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A Dream of Darkness

By Levi Holland

Disclaimer: This story depicts sexual acts between minors. There are also light incest moments between brothers in a few of the chapters. Fairly innocent overall, but if you’re not into that kind of thing, then you know the drill.

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Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at an erotica story. Thank you to those who reached out after the first chapter to give your feedback! If I didn’t get the chance to write back yet, I’ll do my best to do so in a timely manner. I’d also love to hear from any new readers too, so if you feel inclined, feel free to shoot me a message at LeviHolland@protonmail. Without your voices, it’s just the empty void 🙂

A Dream of Darkness

– Chapter 2 –

Henry didn”t leave his bedroom until his parents had finally gotten home and called him for dinner. At the table, he thought it might have been awkward with his brother, but if Keegan had any suspicions about Henry noticing his brother”s orgasm or running off to the bathroom to have one of his own, he didn”t show it. His brother was back to his usual dorky self, telling their mom about the book he had to read for class in one of his small groups and how funny it had been when his friend Peter was pretending to be a t-rex at recess.

After sharing about their days and helping to clear the dishes, Henry excused himself to his room to finish up the last of his homework he”d pushed off since the afternoon. The rain that had threatened to pour as he was leaving the school bus was now in full force, pattering against the outside of his window. He finished off the last of his math homework throughout the next forty minutes before feeling thirsty.

Henry changed into his set of pajama bottoms for the evening and went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Along the way, he noticed Keegan”s door was cracked. The lamp on Keegan”s desk illuminated the crack against the door, and Henry thought he might”ve heard his dad”s muffled voice coming through. He wondered if Keegan had brought up the spontaneous orgasm that had happened earlier that day and laughed at the idea of his dad flustering over the best way to explain orgasms to his ten-year-old brother.

Inside the kitchen, only the overhead sink light was still on, casting a dim white glow over the sink and counter. Opening the cabinet, Henry found one of the plastic cups his mom insisted they use. While he waited for his cup to fill at the sink, a burst of lightning streaked across the sky and lit the backyard. Henry nearly jumped out of his skin as he stared out the window. He thought he”d seen the shape of a person. Someone standing and waiting, a shadow person lurking in the darkness.

Henry ducked down so his eyes were just above the window sill as his cup of water began overflowing. When the next bout of lightning hit, nothing. Just the swing set outside and a couple of garden tools that had been left out. He snaked a hand over the sink to switch off the water and dumped a little of the excess before carefully bringing the cup to him.

Still crouched down, Henry turned on his heels to see his dad staring at him from the kitchen doorway.

“I was just getting some water,” Henry said, as if that perfectly explained why he was also crab walking across the kitchen floor.

His dad sighed heavily before announcing how he wasn”t ready for two teenage boys.

Back in his room, Henry made sure his blinds were closed tight and positioned himself to where he wouldn”t be able to see out of the window even if lightning flared across the sky. Despite his nerves about the storm and what might be lurking outside his house, Henry”s body was also used to its nighttime ritual of jacking off before bed.

Beneath the covers, Henry reached under his waistband until his fingers brushed past the few short pubes he had on either side of his penis. Even though this would end up being his third time cumming in twenty four hours, good luck telling his dick that. Henry wrapped his fingers around the rigid pole and shuddered as the pleasure washed over him.

He turned to the same thoughts he had most nights, either some variation of his best friend Aiden or another of his classmates he found super hot. He liked to imagine them shirtless first, their skin stretched tight over their developing muscles, before imagining them in some lewd position. Jacking off, getting blown, solo or together, it didn”t matter. It was all fuel for Henry”s fantasies. The best part was when he inserted himself into those fantasies, and then the people he dreamed about were doing those incredible things to him. Of course he”d never actually had anyone give him a hand job or suck his dick, but he could imagine!

The first thing on his mind was Aiden sloppily eating the salad he”d gotten for lunch. The excessive ranch had spilled out from his lips as he talked. Henry imagined it as cum leaking out from the edges of Aiden”s lips, his tongue reaching out to catch the bits that had dripped out. It was enough to make his penis buck in his hand, but not quite enough to send him over the edge. He imagined Aiden sneakily sending a hand beneath the lunch table, fiddling with his junk in secret and pleasuring himself thinking that nobody could see.

