All in the Family Ch. 04

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Kate had walked on the treadmill at the gym everyday for the two weeks since Casey finished her high-tech computer controlled prosthetic leg known as a C-leg. Every few days she turned the speed up a little more. Her hands lightly held the bars, the prosthetic leg moving as naturally as the real one. The wife-beater undershirt, damp with sweat, barely hid the jiggling breasts. The black running shorts trimmed with white piping were split up each side to the waistband and with each step seemed to show a little of her hips.

“Nice ass,” the older man huffed as he walked by wiping at the sweat on his forehead with the back of the sweaty arm. “I need a headband like yours.” He stopped and walked back stopping at the front of her treadmill. “How’d you do it?”

She kept walking and glanced at the clock – ten more minutes. Slowly, she looked in his direction. “What?”

“Lose the leg?” His stance relaxed slightly and he lifted his t-shirt to wipe his face. “Oh, you do have a nice ass.” He chuckled. “I’ve been enjoying it for the last few days.” He laughed again as he glanced around. They were alone at one end of the large room.

“I’m partial to it too.” Kate laughed, still not breathing hard, but uncomfortable walking faster. She smiled at the man taking in his appearance – slightly older by a few years, about six feet, in good shape, handsome. “I’m Kate.” She nodded her head.

“Tony.” He waved a hand then rested both against his waist. “I just joined.”

“Me too. Two weeks.” She paused. “Just got my leg and this is a great way to practice walking.” She paused. “Every other day I turn the speed up a little.”

“How far do you go?”

“I’m shooting for five miles.”

“I just moved to town. I’m an engineer … software.” He continued to watch.

“I’m kind of new around here. I work in a clothing store.” She glanced at the clock again. “Five more minutes. Maybe we could have lunch after I shower … if you really like my ass.” She laughed and watched him stare at her leg. “It’s okay.”


“That you’re looking at my leg. I’m flattered.”

He tried to pretend he’d not been looking and failed. “I’ll meet you out front after you shower.”

Holly strolled along the path across the campus toward Howard Hall. The empty short left sleeve of the dark blue blouse bobbed with each jaunty step. A notebook and textbook rested inside the backpack along with her wallet. Black running shoes covered the feet at the end of the blue jean legs. A man and woman stopped talking long enough to watch. Holly casually waved even though she did not know them.

“Hi,” a female voice of someone whose feet were moving quickly called from behind her as she walked up the fifteen steps to the building. A hand opened the door. Holly stopped inside the lobby and looked. “Sorry for staring,” the woman with black hair said clutching several books in her arm. “I saw you the other day. I just wanted to talk to you sometime … about your arm.”

“Sure,” she replied. “I’m getting used to all the questions.” She giggled and continued to take in the woman’s appearance – short, slim, nearly flat chest, great face, and a man’s style haircut. She wore a white t-shirt and stiff Wrangler jeans with cuffs rolled up more than once making her look like a tuff guy from the fifties who would have had a pack of cigarettes rolled in one sleeve. Holly apologetically said, “I’m late for class.”

“Maybe we could meet at the commons for lunch … my treat. I don’t want to be a bother. I’m having my arm amputated soon.”

Kate carried a pair of crutches in one hand, a gym bag in the other. The prosthetic leg along with the real one, extended pleasantly below the mid-thigh khaki skirt. A somewhat loose black t-shirt did not hide the shape of the breasts or that she wore no bra. She lifted the crutches slightly. “Need these in the shower.” She lowered her hand. “There’s a diner half a block away. Let me dump these in my car and we can walk.”

“Great. I’ll get rid of my bag.” He paused to watch her walking away and whistled.

“Stuff like that will get you a lot,” she yelled over her shoulder.

She stopped at his car as he slammed the trunk lid. “You’re making me feel good,” she said and stepped towards the sidewalk.

He followed letting his fingers curl around hers. Their hands swung comfortably as they silently walked.

She glanced at him several times. “Hope you’re not attached.”

He held the door to the dinner for her. “Not for a few years.” They followed a woman to a booth by the window and slid in, one on either side of the table. The woman left the menus unfolded in front of them then walked away. He continued. “She’d had cancer in her early twenties, lost a leg, then the cancer went into remission. I met her ten years later and we married soon afterwards.” He stopped and looked at Kate for a moment. “Seems the cancer decided to come back.”

“Sorry.” Kate rested her hand on his and rubbed softly.

