You’ve Got Me

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Simon Adams flung his front door wide, his face breaking into a grin as Aileen leaped through and into his arms. For a minute they held each other tightly, the warm summer air wafting into the townhouse. Disengaging, Aileen picked up her bags and her host shut the door.

“Good trip?” he inquired, leading her into the kitchen. She nodded, her initial smile still playing about her lips.

“God, I have so much to tell you,” she said, reaching into a cabinet and pulling out a glass. Simon filled it and the two sat down. The two hadn’t seen each other in over two months, though they talked often.

“Ever hear back from that new job?” he asked.

She grimaced. “Ugly. Very ugly.” She sipped her drink, adding, “I’ve been doing really well. It just feels good to be out of school, finally. I’ve got plenty of time for job hunting.”

He nodded. “No rush. You’re right, it’s wonderful to be out.”

“It’s easy for you to say ‘no rush’!” she laughed. “You’re doing fine. Just look at this place!”

Her laugh had always enthralled him. He drank her in as he had done for so many years, lingering on her perfect face. She looked beyond amazing to him with her brown hair cascading over her shoulders and her bright blue eyes lit up. She wore a small denim dress and black leather boots, summer attire that threatened to drive him wild.

The two had met in high school and remained close friends through college and graduate school. Simon had landed a marketing job before graduating and Aileen was still searching for something in the pharmaceuticals field. This visit was a vacation for her, a chance to catch up with her good friend and put her feet up.

The pair had dated briefly in high school, choosing to go their separate ways when they went to different colleges. They had remained very close, confiding in each other through the roller coasters of university sex and dating. Though at times their friendship was rife with sexual tension, nothing had come of it since high school.


Aileen swept her gaze over him for the umpteenth time that night, careful not to let him catch her looking. The two friends were watching some TV before turning in, already dressed for bed. Aileen felt herself shiver as she took him in, his hard body clad only in a pair of long pajama pants. She mentally caressed his neck, his chest, his abdomen. She often found herself musing about how sexy he was. Everything seemed more intense tonight, for some reason.

She let her mind wander back to their brief high school romance, remembering the few times that had had sex. It was so desperate and exciting back then, in his basement or the back seat of her car. They were both virgins when they first made love but it didn’t take them long to pick up the tricks of the trade.

Simon’s eyes caught hers and she smiled sweetly. He smiled back and then got abidinpaşa escort up.

“I’m off to bed. You know where the guest bedroom is,” he said, patting her shoulder as he walked around the back of the couch.

“Thanks again for having me,” she said, playfully slapping his back as he walked up the stairs.

Simon felt himself grow rock hard at the thought of having her.

“Anytime, dude. My pleasure,” he told her.


Simon came home from work early the next day, glad to be free on such a beautiful summer afternoon. He tossed his messenger bag onto the couch and then paused at the foot of the stairs, listening. The faint sounds of hot sex wafted by his ears.

He tiptoed up to the second floor, noticing that the door to his room was almost fully closed. Peering through the crack, he could clearly see Aileen staring intently at his television, completely absorbed in one of his most hardcore porn films.

Simon’s mind raced in time with his heart as he took the scene in. Aileen was clothed in dark pants and a maroon tank top, her feet bare. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail that swept gracefully over one shoulder. The woman’s eyes were locked on the screen, her lips parted ever so slightly. On the screen, a man and a woman indulged their carnal lusts with a brunette who was handcuffed to a four-post bed.

Suddenly aware that she was being watched, Aileen craned her neck around and caught Simon’s eye. For a moment both held completely still, holding their breath. Then, mercifully, Aileen cracked one of her famous grins.

“That’s some hot stuff you’ve got under that bed, horndog,” she said.

Simon rolled his eyes as he strode nonchalantly into the room, undoing his tie and hanging it on his tie rack. “What the hell are you doing going through my stuff?” he asked, mostly kidding. He tried to turn his body so that his hard-on would be camouflaged, but it was to little avail.

She clicked off the TV, standing up. “I’m just making sure that my buddy’s movies aren’t too naughty for him, silly,” she said, winking. Simon winked back and lunged for her, tackling her down onto the bed amid shrieks of surprise. He then proceeded to exact his revenge in the form of tickles.

Aileen writhed uncontrollably and began to do the same to him, straddling his waist and raking her fingertips down his sides. She felt an incredible rush of energy, a combination of sexual arousal and the sudden exertion. Her eyes were fiery and intense.

In one smooth motion Simon reached under the bed, pulled out a pair of furry handcuffs, and secured Aileen’s arms behind her back. He rolled himself on top of her, his arms on her heaving shoulders, his eyes locked on hers. He breathed deeply and steadily. One of his shirt buttons had popped off in the melee, exposing the top of his chest.

“Gotcha,” akay escort he said, smiling softly, his eyes never leaving hers.

