The Consultant and Angela

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The only thing I hated about my job as a consultant was the travelling. I liked consulting because it gave me the opportunity to work in different work-environments and different problems to solve and it also gave me the opportunity to work with different kinds of people. Nothing was permanent and I loved the fact that my brain was constantly being exercised to overcome varied problems. But travelling every week to the client was like a bad side effect of consulting that I had to live with. I intensely disliked the travelling. I sometimes wished someone would invent one of those Star-Trek thingies that Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock used (in the original series) to reach their destination in seconds.

I had been flying from Los Angeles to my client’s office in San Francisco every week on Monday and then returning back to LA on Friday. Really, I had no reason to go back to an empty apartment in LA. But then staying back at the Hotel would mean extra cost to the company because of the added three-night weekend stay and the cost of a flight ticket was much cheaper than that. The project manager would never approve my expenses if I stayed back. And so I had to fly back to LA every Friday whether I wanted to or not.

I was at work one day and things had eased up a bit in terms of work. I had some time on my hands and so I thought I might check up on some old colleagues and see how they were doing. One natural outcome of consulting is that you work at so many places with so many people over time, that you have a lot of ex-colleagues. Not every one of them is someone you would like to keep in touch with, but a lot of them are. So I usually add them onto my Yahoo messenger list since it is so much easier to keep in touch that way. So anyway, I saw that Angela was online and I just sent her a quick instant message saying “Hi.”

“Hi Jay. Long time since I have heard from you,” she replied.

Angela was a colleague from an old client I had worked for last year. I had spent about eighteen months at that client’s office, which was just a few blocks down the road from my current client’s office. Angela was probably in her late 40s. She was about 5’8″ tall and had an average build. Not slim, but not too heavy either. She had blonde hair, which may have started to show a few strands of grey at the sides, although it was difficult to make out since her hair was very blonde. She had been divorced for many years and she lived in her house with her cat. I knew that she liked me because she had told me many times that she wished I would join their company and not leave at all after my consulting assignment was over. There were a bunch of other occasions where either her actions or words or eyes gave away the fact that she liked me a lot. But I had always thought of it as nothing more than liking a friend. I liked her too. She was a nice person and it was a plus that she was easy on the eyes too, in spite of the fact that she was about 15-20 years older than me.

So anyway I asked Angela through IM how she was doing.

She replied, “Not bad. But we are all going to be losing our jobs soon.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, they are laying off almost our entire department as a part of cost-cutting. The work our department did is being transferred to our branch in Malaysia.”

“Oh no, sorry to hear that,” I said. I was not sure what to say in a situation like this, where I could only offer sympathy.

“Well, such is life. Capitalism is good sometimes and sometimes not so good. Depends on when and who you talk to.”

“I agree. But are you already looking for a job? Is there any way I can help,” I asked although I was not sure in what way I could help.

“Oh yes, I have already started applying for jobs, but I won’t leave before my last day here otherwise I won’t get my severance package. Severance is 6 months pay and I can’t afford to not have it.”

“Oh, that’s good. You are lucky that the severance is good. Some companies hardly offer a severance package.”

“Yes,” she said, “but the economy is bad and I don’t know if I will find a job soon. The only thing I am worried about is my mortgage. If I don’t get a job soon, my severance will all be devoured by the mortgage and some other bills that I have to settle. I will no longer have the safety net of having time on my side to find a job.”

“Oh,” I said once again not sure what to say.

“Well, I did think about renting out one of the rooms in my house so that it could help pay part of the mortgage. But somehow the idea of a stranger living with me seems unsafe and awkward.”

As soon as I heard that, a light switched on in my head. If I rented her place, not only would I be able to cut down costs for the project but I would also be able to help her out. There was no way her rent would be more than the cost of staying 4 nights at a Marriott. Also I could stay back on the weekends if I liked and not have to deal with the mandatory travel. But I still would have to check with the project manager as to what company policies were with gebze escort respect to renting a place as opposed to staying at a hotel. But to me, it seemed like a no-brainer because the costs to the project would be significantly less.

“Angela, just a hypothetical question – Would you be comfortable in renting out your room to me?” I asked. I added the hypothetical part since I was not a 100% sure if the project manager would allow it and I did not want to get her hopes high.

