A Quickie 03: Stacey

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Author’s note. ( Stacey really exists. She is not a figment of my imagination. I really love her, and she really loves me…but our marriages are in the way. Last Christmas we came so close to having sex, but chickened out at the last moment. I still have her panties in a secret drawer in my garage… )


We lay basking in the afterglow of our love-making, two bodies in perfect harmony with each other, offering so much, but yet, so little. We were still aware of our mutual orgasm ripping through our bodies, bringing us to newer heights. As I breathed heavily, I thanked whatever Gods there were for bringing me and Stacey together.

She was a colleague of mine at work, and after becoming firm friends, we became confidantes, and after a short time, lovers. And there, lay our problems. The busy lives we led did not enable us to indulge in each other too much. We were both married, and while none of us had any kids, there was always too much to do.

Take today for example, I called my wife to tell her that I had a meeting and it would be best if she did not call me unless it was really urgent, and then, only on my cell phone. Likewise, Stacey called her husband to tell him that she was to attend a half-day seminar and could not be contacted except for an emergency.

We had both taken four hours of leave from our allowance, and met at the garage that I had secretly rented ages ago. This garage I had furnished with simple things, carpeting, a large bed from Ikea, a lttle kitchenette that was only used for brewing some coffee, and most importantly, a shower stall that I connected to the drain system.

Unfortunately these meetings with Stacey were few and far in between. With cell phones these days, it was becoming increasingly impossible to disappear for a few hours. I had no part time job where I could conveniently vanish on an errand for some hours from time to time, and even if I did, the communications available would make sure that one would get caught immediately.

So we had to settle with these stolen moments.

Nothing bad in itself, I thought, as I ran my hand over her smooth thigh. It kept the tension to a max. Unbidden, we turned to each other, smiled, and kissed the kiss of two people really in love. She raised herself on her elbows, and her breasts changed shape as they stretched to their ‘tear-drop’ kurtköy rus escort pose. Stacey had magnificent breasts. Not too large, I guess they were a larger B-Cup, magnificently tipped with two very pink nipples that you could hang a coat on when excited.

Her body was tight as a drum, with a beautifully formed wide cleft between her legs. She had done electro-depilation on her pussy years ago (so she said), and it was smooth as silk, so soft and inviting. I have never known another woman whose pussy was always so wet and practically dripping.

My tongue had done miles of lapping on that walkway. Truthfully? I couldn’t get enough of it.

I was nothing special, a normally-built guy, a bit more broad-shouldered than normal maybe, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Even my cock was normal, if maybe a little thicker than what most girls expect.

At the moment this cock was fully erect as I let my fingers dance around and in Stacey’s generous pussy. She moaned as I first dipped one, then two fingers into her love canal. In a show of willingness, she turned her back to me, spooning, and raised her right leg over my body. She arched her back and her velvety tunnel was immediately in range of my dick. I rubbed it around her hole before thrusting forward, and with her being as wet as she could be, buried myself completely in one swift move.

“Ohhh. So thick, so thick…” she moaned.

“I’m glad you like my little man.” I replied.

“What little man? You’re splitting me open like a nutcracker. That’s it, push. I’m almost there.”

I obliged by pushing and holding my stance, letting Stacey fuck herself on my pole, moaning and talking gibberishly.

“I can’t hold out much longer.” I warned her.

“That’s ok. I’m cumming. I”m cumming. Oh Christ!” She moaned as we pushed towards each other.

I swear my climax started right down from my toes and I hissed mightily between my teeth as I felt my cum spurt from my dick in thick ropes. We clung together, hanging on for dear life as we came again, only relaxing after nearly a full minute of wild heaving.

“This is the life.” Stacey purred.

“What life? If we go on like this, it will be the death of us!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, probably. But hey, it’s a good way to go, having your names splashed all over the paper. kurtköy otele gelen escort Couple cum to death.”

