Alexis and Tyler Ch. 02

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“What? What did I do?” Alexis whispered.

“Thanking me for fucking you. Telling me that it was more pleasure than you deserve. What’s up with that?”

“Tyler, I…it’s just…”

“Lexi, someone like you deserves every bit of pleasure that she gets. You don’t need to be grateful for it. You deserve it,” Tyler repeated. “Repeat after me: I deserve pleasure.”

“I…I deserve pleasure,” Alexis stammered.

“Yes, you do,” said Tyler, “And I intend to give you some more.”

Their lovemaking—and that’s what it was, making love—was unhurried, sensual. They locked eyes as they mated. Tyler’s slow, deep strokes again caused Alexis to become teary-eyed, but they were tears of joy this time, not gratitude. After their mutual climax, they drifted off to sleep.

Tyler awakened to find Alexis standing beside the bed, fully clothed, staring down at him. “It’s midnight,” she whispered. “I’ve got to get home. I know that you told me not to thank you, but thank you for the best night of my life. Thank you, my beautiful man. I’ll treasure it always.” She turned to go.



“Don’t you want my phone number?”

Alexis smiled as she drove home. Her time with Tyler had done more to restore her self-confidence than all of her therapy sessions combined. She felt alive. She felt free. She felt absolutely no guilt for betraying Les.

She was surprised to find the downstairs lights on and Les waiting for her when she opened the front door.

“Where have you been, honey?” Les whined. Alexis realized how much she hated it when he spoke that way. “I told you that the meeting might run late, Les,” she said.

“But I’ve been waiting to give you some of my special Les’s Lovin'” he leered.

No fucking way, thought Alexis. No fucking way am I having sex with you unless I absolutely have to. I spent the evening with a gorgeous, young, hard-bodied stud. A stud who is a masterful lover. And you expect me to let your flabby body and three-inch dicklet get anywhere near me?

“Sorry, Les, but I’ve had a long day and I’m going to sleep.”

“But, honey…”

“As a matter of fact, I’m sleeping in one of the guest rooms. I need to sleep, and I don’t want you pawing me.” She headed for the stairs, Les on her heels.

“Now, see here, Alexis,” he said in a pitiful attempt at dominance, “You’re my wife, and a husband expects certain…”

“Shut up, Les, and quit making this into a huge deal. I’m tired and need to sleep. We can discuss what you ‘expect’ in the morning.” She entered a guest bedroom. “Good night, Les.”

“But Alexis…”

“Good night, Les,” she said, closing the door in his face.

Alexis didn’t really need to sleep. She needed time alone to process what had happened. A beautiful young man found her desirable. She wanted…needed…to see him again, if he’d have her. But what about Les? He *was* her husband, after all, and provided her with a lifestyle she could only dream of. But he also revolted her physically and sexually. Could she have it both ways, she wondered? She’d decide in the morning, after she’d talked to Tyler. She drifted off to sleep.

Alexis woke early the next morning, checked to make sure that Les was still sleeping, and went downstairs to her study. Breathing deeply, she punched in Tyler’s number on her phone.

After four rings, she was ready to hang up, convinced that Tyler saw that it she who was calling and was ignoring her. As she was lowering the receiver, she heard a voice.

“Ugh…hello?” said Tyler, his voice thick with sleep.

“Oh, Tyler, I’m so sorry. I’ve awoken you. This is Alexis, by the way.”

“I know who it is,” Tyler said with amusement in his voice.

“Well, you gave me your number so I thought that I’d give you a call…” Less than eight hours after you left him, you idiot? Alexis chastised herself.

“I’m glad you did,” Tyler answered. “Last night was pretty OK.”

“Oh, Tyler, for me as well,” Alexis gushed. “Could we maybe…sometime…get together again?”

“Absolutely. Look, you know that Andy and Marian are gone all weekend, so could you get away from your husband? We could really get to know each other.”

Alexis sucked in a deep breath. She wanted nothing more. But she had to figure out a way to shake Les. I’ll work that out, she thought. Anything to see this kid again.

“Give me two hours and I’ll be over,” she told Tyler.

“OK,” he replied. “I’m going back to sleep. Door will be open just in case.”

“I’ll see you soon, Tyler.”

There was only one person who could help her with her dilemma. She placed another call. “Hello, Mummy…yes, it is early…I’m fine; actually, I’m better than fine…” and proceeded to tell her mother all about Tyler and their subsequent night together. She had little trouble convincing her mother to cover for her; her mother simply could not stand Les and never missed a chance to remind him of that fact.

