Taking My Mother in Law

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Big Tits

My name is Mark. I’m 59, in good shape, about 6′ and 200 lbs, full head of blonde / grey hair. I’m married to Karen, who is 17 years younger than me. We’ve been married almost 12 years now, for the most part happily and with a good, mutually satisfying sex life. The only issue, the one I’m writing about, is that I have lusted after Karen’s mom, Jenny, for every second of that time and more. At 62, Jenny doesn’t necessarily turn heads on the street, but she is sexy. Nice eyes and smile, full breasts and just generally has aged well. From the moment I saw her when I began dating Karen, I knew she would be awesome in bed.

Over time, we’ve become close enough to gossip and joke together, and there have been a few moments that made me wonder if Jenny was signaling her feelings for me. At Christmas a few years ago, she gave me a “Christmas Kiss” that was a bit lingering, and during a couple of hugs, she stayed pressed against me for just a tad too long. Just recently, we were comparing our low-carb diets, and she looked directly at me while talking about eating foods not on the diet, “When I cheat, I cheat all the way. No sense in just teasing myself.”

Once when using the bathroom at my in-laws, I found Jenny’s panties on the floor, just outside the closet where the clothes hamper is kept. Of course, I picked them up and inhaled the scent of her sweet musky pussy while stroking my big fuck tool and thinking about bending Jenny over the bathroom counter and fucking the shit out of her. I licked the soiled spot and used the panties to wipe up the sink where I unloaded a massive amount of cum.

She also made a comment once that a woman should offer her man sex every day because that is her place in a relationship, to be available to satisfy her mate. I jacked off to that comment more than once, because I knew she was submissive and that fed my fantasies of fucking her. I was even sort of pissed that it was all wasted on her husband, Dan, who seemed to treat her like furniture.

I resolved that if I ever found myself alone with her again, which happens from time to time, I would simply make my case for how I felt about her and let the chips fall where they would. I was obsessed with feeling her pussy encasing my thick cock and hearing her cum hard on me.

Now to my story. Last week, Karen asked if I’d mind stopping by the in-law’s house to drop off some items Jenny asked for. I didn’t mind, their house being on my way to the hardware store I was going to, so dropping off a bag on their porch was no problem.

When I got to the house, there were no cars in the drive, so I just grabbed the bag and walked to the front door. I was surprised when Jenny opened the door just as I got to it. She looked fresh and gave me a big smile that went straight to my cock.

“Karen texted and said you’d be here about now and to let you know you left your phone at home.”

Oh, shit. Can’t do anything without a phone these days.

“Can you stay a minute and help me with something? I’ll text Karen you’re here and helping me.”

“Yeah, sure, nothing pressing going on with me. What can I do for you?”

“Well, Dan is gone for the weekend helping his buddy put up a pole barn, and of course the light fixture in the kitchen has decided to go on the blink.”

Fucking bingo. I immediately began to think about being alone with Jenny and gave her a good look. She had on fresh makeup, black yoga pants and a tee shirt, and I wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

Turns bostancı escort bayan out the fixture wasn’t much of a job, just tightening a support, but when I was done, Jenny went to her purse saying, “Let me give you something for your trouble.” At that moment I decided to find out all about where this could go.

“Ah, Jenny, you know I won’t take pay from family. But if you want to give me something, this is a perfect time for you to give me one thing I have always wanted…just five minutes of your time, separate from all other reality. I want five minutes to say anything I want to you without judgement or repercussion. I want to tell you exactly how I feel about you and what you do to me. After that five minutes, life just goes back to normal and it never happened. But I am going crazy and I have to tell you a few things.”

Jenny just looked directly at me and said, “I want to hear all of it.” She took a step toward me, never losing her gaze, until she was in my space. I thought I’d pass out. I could hear my heart beating and my mouth was suddenly dry. I said “fuck it” to myself and went for it.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. I moved my mouth to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to start the timer by telling you that I think every day about you. How I would hold you like this, feeling your body, kissing you and telling you how much I desire you. Telling you that I think you’re sexy as fuck and how you make me feel like a school boy when you smile at me.”