From the vantage point of his fantasy, Henry couldn”t quite see what Aiden was doing, but the boy”s eyes rolled from the pleasure he was feeling. As his friend continued stroking, Henry found the image of Aiden gradually shifting. His friend”s pale blond hair was turning black, his body shifting from the short, stocky build of his friend, to the thin, lanky build of Keegan. Now it was Keegan”s face twisted in pleasure, his brother looking uncertain as the new but intense pleasure he was feeling washed over him.

Henry snapped himself out of his reverie and yanked his hand from his pajama bottoms. His dick was twitching painfully, but he tried to slow his breathing and heart rate and brushed the trail of precum that had stuck to his hand against his blanket. He wasn”t about to jack off to the image of his younger brother cumming, even if it had sent a thrill through Henry”s entire body. şişli travesti It was wrong; he wouldn”t do it.

Despite the urge rushing through him, Henry turned on his side and shoved his hands underneath his pillow while forcing himself to try and sleep.

When the sun”s rays woke him the next morning, Henry was surprised to discover that he couldn”t remember having any dreams. He half expected to be back in the forest near the cave with that same voice that had pervaded his previous two dreams. A quick check of his pajamas showed that he didn”t have a repeat wet dream either, even after pausing in the middle of his wank session. That being said, his typical morning wood was up to say hello, but he figured that had more to do with having to pee than anything.

Rolling out of bed, Henry stole a glance at his alarm to see that it was only just past 7. Honestly he still had plenty more time before he needed to get up. Maybe he”d return to bed after using the bathroom. He shuffled over to his door before stepping out into the hall. It was quiet in the house, which was fine with Henry. He wasn”t much of a talker right when he woke up.

The bathroom door was shut, and Henry was just about to knock when the door opened and his brother Keegan stepped out. They stared at each other for a brief moment before Keegan”s eyes darted down below Henry”s waist. Henry flushed in embarrassment when he saw how obvious his erection was against his pajama bottoms.

“Sorry,” he said, “I just needed to use the bathroom.”

“S”okay,” Keegan said, tearing his eyes away from the bulge before not so casually placing his hands in front of his own pajamas.

Keegan left to his own room to get ready for school while Henry stepped inside the bathroom. He had to fight against his boner and will it to go down before he could finally pee and get some relief. After what seemed like a solid minute, his erection started to wilt, and he could comfortably finish taking care of business. After he was done, he figured he would get back into his bed, but when he opened the bedroom door, he was surprised to see that his bed wasn”t empty at all. Keegan was sitting on the edge and looked up at Henry sheepishly as he stepped in.

“Dude, get out,” Henry said. “You have to get ready to go.”

“I know,” he said, “I will. It”s just…”

“Just what?”

“I wanted to see if you could help me with something.”

Henry sighed and walked over to his brother before joining him side by side on the edge of the bed. His brother, despite being lanky and a bit on the tall side, looked so fragile and withdrawn as he sat there. Henry couldn”t help but want to take care of him. He”d always been the protector for his older brother, the person who watched out for him when no one else was around.

“Sure,” Henry said. “Tell me what”s up.”

Keegan”s hands rested in his lap, and he shifted a bit on the covers. Henry noticed that his younger brother refused to make eye contact. “So yesterday, something happened when we were watching tv.”

Henry”s eyes widened when he realized what his brother was about to share.

“Oh, yeah?” he said, feigning ignorance.

“This morning I saw that your thing was sticking up, and mine”s done it a lot more too, and at first I thought it was no big deal because it happens sometimes.” His brother was talking in a rush now, something he did when he was nervous or uncertain of himself. “Anyway, it happened yesterday when we were watching Teen Titans, but this time something else happened, too. I tried to ignore it, but the more I did, the more it kept tingling, and then this feeling seemed to explode out of my body out of nowhere. I thought I might have peed at first, but nothing was wet, and it was the most awesomest feeling ever.”

