2,4,6,8 Never Too Late Ch. 04

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I slept the sleep of the just fucked for the first time. I was a little surprised to find Mark still in the bed when I woke. He was still fast asleep. A thin line of morning sun was splitting the curtains where they didn’t quite meet. The rays played on the bed next to Mark. He looked about forty years old lying there, not that I cared. He had a beautiful manly face, a nice body and a corking cock. Bliss. I quietly ordered breakfast in bed on the room phone, and went into the bathroom.

I felt like a bit of a girl as I stood in the shower after shaving and the rest. Making sure I was clean outside and in. Carefully cleaning behind my foreskin. Making sure I presented a slightly sanitised version of the eager cock slut he’d met the day before. Christ, I’d come on to him like a two bit whore. He seemed more than willing but knowing what I know about men, being one myself, that didn’t necessarily mean that he’d fallen for me in any particular or meaningful way or either that he wanted anything more than the frenetic de-spunking we’d both enjoyed. But I did. I wanted more.

I towelled myself dry and considered my options. There was a knock at the door.

‘Room service!’ A familiar voice announced. Here he was again, the less than subtle waiter.

I saw no reason to let him into the room again as I had done the night before in the careless mad rush of passion. I was beginning to feel slightly haunted by him. I opened the door and asked him to leave the tray outside. He creased a meaningless smile and obliged with an equally unfelt,

‘Yes Sir, of course.’

Kind of creepy considering he’d seen me butt naked the night before having just been obviously rogered. I waited for the waiter to leave before bending down to pick up the breakfast tray.

Mark who was just stirring when I turned round. Before I had a chance to reconsider my options I found myself putting the tray down and planting a big smacker of a kiss on his lovely full lips as I reached down under the bedclothes and gave his soft package a squeeze. Hardly the action of an option-considerer. But it seemed as though güvenilir bahis I didn’t have any options.

‘Morning,’ I said as slipped subconsciously into my new skin.

He reached up and fondled the back of my head before drawing me down for another, deeper, more pressing kiss.

‘What’s the time?’ He asked.

‘Haven’t got an exact answer for you. Time for breakfast, I guess,’ I replied.

I had to treat this situation with some nonchalance otherwise I would just submit to my urge to lie him down on the bed and bounce on his cock all day, or at least as much as the day as I could manage.

As I put the breakfast stuff on the table in the room Mark got up and went into the bathroom. I resisted the temptation to follow him into the shower and help him wash as I heard the water start to flow. But I still imagined myself doing so.

A naked breakfast with the man who’d fucked you for the first time is a difficult deal you might imagine. But it came completely naturally to me. I fed him and fussed over him.

Through the glass top of the table we were sitting at I could see his flaccid cock. Plump and neatly covered by a foreskin that ended in a small ‘O’ through which peeked the slitted end that I’d tongued last night. I’d come such a long way in a few months. From a hesitating and inevitable acceptance of my preference for cock, for men in general, to someone who had taken a man to bed.

The first time that I realised what my fate was is mainly down to the dildo. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of knowing that I could receive and enjoy a man-sized thing up me. I’d experimented before with this and that and although I had derived some pleasure from having played with myself and sticking the odd object slightly into my bum I hadn’t really committed to it. When the moment came and I found myself pushing back onto a cock-shaped thing and realising it had gone in most of the way, that I was impaled and happy being stretched and explored, had changed the game completely. The first time that happened I didn’t need to come. All I needed was the knowledge türkçe bahis that I could do it — accommodate a man and be enthralled by being fucked. I was always bound to let a man fuck me after that. Barry Leigh had wanted to do that to me over ten years before. I looked at men in a different way the next morning and have been doing ever since.

Mark’s hands were playing with a croissant. He turned it up so that its points were standing up and he pushed a fat finger into the thickest part of it between its ‘legs’. I laughed and in a high-pitched and exaggerated French accent said,

‘Fuck me!’

He looked up and smiled at me. Sharing a moment like that can make all the difference in a new relationship, if that’s what this was, which was by no means certain.

‘So that was your first time with a man. You seemed to know what to do?’ he said quizzically.

‘I’m not sure about that, but I knew what I wanted,’ I explained.

I went on to tell him a little about myself; about how I had reluctantly come to the conclusion that I preferred men a few months before. How I’d always swooned at cock but had had several good relationships with women and still found them sexually alluring; that I now swooned at men; that men seemed be attracted to me. I had had countless suggestive offers made to me over the years. I was in a club in London once, not a gay club, when I had been invited into the VIP area by one of the doormen on the express invitation of ‘Mr Williams’ who turned out to be Danny Williams, fashion guru and gay lothario. He seemed to think, very presumptuously, that I’d be going back with him for the night. I explained that I was with my girlfriend and made my excuses and left.

I told Mark about the time I’d been accosted in the showers at school by a big-dicked dork that insisted on rubbing his erect cock all over my bum as we stood there, me wondering what the hell was happening, before being interrupted by the presence of the gym teacher who hauled my stalker off into his office.

‘You’re only my third,’ he interrupted. ‘I had a boyfriend at University, got married güvenilir bahis siteleri a couple of years after leaving and had two kids but then on holiday in France on a campsite I got seduced by a German lad and my wife caught me giving it to him behind the showers. It all fell apart after that last year. Terrible time.’

‘When you say he seduced you, do you mean you weren’t willing?’ I asked.

He got up and stood behind me. His cock sort of half-flopped onto my shoulder and I felt it thicken and lengthen as he stroked my head. I knew what to do. Didn’t have to think about it at all.

I got up and forced him back to the wall until he was flat backed against it, pumping his cock with one hand and guiding him with a firm hand on his chest with the other. I dragged my fingers over his chest as I tipped my face up for a quick snog before kneeling down before him. I glanced sideways into the mirror on the wardrobe that gave me a perfect sideways view of his nearly hard cock and me hunched on my heels. I was again hard as hell. My cock poked up red and ready, the tip and top visible above my thighs in the mirror.

I gave him a good licking, you could call it worship, before taking as much into my mouth as was comfortable. I’d mouthed my dildo in anticipation of this and knew my limits as a consequence of doing so — it really turned me on doing that, dildoing my mouth. This was so much better. The taste and feel of a live throbbing cock. Careful not to graze him with my teeth I opened wide and felt his soft knob head settle into the roof of my mouth and flattened my tongue against the underside. I did nothing more than that apart from close my lips around him and softly suck. Mark started to move his hips back and forth. Hardly moving my head I accepted the movements as his glans moved in and along and touched the fleshy top of my throat and out again until the rim touched the inside of my lips.

He came in my mouth with a low groan after several minutes of that. I let most of his load slide out and it dripped down onto my chin and chest. I concentrated again on the slit as I worked his softening meat with my hand. I felt so natural doing that. So hot having all that power and control over a man.

Mark and I exchanged mobile phone numbers as he got dressed. He left soon after saying he’d ring me later.

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