“Sure. I would rent it out to you in a heartbeat. That would be wonderful.”

“Ok, I’ll tell you what. I am going to ask my project manager if this is OK and I will get back to you.”

“Thank you so much for offering this,” she said.

“Oh, I am not doing this just for you. I have a selfish motive too. I am sick of travelling. If this is approved, it is going to help both of us.”

The next day, the project manager approved it. In fact he was delighted that my lodging expenses would be cut down by a thousand dollars each month. The added cost of travelling would also be cut down since I was not going to fly as much as before.

I called Angela that same afternoon and told her the news. She was very happy to hear about it and she could barely control her excitement.

“So when are you moving in?” she asked.

“Today is a Wednesday and I have the hotel booked till Friday. How about Friday evening?”

“Sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to have you as a roommate,” she said like a bubbly school-girl.

I checked out of the hotel on Friday and moved into her home that evening right after work. Her house was a 3 bedroom duplex. The guest bedroom where I had moved into was on the lower floor. Another bedroom, also on the lower floor had been converted into a study/office. I also noticed a few light dumbbells lying there when she was giving me the tour of the house. Her bedroom (the master bedroom) was on the upper floor and it opened into a large balcony. The neighbourhood was a quiet one with large oak trees lining the roads.

Since it was already quite late, we had just gotten a quick dinner from a fast food place. “We need to celebrate,” said I. She looked up questioningly.

I continued, “We were not able to have a good proper dinner, at least let’s have some wine to celebrate my first night here. I will go to the grocery store and get some wine.”

“Oh, I have some wine. But it is not the pricey kind. Hope that is ok,” she said.

I replied, “oh yes, anything will do. I am not really a wine connoisseur. In fact I don’t even drink wine that often. I just thought we should celebrate.”

“OK, I will be back in a minute.”

She walked towards a cabinet in the kitchen and I watched her hips sway as she walked away. She had a light green blouse on and a calf-length flowery skirt. The skirt flowed over her rounded hips and I could see her cheeks undulating underneath the skirt as she walked. I have always been an ass-man and although I love a woman’s boobs, it is always a woman’s ass that turns me on the most. There is something about the curve of a woman’s waist to her hips that has always aroused my primal instincts.

Soon Angela re-surfaced with a bottle and two glasses. She poured it into the glasses and handed over one to me. We clinked our glasses together and I raised a toast, “To our friendship.” She smiled and repeated, “To our friendship” and we both drank from our glasses.

We settled down on the couch and she put on the TV. The TV was on but we were not paying too much attention to it. We were soon talking about old colleagues from the office, this and that and a whole bunch of everything and nothing. That was what I liked about Angela. We had gotten along famously right since I had met her. Never was there a moment of awkwardness between us. Tonight was no exception either.

We had already finished off a few glasses of wine. I was starting to feel a bit tipsy and I am sure Angela must have been too. She was giggling a lot more than usual. I poured some more wine into our glasses and I raised my glass saying, “This one is for our first night as roommates.”

“Now, now. Don’t be too optimistic. We are housemates, not roommates. You sleep in your room and I sleep in mine,” she said and giggled. The wine had got her tongue loose.

She is flirting with me, I thought.

“Well, I am glad you clarified that, otherwise I would have slept in the master bedroom tonight,” I said and winked at her and she giggled some more.

“Oh, wouldn’t ‘you’ like that?”

“You bet I would. But would you?” I asked half-serious.

“I am not going to answer that question,” she laughed and hit me lightly on the arm.

Neither of us was sure whether the other person was joking or was serious. I must say that both of us must have done a pretty good job in keeping our tones ambiguous or else we would not be in that predicament.

It was just after midnight and the wine bottle was empty and we decided that it was time göztepe escort to sleep. Angela took the wineglasses and went to the kitchen counter to set it near the sink. I took the empty wine bottle and put it in the recyclables trash can. I put the bottle in the trash can and just as I turned around, Angela with her back to me, moved to the sink to wash the glasses. Since the kitchen was small, and both of us moving at the same time, my hand accidentally touched her soft ass. Angela turned around and yelped in mock annoyance, “Hey!”