“I also want you to know I think of you being submissively naked in bed under me and how my big cock would feel splitting open your hot little pussy. I want to hear your moan and feel your surrender turn to fuck lust as I claim you as my bitch and begin to push deep into you, resting my swollen cock head against your womb entrance.”

“I want to fill you with my seed, to make love to you, to feel your naked tits against my chest, to cup your ass in my hands as I thrust and stretch your cunt and take you as mine. You are going to be my bitch in our bed den. You’re going to be sucking my cock in a few minutes and a bit later you are going to be begging for my cum like the hot little slut you know you are.”

With that, I kissed her deeply and after a second of shocked resistance, she moaned, opened her mouth and began to suck my tongue hungrily. I grabbed her wrist and moved her hand to my crotch, and she quickly molded her hand onto the outline of my thickness.

Jenny shuddered and began massaging my thick hard cock when I moved my hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit under the yoga pants. I cupped her sex with authority and moved my other hand to her tit, reveling in the freedom to do whatever I wanted with a woman I’d wanted for so long. I wanted to own this woman and consume her sexual heat immediately.

Finally, she broke our kiss, panting and looking glazed, like “what next?” when I began to move her toward the back bedroom. She stiffened for a moment, and I pushed her forward in front of me, not hard, but enough to let her know I was in charge and I was going to have my way.

I shut the bedroom door behind us, creating a private space that underlined our privacy. A space I owned. A place to fuck and do nothing but fuck. She still looked confused, so I kissed her deep and pushed my hand into her yoga pants, feeling her light bush and the wetness of her slit. I pushed my middle finger inside her and began pulling ümraniye escort down her pants with my other hand. I pulled my finger out, and as I knew she would, Jenny quickly pulled her pants the rest of the way off.

There she was, standing in front of me half naked, exposing her sex and vulnerable as hell. Her pussy was mine, and I was ready to just fuck the ass off her, but she began taking off her tee, whispering to me, “You want me completely naked under you, like a submissive bitch…like this?” and laid back on the bed just looking at me. Legs bent, slightly open so I could see her wet pussy, those big glorious tits, that face and dick sucking lips.

I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. I was in lust heat and I wanted to mate her pussy, cum in her and fuck her forever. I stood naked over her, my thick cock harder than I ever knew it could be. It was actually twitching with need and already leaking precum. Not another word was spoken as I climbed onto the bed and moved over her, until I straddled her face with my cock between her tits, facing her body. I wanted complete submission, I knew it would be her way, and I was correct.

Jenny began to lick my balls and push her tits together over my cock, while I gently moved my cock and looked at the pussy I was going to destroy.

“You’re my fuck bitch now, Jenny. Your pussy is mine and you will do what I say, fuck me when I demand it, and be my complete slut. Now lick my cum filled balls and tongue my ass. Lick it like a bitch slut!”

She moaned with lust and began to finger fuck her pussy as she licked and sucked, lifting and spreading her legs. I pushed her hand away and moved down to suck her juicy pussy. As I moved, my cock positioned over her mouth, and she began to suck me like my cock was full of sweet nectar, which I suppose it was. I moved and fucked her mouth as I locked my own mouth around her pussy and began to wash her sex and drink her wetness. I licked from her asshole to her clit, really eating her out. I sucked her clit, then drove my tongue into her wet fuck slit, then deep into her asshole. She began to writhe and push against my mouth, and I could tell she’d never had her ass licked out. She began jerking her legs as I tongue fucked her asshole, and she finally sucked me deep and exploded in a leg stiffening orgasm, pulling her head back from my wet meat, bucking and moaning over and over, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I gave her time to come good and hard and softly kissed her pussy as I sensed her deflating, relaxing, uncoiling from her lust.