“It was a shock. It’s been three years and free spin I’m mostly over it. I’ll of course never forget her.”

“No, of course not.” A server took their orders and walked away. “So, you’re thinking I’ll be a good replacement.” Her hand held his again. She made a little nervous laugh and patted his hand, then held it again. “Sorry, that was rude.”

“Actually, I’ve been taken with the way you looked at the gym. I was starting to have dreams about you even. Something in me screamed that I had to introduce myself.”

“That’s sweet. Guess I’d noticed you too.” She smiled and waited until the hamburger plates were on the table and the server gone. “I’m single, never been married. Been in a few relationships … nothing more than a few years and the last one ended before I moved here. I’m feeling good about my leg, I don’t mind that it is gone.”

He ate and listened, pausing to watch. “Do you always use your prosthesis?”

“No. I enjoy walking with crutches too. Was she the only amputee you’ve known?” He shook his head but said nothing. “Bet you’ve looked at others.” She grinned. I have.”

“You have?” he questioned.

“Ah, the ‘moment of truth’,” she teased. “Did she know you were interested in her because she was an amputee?” She waited for the answer that didn’t come. “Listen, I don’t mind that you looked at me because of my leg. I actually find it exciting.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Come on-n. I looked at amputees because I got a thrill from it. Now I look at myself and get the same thrill.” She paused. “It’s okay. Be honest with me. It’s the only way we can do this.”

“Yes,” he meekly whispered.

“Good.” She lowered her voice and leaned forward. “You want to get into my panties and I want in your shorts.” She sat back up and chuckled.

“Yeah … got that right.” He wiped the napkin across his lips and pushed the empty plate to the end of the table by the aisle. “Been too long since … ah, you know.”

She leaned forward again, whispered, “What, since you had any pussy?” She giggled the pushed her empty plate next to his while wiping her lips with a napkin. She refolded it and dropped it on the plate.

Allison and Leah walked hand in hand though the mall. Each wore short dresses letting their prosthetic legs show as nicely as their real legs. “Have you heard from Kate?” Leah asked playing with her wedding band then Allison’s band. “Geez, I love us being married.”

“Not since last week. She’s working out at the gym on the treadmill.”

“We’re what, a month ahead of her?” Leah commented. “I love how nicely we walk with these legs. I was almost expecting to use crutches all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I do love being on crutches.”

“Any regrets that you only did one leg,” Allison asked. “Robert can always do the other one.”

“Nah. For now, this is fine. I’m glad you did your leg at the same time. I was terrified to tell you that night.”

“I’ve always tried to be understanding. Isn’t that what mothers are supposed to do?”

“Shhh,” Leah shushed holding her finger to her lips. “That’s our secret, remember?”

Tony parked next to Kate in her driveway. She bent over, pulling the crutches from the backseat when he stopped behind her. “Nice ass,” he teased giving her a soft swat.

“Hold your horses,” she said as she pushed the door closed. She turned and leaned close enough to kiss his lips quickly. “We have plenty of time.”

“Oh boy.”

He followed her inside and closed the front door. She dropped the crutches and gym bag by the wall then wrapped her arms around his waist. Her lips pressed against his letting her tongue slip slightly into his mouth. She rubbed against the swelling in his pants.

“Now, THAT is ‘Oh boy’,” she teased and rubbed herself against him again.

“Do I get to see you without your leg?”

“Follow me and you can see all of me.” She swished her hips and walked towards the bedroom. He picked up the crutches and followed.

The snap on the khaki skirt came undone and she dropped the skirt to the floor taking a step out of it. “Hope you’re not too disappointed in my body. I’m sure there’re better ones around.” She pushed the ribbed white boy-cut panties towards the floor.

“Don’t sell yourself short. Hey, I like the trimmed hair around your pussy a lot.” He dragged a hand over the front of his pants.

“Get ’em off,” she instructed. “Let’s see the goods.” She pulled the blouse over her head and watched. One hand rested against her waist, the other working its way between her legs. She still wore the prosthesis and nothing else.

“Guess we’re committed to this.” He laughed as he removed his underwear. His erection fell forward and he stepped closer. His hand held the small of her back as he pulled her against him. They stood and necked, and kissed while letting hands explore unexplored places.

“Oh Tony,” she moaned between kisses. “Thanks for liking my ass.” She quickly ground against him for a moment. “I’ll bonus veren siteler try to not disappoint.”

“I’m begging you to not do that. I’m no great shakes either.”

