A TA Gives Extra Credit

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She sat in her office. She liked being a TA(teaching assistant). At 22, she had the grades of a hundred freshman in her hands. She sat grading homework. The thought of power made her excited. She thought of failing people, ruining their careers. The thought of power made her randy. The thought of giving As to those she liked, rewarding hard work and loyalty. The thought of power made her wet. She graded with her red pen. The tip occasionally darting to her mouth. Plastic. Her legs began to spread unconsciously as a response to the growing wetness between her thighs. Her long black skirt hiding her secrets within. The smell of her own arousal began to get to her. She absent-mindedly began to lift her skirt. Higher and higher. It was at her knees now. She felt the cool breeze on her calves. Higher now. Grading, grading, her thighs were in view. They were large thighs, powerful thighs. Her hand slipped beneath her skirt. She wore no panties under her dress. Her hand touched the fine hairs surrounding her wet womanhood. She began to rub herself slightly and slowly, grading with the right hand, while enjoying the left. Finally her arousal got the best of her. She pushed the chair back a bit and put her feet up against the desk. She lifted her skirt all the way up and began to masturbate furiously. Her legs were up, bent at the knee, combat boots resting against the wooden desk. Her chair creaked occasionally. The door to the office was closed. No students. No office hours for 20 more minutes. Plenty of time for orgasms, plenty of time for the air to clear of the scent of her sex. Her left hand moved up to her prodigious bosom. One benefit of being a large woman was the big, sensitive breasts that she sported. She squeezed her left nipple while the fingers of her right hand penetrated herself again and again. Her breathing became labored, a slight moan came from her lips. Release was only a moment away…

“Knock,” “Knock.” The sound at the door was minimal. Very faint, could be someone just bumping against it on their way to class. She continued her self pleasure. “Knock,” “knock.” The sound was slightly louder now. An unmistakable interruption. She took her legs off the desk and fixed her skirt. “Damn kids,” she thought. Can’t wait until I’m done. She licked her fingers carefully on the way to the door to clean them. She waited for a second for the flush to leave her face. She opened the door. Before her stood one of her students. She was an Asian girl, just a freshman. She stood only 5’1,” in contrast to the 5’10” of the TA. The freshman was a small, meek child of a girl. No more than 100 pounds, no breast to speak of. Her black hair hung limply down to her shoulders. She wore an old, yellow t-shirt and jeans. Not fashionable, old, plain. She stood meekly with her head down and waited for the TA to allow her entrance.

“What do you want,” the TA said, angry at the interruption. “Office hours don’t start for 15 minutes.”

“I want to talk about my test grade ma’am,” replied the freshman. I didn’t do very well, I need more points.” The TA allowed her into the old office and closed the door behind her. The student stood meekly in the middle of the room, waiting for a response.

“Let’s see your test,” said the TA. The mid-term had just happened a week ago and a lot of students were getting their first taste of failure. The TA liked to fail freshman. It made her feel good. It put the students in their place. The freshman girl opened her backpack and put it on the desk. She pulled out a wrinkled test paper and passed it to the TA. Her hand was shaking visibly as she proffered the paper. The TA looked at it. An 83. Pretty good in relation to the other scores. She looked over the answers and her red pen corrections. It seemed to be fair, all was in order. “What is the problem here,” remarked the TA, “you score was fair. It is a B+. Be happy with what you have.”

“No ma’am, I can’t. I mean, I tried really hard. I want an A. I can’t fail. My parents will be so upset with me if I fail.” A B+ was far from failing. This girl needed to understand that. She needed to know that it was just one test. The TA tried to explain this to the student, remarked that she could Anadolu Yakası Escort make up the grade on the next test, she could study more. Honestly, it looked like the student did nothing but study. What she really needs thought the TA is a good time. She needs to get out and relax a bit.

The conversation went on for a good ten minutes. The TA repeatedly refusing the students desperate pleas for leniency. The TA finally looked at her watch. Only 10 minutes to go until Office Hours. Almost no masturbation time left. She handed the paper back to the girl and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.” The student began to cry. The TA felt bad and offered some words of advice. The student, bawling tried to hand the test back to the TA. She refused. The student was visibly shaken by the incident. She had never gotten a B before. Always an A, always the best. The crying continued. The girl was having a panic attack. All of a sudden the TA heard a dripping sound. She looked down. On the floor between the legs of the student was a small but growing puddle of urine. The girl’s jeans were wet between the legs. The TA enjoyed power. She enjoyed making the girl cry. IT serves her right for being so superior. She needs to learn failure. The puddle shocked and aroused the TA. She never had had so much power before. She stared at the growing stain on the girl’s pants.

