Wild Oats – Spring Break Jr. Year

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Spring Break of my Junior Year in college was interesting. I stayed on campus for the first part of the break to finish several papers that would be due when classes resumed and to review class notes for several expected tests. By Wednesday I was ready to party with the best of them.

Clearwater Beach was the closest major Spring Break area and it was less than an hour away. I wore a bikini with a long T-shirt over it and a pair of leather sandals. There was a space in the sole of the left sandal between two layers of leather where I placed a folded $10 bill in case of emergencies. I also put a spare bikini and a couple of spare T-shirts in the trunk of my car.

I knew from listening to past Spring Break adventure stories that as a good looking girl, I would be able to get free drinks and food by flashing a boob or mooning someone. I also thought I would be able to hook up with someone and spend the night if I wanted to. This was the 1970’s and sex was available whenever….

I am Sally. I am 5’8″ tall with firm, full breasts, a flat tummy and trimmed pubes. I believe sex and love are separate. I enjoy sex and am holding out on love until I find the right guy. I am on the pill and luxuriate in the feeling I have when a guy cums deep inside my vagina.

About 10 AM I parked my car in the pay for parking beach lot and put my key on top of the left rear tire so that I didn’t have to carry it around with me all day.

I gravitated toward a beach volleyball game and happened upon a group of college women who were putting together a team to play the winner of the game in progress.

When it was our turn on the court, I pulled off my T-shirt and our girls team took on the winning boy’s team, I think they enjoyed watching our breasts bounce around and occasionally slip out as they prolonged the game. They were much better than we were and could have easily just cebeci escort run through the points, but they missed easy shots so we would keep playing.

After we lost, a beer vender came by who offered free beer to any of us who would give a slow boob flash. Well, there was no thinking to be done about that. We were hot and sweaty and it was obvious that the college boys enjoyed the show.

We got free hot dogs by mooning the hot dog vendor and spent the afternoon working on our tans and meeting guys.

After the sun went down the action moved to the bars catering to the Spring Break crowd. After a few beers and lots of encouragement, I agreed to be in a wet T-shirt contest. The winner was to get $25 and an open bar tab until closing.

They gave the ten contestants really cheap T-shirts for the contest and most of the girls began modifying the shirts in whatever way they thought might give them an advantage.

I ripped the sleeves and the neck binding off mine and shortened it to the point that when I had it on, it barely covered my areolas.

In order to get our T-shirts wet, they sprayed us with cold water. This got us bouncing around and popped up our nipples. We danced around, showing what we had and encouraged to crowd to cheer for us when our number came up.

A couple of the women took their tops completely off to encourage votes and another girl mooned the crowd several times before she just took everything off. She ended up with the prize and I didn’t feel bad because I knew that I had a better body.

I moved off to the side after I was eliminated and changed from my wet T-shirt into my long T-shirt cover-up and was ready to head on back to my car and then to campus, when this really nice guy bought me a beer and ask if I would walk outside with him where it was quieter.

We walked across the street to the beach, çukurambar escort sat on a bench, and got to know each other.

After we finished our beer we held hands and talked. This led to some kissing and when he invited me to his room, I nodded.

Trent was sharing his room with three other guys from Ohio that he had come down with, but they were still out partying.

We lay on his bed and kissed for quite a while, his hand crept under my shirt until he found my bare breast. I was already excited, so my nipples were popped out like large pencil erasers and my areolas were all crinkly.

I rolled over toward him, gave him the most inviting kiss I could, and wrapped my arms around him to hold him close. He got the idea that I was all his right then and slipped my shirt over my head.

Trent stroked my breasts and teased my nipples with his tongue. I reached down with my hands to release the ties on my bikini bottom and then began touching his cock through his pants.

As he continued loving my breasts, I knew that I needed him inside me soon. I unbuckled his belt, unfastened the button at his waist and slid his zipper down. I sat up and helped him slide out of his pants and briefs and then lay back down on the bed.

By this time my bikini bottom was history. I opened my legs to Trent when he touched me and he could see that my vaginal lips had flowered and he could feel that I was well lubricated with my love honey.

Trent positioned himself between my legs and ran the head of his cock up and down my slit a few times to get it wet. He paused at my love opening and I pulled him in with my hands at his waist.

He entered me slowly, inch by inch, in and out. The fullness felt so good and he began stroking all the way in and then pulling back until only the head of his circumcised cock was still in me.

I ankara escort began to move with him. He moved side to side and in circles as he made love to me and was murmuring sweet nothings in my ear as he nibbled on my neck.

I kissed him with an open mouth and thrust my hips at him as hard as I could as my orgasm built.

“YES, YES, DON”T STOP! FUCK ME!” I had my first orgasm and he continued pumping into me right through it.

We changed positions and I mounted him in a reverse cowgirl. He wanted to watch his cock going in and out of my vagina and I was going to enjoy the fucking. I was facing the door as his roommates came in. I was right on the edge of another orgasm as he began spurting his warm cum deep into me. We were both at the point where we could not have stopped for anything.

His roommates applauded our finish and I continued sitting on his cock, savoring the feeling as he slowly deflated inside me.

Trent’s roommates got ready for bed, in fact one of the guys climbed into the far side of the bed we were using. Trent invited me to spend the night and I told him yes, but I needed a shower first.

When I came out of the shower, everyone was asleep, but Trent had left space on the bed beside him so I crawled in beside him. I was nude and when I snuggled in I noticed that he was also.

I woke several hours later with a long, hard cock between my legs and a hand gently stroking my breast. I rolled over to face Trent and we kissed. It was one of those long, gentle, loving kisses with a little tender tongue and lip work.

I straddled him and we made gentle, tender love for about 15 minutes. Neither of us came, it was just sensuous and loving. I lay down on top of him and when we fell asleep again, I was between the two guys rather than on the outside as I had been before.

Just as the sun was coming up in the morning, I felt another hand on my breast. This time it was Trent’s roommate who was touching me in his sleep, but that did not register in my mind. We were spooned together and I could feel a morning woody pressing into my butt cheeks.

I had the feeling that the rest of Spring Break might really be fun.

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