“Shush, I bet you have a full dance card all the time.”

He rubbed his naked body against her and held his head back enough to see her whole face. “No ma’am. Not for a year … and then it was just for a few weeks.” He press his lips against hers let the kiss linger.

“Will you lay down with me?”

“Only if you take that leg off. Maybe I can pleasure your stump with a nice massage.”

Kate sat on the edge of the bed and began to remove her leg. Looking at Tony, she said, “Baby, you say the nicest things.” The leg fell on the floor. She lay back and waved the stump in the air. “There it is.”

He wrapped his hands around it near the end and kissed it. “I’m glad you want it this way.” He rubbed his face over the end then kissed it again.

“How did you know?”

“A little birdie told me.” He laughed and let a hand slide up the inside of the stump as he lay beside her. “Lets work our way up on the bed.”

“Oh Tony, you don’t mind … you know, about why … my leg…?” She moved upwards until her head was on the pillow. He moved along then rolled her against him and began another kiss.

The small black haired woman sat on the low wall, as Holly neared the commons building. It had been a long lecture. “Hi,” she said stopping in front of her. “I didn’t get your name. Mine is Holly.”

The woman held up her hand and gave a little wave. “Alex, actually Alexandra, but I prefer Alex.”

“If we hurry, we can beat the rush. I’m starving.”

They carried trays to a table by the window looking towards the quad where two guys were playing Frisbee. Several people sat reading books. Someone was tossing a tennis ball for a dog.

“How was your class?” Alex asked as she took a sip from her drink.

“Two hour lecture and no break. My frigin’ hand is cramped.”

“I only have three classes and I can graduate.”

“Lucky you, but I’ll be done soon. You said something about losing an arm.”

“Yeah-h.” Alex paused and looked out the window eating some of her sandwich. “I never know how to talk about this.” She nibbled again.

“I had my off ’cause I wanted, ah, needed to be this way.” Holly sat up trying to look proud and moved her armless shoulder slightly.

Alex sipped from her drink and looked up at the ceiling as if looking for a sigh from a deity. “I started noticing all the amputees in town. It took me a while, but six months ago, I spoke to one. It was clear she wasn’t at all happy about losing her arm.” She nervously looked around.

“Why did you talk to me?”

“I don’t know. Guess I was getting desperate again.”

“Are you really going to have an arm amputated?”

“That’s what I want.” Alex looked into her lap and shook her head. “I’m going crazy ’bout this.”

“Relax.” Holly reached out and held her hand. “I care.”

Tony and Kate lay pressed together. His hand caressed her face as his lips caressed her lips. His eyes locked on hers. The tip of his nose rubbed against hers, all the time feeling the warmth of her against him. His kisses pecked over her face. Fingers strummed her spine. “Hmmm, this is nice.” His hand toyed with a breast. He could feel her stump rubbing his thigh.

“Never expected this when I got up this morning,” she whispered in his ear and sucked lightly on the earlobe. “We have all the time we want.” She reached and wrapped fingers around the shaft. “Hmmm, baby.”

He felt her slipping lower. “Need to see,” she said and sucked gently on the head. “So nice.” She sucked again letting just a little slip into her mouth for a moment. “Do you like that?” She watched him nod and sucked again.

He pulled at her stump and rubbed it over his face. His hand drifted along the soft white skin and brushed her pussy then watched as his fingers spread the lips. “I see something I want.” Before she could reply, he was kissing the pinkness inside letting his tongue explore. A fingertip circled her clit, teasing, sensing her response, and not being rough.

She struggled to pace herself, to match his – it was hard. She often liked it fast, desperate … more of a race to the orgasm. She knew she could teach herself to love this man on his terms. She let more of the shaft into her mouth. Two of his fingers drilled deep, pressed against her g-spot, sparks flew, and she nearly passed out. Again, he did it, and again. “Ah-h,” she shrieked as she ground hard against his hand. “Ah-h.” Her voice was low, guttural, almost possessed. She ground slow and hard all the time savoring his touches in that wonderful place. The cock fell from her mouth … afraid she’d bite him in the throws of this. “I’ll get back to that,” she whispered sill rubbing hard against his hand, letting her hand softly stroke him. “Easy,” she coached. “Yeah-h,” she drawled. “Oh-h … baby-y.” Her body quivered, shook, tensed, deneme bonusu veren siteler and then fell limp. “Yeah.” She rested a moment then let her lips slip along his cock.

