huge milky white boobs hanging out till her navel with pink 1-inch nipples sticking out obscenely.

She looked so divine in this condition as she sat near my feet and took my blessings as a newly wed wife does in India. I took my mother’s dainty little hands and brought it to my big rod that was still standing proud and wide in all its 9-inch glory.

“Does it ever go down Beta(son)?” my mother was in awe of my cock and tugged at my fist sized balls that looked pendulous under my virile monster that keeps on gurgling out wads of cum as there’s no end to the supply.

“Rukmini, my mother-wife, please come to bed and finish what you started” saying this I picked her up in one motion and made her kneel on the bed with her glorious behind facing my burning manhood.

“It’s time to try other poses mother and I will take all your holes by the time tonight is over”

She looked shy as she was made to kneel, and she hid her face in the warm blanket as I started to pillage her treasure, a dripping cunt, with long hard strokes that brought her over in a few minutes and she thrashed around until her climax got over.

I wasn’t finished, and I kept pushing into her for all I was worth. After half an hour of ruining her pussy, I climbed onto her as a man would ride his donkey and put loads of coconut oil on her puckered asshole that looked so small and quivering in anticipation of my wide cock.

She was faintly aware of what I was trying to do and tried to wiggle out, but I hold her hips with my strong thighs and entered her ass in one full stroke. She cried out with such violence that it would have brought the dead awake, but I kept pistoling in and out with full stroked and after some time, her cries turned into groans of approval and then lustful moans encouraging me to thrust harder and harder until I couldn’t control anymore.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH … take my hot cum in your virgin ass MOOOMMMM”

“SSSSSHHHHHH, I am your Rukmini, your sex slave to please… your cum recipient… don’t call me Mother and shame me more, my lover boy.”

We had 2 more hot fuck sessions and continued kissing and licking each other like any other newly wed on their first night.

By the time I was done with her, she was buckling in her knees and her eyes were glazed from all the hot sex.

“Raja, my baby, my hubby, my age can’t match the intensity of your thrusts and the potency of your cum. My pussy is so sore that I don’t think I can even pee for a few days without pain. I feel I would need the help of your aunty Sadhana to keep you satiated” she winked at me, giving her hearty approval to the match at last.

“Raja beta, please limit your horniness or else I will die before I can have your baby in my womb. I will become a ghost and haunt you if you don’t give me a child” she was obviously having a good time making fun of me, but seeing her happiness made me a MAN finally.

Before dawn, I moved back to my own room and we kept to our pretences as Grandma woke up, happy & oblivious to all the rotten incest in her house.

After morning tea served by mother, I was in the study room when the bell rang, and Grandma called me out saying there’s an urgent problem in Sadhana’s house and they need me over.

I grudgingly went over, as I was still sleepy and tired from all the screwing with Ma.

As I knocked at her door, I heard “Raja beta, come in … the door is open.” As I entered I could see Soumini, my mother-in-law in a black and gold transparent saree and a deep cut blouse which displayed her glorious motherly boobs. Her saree was tucked in low in her waist and her flat belly was glowing with a sheen of sweat. She had put gold bangles and the contrast on her lily-white arms was strikingly beautiful. Her each part oozed with lust and she looked like she was made to tie inside the house like a cow and fuck her nonstop throughout the night.

She stepped slowly towards me, swaying her wide waist and her boobs were following her waist from side to side, clearly visible that she didn’t wear any bra beneath her translucent black blouse. She neared me and kissed my chest, whispering in my ear

“I called you Raja Beta… Sadhana has gone on an office trip and won’t be back until canlı bahis late night. I told your grandma and mother that there is a broken water pipe and water is leaking everywhere in the bedroom.

Beta, you are the only plumber that can repair my leaking pipe with your big fixing rod & I would love to have your thick pole clear out any blocking residue deep in my wet leaking pipe”. She dropped her saree from her shoulder and I clearly saw two humongous globes of milk staring at me with excited nipples stretching the blouse material at the centre.

