Andrea’s Untold Beauty

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This is a story of utter love, dark lesbianism, and incest. If you don’t like my stories, then please ride on by, you are not needed.

Andrea Walker was a phenomenon, in twelve months she had out grown herself, she had been 5ft and a bit, now she was a 5ft 10″ wonderful statuesque beauty. She had weighed in at around 90lbs. Now she turned the scales at 130lbs. And no one knew why.

Her parents had been unable to keep pace with her clothing, and turning from an almost ugly duckling into the wondrous sleek, elegant beautiful black swan she now was. Her body had gone from the near elfin bean pole, to the superb sleek feline graceful one looking back at her from her mirror, and all in that wild twelve months.

She had always been pretty facially, but always lagged behind the other girls when it came to the boys. Now at 18 years and a bit, and also still a virgin, she knew she could have the pick of almost any one of them in her school, never mind class.

On top of her now 5ft 10″ frame was her afro hair, it was neither tight, nor over curly, it had waves in it. She loved the black silk feel of it in her fingers, cut to her neck, it bushed around her lovely head like a black gold halo, and this gave her an appearance of being even taller. The descendant of African heritage, she was completely at home in her smooth milk chocolate skin.

Her fine arched eyebrows over huge dark magnetic eyes, set between a pert upturned button nose, guarded by high cheek bones, above fabulous round pouting lips, the upper one slightly larger than the lower, and a lovely, but strong chin. Her smile now could dazzle people, brighter than the lash of a lightening strike. She had strong white even teeth. No one who knew her, but hadn’t seen her for a while were all shocked by the terrific change in the now beautiful woman they observed.

Her body had grown in style with her face, from being almost straight up and down; she now swept and flowed where it all mattered. Wide shoulders smooth and rounded, high firm taut breasts that tipped to upturned nipples, that were darker than her, and touch sensitive, ½” long, and ½” wide. Flowing to a narrow waist, sweeping hips held up by legs that other women would die for, and men drooled over.

While she had been emerging from her unknown cocoon, she had shunned everyone, especially the boys who were watching with more than passing interest, the growing of before their very eyes, beauty. But she was sensible enough to attach herself to a boy, simply to keep the others away from her. She didn’t love him, never let him touch her, she certainly didn’t touch him, and only gave him an obligatory kiss on the cheek. He soon tired of it, but it was months before they parted, and now she was ready, she felt, to take on the world.

There was one boy who she did had an inkling for, he was Peter Jackson, who lived not too far from her, he was in another class, and was as popular with the girls in school as any boy could be. She decided he was the one, all she had to now was to get him. He was about 1″ taller than her, well built, without being overly powerful looking; she wasn’t too keen on that.

He was what girls would call dishy, longish wavy blond hair, happy disposition and was popular all round. He got good grades, his future looked bright and promising, Yes, she thought, I’ll have him. And with that in mind she set about enticing him. It was easy, her flashing eyes, her suggestive smile had him wanting to chat with her, get to know her.

She brushed him off a few times but he kept coming back, then the dark beauty reeled him in, he was hooked and under lock and key. Andrea was herself soon falling for him, they made the best looking couple in school. And his mother, who was deputy head at their school, was delighted for them both.

Andrea could see where Peter got his blond good looks. Mrs Jackson was sight to behold in her own right. She was also the object of just about every boy in school. She knew she wa either widowed or divorced, she hadn’t asked because she didn’t like to. That would become apparent later.

Peter was gagging to have sex with Andrea, ‘No,’ she had told him, ‘I’m a virgin, and I’m staying one for a while too, so you’ll have to wait, or go elsewhere,’ she told him. He didn’t want anyone else, so reluctantly, he decided to bide his time and wait for her.

It seemed that every passing day Andrea grew more and more beautiful not only to look at, but in her ever growing graceful, and womanly ways. Her looks became more beguiling, more interesting, and she was learning that what she had was a gateway to her secured future, one of her own choosing. Not one of someone else’s, but she now was in love with Peter, she hadn’t expected this, had no knowledge of what love really was, she only knew that she liked it, and she liked how she felt about it.

Peter for his part felt much the same way, he had no knowledge either of what love was, except that the only person güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he had ever loved was his mother, that was unconditional. The fact that he knew she was a beautiful desirable woman was because all his friends had told him so. She was an MILF, he of course was more than embarrassed that his long time widowed mother, was the object of such juvenile yearnings.

But if anyone were to find out that he had actually jacked off over her he would die! Even Andrea, who he was growing closer and closer to, never knew of his inner secrets. Upper most in his mind was getting Andrea to let him make love, or learn to make love with. He was dying for it, he had a constant hard on for her, among lots of other boys his age at school, but Andrea only had eyes for him. He didn’t know it but he was getting closer and closer to the day when his world would blow his balls out of earth gravity.

She was letting him feel her body, and unknown to him, she was teaching him, she only knew that he had to learn her, to understand her. The way nature intended such a sensuous beauty could only be understood. Andrea didn’t understand her inner self this way yet, but she was becoming more and more aware of what she was, and also what she had. She only knew what was inside of her, that it was more important than could ever be explained.

After another month had passed she decided he was ready to be allowed her delights, she had started taking g the pill in readiness. She had him at home on her own, she got him in the bedroom where he willingly went at her bidding. Getting him on his back while still fully dressed, the dark skinned sensuous beauty, kneeled over him. Andrea kissed him, he sensed something, but was unsure, she scared him at times. Not physically but in his head.