When Les came casino siteleri downstairs an hour later, he found Alexis sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. She was wearing jeans, another silk top, and a pair of knee-high suede boots. She had an overnight bag on the floor beside her. Les was wearing a robe that couldn’t quite close around his hairy belly.

“What’s all this, Alexis?” he asked.

“Oh, honey,” she said, “Mummy’s having trouble with her husband. She wants me to come for the weekend for some moral support.”

“She’s always having trouble with her husband. Or, should I say, husbands. What is this, number four?”

“It’s number three, Les. And I know you two don’t get along. But she’s my mother and she needs me.”

“But what about me? I have needs, too,” said Les in his all-too-familiar whine.

“Les, you’ll be fine. You can order in or go out.”

“I was talking about…other kinds of needs,” Les leered. Alexis shuddered. But she knew she couldn’t completely alienate him.

“Well, Les, we don’t have time for sex, but come over here and I’ll jerk you off.”

“What about a blowjob?”

“No—I don’t have time to reapply my make-up. Hand job or nothing.”

“OK,” he said sullenly as he approached Alexis. He unbelted his robe and stood proudly before her. Alexis almost burst out laughing. His penis, only about an inch long when flaccid, was hidden by his gut. She literally could not see it.

Gritting her teeth, Alexis reached under his gut and circled his penis with her index finger and thumb. That was all she ever needed.

“Oh, that’s good baby,” Les groaned. “You’re so good to Daddy.” Alexis grimaced and sped up her strokes. She had to get away from him.

“Oh, yeah—stroke that beast,” Les moaned. “Here it comes, baby—gonna blow a load for you.” With that, Les ejaculated. His “load” consisted of three feeble droplets of thin, watery semen.

Her duty done, Alexis jumped up and rushed to the sink to wash one of the droplets off of her hand. It was disgusting. “Gotta go, Les—I’ll see you tomorrow night.” She rushed to the door that opened into the garage. She had barely gotten it closed when she exploded in laughter. Daddy? Beast? Load? Holy shit.

After a quick stop on the way over, she was still chuckling when she pulled into the lot at Tyler’s. She was relaxed, with none of the apprehension she had felt the night before. She walked up the stairs and knocked on Tyler’s door. Several minutes passed and she again began to worry. What if he had had second thoughts and left, not wanting to see her? She remembered he’d said the door would be open, so she tried the knob. It turned easily and the door swung open. She hesitantly stepped inside.

“Tyler?” she called softly. “Are you here?” She made her way past the kitchen, through the dining room, and into the living room. No sign of Tyler. She walked down the hall to his bedroom. The door was open, and the sight inside took Alexis’s breath away.

Tyler was asleep. One arm was over his head, the other lying across his stomach. He was only partially covered by a sheet. One leg was visible, as was his cock, which ran two-thirds the way down his thigh. His body looked as if it were carved from marble. Alexis could not get over the contrast between the man she had just left, Les, and the man who she had come to see. One was flabby with a tiny penis. The other was a finely-tuned athlete with a monster cock. Alexis smiled as she made the comparison. Les had a penis—a pee-pee, really—and Tyler had a cock.

Alexis moved silently to the bed as Tyler slept on. His breathing was deep and regular. Alexis got to her knees and watched Tyler’s cock. It seemed to throb in time to his heartbeat. She reached out and started to rhythmically graze it with her fingernails.

Her ministrations began to have an effect on Tyler, and he was soon semi-hard. Alexis upped the ante by stroking him with her fingertips and blowing lightly on his cock. Several minutes later he was fully erect, his cock jutting proudly skyward. He was still asleep, still breathing deeply and regularly.

Alexis lightly grasped him at the base of his cock. At 5′ 11″, she had large hands for a woman, but it was still all she could do to wrap her hand around him. Again she compared to Les, whose pee-pee she could circle with her thumb and index finger, her thumb overlapping up to her second knuckle. She took a tentative lick at the head of Tyler’s cock. She gently eased her mouth over its head, licking at it with her tongue.

Tyler was now stirring. Alexis ran her other hand up and down his lean, muscular torso. She started bobbing up on down on his cock, jacking the lower half that she couldn’t take in her mouth. Tyler was now fully awake.


She silenced him by placing two fingers on his lips. “Lay back and enjoy, my beautiful young stud,” she whispered.

Alexis was an accomplished cocksucker. Her ex-husband would often make her service him that way, and she came to realize that canlı casino if she got him off that way, she would be able to postpone actual sex with him.

She continued stroking and sucking Tyler for almost ten minutes. Her other hand caressed his nipples and ass. Tyler was moaning in ecstasy.