“Sorry,” I said, “that was not pre-meditated. I am not trying to get fresh with you. I have nothing but the highest respect for you and your beautiful ass.” As soon as the words ‘beautiful ass’ got out of my mouth, I was embarrassed. The wine had gotten me to lose some of my inhibitions as well.

“What do you mean beautiful ass? Am ‘I’ not beautiful?” Angela pouted in mock disappointment.

I instantly noticed that she had used the word ass and not butt. Don’t read too much into it, maybe she is just repeating what you said, I told myself.

“You are beautiful. Extremely beautiful. But you also have a round, shapely, curvy and extremely beautiful ass. And 5 minutes ago I realised that it is not only shapely but also a soft and beautiful ass,” I said with a smile. I was making an attempt to be witty and it failed miserably because she did not smile. Did I say too much, I wondered?

“Well, thank you Jay. It has been a long time since I have received such a compliment from a man,” she said and she looked serious.

“Oh, don’t mention it,” I just mumbled, not knowing what to make of this sudden seriousness in her voice.

We stared awkwardly into each other’s eyes, not knowing what to say. And then Angela spoke, “Well, it has been a wonderful evening. Thank you for moving in and helping me out in my time of need. I really appreciate it. Tonight was fun.” She seemed ready to retire for the day.

She stepped forward and hugged me. It was a normal friendly hug, but I hugged her back tight and rocked to the sides. I did not let go for a while and neither did she. I could smell her shampoo and the aroma of a mixture of her sweat and cologne on her neck. I just inhaled her scent and lay my head on her shoulder and she laid her head on my shoulder as well and we rocked back and forth for almost a minute. I guess she liked hugging me too. But it was not just me who liked the hugging. My cock stirred in my pants and started to rise. It moved against Angela’s lower belly and I am sure she knew that it was my cock and not the cliched cell phone. It started to throb involuntarily and I distinctly heard her say “Mmmmm.”

After a minute or so of hugging, she abruptly moved back and said, “OK… I am going to wash these glasses and go to bed. You should go to bed too.” It was as if the wine had let her guard down and she was trying to be in control of her feelings once again.

I was surprised but I just stepped back and watched her as she turned around and started rinsing the glasses. I watched her for a few seconds, taking in her beautiful body, her hair, her neck, her waist and her ass. I don’t know what came over me but I suddenly stepped forward and hugged her from behind, my hands forming a lock at her stomach. She turned her neck and smiled at me. I smiled back. She turned off the water and set down the glasses. My fully erect cock was poking her soft ass and I heard her purr like a kitten. I kissed her neck. She let out a tiny moan. My cock was pressed against her ass and she had started to arch her back to grind it against me harder.

Suddenly she said, “Jay, we should not do this. I worry it will spoil our friendship.”

“Angela, there is nothing more I want now than you and your beautiful ass”, I said hoarsely, in the throes of wild passion. The last thing I could think of was the repercussions of tonight’s actions on our friendship.

My hands moved forward to cup her breasts while my lips kissed the small of her neck. I bumped and ground my pelvis against her ass. Whatever little resistance Angela had melted away and she whimpered longingly. My hands moved from her breasts to her ass and I stepped back to knead it lovingly over her skirt. The soft silk fabric over her sexy ass felt amazing and I knew I wanted more. I knelt down and bit her ass lightly from over her skirt. “Aaah,” she cried with delight. I put both my hands inside her skirt and pulled her panties down. They were soaking wet.

She lifted one leg at a time so that I could take her panties off completely. I lifted the hem of her skirt to expose her ass-cheeks to me and they were as beautiful as I had imagined them to be. Round, soft and inviting. I couldn’t help but bite both her cheeks lightly. I kissed her cheeks and I licked them. She was getting really aroused since her breathing had become louder and louder. She had also started to spread her legs and I could see more and more of her beautiful pussy. I kissed the back haramidere escort of her legs and started working my way up with my tongue. My tongue made invisible designs on her inner thighs and she started quivering in anticipation. She leaned her hands on the kitchen counter and arched her back so that I would get more access to her treasure. I could see her pink pussy with a few blonde hairs at the side and a beautiful blonde bush in the front. I could also see the puckered rosebud of her anus.