We both laughed at the absurdness, before quieting down as we gazed at each other. I loved her, God knows how much I loved her. Our kisses were tender little butterflies raining down from heaven, tasting lips, noses, eyes, and back to lips. We drank each other’s souls, so much in harmony with each other.

“We’ve got to find a way to make this a more permanent fixture. We’ve got to. It’s been more than a month since we came here last.” I said.

“What can we do? Except maybe to leave my husband and you leave your wife. And I know that it’s not going to happen with either of us.”

“I know what else can happen between us…I have a surprise for you…”

“Mmmmm…” she purred, “I just love your surprises. Come on, show me.”

“Okay, try out this chair.” I told her, as I led her to a strange piece of furniture of my own design. It had a very narrow seat on which one could rest his or her butt, leg rests that could open with a remote, and arm rests that made one relax totally. This had a total effect of the person using the chair to be sitting on a ledge with legs spread wide open, body slightly inclined backwards of vertical, and having an adjustable height. It had cost me a hell of a lot of money, but I was about to find out whether it was worth it.

Stacey moved slowly to the chair in small sexy steps, settling her firm ass on the seat, and lifting first her right foot, then the left one into the rests.

Her muscles were already warm from our previous workout, so I had no worries she might suffer a muscle strain. Using the remote, I opened the ‘stirrups’ wide, and this had the added effect of having the beautiful sight of her pussy stretching right before my eyes, bulging outwards as her thigh muscles expanded.

I stopped to let her adjust a bit, but she urged me on. Finally the motor stopped at the furthest safe limit allowable, and after checking that she was comfortable, fell to my knees in front of her.

In all honesty, I had never had something like this… her pussy was presented to me beautifully. Her lips were like the wings of a large pink butterfly, with the head being represented by her clit, which, by now, was gently distending and uncrowning itself. The skin was glistening, shiny with the combined juices of my cum and her lubrication.

I used the remote to adjust the chair height so that her pussy was in-line with my lips, leaned forward, and happily, my tongue made contact with her engorged clitty. She gasped as I nibbled, licked and sucked on her sensitive little button. The juices flowed and coated my face. The sweet nectar of love, and I was lapping it from the portal of the gods themselves.

My dick was rock hard already, and as she writhed on the chair, I stepped back, stood up, and pointed my meat straight into her gaping pussy. The height was just right, and without even touching her, slid my plump head just past the opening of her pussy. Stacey screamed once and nearly fainted. The pleasure was exquisite. My hands were clasped behind my back, as we enjoyed the incredible pleasure of being connected to each other solely by our most erogenous zones.

The spread of her legs made her thigh muscles tighten up, growing in size and restricting the passage of her love canal.

“Don’t touch me, just push your cock in me without any other contact,” she gasped, “Oh God, this is incredible…”

She babbled incoherently as the pleasure both hit us incredibly. I pushed in further, still keeping any other bodily distance.

Slowly, I bottomed out, but incredibly, still had an inch of my dick still not in her.

“I can’t stand it too much Stace.” I told her, sweat on my face. “This is incredible. I just need a few thrusts to come.”

“Let’s do it. Splash your seed inside me. I want to feel your cum. Again.”

I started moving slowly, all the while still just connected via cock and pussy. I began to see stars as my orgasm blasted out of my dick, into her hot tight cunny, dripping copiously onto the carpet. My cum was very runny, a sure sign of incredible heat and increased passion. I thought Stacey was having a fit as she quivered and rolled her eyes beneath me. Her orgasm had hit just as I was in the middle of mine. I knew she was capable of having multi-orgasms, so I continued pumping in and out of her. My dick was slowly softening, but I still had enough lead in my pencil to bring her to another high, and she finally grabbed me by the neck and pulled me to her, chests crushing in a soul uniting kiss.

Our bodies finally cooled down, and we drew apart, ready to take a shower and take our leave. It had only been four hours, but to us, it was as if a lifetime of love had passed within those minutes. We were married, sure, but knew that we always had the love for each other in our hearts.

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