Taking Over Ch. 2

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Dad and I kissed as man and wife.

When we parted, we saw Mom standing beside the bed, with a bent back and folded hands – the typical slave. I got up slowly, and conscious that my father’s eyes were on me, caught hold of Mom by her hair. “What do you want, slave?” I asked her.

“I am just awaiting your next order, mistress,” Mom told me weakly. I was starting to get intoxicated with the power, but even then, still had some doubts as to how far I could go. Besides, I didn’t know how much of it Dad would put up with. As if reading my mind, Dad cleared the air.

“Alright, slave, what can we do to you?” he asked in a gruff voice. I had to bite back a smile – Dad could never scare a hoot out of an owl. Looking at him, I just wanted to leave my mother there itself and get back to Dad. Both of us were still naked, and as I told you, he looked sexy enough in boxers alone. Now…

I tugged at Mom’s hair even harder. “Anything you want, Masters,” Mom said through clenched teeth. I almost relaxed my grip on her hair, fearing I was hurting her, when she continued. “I am yours to do whatever you please. I have no rights and I have no pain. I throw myself at your feet, Masters, I am your humble servant forever.”

Oh, well, I thought, Mom definitely liked the way she was being treated right now. I was happy. I liked treating Mom this way, and I could sense Dad also getting into the flow of things. It’s understandable – dominating your wife with your daughter is quite a rare honor for fathers. I saw Mom glance at Dad, and even before I realized it, I had slapped her across the face. Mom reeled for a couple of seconds but recovered. I didn’t know where that had come from, but from the look on Mom’s face, she wanted nothing less. For a moment, I doubted her sanity.

Lust took over. I slapped her again, slightly harder, and then shoved her down on her knees. “That’s my lover,” I screamed. “He is my man. If you ever look at him like this again, I will punish you.” Another slap landed to emphasise my statement. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dad tense. I guess he must’ve been worried that I was pushing Mom over the edge, but as it turned out, he needn’t have worried. Mom looked downwards and almost mutely, uttered an apology for looking at Dad.

At that, Dad visibly relaxed. I towered over Mom, glaring at her with an intensity I’ve never had so far. She slid back, almost imperceptibly, and even though I knew it was part of her submission, I felt… potent, powerful. “Next time onwards,” I told her, “Always kneel when we are speaking to you. You will never look at our eyes unless we order you to. Also, by tomorrow afternoon, I want you to move your stuff over to my room, and mine here. Arrange them exactly as I have, and I might let you sleep on my OLD bed tomorrow. Tonight, though, you can sleep on the couch. My place, slave, is beside your husband.” I pulled her up and shoved her out of the door.

As I turned back, I saw Dad beckoning me with open arms. I ran into his embrace and both of us started smothering kisses on the other. As we passionately moved our lips over the other’s face, our lips brushed across each other. Instantly, we had sought each other out and were bursa escort rolling on the bed, locked in a world of our own. While our first coupling had been passionate, there had been a slight holding back for the both of us – now, though, there were no barriers. We wanted each other even more than we wanted air, and even as we broke apart to draw in a breath, Dad’s mouth had already closed over my breast.

This time, he did not stop even when I begged him to – instead, he increased his intensity, letting his pure masculine strength assert itself. I was locked in position under him, and I had no desire to move anytime soon. I remember thinking to myself that if he continued with such pleasure, I wouldn’t be able to move. As waves of heat surged through my body, I flailed my arms. My legs raised of their own accord and were soon twisted around his waist as he slowly entered me. Once the tip of his cock was in me, I pushed in at the same moment that he slammed in – the effect was explosive.

With a single thrust, Dad reached the deepest point that he could. I was just recovering from one orgasm when the next one rose, and before I knew it, Dad was cumming in me again. The fact that it was my Dad made it all the more exquisite when we lay beside each other, basking in ‘the afterglow of our lovemaking.’ With our arms around each other, we fell asleep.

The next dawn saw me waking up first. For a few minutes, I lay there groggily recounting the previous night’s incidents. It felt soo good to wake up with Dad, but I decided to let my old man have his sleep. After all, if last night was any indication, neither of us would be getting to sleep early anymore. Just the thought made me wet between my legs. Firstly, though, I wanted to speak to Mom – in the warm light of early morning, I was starting to feel like a villian, turning against my mother just like that!

The smell of coffee was starting to fill the house as I made my way, still nude, down the stairs to the kitchen. Mom was there, brewing our first drink of the day. As soon as she saw me, she knelt and saluted me. “Good morning, Sir,” she said in a very serious tone.

“Cut it out,” I snapped. “Do you still want to be treated like a slave, MOTHER?”

The emphasis made Mom smile. “Of course, Dear. I am still your Mother, Lena, but as I told you last night, I can’t help being so submissive. Call it a mental problem or whatever, but I like being this way. Look on the bright side, Lena, for we will always be a family now. Hank and you should be a couple, and we can still have our relationship intact. When you want a mother, I will be your mother. When you want a faithful and obedient servant,… just give me a call.”

She came over to me and gave me a hug. It felt odd, to be honest, to hug my mother when I am nude and my father’s cum has dried in my inner thighs. Mom, however, didn’t think there was any need for propriety. ” love you, Lena,” she told me softly, “And whatever you do, I know you love me too. Don’t ever feel bad about the way you treat me.” And just as suddenly as she had displayed this side of hers, she was back to her old self. “What do you want for breakfast, Mistress?”

I could go for a piece of bursa escort bayan Dad, I thought naughtily, and almost jumped out of my skin when I felt his strong hands envelop me from behind. “Hi beautiful,” he greeted me, “Having breakfast without me?”