I moved so I was sitting up with my back against the headboard, my legs spread with her head cradled in my lap, just holding her face against my cock and letting her rest a moment, stroking her hair and cheek, just being in the moment and loving my conquest. Finally, she was all the way back, and I told her, “Worship my cock, Jenny. Lick the head, kiss the shaft, and prepare me to split your fuck hole. We are going to fuck, and I am going to fill you with my seed and make your pussy mine. Get started.”

She was owned. Jenny began to try to tell me with her mouth that I was her man now, trying to do the most submissive dirty things she could. Licking my piss slit, gazing at me while she softly mouthed my cock head, kissing my balls and fingering my ass. My cock was engorged fully, truly throbbing, the head swollen to the size and color of a plum, a male ready to fuck a wet hole. Jenny was in full lust, totally giving escort kartal herself to me, needing my cock as badly as it needed her pussy.

I pushed her back to the center of the bed and put a pillow under her ass so I could penetrate as deeply as possible. I pulled her legs up and pinned them back as I began to mount her. The moment was raw and hung in time between us. We were about to mate, to fuck, and things would never be the same.

“Guide my cock into your hot little fuck hole, Jenny. Offer your sex to me and ask me to fuck your pussy.”

She obediently took my dick and as I moved forward over her, she guided the swollen pre-cum dripping head against her opening.

Jenny locked eyes with me and said, “Give me your cock, Mark. Fuck me, baby, and make my pussy your fuck hole. Take me, baby. Make me your bitch.” I was truly consumed with lust, but I pushed just the head into my mother in law, savoring the fuck I’d been dreaming of.

I stayed still, feeling her pussy pulse, the heat, the slick smooth wetness until I couldn’t take it anymore. She gasped as I pushed my length into her. She was so fucking tight and I knew I was taking her pussy like it had never been fucked before. My cock more than filled her cunt. She was being mated by an alpha cock, and my mother in law disappeared into a woman in heat. I released her legs and she immediately wrapped them around me, holding me in place deep inside her pussy. I moved my hands under her soft ass and pulled her to me and we became one thing, locked together, completed by our mouths locked in a deep loving kiss.

I began to move slowly, feeling every detail of her soft gripping birth canal being distended by my swollen throbbing meat. This pussy was mine now and I began to take her, both of us knowing my hot thick seed would soon coat her womb. She made every possible small move to open herself to me, to instinctively position for breeding, and I pushed deep into the most sacred private part of this woman, stopping for a beat each time my cum slit was resting against her cervix, thinking of pumping my seed into my bitch.

She started just streaming her fuck talk, “Fuck me, Mark, fill me, baby, make me your bitch, I’m your fuck pussy whore, cum fuck me, deep baby, fuck your cum into my sex pussy…” Just constantly releasing herself to be the slut she wanted to be, opening her mind and soul to me as I began to fuck her with purpose.

We hit the point of no return together, everything went away and our souls and minds somehow intertwined. Nothing existed but our need to mate and our pleasure. We were in one mind as I buried my big cock in my bitch’s soft sucking cunt, straining to put all of me inside her as the electric spasm flowed from my balls, through my cock, engorged my already swollen head, and my cum erupted in rope after thick white rope of hot seed splashing against and painting her womb. She was incoherently begging and moaning and crying, “Oh fuck, give me your cum, Mark, make a baby in me, fuck your seed into your bitch, I’m your pussy, I’m your bitch pussy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

It took forever to come down, it seemed. I stayed inside her, kissing and holding her close, never feeling more male than she made me feel right then. She snuggled as we lay on our sides facing each other, putting her face against my chest as my cock began to deflate and soften. We both just lay exhausted, as my cock slowly slid from her and our sex wetness smell bonded us as lovers.

The best part was when she softly whispered in my ear, “I decided to call for you to drop off that stuff as soon as I knew Dan was going to be gone for the weekend, baby.” I looked at her wicked sweet smile as she began to lick my chest, and I knew this day was far from over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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