Henry couldn”t help but laugh a little to himself at his brother”s excitement. In some ways he was jealous. He had only discovered masturbation a few months before. His brother now had a couple years of enjoyment on him. Plenty of time to fine tune the skill.

“Anyway, I didn”t want you to think I was a baby, so I asked Dad about it last night, and he said I had orgasms and that it was a part of growing up, and that it was something that could help my…penis from being hard all the time.”

His brother”s cheeks were tomato red as he finished that last part, and Henry was willing to bet dollars to dicks that his own cheeks matched.

“I mean, Dad”s right,” Henry said. “It does help. I don”t know why you”re telling me though.”

“It”s just that…Dad didn”t really mention how to make the orgasms thing happen again. And I know I”ve got to go soon, but when I saw yours sticking up this morning, I…”

“You got hard?”

Keegan lifted his hands away from his lap, and Henry saw where his brother”s pajama bottoms had scrunched up around his boner. He felt a stirring in his own groin as well that he tried to suppress.

“Can you show me how to fix it? I don”t want to have to go to the bus and school like this.”

Despite the embarrassment he was feeling, Keegan had finally looked Henry in the face. It looked like tears were beginning to form at the edges of his eyes.

“Look, Keegan,” Henry said, “I don”t think brothers are really supposed to be talking about stuff like this together. I mean, you can always think of Gran or something. That can help it go away.”

Keegan sniffed. “Dad said that too, but Gran, Papa, nothing”s working. I even tried doing math in my head.”

Henry scratched his head at the idea that his dad had told Keegan to solve math problems as a cure for boners. Hmm…now that he thought about it, maybe his dad was on to something… Henry was torn. Clearly his dad had done the same thing with Keegan that he”d done with Henry when he had his first wet dream. He tiptoed around the truth and left him far more confused than when he started. He guessed there was nothing too terrible about showing his brother the basics of jacking off. It was something that all boys did eventually, and if it would help Keegan avoid having an emotional meltdown before the school day, then that was a bonus.

Henry sighed. “Okay, look. I can show you what to do, but you have to swear, and I mean like double beylikdüzü travesti pinky swear on mom, dad, and anyone else you love to keep what I show you a secret.”

Keegan”s eyes perked up. “Yeah, of course! I double pinky swear. I TRIPLE pinky swear!”

Henry rolled his eyes but then stuck out his pinky to Keegan, who immediately locked his own around his brother”s. With that done, Henry moved quickly over to his bedroom door and stuck his head out. His dad was already gone for the day, that much he knew, but he couldn”t hear his mom yet. That either meant she was still asleep or perhaps in the shower. Either way, Henry didn”t want to take any chances. He gently pushed his door shut and twisted the lock.

“What”d you do that for?” Keegan asked.

“Because what I”m going to show you is private and isn”t something you do where others can see you. Especially not Mom.”

“Oh, okay,” he said, fixated on Henry like he was about to learn an important lesson. And he was, Henry thought. This would be an incredibly important life lesson.

“First thing you need to do is lower your pants and underwear. It”s not something you have to do all the time, but we need to make sure you”re doing it right.”

Keegan faltered for a moment. “But you”ll see my thing…hard.”

Henry rolled his eyes again before leaning forward and dropping his pajama bottoms to the floor. As he stood back up, his penis stuck out all four inches, bobbing in time with his heartbeat. He could already feel a bit of precum forming at the tip and knew it wouldn”t be long before he started leaking.

“You have hair!?” Keegan shouted.

“Ssh, you idiot,” Henry said. “Don”t let Mom hear you. And yes, I have hair. You get it when you”re older. I”ll probably have a lot more in a few years. You will, too.”

“Wow,” his brother said. His eyes were wide as saucers as he stared at Henry”s dick.

Henry snapped his fingers twice. “Eyes up here.”

“Why is it sad?”


Keegan pointed at Henry”s boner which had started to droop some of his precum. “Your thing, why is it sad? It looks like it”s crying.”

Henry slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand.

“Two things,” he said, holding up his fingers as he went. “For one, stop calling it a thing. You know it”s a penis, I know that. Call it that, or a boner, or a dick. You can call it a cock, too, but that”s a pretty bad word so maybe don”t go around saying that.”