“That’s so good, Alexis,” he whispered. “Suck me…oh, yes…my beautiful cocksucker…I’m getting close…”

Alexis sped up her sucking, determined to get him off. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. The smile seemed to set Tyler off. “Cumming…” he groaned.

Jet after jet of thick, creamy semen coated the back of Alexis’s throat. She was determined to swallow every drop. Again, the inevitable comparison to Les. Again, Les coming up short.

Tyler’s spurts slowed, then came to a stop. “Wow,” he breathed. “That’s a hell of a wake-up call. I’d take that over an alarm clock anytime. Sorry I wasn’t awake when you got here. I’m usually flat-out during the week so I try to catch some extra rest on the weekend. Speaking of rest, would you care to strip and join me?”

“I’d like nothing better, but I think that I’d better go brush my teeth first. I’ll be back in a minute.”

When she returned, Tyler’s mouth dropped open. Alexis was wearing a lace fishnet chemise and matching G-string.

“Holy shit—your husband is one lucky man if you walk around the house dressed like that.”

Alexis snorted. “Yeah, as if I’d dress like this for my husband. I bought it this morning. For you,” she said, biting her lip. “You really like it?”

“Oh, yeah, I like it. Now get over here so I can take a really close look at it.” Tyler reached out, grabbed Alexis’s hand, and pulled her on top him. Alexis giggled. “Let me return the favor,” Tyler said, as he slid down between her legs. He rolled the chemise up to Alexis’s belly and slid down her G-string. “God, you have the most incredible ass,” he said. “Lean forward. Grab the headboard.”

Tyler hooked his arms around her upper thighs. He began running his thumb up and down her slit. Alexis shuddered. “Ooh, that feels good,” she whispered. Tyler used his other thumb to part her labia. He gently blew on her inner lips while continuing to stroke her. Alexis gasped and was very still. “Oh, oh, oh,” she panted, riding out the mini-orgasm. Tyler began to lick her, long, slow stokes of his tongue up and down her slit. Alexis threw her head back and had another orgasm. Tyler attacked her clit, lashing it with short strokes. “Uh, uh, uh,” Alexis moaned incoherently. She began to shake her head back and forth.

For almost ten minutes Tyler continued to lick her. Alexis had two more orgasms. The pleasure was overwhelming. “Tyler…Tyler…oh, oh, oh, just like that, honey, just like that, oh, keep licking me, you beautiful young god…TYLER!!!!!” she screamed as her biggest orgasm yet hit. She dropped her head between her arms.

“No more, Tyler…no more…I can’t take any more…” She removed her hands from the headboard and slid down to where Tyler lay. “Oh, God,” she said, both laughing and crying. “Oh, God.” She curled into Tyler’s arms and lay her head on his chest. Soon both were dozing.

Tyler again awoke to find Alexis’s mouth anchored to his cock. “I’m sorry, baby, I know you wanted to rest, but I can’t get enough of this gorgeous cock!” Alexis smiled.

“Let’s do this right,” said Tyler, grasping her under her arms and pulling her toward him. “Ride me.”

Alexis didn’t need a second invitation (or command). She threw her leg over Tyler and placed her hands on his chest. She slowly lowered herself onto him, taking him inch by inch until their pelvises met.

“Wow,” said Tyler.


“You’re the first one who’s ever taken all of it.”

Alexis grinned proudly. With her hands still on his chest, she began to rock back and forth. Tyler’s hands roamed her body.

“God, Lexi, you have such beautiful abs…look at them flexing like that…” He was silenced as Alexis bent down to give him a deep, soulful kiss, their tongues swirling together. “Ride me, baby,” Tyler directed. Alexis picked up her pace.

“God, your cock feels good, baby,” she moaned. “I love your cock…”

“You’ll do anything for my cock, won’t you, Lexi?”

“Anything…” she moaned through her orgasm.

Tyler reached underneath and grabbed Alexis’s tight ass. Sliding his hands down her thighs, he pulled her legs forward and eased her onto her back. His cock still filled her. Tyler and Alexis looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Yes, young stud,” breathed Alexis. “Make me yours.”

Palms flat on either side of Alexis, supporting himself with his arms, Tyler began to rhythmically pound away at Alexis. It was rougher than he had been before. He was claiming her, making her his. Alexis wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer. Her arms clutched his shoulders.

“Just like that, my beautiful man,” moaned Alexis.

“Who’s your man?” Tyler demanded.

“You are. I’m yours. Completely.”

“And kaçak casino who’s my gorgeous little slut?”

“I am. I’m your slut. Your little fucktoy. I’ll do anything for you.” Alexis was lost in lust for her young stud.