She was silent as she lay under him, her wrist cuffed together under her, her blood pounding through her veins. She realized just how turned on she was, just how much the years of teasing had built up between them. Her lips parted as she felt his hardness against her leg, hot and insistent.

Aileen thrust her face up, her lips connecting with his. Kissing was a shock of energy. She let her head fall back, a devilish smirk on her lips.

“You’ve got me. Now fuck me, Simon,” she said.

Simon did not hesistate. His heart thundering, he undid his shirt and threw it behind him. Aileen breathed a little deeper as she saw his bare chest and arms.

“Let me touch you,” she whispered. Simon reached around her back and freed her right wrist, leaving the cuffs hanging from the left. Aileen’s fingers explored his torso, caressing the curves of his muscles and tracing up and down his sides. She drew her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, at the same time pulling his head down to meet hers. Their lips parted and their tongues entwined. Simon made small, involuntary thrusts with his hips, making Aileen moan softly.

“I’ve wanted you for so many years,” he whispered into her ear. She nodded, gasping as he flicked his tongue over her earlobe and traced a pattern down her neck.

Simon slipped her tank top off and held his breath for a moment, gazing at the glory of her chest. He dipped his head down and passionately nibbled at her left nipple with his lips, careful not to use his tongue yet. Aileen raked her fingers through his hair as he began to make small licks all over her breasts. He caressed the insides of her thighs with a large hand, painstakingly making his way toward their intersection. Her body shuddered as he made contact with the center of her, still encased in two layers of fabric. Their eyes locked.

“How do you want it?” Simon asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

Aileen’s chest heaved as she concentrated on his hands. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so aroused. The idea of fucking Simon was deliciously taboo – she was soaking wet from his touch. She held up her left wrist, still enclosed in the grip of the handcuffs.

“Like this,” she said evenly.

Simon nodded, kissing her mouth as he undid the buttons of her pants. He slipped them off without disengaging their lips, leaving her clad only in a pair of small black panties. She gasped as his finger slipped under them and touched her. Her clit was swollen and hyper-sensitive. She spoke almost without realizing it.

“I need you, Simon… oh god, please fuck me. Please fuck me.”

He guided her to the center of the bed, turning her over onto her stomach. He lay over her and pressed himself against ankara escort her, then slipped the remainder of his clothes off. Aileen moaned as the head of his cock pressed against her panties, making delicious contact with her pussy lips through the silky fabric. Simon took her left hand and guided it to one of the bedposts, fastening the handcuff around it. Lifting himself off of her for a moment, he produced another pair and did the same to her right wrist.

Aileen was trembling with lust. She was handcuffed to Simon’s bed, wearing only her panties, turned on and ready to let him have his way.

Simon leaned his lips close to her ear, his body arching over hers. “Are you sure you want to do this, Aileen?” he asked. She didn’t know if he was teasing or serious.

“Yes… yes, Simon, fuck me hard. I’m yours,” she said, turning her head to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Fuck me now!”

Simon slowly and smoothly removed her panties. He ran a finger slowly over her pussy, feeling how wet it was, how ready she was. He kissed her back once, murmuring, “You are beautiful, Aileen,” and took his cock in hand. Aileen craned her head around and moaned at the sight of him. Simon smiled softly, stroking his cock. She could make out every vein on it. Renewed urgency gripped her as she gazed at the smooth, round head.

Then that beautiful head was caressing the lips of her pussy, getting wet with her flowing juices. She thrust her hips back toward him and his cock dipped into her slightly. Then his strong hands gripped her hips and he thrust himself deep into her.

Years of fantasies and flirting were concentrated into their thrusts. Simon threw his head back and moaned as her pussy gripped and caressed his cock. She drew him in time and time again, bucking her hips back to meet each penetration. Aileen shouted a litany of “Oh God!” and “Fuck me!”, lost in ecstasy with a partner she never expected to have again. She thrashed about, loving the feel of being cuffed to the bed. The energy being exchanged between them was unreal.

Simon’s fingers entwined in her brown hair, pulling her head back as he leaned over her. He maintained a steady rhythm as his lips met hers again. Their tongues met and the lovers shuddered with the intensity of the moment. Simon’s vision was clouded by lust; he caught glimpses of Aileen’s beautiful form, supplementing his eyes with the sensations of his skin.

Aileen screamed aloud as his fingers found her clit, rubbing furiously as his cock pistoned faster and faster.

“I’m coming, oh god, oh GOD!” she shouted as she felt her orgasm begin to crash over her.

The contractions of her pussy muscles were too much for Simon to bear, and his body froze as orgasm overtook him. His cock pumped his cum into her, his hand still rubbing her until the waves began to ebb.

For a full minute neither moved. As the seconds passed their hearts began to pound more slowly and they opened their eyes.

Simon reached a shaking hand over her and undid both pairs of handcuffs. She rolled over onto her back, holding out her arms to him. He entered them and his embrace was full of promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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