“Isn”t dick a bad word?”



Henry sighed and refocused himself. “Two, you know that babies come from their Moms. Well, to help make babies, guys put their sperm inside of her. That”s part of what this is.”

Henry reached down and scooped up the strand of precum that had nearly fallen off the tip of his dick and extended it toward his brother.

“That”s not a baby, though,” Keegan said.

“No, but it can help make one. Part of making a baby is supposed to feel really good, and for guys, we can practice feeling good before we meet a girl. Or a boy.”

“Boys can”t make babies with boys,” Keegan laughed.

“No, but it can still feel really good, which is what I”m going to help teach you. Now, drop your pants, and do what I do.”

Keegan looked down at the bulge his boner made in his pajama bottoms before taking one last look at Henry”s. He closed his eyes before lowering them down to his ankles. Keegan”s penis was on the thin side, giving a three-inch salute as it aimed completely upward. Henry could see that his brother”s pubic area was completely bare and his balls only slightly dropped as they rested in their sack.

Henry slowly wrapped his fingers around his boner, feeling the familiar wash of pleasure that spread through him. His nerves must have been on high alert, because the combination of his hand with all the sexy talk with his brother was about to send him over the edge already.

“Now you want to make sure you”ve got a good enough grip because you”re going to move your hand up and down like this.”

Henry demonstrated and felt his hand smear in some of the precum along the head of his dick which felt deliciously good. His brother”s hand was a bit on the larger side for the size of his penis, so Henry encouraged him to adjust to using a few fingers and a thumb.

“Try to switch it up. You might be able to get a better grip. Once you start going at it, that feeling you had yesterday will start to build up.”

“It feels fine, I guess,” Keegan said, but Henry could tell his brother was just saying that to seem like he understood.

Henry reluctantly paused his own jerking. “It helps sometimes to think about sexy things.”

“What do you think about?” his brother asked.

Henry paused. He wasn”t sure this was the best time to explain how he wished he could do X, Y, and Z with his best friend Aiden. He doubted Keegan would make any comments about him being gay, but Henry didn”t think his brother was quite ready to learn about the ins and outs of gay sex.

“You know, like people naked and stuff. Haven”t you ever wondered what some of your classmates might look like?”

Keegan”s face turned scarlet, and he shrugged a shoulder as he looked away. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Good, think about that, and then concentrate on those things while you”re jerking off.”

Henry watched Keegan again, and this time, his brother had a look of realization on his face as he continued using his two finger grip on himself.

“Oh, it”s definitely working better now,” he said and grinned.

Henry resumed his own stroking, not sure how much longer he could hold off at this point. Ah, the hell with it. He was here to give his brother a lesson. If he was old enough to learn about cumming, then he could learn about cum too.

“Pretty soon you”ll start getting that good feeling, and remember you aren”t going to pee even if it feels like it. Older boys like me make more of that stuff you saw earlier though, so don”t freak out.”

His brother nodded and was staring down at the head of his dick as he kept cranking away. Henry”s arousal istanbul travesti got the best of him, and he felt that space somewhere between his balls and crack give a spine-tingling throb. With a few final strokes, he stifled a groan as he felt his penis give way.

“Here it comes,” he told his brother, as his first blast of cum shot out on to the carpet floor. He was surprised at how close he”d come to spraying his brother”s feet. That thought sent out another quick spurt that fell much closer to his own feet. His orgasm finished with the rest of his cum dribbling out of him like normal.

“It”s…I think it”s, oh,” his brother gasped. His head had rolled back, exposing his flushed neck, and then his brother started shaking in place before falling back on the bed. His little erection twitched as his hand fell away, and Henry couldn”t help but laugh.

“I think you have it figured out now,” he said.

“That is…the most amazing thing,” Keegan said breathlessly. “Can I do that all the time?”

Henry shrugged. “For now anyway. Although like I said it”s pretty private, so maybe wait to be alone before trying it again.”

When Keegan got up from the bed, he did something that surprised Henry. He ran over and wrapped his arms around his brother in a hug. Despite the fact that they were both still pretty much naked from the waist down with drooping dicks that were nearly pressed against each other, Henry thought it was the most heart-warming thing his brother had done in a while.