I teased her by getting close to her pussy and then just darting my tongue to the side where her leg met her pussy. She whimpered, “Please.”

I teased her and said “Please what?”

“Please lick me.”

“I am licking you.”

“Please lick my pussy,” she begged. She said the word pussy with an effort as if she was ashamed to use that word.

I complied by darting my tongue into her wet and inviting slit. “Aaaaaaah,” she moaned loudly. I licked the entire length of her slit up and down from behind for a few minutes squeezing her ass all the time. Then I turned around so that I was still sitting between her legs but I was facing her front and then I licked her enlarged clit. It was not very big but it was very sensitive. She whimpered and I continued worshiping her pussy and clit with my tongue and lips. Soon enough she was grinding her pussy against my face and I did not have to move my head too much. All I had to offer was my tongue and mouth and she was grinding her pussy against my tongue. Soon her legs started trembling and I sensed her orgasm building up. My hands were holding on to her ass cheeks for support and I was also kneading them roughly by now. She seemed to enjoy it. She was in the throes of ecstasy and I decided to push her off the edge. My tongue started focusing only on her clit and my hands parted her ass cheeks and I let my little pinkie finger stroke the outside of her anus just a little bit. That did it and she went over the edge and she came for a long time, her legs trembling and she moaned loudly for a long time, her moans finally ending in a guttural growl.

I moved out from under her legs and stood up behind her. Her legs had buckled as if they had become jelly. She was still leaned against the sink trying to catch her breath.

“You know Angela, what I am going to do now, don’t you?” I asked.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she turned her head and asked.

I was surprised that she used that word. But nevertheless it turned me on some more and I said, “Yes, I am going to fuck you hard.”

“Yes. Please fuck me hard. Pound my pussy with your cock. I haven’t had a cock in my pussy for a while.”

“Oh yes, I will,” said I and I got rid of all my clothes.

There I was standing naked in my friend Angela’s kitchen, with her bent over at the sink and my cock proud and high. I admired her ass for a couple of seconds and then using my hands parted her round ass cheeks a little and put the head of my cock at the entrance of her inviting treasure cove. I let it linger there for a while savouring the sight, but Angela had other plans. She could not wait to have my cock in her pussy and so she moved her ass back into me and in one fluid motion, my cock was buried to the hilt in her warm and moist pussy.

“Oh, dear me! I have wanted to have your cock in my pussy for so long,” she cried. I was a little surprised when she said that because I had no idea she wanted to fuck me since a long time and I must have hesitated a bit.

“Fuck me please,” she turned her head around, her eyes pleading.

I started thrusting my pelvis, moving my cock in and out of her pussy slowly. I was so aroused that I was afraid I would come right away. So I decided to take it slow initially and let my cock get used to her pussy.

I admired the sight of my cock going into her wet pussy and when I pulled out, I could see a little bit of the inside of her vaginal skin getting pulled out by the head of my cock. Just above this skin being pulled by my cock, her rosebud of an anus lay beautiful, framed by her heavy round ass cheeks, which I had spread apart with my hands to get a better view. This was the best sight any man could see – at least any ass-man could see. I continued my slow strokes in and out of her pussy for some time.

She started moaning louder with every thrust and withdrawal of my cock. I think her orgasm was building up again. In between ragged breaths, she said, “Jay, fuck me harder and faster.”

I ignored her pleas, continuing at my pace and as if I didn’t hear her, I asked her, “What?”

“Please fuck me harder. Pound my pussy with your hard cock. Please, please!”

And so I began my final onslaught. I held onto her hips and I thrust my cock harder and faster into her pussy, just as she wanted it.

It was as if my cock was attached to a machine. The sounds of our bodies slapping together rhythmically reverberated in her kitchen. She was breathing in shorter breaths and I saw her legs starting to tremble and I knew that she was about to come right away. I was about to come too. As soon as she started moaning loudly, I started coming, my semen shooting out in spurts and I kept fucking her as I blew my load. Finally when her orgasm was over and she stopped moaning, I stopped my fucking too. That was the longest orgasm I had had and I was completely spent. From the looks of it, so was she.

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