Teaching a Bitch a Lesson Ch. 03

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Kaitlin was willing to have sex with almost any girl or boy, she liked it all. But she had fallen in love with Alisa, which was funny because they were very different. Kaitlin was outgoing where Alisa was shy and reserved.

Alisa had experienced sex before Kaitlin came into her life, but it was Kaitlin that had shown her just how much fun it could be. Besides having different boys, she had experienced having a girl. That was something she would have never done on her own. She’d had fun with the others but Kaitlin was special. It meant something to just be with her even if they did nothing at all.

A couple of days after Kaitlin had seduced Alex; she had suggested a sleep over with Alisa. They were fixing each other’s hair. Kaitlin loved how Alisa’s hair felt as she ran her fingers through it. Pressing her lips against her friend’s lips, she was pleased when Alisa kissed her back. She hated to admit it, but Alisa cheating on her with her boyfriend had hurt very much. She had even thought of having Alisa join her and her boyfriend, but that would have been different, she would have been invited and not trying to steal her boyfriend.

As the kisses of the two girls got more heated, Kaitlin smiled to herself. That’s it baby get turned on for me so I can do to you what I did to your father and brother. “Some of the girls in the club think I have been letting you out of doing what they have to do.”

Alisa was puzzled, “But I have sex with a guy when it’s my turn.”

Kaitlin had always thought that Alisa looked like a deer caught in headlights. She was very petite and her large eye’s made you want to protect her from the world. It was her innocent trusting nature that had attracted Kaitlin to begin with. She loved kissing her and the trouble with getting Alisa turned on was that it was turning her on as well. “I think you should take your turn this Saturday to show them they are wrong.”

Alisa accepted Kaitlin’s tongue into her mouth as both girls let their hands roam. “I don’t mind, if that’s what you think I should do.”

After the kissing became more and more passionate, the two girls soon had their clothes off. Kaitlin loved everything about Alisa. Alisa was short with long soft brown hair then went all the way to her waist. Kaitlin lowered her breast to her friends face and felt lips close on her nipple. “Mm,” This is something I will never get tired of. Alisa had an instinct with her mouth. “Ooh,” she felt her nipple get hard as Alisa’s wrapped her tongue around bursa escort it. “That fells so good.”

Kaitlin pushed her away so she could suck Alisa’s nipples. She knew her friend loved this as much as she did. Kaitlin could still remember their first time. Alisa had actually asked her if she’d be interested in being intimate. Would she be interested!

The two lovers fell onto the bed, hands and mouths giving pleasure. That first time they had been tentative, now each of them knew what the other girl liked. Kaitlin felt delicate kisses all over face and neck. Kaitlin caressed Alisa’s body with one hand, and cupped her breast with her other.

Both of them were coaxing pleasurable sensations from each other, sounds filled of moaning filled the room. Kaitlin had to force herself to remember why she was really there. “Alisa, I think you should do something special for the rest of the girls.”

“What do you mean?”

What’s the matter “L” is it hard to talk, especially since I know where all of your secret spots are? She could make the other girl do almost anything she wanted and right now, Kaitlin hated herself for it. Alisa cheating on her had filled her heart with pain. “I think you should take on two guys at the same time.”

Alisa’s eyes bulged out of her head. She had done a guy in front of the others as part of being in the club, but always doing it in her pussy. She had done a guy in her ass and had liked it, but that had been with her alone with just the guy. Kaitlin had even used a vibrator on her there and she had liked it. “I’ve never done two guys before, or even one in my butt in front of the others.”

Kaitlin saw the look of fear on Alisa’s face. Maybe I shouldn’t go through with this. Maybe I should let Alisa off of the hook; it isn’t too late to stop it. Maybe I should just ask straight out what was going on. The room was suddenly filled with the one of the songs from the band that Alisa loved. It was her cell phone going off. Alisa rolled over to her cell phone on the nightstand, but not before Kaitlin saw that it was Kaitlin’s boyfriend calling.

Alisa tried to muffle what she said, “Hello…are you crazy, she’s here now…all right, Saturday morning.” Alisa turned back to Kaitlin like nothing was out of the ordinary.

Kaitlin wasn’t buying it. “I think you would enjoy having two guys at the same time.” She reached into the drawer of the knight stand and glared at the cell phone as she did. Bringing out a vibrator and some cream, she smiled, bursa escort bayan “Lay back, I’ll make sure you enjoy it.” Yeah that’s the way bitch. “I want you to have the best sex a girl can have with two guys.” Until I make you realize that you fucked your own dad and brother.