“Oh no,” said the student, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I am doing. Sometimes when I am nervous it just comes out. I’ll clean it up. Oh my.” The girl began to bend down, but the TA stopped her. She caressed the shoulders of the student.

“You just pissed on my floor,” exclaimed the TA, “Do I actually scare you enough to make you pee your pants?”

“Yes ma’am,” said the student meekly. She was still sniffling. “You are so big and strong, and you won’t help me even though you could.” The TA looked her in the eyes. The smell of the girl’s accident was in the air. The TA grabbed the girl’s pants and pulled them down around her ankles. “Lets’ see what you’ve got there,” said the TA. The girl was visible. Her plain white panties had come down with the jeans. The TA was presented with an unexpected surprise. The girl seemed so undeveloped, but there was a large bush of hair between her legs. It sprouted out almost 2 inches from her skin. It was wet. The girl stood there meekly. She was under the TA’s complete control. She was so scared and felt so dependant on pleasing her grader that she was willing to go through any depravation. Peeing on the floor was the last straw, she could not maintain any of her dignity or strength in the face of that embarrassment.

The TA stood up and looked at her, sizing her up. “Let’s get that shirt off of you to. I want to see you naked.” She grabbed the hem of the girl’s yellow t-shirt and began to lift it. The girl meekly put her thin arms above her head and allowed the TA to remove her garment. Above the waist, the freshman could have been mistaken for a boy. Her breasts were very small. The nipples immediately contracted in the cold air of the office, but even so, they were tiny. The TA stepped back a few feet and examined the girl from a distance. Small, Asian, thin. No breasts, flat stomach, thin sticks for legs. She mentally compared it to her own body. Large, voluptuous. She liked her big thighs. She began to rub her hands across her outer hips in anticipation. The power was erotic. She had this young girl completely in her power. She became wet again at the thought. She could feel a drop slide down her large thigh. She walked over to the girl and put one hand on her shoulder. She placed the other hand between the freshman’s legs and began to gently caress the wet hair that was there. It was warm. “I think I know the reason you did so poorly on this test, you spent too much time doing this didn’t you.” She began to caress the clitoris of the young girl. It began to stiffen at the attention.

“No ma’am, I never, I mean I…” The student began to recoil slightly at the accusation.

“Don’t lie to me you little tramp, you spent too much time in bed playing with yourself, admit it.” The girl’s nipples were getting very Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan stiff. They jutted out from her otherwise flat chest.

“No ma’am,” the student stammered, “I’m a good girl, I don’t, I mean I never, I mean I…”

“Admit it. You are a slutty tramp who can’t keep her fingers out of her pussy. You could have studied harder for this test, but instead you jacked off.” She rubber the girl between the legs. She felt wetness there. More wetness than before, not urine, something more slippery. The student’s clitoris was hard as a rock.

“No ma’am, I studied hard I did, I studied day and night.” Tears began to stream down the student’s face. The TA liked this. Liked knowing about the girls’ sex life. Liked knowing about freshman who jerked off in their beds at night.

“Tell me, tell me that you jerk off in bed at night. You’re longing to get fucked aren’t you? You play with it every chance you get. I bet ever night when your roommate is asleep you open your legs and give it to yourself good, admit it your hussy.” The girl cried more and shook her head no. The TA slapped her face hard. Bam. “Admit it.”

“All right, allright,” said the freshman, “I touch it. I touch it every night. I touch it every chance I get.” The TA had three fingers inside the student, and her thumb was moving against the girl’s clitoris. “I love it, I love to rub it. I think of all those dirty guys and what they would do to me. I think of the nasty things and I rub it.” The freshman had been holding the information in for years. Had hidden a secret. She felt a release with admission. Felt good. She felt the TA’s fingers violate her. She began to orgasm. Her legs felt weak and she stumbled forward. The TA caught her and held her up. Her orgasm finished. She continued crying. She put her arms around the TA and cried into her shoulder.

“There now, there now, isn’t that better?” said the TA comfortingly. She stroked her left hand across the back of the head of the sobbing student, while her right hand still caressed the girl’s hairy mound. “Isn’t it better to get your secrets off your chest. We’ll get you a man. A man to fuck you good. You’ll feel much better after you get fucked. You’ve never had a man have you?”

“No ma’am. I’m scared of that. I’m scared of what it would do to me. It would hurt. What would my parents say?”

“That’s OK,” said the TA. “Take your time, but I’ve been nice to you, now it is your turn to be nice to me.” The TA was going to get off yet. The student looked puzzled at the teacher. “I got you off, now you’re going to have to get me off. Have you ever licked pussy? No I don’t suppose you have. Now you’re going to learn. And you’d better learn fast.”