“Thank you for showing me that. WAY more helpful than Dad was.”

Henry hugged him back before ruffling his messy hair. “I know. Now go finish getting ready.”

“You too, huh?” his mom said about an hour later when Henry was getting the last of his things ready for the school day. “You and Keegan both seem to be in a really good mood.”

Henry laughed and shrugged. “Must be because it”s Friday.”

When he arrived at school, Henry was looking forward to seeing Aiden. His best friend and crush was usually there before him, waiting in the courtyard for Henry before they headed inside, but today he seemed to be running behind. Henry waited by himself on one of the stone benches while other buses arrived and dumped off their students next to the car riders. He greeted a few of his casual friends from his classes as they passed, but it wasn”t long before most of the student body had shown.

Looking around, Henry noticed two people sitting across from him on the stone benches. One was a blonde girl from his science class he”d never spoken to before but knew to be Lexie. She was one of those casually popular types, making friends in whatever social circle she found herself in. The boy beside her Henry didn”t recognize, but he was pretty adorable with his gelled brown hair swooped to one side. His eyes were a lovely shade of brown that reminded Henry of warm chocolate.

As puberty grabbed Henry in its clutches more and more, he”d lately found himself wondering about the sexual development of his peers around him. He”d gotten to steal quick glances at a few of his classmates in the gym”s changing rooms before they wrapped themselves in towels and hit the showers. He found it fascinating that there were people in his grade that ranged from completely bare in their pubic region and balls to having small, thick bushes of hair. He knew their dick sizes were varied as well, some growers and others showers. Every week since the start of the school year it seemed at least one boy would bone up a week in the locker rooms or the showers. Most of the times, Henry had to turn away since he knew he”d spring up in a matter of seconds if he kept staring.

Even though he”d cummed only about two hours before, Henry felt the blooming feeling of arousal spread through his chest as he wondered about the cute boy sitting across from him. More interestingly, the moment that had begun to happen, Henry noticed the boy had stopped smiling and chatting so freely and started to fidget a bit on the bench.

Henry”s mind flashed to the events with his brother the day before, remembering the spontaneous orgasm that had happened just as he”d been about to have his own. Keegan had been restless moments before he”d cum, and his brother”s words had nearly reinforced that when he mentioned how unexpectedly the feeling had washed over him. The faint voice from the cave whispered across his consciousness. It was impossible, it was stupid, but what if…

Once again Henry focused on his arousal and ignored his hardening dick. His jeans were loose enough that he wasn”t in immediate discomfort. As he placed his attention on the cute boy sitting across from him, the kid continued to fidget while he talked to Lexie. Eventually the boy placed his bookbag in his lap and leaned against it. Henry”s mind drifted to the mutual jerk session he”d shared with Keegan this morning, seeing his brother two finger grip his little boner while he got lost in pleasure.

Across from him, the boy placed his head on top of his bookbag, but before Henry could tease his thoughts any further, the morning bell rang out across the courtyard. Immediately the boy snapped his head forward, and Lexie began to stand, oblivious to how her friend must have been feeling as he remained crouched over his backpack. When he finally stood, Henry noticed the telltale sign of where his boner was pressing against his khaki shorts as well as a small dark spot from where the boy had started to leak.

Henry made eye contact with the boy who immediately blushed hard before turning away and hunching over while he caught up with Lexie.

Holy shit, Henry thought, breaking out of his own state of arousal as he felt his dick soften. Of course it could have just been coincidence again. Boys got unwanted erections pretty much every day. Hell, they happened to him all the freakin’ time. Henry couldn”t help but get the feeling that somehow, in some way, he was connecting himself to the people around him.

There was one way to find out for sure. He had several classes throughout the day that he could find a way to test his theory. If it failed, then no skin off his bones, he figured it would be a nice way to pass the time. But if it was real, then middle school was about to get a whole lot more interesting…

– End of Part 2 –

Thank you again for reading if you made it this far into the story. Please feel free to send me some feedback if you enjoyed it ail). Part 3 is coming soon!


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