She looked so obscene and petite that my cock sprang up under my shorts and she smiled on seeing my eagerness to push into her long-dried tubes.

Soumini told me that she has not hit menopause yet and the only reason she hasn’t had a baby after Sadhana was because she had developed a condition in her pussy walls due to which they are wide and deep now, and his husband’s dick wasn’t thick or long enough to give any kind of friction. This happened after child birth and her husband died a year later.

She had an insatiable appetite and used to enter all kinds of big vegetables in her pussy to satisfy her lust and thought she will never feel a man’s cock in her until that day when I had accidently fucked her, thinking she was Sadhana.

She said she didn’t stop me when she saw my engorged member and it looked like finally she can have her life long wish to feel another dick in her. After that night she can’t rest, until she has more of the same and devised this plan to bring me over when she was alone in the house.

I said today I feel like having your ass and I told her I liked my cum holes hairless and squeaky clean. She told me to wait in the bedroom and went inside the loo to get ready.

She came out in a few minutes with only her blouse on her and hid her face in her petite hands.

As I approached with my raging hardon a foot away from me, she put her small palm in my shorts and started rubbing me mushroom head. As she was using her two hands, her big swaying boobs were pressed from both sides and rose up almost to her neck and I could see small beads of sweat on them looking like pearls floating in a milky ocean. It was enough to bring me over the edge and I turned into a bull in heat.

“Raja my son! Please be gentle with me as I am not used to doing such thing in my ass.”

I turned her over and made her bend down on a study table with her face pressed on the hard-solid wood. I opened her legs about 2 feet for balance and stood like a maniac dog between her parted legs. I put the mouth of oil bottle near her ass hole and dropped a fistful of oil on her ass. Then I rubbed her ass hole with my fingers and lubricated her rosebud properly. She kept silent and just stayed bent over like that only. Some oil slipped down to her cunt also and one drop of oil disappeared in her slit of cunt. Soumini shivered when it reached her cunt but did not do anything or say anything. I put some oil in my palm and put it on my cock. I lubricated it properly as I knew from my experience that having a big cock like mine in ass is difficult for any lady.

As both my cock and her ass were fully drenched in oil, so the tip of my cock eased its way in her ass. Her opening stretched, and the pulsating mushroom head of my cock started extending her hole and disappearing in her ass. Soumini felt the shrieking pain. Taking such a monster in ass was not easy for her and she was trying to cover her mouth to stifle her cries. I wanted to have it rough with her & gave a powerful stroke. More than half of my cock disappeared in her ass. She gave a painful cry but before it that she could signal me to stop I gave another jerk and I was fully in her. All my cock was now in her ass and my front side and pubic bone touched her hips. As my waist touched her buttocks, she knew that I was all the way in her now.

I was whole cock in her ass and kept standing still for some minutes. But the heat of her ass was becoming unbearable for me and involuntarily I started giving in and out strokes with my cock.

“FAAASSSTTTTTERRRR Raja Beta, OOOOHHHHHHH Fuck MEEEE … OOOOOOHHHHH my son… What have you done to me … I have become a sex musing horny slave for your body… OOOOOHHHHHHH … Don’t ever stop assaulting my poor old holes ever… I want to die with your sperms inside me… FFFFFUUUCCKKKKK MEEE like a stallion that you are … Your cock is like a cum candy that I would always suck Raja Beta AAAHHH… I will feed you with my own milk and drink your warm cum every night my loving son … Keep ploughing into my holes like I am your farm and you are tilling me”

Hearing her dirty words and lewd imagination, I increased my speed until my hips were blazing away at the rate of knots.

She held the pillow in both her hands and had put her head on it, to keep the balance and to keep her cries from getting out of control. I was withdrawing my cock almost completely out till only the tip was in and then was shoving it in bahis siteleri all the way inside, full speed. My orgasm was nearing up and it involuntarily increased my speed. Her body was shaking with my thrusts and she was wiggling.