“No ma’am, I don’t understand. I…”

“You’ll do what your told. Now, get down on your knees.” The student dropped to her knees. The puddle of urine began wet her shins as she knelt in it. She was still sobbing quietly, hands to her sides. The TA grabbed the chair and set it up in front of the girl. She sat in the chair and began lifting her skirt up. The student began to protest.

“No, I could never do that. Another girl, that’s nasty. What would my parents say?” The TA sat in the chair and raised her skirt all the way up to her waist. She then moved the chair closer to the student. She placed her legs one on each side of the student’s shoulders, and placed her boots on the desk behind the student. She scooted her large ass forward in the chair and presented herself to the student in the same way a woman presents herself to her gynecologist.

“You’ll do what I tell you, you little slut. Do you want me to call your parents and tell them why you’re doing so poorly in my class? You’ll lick pussy and like it.” The TA opened her legs some more for the student. She grabbed the freshman’s head and pushed it between her legs. She was still wet from her mastubatory session minutes earlier, and she the smell of her own sex hung strongly in the air. The girl sobbed quietly and stuck out her tongue.

She began to lick up and down the TA’s lower set of lips. Just with the tip at first. The woman was initially displeased Escort Anadolu Yakası by the girl’s performance. She had been licked by a number of women, and always thought that only a woman knows how to get a woman off orally. But the student obviously had little experience. The TA grabbed the girl by the hair and maneuvered her head upwards, til the girl’s tongue was directly on her clitoris. “Lick me there you little slut,” said the TA. The student began to lick harder and faster. Although her sobbing continued, her licking became more and more frenzied. She was obviously enjoying her performance to some degree.

“That’s right. Lick me, make me come. You want an A don’t you. Make me come and I’ll give you an A.” The student moved her tongue up and down across the TA’s clitoris. It became stiffer and wetter as a result. The TA could feel the girl’s saliva dripping down her legs. She became wetter and wetter. She was totally in charge of this little girl. She was making her do things that she never thought capable of a few hours ago. She appreciated the desperation. She appreciated the control. She wanted the control to be complete. She didn’t want the girl to succeed. She didn’t want the girl to make her come, she couldn’t allow the girl any success.

“You’ve failed. You really stink at licking cunt,” said the TA. She pulled the freshman’s head away from her crotch and stared at her. She looked her directly in the eyes. The student tried to pull away and look downward, but the TA held her firm. “You are a useless little slut, do you know that. You can’t do well in class, and you can’t even fuck right to make up for it. I’m going to show you how to make a woman come.” She pushed her head back down between her legs and pushed her own body forward. “Now, lick my asshole while I make myself come.” She pushed the girl’s head between the cheeks of her ass. The girl sobbed more, but after a few seconds, the TA felt the girl’s tongue begin to dart out and play around her tight little hole. The TA moved her fingers down between her legs and began to rub her clitoris furiously. Although the freshman’s tongue was firmly planted in the TA’s ass, her eyes were right in front of her teacher’s clitoris as she rubbed herself. With her left hand, the teacher still held tightly onto the student’s hair to prevent her from moving away. Her masturbation became more intense. She had never forced someone to rim her before. The little freshman’s small, hard tongue played around her sphincter, and the TA tried to open herself as much as possible to allow for the deepest penetration. The TA rubbed herself harder and harder. She thought of the little girl’s tongue and how dirty it was. She imagined the freshman’s embarrassment if she would ever try to tell her father where her tongue had been. She could do whatever she wanted to this student, she could make this girl do the nastiest things imaginable. She already made her piss her pants, what other degradations would this little A student for a grade?

The though of that made the TA come. She came loudly and at the last moment she pulled the girl’s head upwards so that her tongue was flush against her lower lips. She held the girl’s face there for a long time after she had finished her orgasm. “That’s right, lick me clean,” she said. The girl continued to slowly lick up and down between the TA’s legs. “That’s right, you’ve done a good job. You’re a good girl now.” She lowered her legs and stood up in front of the student. “OK, get up, you’re a good girl now.” She lifted the little freshman and held her around the shoulders. The girl stopped crying and hugged her teacher back. “Oh, you’re so good. You deserve your A. You’re going to get an A now. The student smiled. “Now, let’s get you dressed. You’ll have to go home and change your panties.” The student nodded in agreement. She dressed the student and kissed her full on the lips. Part of being in control was to provide pleasure as well as pain. She rubbed and comforted the student for a few seconds. “Now, whenever you have more trouble, I want you to come right back here. I don’t want you to wait until the next test you hear. If you come back here, and have more private study sessions with me like this one, I’m sure you’ll get your A.” She sent the kid off and threw some paper towels down on the puddle of urine that still lay on her office floor. “hmm, I wonder,” she thought, “I wonder if I can’t get some freshman boy to dick me for an A as well.” Just then there was a knock on her office door. Office hours had begun.

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