I turned around and looked into his baby blue eyes. Thank God I was sitting, I don’t think my knees would have held me up then. This was starting to get ridiculous, you know, I was getting butterflies everytime I looked at Dad. I hadn’t realized that love was so powerful. Somehow, I managed to reply instead of giving in to the temptation of kissing Dad again – I still remembered what happened last time. “Oh Daddy,” I said, not wanting to be ‘distracted’ before I finished what I’d wanted to say. “Mom and I were just talking, you know, I was just telling her that in spite of the harsh treatment, I – we – loved her.”

Mom started to open her mouth to give a rejoinder but Dad told her to shut up. He was smiling when he said that, but Mom did shut up. Dad gave me another kiss. Initially, I tried to pull back – I knew that if we gave in, Dad would be taking me over the kitchen table. But love has a strange way of curing inhibitions, and without going into details, Dad and I made love in the kitchen as Mom made pancakes for breakfast.

After a quick breakfast, Dad carried me up to our bedroom. The sofa downstairs was a mess, with Dad trying to feed me pancakes drowned in sauce only to have them ‘accidentally’ fall on my body – and then eating them off me. My body was pockmarked with his bites by now, and the faint burning sensation they created was a constant reminder – a very pleasant one, I must add – that I was undoubtedly Dad’s. The private parts of my body were still sticky, so we made the detour to the bathroom. We bathed each other, soaping hitherto unloved parts until we were squeaky clean. By the time we stepped out of the shower, half of the water in the dam must have gone down the drain.

We made love again. And again. Then we had lunch, and we made love again.

A couple of hours after lunch, Dad suggested that we have a costume ball the next Friday – to celebrate our coming together. The sheer naugtiness of it didn’t strike me until he explained that we would have Mom as a dog, tied to a leash, and act as if we were a married couple. None of my friends were to be told of our affair – let them find out for themselves. Dad wanted to shock the daylights out of his guests, as he put it. I agreed, and we asked our slave to make the arrangements.

The Party was a huge success. There was a good crowd, what with Dad inviting his friends and me having mine over. Mom was at my foot, dressed as a Great Dane. We had picked out quite a thick chain, and I had the distinction of walking her around. Although everyone was surprised at first, they soon got around to it. Some of Dad’s friends even patted her ass and said, “Good Dog.” EVery five minutes, Dad would walk over to me on some pretext or the other, and give me a kiss. Halfway through the party, when the dancing was at his peak, the three of us – Dad, Mom and I – sneaked into the patio for a small making-out session. With Mom at my feet, Dad and I kissed. He sneaked his escort bursa hands into my suit, but before things got out of hand, I brushed his away. True, we were going to ‘get caught’ kissing, but getting caught when we are making love was nowhere in my gamebook. Dad looked miserable as we went back in, but I am sure no one noticed it at that time.

Mom’s costume was a hit at the party. Some of Dad’s friends threw some chicken bones at her and all of us had a good laugh when she sat down to munch on them. It was interesting to note that none of my friends seemed to find it objectionable that I was putting Mom in her place so obviously. Some, I can safely say, were definitely shooting green eyes at me. At the end of the show, as part of further humiliation, we had Mom do various tricks ike rolling over and playing dead. The guests, I could see, were enjoying the show immensely. Some of the men even started to ask Dad about submitting their wives to such treatment. Dad replied that this was done by true professionals – don’t try this at home!

As we laughed at his statement, Dad swept me into his arms and kissed me. I was having a blue single-piece leather outfit that clung to me, and I could feel my nipples being crushed by the tight material. We kept on kissing until we were out of breath. Everyone in the room was staring at us, and to tell you the truth, I enjoyed their envious attention. Mom was still on all fours, and when one of my friends ventured to ask her whether it didn’t bother her – obviously, our kiss revealed a lot more details about our relationship than we intended it to – Mom replied by giving a short bark! She then shook her backside as if she were wagging.

I am sure the guests were disappointed that they weren’t treated to any other displays of affection. Of course, as I had mentioned, Dad and I did manage to get in a lot of sneaky kisses, so we were pretty disappointed when we weren’t caught. Finally, as the guests piled into their vehicles, Daddy proclaimed to them that we were in love!

Dad then held up my hand, showing them the wedding ring I had usurped from Mom. Uncle Brackett, Dad’s best friend, was the first one to break the ice.

“Congratulations, Hank,” he said, shaking his hand. He himself had a college-going daughter.(!?!) “You lucky son-of-a-bitch! And you too, Lena. The two of you look – ideal.” I blushed as he handed over to Dad a couple of free tickets – round trips to the Phuket resorts. (Uncle Brackett was a travel agent, but I have to admit I was surprised to see him carry such tickets and hand them out just like that – until he mentioned that Dad had already paid for them.) It was a honeymoon package. “What about kids?” he asked.

Kids? The million-dollar question. I wanted them, but I still didn’t know about Dad’s feelings on the matter. “They will be on their way,” I said, looking at Dad wistfully, “I hope.”

Dad’s eyes brightened and my stomach started fluttering again. “Thanks, Honey,” he said, looking grateful. “I didn’t know how to approach you about it.”

Spontaneous applause as Dad took my hand and squeezed it. Mom ‘bounded’ over happily and everyone laughed. The mood was certainly lightening up. The rest of the guests, still in awe at our bold relationship, went their way after wishing us a happy life together.

And Dad and I went to Phuket the very next day.

A week later, I would confirm that I had missed my period.

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