When My Wife Got what She Needed

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My wife Jennifer (Jen) and I have been married for 2 years now. We have been together a full 7 years. We’ve always had an amazing sexual relationship. We love sex and have a lot of it. I have an average sized penis, about 6.5 inches and moderately thick. Nothing to brag about but she loves me so she doesn’t complain.

She, however, is a goddess. Perfect C cup breasts with perky pink nipples. A huge round ass with the perfect firmness. And her pussy is just heavenly. The only issue is that I don’t last longer than a few minutes so she doesn’t normally reach an orgasm. I love eating her out and fingering her so I sprinkle that in when I can but I would do anything to last longer. And that’s what this story is about.

Jen did some research and found out that dick rings and this special cream can make a mans penis bigger and last longer in bed. It didn’t take her long to go shopping. I love when my wife takes charge to get what she wants and it was very clear she wanted me to last longer. We went to the store and She bought a full set of different sized cock rings and different creams claiming they could work magic on a mans penis.

Before we even left the store she dragged me into the bathroom poker oyna to see if it would work. She ripped off my pants and underwear and started stroking my penis while shoving a cock ring on me. my dick instantly swelled up and got veiny and purple because of the blood being trapped in my shaft. I went from 6.5 to 8 inches and got a hell of a lot thinker. She watched this happen and her eyes got wide and she smiled and immediately got on her knees.

She started sucking my dick in the public restroom and I thought to myself how incredibly sexy she is. I continued to grow and get thicker so she stood up and turned around while pulling up her skirt. She spread her legs and backed her ass right into me and reached back grabbing my swollen dick to shove up her vagina. She moaned instantly at the thicker penis entering her body and struggled getting it all to fit. It took a while but her vagina stretched and loosened around my penis and she started fucking me.

She couldn’t help herself and was moaning and screaming in this public bathroom. I was able to last 20 minutes with the ring on and with the added size I was able to fuck her harder and longer until eventually she screamed orgasming and losing canlı poker oyna control. She dropped to the floor exhausted and so happy to have finally orgasmed. She kissed me and before rubbing out of the bathroom said we have to rush home to try the cream next.

We got home and she started training me to put the cream on because the bottle said it took a few days to work. She would make me put the cream on every morning and every night and even random times during the day. I would even wake up in the middle of the night or while I’m napping to her rubbing this special cream all over my dick.

I can’t say it did much for my length but when it was on my penis I felt a tingling that made my dick swell up and grow thicker and a numbing sensation that made me less sensitive. After a few days she put the cream on me and said it’s finally time to fuck and see if it works.

The cream numbed up my penis and made it swell up thicker than ever. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of it and stripped down to her panties before jumping on my dick. My penis ripped right through her fragile underwear and went straight up her vagina. She rode me and said it felt so good. She was moaning shaking just like internet casino in the bathroom with the dick ring. I knew I would last long this time so I fucked her good and hard. Man was she happy.

We fucked for 30 minutes this time and I again made her cum. This time she even squirted. Before we fell asleep that night she said tomorrow would be the day we use both the cream and the dick ring. We kissed goodnight and I fantasized about it all night.

Apparently Jen couldn’t wait because I woke up with her reaching into my underwear rubbing the cream on and pushing a cock ring on my soft dick. I looked at the clock and it said 5:00 AM. Jen just couldn’t wait to try this out.

The cock ring and cream together made my dick 8.5 inches and thicker than a wine bottle. I was throbbing and tingling and then my dick went numb. I couldn’t feel a thing when she started stroking it. She straddled me and after struggling to get my monster cock to fit inside her finally got it to fit. She rode me like a cowgirl for 3 full hours. She had orgasm after orgasm. We fucked in all positions that we couldn’t do when I would cum too soon.

I still didn’t cum after the 3rd hour until she took the cock ring off me because she was too sore to continue. I could have filled a bath tub I had so much semen inside my balls. Jen and my sex life just got a whole lot better and it’s safe to say the cock ring and cream were the best investments we ever made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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