I groaned and spoke,’ Oh mommy! I am nearing, and I may not stand long”. She had dug her nails in my thigh on hearing Mommy and that tipped me over. Suddenly as if some volcano broke out in me and hot lava started coming out. I must have cum about half a liter in her rectum. And I collapsed on her back, with my cock fully wedged in her ass and my front side fully clenched with her buttocks.

We were covered in sweat and her blouse was torn halfway from the sides with my wild tugging at her breasts as I pillaged her. Her tits were flowing out and I could see red marks on them that I had made. She looked so lustful like a prostitute in that sorry state that my cock immediately went hard.

“Like daughter, like mother” she said and smiled at seeing my mast and she sat up and spread her milky white thighs invitingly to show me her bald dripping wet pussy and winked at me.

I pulled her by her hair and put both my arms under her knees and that kept her legs wide apart and in folded position. That gave the best position of penetration for cock.

I took around 10 breaks to bring cold milk from the fridge to hydrate us. I had added Viagra to the milk for myself so that my ravishing cock can keep up with the lusty woman for the next few hours.

As I kept fucking her late into the evening, I saw the lights dimming outside.

Soumini was enjoying hours of unrestrained sex and kept on thrashing and babbling loudly. She brought down her hand to her cunt and felt my pulsating cock going in and out of her cunt. Then with her long nails she started scratching the base of my cock. She was gently scratching my cock, and this was bringing me to the brink of explosion.

I wasn’t finished with her, but I could sense that it was getting dark outside and Sadhana aunty could be back anytime now.

I could imagine Soumini was way sexier than mother, although I have love for both of them.

I wiped my dick on Soumini’s lips and shook the last drops of cum on her dry tongue. She was not willing to let me go so soon. The bitch was indeed insatiable and given a chance would suck me dry of all my cum.

In her heat she had dug her nails at so many places that I was semi bloody near my waist and butt.

I had a quick shower and she applied balm on the bruised areas and as I was getting dressed, the bell rang!!

We had no time to kiss good bye and she rushed to open the door while I slipped through the back and waited in the dark, as I had no chance to go out now, without bumping into Sadhana.

I could see her come up into the hall, have a word with her mother and go straight to the bathroom and as she disappeared, I rushed out at that moment through the main door into the street.

It was a lucky escape!!

Next Day

It was early morning and as I came out of the room, I saw mother and Sadhana talking with tea in their hands.

As I came near, my mother blurted out “Sadhana Beti(daughter) how is the plumbing issue now? I hope no more leakage issue?”

Sadhana gave me a puzzled look and was going to say something when I gestured her to keep silent and nod yes.

I was in a big bind and it seemed to me that mother and Sadhana doubted me and I would need to give away some data to clear their minds.

I took Sadhana to my room and sat her to explain things.

She looked quizzically at me, as I brought my hands to hers’ and gave a reassuring smile.

It took a lot of cajoling to stop her cries after I had told her of the developing situation with her mother. She felt slighted as a lady that I had so much lewd attraction towards an older lady and could do so many unimaginable things with my own mother-in-law.

“Am I not enough for you, you horny mother fucking bastard? I always told you to have me, but you never showed any interest, rather you had the hots for my mother!!”

I know my mother is very attractive and sexy, but she’s 47 years old and she has huge milky boobs like a pregnant cow. How can you get attracted to her and not to a young sexy girl like me?”

She was beyond any convincing & stormed out of my room, straight to her home.

I knew then, this has gone beyond my worst nightmare and if Grandma comes to know of this, my marriage would be called off, and I will be thrown out of the house, along with my penniless mother.

I was at my wits end…

I kept pacing my room and didn’t eat much that afternoon and didn’t talk to mother either. I had to solve this dreadful scenario before it gets out of hand and I had to come up with a convincing compromise for all.

As I was lying on my bed, I got a message on my cell.

It was from Sadhana! “I need to talk to you and my mom now”

I gathered my strength and hoped for the storm to have bahis şirketleri blown over as I entered their house and rang their bell.

Sadhana and Soumini were sitting at the opposite ends of the long sofa and both were looking away from each other.