“God-d,” he groaned with an arm across his face. He reflexively thrust his cock deep into her mouth. She gagged a little. She gulped as his cum flooded her throat. She pulled back. He pushed deeper. She grabbed his balls, grabbed for the shaft. Her head bobbed quickly. There was more. She gulped. He groaned. Together, they finished him and she gulped then sucked until there was no more. “Oh, goddamn … good,” he roared as her hand milked hoping for another drop.

She climbed on him and moved her mouth against his. They kissed, trading flavors and tastes. She rubbed over him feeling his somewhat flaccid cock against her pussy knowing it would come back. “I loved doing that for you,” she whispered between kisses. “I want you to know I can be insatiable at times.”

“A stump AND insatiable?” he teased holding her face in one hand and watching her eyes. He pecked over her face, between the eyes, over the forehead, and then back to her lips. “I’m an old man. I can’t do that all night.”

“We can get some magic pills.” She laughed and rubbed her face against hers. “I can run around naked and let you watch.”

“With that stump and that body … who would need pills?”


Allison and Leah approached the Black Hawk Restaurant at the north end of the mall. Erin waited on the edge of a bench in the large atrium, her peg leg sticking out father than her foot. She smiled and walked stiff legged towards them.

“Hey babe,” Leah said loudly with her arms out stretched. They hugged, traded kisses on the cheek, and then parted. Erin and Allison repeated the greeting.

“We don’t do this often enough,” Allison said leaving a hand over Erin’s arm stump for a moment. “Damn-n, you look good enough to eat.”

“Later if you want,” Erin teased. In a sultry voice, she added, “Anytime.”

A woman with a hook for her left hand greeted them and lead them though the romantically dark restaurant. Tables of lovers huddled over tables lit by a single tall candle, hands touching hands, whispers hovering over each table.

As the three women settled, the hostess asked if she could get anyone a drink. They each told her what they wanted and she walked away.

“Do you know her?” Allison asked leaning closer to Erin.

“Yeah, Tia was in about a year ago. She also works over at Buffalo Pete’s, a real sleazy honky-tonk.”

“I’ve seen it, but never been there,” Allison said. “She’s quite the looker.”

“You should see-e her naked,” Erin said in a soft low voice stretching out a word for emphasis.

“Hey Erin,” Tia said as she balanced the small tray over her hook while sitting the glasses in front of each woman. “Is he getting more patients? I talked to Aaron and Holly the other night over at Pete’s.” She held the tray in her hand beside her hip. The arm with the hook bent at the elbow and the hook rested over her stomach.

“This is Allison and Leah.” She waved her hand towards the two women as she spoke. “They recently had their legs off. Casey made them C-legs.”

“I can’t believe how well they work,” Leah said watching the hook.

Late afternoon and Kate sat on the edge of the bed and watched Tony sleep. A soft snoring sound drifted from his mouth. Not enough to keep her awake she thought. Other men she’d lived with had snored worse. Even some of the women in her life had as well. They had told her she did too. She stood and picked her crutches up, slipped the cuffs around her forearms, and made her way towards the bathroom.

She closed the door first then clicked the light on. She sat on the toilet, a stream poured, and she wiped her self. The water from the sink warmed quickly and she cleaned his cum away. She patted between her legs with a towel and watched in the large mirror. The stump swung up, down, and she wiped again before slipping the towel back over the towel bar.

Tony stirred new feelings in her, she knew that. Ones that others had not brought even remotely close to the surface. She tingled as she thought about him, about having him in her life, having someone to appreciate her stump, sleeping together, making wild crazy love, doing the usual things couples did.

The light clicked off and she crutched back to the bed. She watched him sleep for a while.

Tia and a helper returned with a large tray of food. She placed the plates with Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, and side dishes of mixed vegetables in front of each woman. “Would you like your drinks refreshed?” she asked as the helper left with the tray. Everyone nodded and she left.

“This looks so good,” Allison said as she cut into the steak. Erin sprinkled pepper on the potatoes and pushed the butter around. “Would you like me to cut anything?” Allison asked.

“That’d be wonderful. Cutting with one arm is not always … well, yes. Thank you.” Erin watched and Leah began eating her potato. “How did Holly and Aaron get along on the date?” Erin asked.

Leah looked at Allison hoping she’d report on the date. She was busy cutting the steak and glanced back at Leah. Leah began, “Seems Holly was a little wilder than poor Aaron was ready for.”

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