Teri’s Story Ch. 01

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This is the story of Teri. She lives to achieve orgasm and searches high and low for the right man for the job. Unfortunately she only attracts low lives who take pleasure in bringing her to the brink of ecstasy, then dashing her hopes. Read on to see if she will strike lucky this time!

It has been two weeks since Teri last achieved orgasm. Hungry for pleasure as she is, she still finds that she is unable to help herself in that regard. The only way she can truly get off is from a stiff prick. The last guy she picked up fucked her ass long and hard, but he cruelly, purposefully withdrew every time she got close. Leaving her very frustrated.

This time, desperate, she has picked up not one, but two guys. She knows they are well hung, as she sucked them both off in the alleyway behind the bar she found them in. Between them, they must surely be able to make her cum. With a belly full of booze with two mouthfuls of spunk dropped into it, she follows them back to a seedy apartment.

When she gets there, they seize her and strip her naked. Themselves both still fully clothed, they unzip their jeans to unleash their already stiff cocks. The better canlı bahis şirketleri endowed of the two sits down on the sofa and invites Teri to join him. She straddles him and starts grinding her hips against him. His friend approaches and forces the tip of his manhood into her ass, then starts fucking her deeply.

The pressure of being double penetrated like this soon has her shaking with pleasure. She feels the orgasm rising, just as the man behind her (she doesn’t know their names) puts his hands under her knees and lifts her as he moves into a standing position.

She bucks her ass up and down on his dick, desperate to keep the chance of an orgasm alive, but no matter how she writhes; it has gone. Without removing himself from her ass, he moves back to the couch and sits down.

The bigger man approaches Teri. She anticipates the chance for her pussy to be filled again so she can finally cum. Instead, he slaps his dick on her face and puts it in her mouth. She struggles with his size, but manages to deepthroat almost all of it. She can taste her pussy from his dick as he pulls out and sits down next to her. Teri leaps off canlı kaçak iddaa the current guy and moves her ass over to and down on the bigger guy. This time straddling him so she can rub her clit against his stomach while he takes her ass.

The other guy moves to the back of the couch. Teri sucks him off greedily as she forces her ass further down over the bigger dick, faster and faster as she frantically tries to bring herself off. This position is working for her and again she is getting close.

The dick is removed from her mouth and he disappears around the couch behind her. Suddenly Teri feels her ass open even wider as he forces his cock in there too. The surprise and uncertainty kills her orgasm again, but she is so turned on and loves the feeling so much, that it’s soon back and grows stronger than before as she feels the two cocks sliding in and out of her ass. Her pussy tingles against the strong stomach. She starts to moan, just as the men push her off them and over onto her back.

The bigger man thrusts his cock balls deep into her ass. Teri loves the feeling of being taken like this. The other guy moves around and she sucks canlı kaçak bahis him off with gusto. He withdraws and a jet of cum hits her cheek. A second slops over her nose and forehead. A third lands beside it. The rest he drains over her outstretched tongue and it dribbles into her mouth. The distraction of having to swallow slows her pleasure, but won’t stop it this time!

She feels the orgasm begin to grip her as the dick is whipped from her ass. He clambers over her and sprays Teri’s face with a second huge load of cum. It’s so unfair! She’s made them both cum twice and all she gets in return is a belly and face full of spunk and a beautifully gaping asshole.

So maybe it wasn’t all bad!

Teri notices the apartment door is open. The first guy to finish is standing by it and her clothes are in a heap in the corridor. Ashamed, she trots silently out in just her high heel shoes. Teri bends over seductively to pick up her clothes. Flashing her long legs and beautiful gape at them. Showing those selfish pigs what they’ll be missing for not having let her cum. She wiggles her ass teasingly at them, as the cold door bumps against it.

She stands there not knowing her way home. With cum dripping off her face and onto her tits. Her clothes are crumpled and her hair disheveled. She knows that she’ll not be able to stop herself from coming back to see if they can finish the job off next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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