Sadhana was the first to speak up “Mother doesn’t tell me anything, but I found her hiding this” she brought the torn black blouse to my face and looked angrily at me.

“Did you rape my mom, Raja?” the question hit me hard and I was thinking fast to come up with a convincing reply when Soumini started to talk.

Her voice was authoritative and calm, she stood up and came up beside me and held my hand and looked straight at Sadhana.

“Raja is the most decent human being and it was me who lusted like a bitch after him. “

“The first time was an accident as he thought it was you when I was alone in your room and there was no power in the house as well.”

“Even you know that we can pass off as twins if we want to and Raja was anyways in your room!! How can he think it would be me instead of you? You say he’s not interested to be intimate with you, but that day I felt what raw emotions he has for you.”

“It was so blissful, and after so many years that I couldn’t stop my flesh from enjoying whatever happened that day.”

“You are aware of my condition and you should know for a fact that only Raja has a member that is big enough to give me some feeling down there.”

“I had longed for a man’s touch for so long that I was hopeless throughout my prime years to have any pleasure in this life. I was like a mourning barren strip of land until Raja came and ploughed my dry strip with his rock-hard penis and made me a young virile woman again.”

“What would you do if you were in my situation, Sadhana Beti?”

“Just because I am old and your mother, don’t I have any rights to be happy and in love with a true man?”

Saying this she broke down and walked into her room. Sadhana looked crushed and turned her face away from me.

I didn’t know what to do and just came up to Sadhana and smiled sadly. She was not angry anymore but looked crushed. I told her that we should apologise to her mother and accept whatever she tells us next.

Sadhana said she should apologise to both of us for all that had transpired.

We went inside Soumini’s room and fell at her feet. She immediately brought me up and said I was a young man and shouldn’t touch his lover’s feet.

She caressed the head of Sadhana and told her “For your happiness I am willing to do anything my daughter… if you want I will go away to my village away from you two, so that you never see my shameless face again”

Sadhana vehemently nodded her head and shushed her “I have a proposal if it’s acceptable to Raja”

I gave her a nod and she asked me if I can accept both mother and daughter as his wives and three of us can be husband and wife inside the house. Of course, outside we will be traditional family but inside, we can continue our lustful journey towards eternal bliss.

Before I could say anything, Soumini jumped and hugged her daughter and praised her maturity to accept another person to share her husband.

Sadhana smiled and winked at her mom “Anyways Raja’s virility is too much for a single woman to slake… the more to share the burden, the better for my delicate holes”.

Soumini blushed at her openness and bowed her face down and said she accepted her wifely duty from this moment on and would be at my beck and call whenever I needed to empty my tennis ball sized testicles.

Both mother and daughter looked so pretty and inviting that I couldn’t control myself and we all started kissing and moaning in each other’s ears.

My bad day was turning for good!

We all moved on the huge bed and practically tore clothes off each other and started licking each other. Soumini was fingering herself as I kissed her and Sadhana was trying to swallow my dickhead in her little mouth.

Soumini saw the futile attempts being made by her daughter and winked at me saying she has an idea on how to make her more practiced in the skills of giving mouth.

“Sadhana beti , let me show you how to take a real bull’s cock in mouth and gulp all the liquid lava.”

Soumini made me kneel on the bed like a dog and came up below me on her back, her face near my hanging rod.

She made Sadhana creep up behind me and told her to give me a rim job as I entered her mother’s mouth like a humping machine.

Sadhana unwillingly started to lick my ass and the sensation was so pleasurable that I was in a different dimension. It seemed my cock grew another inch with the nibbles made by Soumini and the licks on my ass by her sexy daughter.

I face fucked my mother-in-law for a few minutes, as I hold on to the bed post with my hands for support.

I couldn’t hold myself when Sadhana mischievously put her middle finger in my ass. I felt my prostrate shrink and guzzle outwads of cum. I didn’t have the time to warn Soumini and the long ropes hit her throat like burning acid.

She was trying to gobble up all the cum but it was so much that few white lines escaped and flowed down to her neck.

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