Kaitlin knew how to use toys on both girls and guys. Putting the vibrator on low and running it over Alisa’s pubic area, but not actually touching the sensitive areas, would drive her friend crazy. The speed of the vibrator was slowly increased but Kaitlin still only ran it on the outside of Alisa’s body.

Alisa could feel and hear the toy being put through its paces. She trusted Kaitlin and was relaxed, letting her friend do whatever she wanted.

Back on the lowest speed, Kaitlin moved the vibrator towards Alisa’s inner thighs and then to her vaginal lips. Kaitlin heard her friend moan, you like that hum, and she slipped the vibrator slightly into her pussy. After leaving it in for a few seconds, Kaitlin took it back out and spent some time around and on her clit.

“Mm,” Alisa had used a vibrator on herself, but it was so much nicer this way. Pleasurable sensations made her very skin tingle.

Kaitlin was all screwed up inside, feeling mixed emotions for Alisa. Their lips touched and it was so soft and satisfying. Her hand made the vibrator slide between her legs coming into contact with Alisa’s butt almost on its own. She continued to let the vibrator stay where it was and let her mouth work its way down to Alisa’s perfect breasts. Kaitlin had large breasts and they got plenty of attention, but she thought that Alisa’s breasts were fascinating. Not too big, and not too little, they just fit her body shape just right, and the nipples were so pink and just ached to be sucked.

Alisa moaned as Kaitlin suck on her nipples, “Oh baby, I love that.”

Kaitlin gave a sad smile, I know, that’s why I do it. Pushing the vibrator barely into her ass, she kissed Alisa’s soft stomach and left a wet trail as she slowly made her way down. Kaitlin loved Alisa. If she had asked if she could screw her boyfriend Kaitlin wouldn’t have hesitated in saying she was fine with it. This was breaking her heart.

Alisa saw the cream being applied to the vibrator and then she felt it slide easily into her ass. She actually liked to have a guy there but the vibrator sliding inside of her felt delicious. She held her breath in anticipation when she saw Kaitlin lick her lips and then bend down.

Kaitlin escort bursa knew how to please a pussy with her mouth, as all of the girls in the club knew. She shoved her tongue deep inside and started fucking Alisa with it. Each club meeting they would have a guy there and one girl would fuck or suck him for the enjoyment of the others. Sometimes another girl might get so turned on that they would join in, but usually the girls would get each other off while they watched.

Alisa felt the vibrator in her ass and Kaitlin’s tongue on her clit, “Ah,” she was in heaven. As the heat built up, she absently wondered if having two guys at the same time would feel as good. The speed of the vibrator had been turned up and she could feel her clit responding to the vibrations coming from her ass. “Oh…mmm…yes.”

You seem to be bouncing everywhere. Using her hand to fuck Alisa’s butt with the vibrator, she continued to attack the one pussy she knew as good as her own. “Don’t moan so loud, your dad or brother might hear you.” And we don’t want that do we bitch, at least not yet.

Alisa immediately muffled how loud she was by shoving her pillow in her face. Her body was ready to explode and it was very hard not to scream, but she would be mortified if her brother or dad saw her naked.

Kaitlin saw Alisa’s reaction and could almost read her thoughts. I know you are going to be horrified when you discover that not only did you fuck your own dad and brother, but both of them at the same time and in front of all of our friends. That is a shame you will carry with you for the rest of your life. That will teach you a lesson you won’t ever forget bitch.

Alisa arched her back off of the bed which made the vibrator go in a little deeper. “Mm, oh yeah,” the pleasure had built up to an intense level. Reaching up Alisa trapped her own nipples in her fingers and pulled. Her nipples had gotten so hard and begged to be played with.

Kaitlin loved giving Alisa an orgasm. Alisa was blabbing incoherently and she could taste her cum as it squirted out of her. Enjoy yourself; it may very well be the last time you let another girl give you pleasure.

Alisa was unable to move, her body took a quite a while to come back down to earth. Finally she could focus on her best friend. “I love you — but –Katie; I really don’t want to do a guy in my pussy and ass at the same time. Can’t I just do one and suck the other one off at the same time?”

Kaitlin started to get upset at the bitch, but the rules of the club said that no girl had to do anything she didn’t want to. All right bitch, your humiliation would be just the same.” I think that will be fine.” Which one should I have you fuck, your brother or your dad?

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