Tyler continued his assault on Alexis. A light sheen of perspiration filmed their bodies.

“God, you are so sexy…so masterful,” panted Alexis. “Just like that…keep fucking me…just like that…so close…YESSSSS!!! Oh, my beautiful young god!”

Convinced of her complete submission, and his dominance, Tyler came with a roar. “HERE IT COMES, MY LITTLE SLUT!” he growled as he pumped jet after jet of potent seed into her.

Collapsing on his back, he pulled Alexis tightly to him. Alexis felt so good, so safe in his arms, and was thrilled that she had pleased her man.

They lay motionless for ten minutes. Finally Tyler spoke. “Lexi, if we keep this up without eating, we’re liable to kill ourselves. Hungry?”

“God, yes. Famished.”

“OK. Why don’t you shower and I’ll see what I can rustle up?”

“Or why don’t we shower together and I’ll see what I can make for you?”

Tyler jumped out of bed and pulled Alexis to her feet. “Well, in the interest of water conservation…” 45 minutes later, the hot water gone, they emerged from the shower. Alexis had stroked, sucked, and fucked Tyler, and he had given her more orgasms than she could count. Or maybe it was one continuous orgasm—she couldn’t tell and didn’t care.

Alexis put on a short silk robe with nothing on underneath. Tyler put on a pair of bikini briefs that showed his cock and ass to perfection. Alexis thought that might be even sexier than Tyler naked—giving just a glimpse of his assets would keep her permanently on edge.

They entered the kitchen. Tyler turned to Alexis with an apologetic smile. “Andy was supposed to go food shopping but, as usual, he was too busy fucking Marian to actually get to the store. Let me see what we’ve got.” He opened the refrigerator and peered inside.

“OK. I can make tomato and cheese omelets and we’ve got some bread. Can you handle toaster duty?”

“It’s a tall order, but I think I can muddle through,” smiled Alexis, catching the loaf of bread she tossed his way. Tyler made quick work of the omelets, and they sat at the kitchen table to eat.

“Lexi, when I said that we could use the weekend to get to know each other, I didn’t just mean sexually. I really do want to know about your life. Give me your life story, condensed or uncondensed.”

“Well,” began Alexis, “I grew up in a medium-sized town about 75 miles from here. Daddy was a foreman for a construction company, Mummy was a stay-at-home mom. Middle-, lower-middle class, I guess. We didn’t really want for anything, but there wasn’t much in the way of extras—no exotic vacations or anything like that.

“Daddy…Daddy died when I was 11,” Alexis said, her eyes filling with tears. Tyler reached out and covered her hand with his. “He was on the job, and he was doing a job no one should have been doing. A piece of a crane broke off, and he went up the crane with a torch to try to weld it back on. Madness to begin with, and then a thunderstorm rolled in. He tried to get down, but…but…lightning hit the crane and he was electrocuted.”

“Lexi, I’m so sorry.”

“Not your fault,” said Alexis, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Believe it or not, we were actually better off financially after he died. Daddy was a big believer in insurance and his company, fearing a lawsuit, gave us a very generous settlement. So all of a sudden, we were upper-middle class.

“Mummy and I, as you can imagine, became very close after that. We stayed that way until I was 18, when she remarried. I couldn’t stand the guy, and began acting out all over the place. Refused to go to college and took up with my ex-husband. He was out of a job more than he was in one, so it was down to me to support us. I was usually working two jobs at a time. My ex was always emotionally abusive, but I had no frame of reference, so I didn’t really know that that wasn’t right. Then…the last couple of years I was with him…he was physically abusive.”

Tyler slid his chair over to Alexis, scooped her up, put her in his lap, and held her in his arms. “It’s OK, baby,” he said in a soothing voice.

“Then one day Mummy and her husband—her new husband, husband number three, a good guy, actually—unexpectedly showed up at our house. They saw the bruises on my arms and I had a black eye. They got me out of there and rented me an apartment here. My ex-husband went to their house, demanding to know where I was. Mummy’s husband faced him down with a Glock 17. He told him that if they or I ever saw him again, well…let’s just say my ex was a real tough guy with a skinny woman, but wasn’t so brave when he came up against a man.”

“So that’s it,” mused Tyler.

“What’s it?”

“I couldn’t understand why someone as beautiful and intelligent as you are could be so timid and lacking in confidence. Living with someone like that for, what? Fifteen years? Man.”

“Yes, well, I’ve been in therapy for the past ten years to deal with it. I *think* I’m getting better, but…”

“So what’s your life like now?” asked Tyler.

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