As she kissed him passionately, she told him, “You know I love you Peter don’t you?”

“Yes Andrea, I do know, and I love you baby, I really do.” His excitement was already near its peak. His prick was throbbing, and begging for her attention.

“You had better, because one day you and I will be man and wife, so don’t get any ideas about any one else or you are dead!” Peter laughed, then almost choked as she grabbed his young hard cock through his trousers, her eyes held him in her power.

“Andrea,” he groaned.

“Yes baby, I know,” she told him, “I’m here for you baby.” Her hand smoothly working his prick, he couldn’t control himself any further, he shot his load right there in his pants. Her mouth locked on his and held him still until he finished pumping out what seemed liken gallons of young cum!

Still kissing him, she let him rest and relax as he lay prone before her, and in some embarrassment, she started undressing him. She had him naked, his cock still proud and strong, wanting more of her. Andrea stood and locked her mesmerising eyes on his, then slowly and seductively removed her short skirt, top and shoes.

Peter’s breath stuck in his throat, he knew full well how beautiful she was, but naked she had all the force of a nuclear bomb going off inside his chest. Climbing on the bed with him, she lay at his side, pulled his arm around her and whispered to him.

“Do you want me Peter?” He needed no further asking.

He lifted himself into position; her hand took him and guided him to the Promised Land. He sank down and was engulfed by Andrea’s hot and slick love channel, soon he was all the way in, he went off like a train.

“No Peter, slow down, we have all the time in the world.” She told him gently. He did as she said, he had just unloaded so somehow knew he was good to go for longer.

As they writhed around under and on each other, Peter’s mind exploded with joy, happiness, and utter love for this black beauty who had completely captured his heart, and he knew now, forever. Andrea loved him as equally, giving her all to him, they became firm and lasting lovers.

They talked of marriage for the future, after parental meetings, she moved in, Peter, Andrea, and his mother Suzanne were happy. Peter would tell his jealous friends that he lived with the two most beautiful women in town, probably the world, he would bragg!

Andrea and Suzanne became closer and closer, Andrea was taller by about 4″, and outweighed her, but that was all the difference between them. Suzanne’s soft blond loveliness enthralled Andrea. She fell in love with her too, not in the sexual sense but in a respectful way.

But she wondered why Suzanne never went out with anyone, man or woman. A lovely such as her ought to have some one, she would tell herself. She even broached the subject with her but Suzanne was guarded to say the least. “Peter would give you one Suzanne,” she said in her head, wondering what Suzanne would think about that if she even knew. Suzanne asked her what she was grinning at.

Then one day as term end was approaching, her life was tipped on its beautiful head. Andrea as usual, was the first into the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gym, the last to leave, the last into the showers, the last to come out. And the last to change and to go home.

This day one of the girls, a blond one who was very good looking, didn’t have a boyfriend, and no one knew if she was gay or not, was still there, languidly taking her time, her locker was next to Andrea’s. She asked how she was, stretching her supple white lithe body in front of the dark skinned goddess there next to her.

The girl suddenly pinched Andrea’s nipples, both of them. Andrea’s reaction was to bend and half crouch in surprise, the girl was on her in a moment, Andrea found herself on the mat, on her back and the girl was kissing her. Her tongue found hers, her fingers locked on to a nipple and Andrea inexplicably felt a tingle of pure arousal whip through her.

Her surprise was such that she couldn’t form a resistible response, the girl cemented her position and kept kissing Andrea’s soft brown lips. Andrea saw above her, blond hair waving about as the girl moved her locked lips on hers. Her fingers tugging and twisting the super sensitive nipple, and was getting the better of her, then the girls inner thigh applied rubbing pressure to her pussy.

Andrea had never once been in any sort of relationship with a girl, she had never even thought about it. But her body was telling her that this was good, that it liked it. While these were running through her mind, the girl continued her work; she now had Andrea right where she wanted her, where she had dreamed of having her. The black beauty was succumbing, she knew, and almost cheered as she felt Andrea relaxing and sinking.

Pressing her knee tight into Andrea’s now aching pussy Andrea gave up the fight. The blond had conquered her, she laid back under her and waited to see what was going to happen. The girl let go of her screaming nipple and slid into her pussy, where her finger tips and thumb brought Andrea to the boil.

Andrea began to feel the girls body, they were both taking advantage of the other. Andrea had her first ever cum with another girl, it blew her apart, it was majestic. She gasped for breath, moaned and groaned. Then she 69nd her, Andrea was in total shock and surprise to see her blond pussy dropping on to her open mouth, soon however she was sucking and licking it, as the girl returned the compliment.

They spent a full two hours there on the mat, when they could take no more they shared loving kisses and lots of giggles and thanks to each other. What changed in Andrea was, she loved the feel of another woman, there was no way it could ever replace Peter, but it had been so good, so different and so unusual. She would be forever grateful to her for doing what she had done. What she didn’t know was it was the girls last day, and that was why she had taken the chance to get Andrea, a one time deal that had worked fantastically.

Andrea resumed her life, what had happened would stay locked in her heart forever, and no one would ever know. But she found herself appraising Peter’s mother, Suzanne was a lovely gorgeous woman, she remembered how the blond girl had been and began to wonder if Suzanne was of that ilk, but how to find out?

Andrea would occasionally bring up women and gay relationships, watching carefully for Suzanne’s reactions, if any. Two months later she took the view that yes, Suzanne was of that ilk, but why keep it a secret or not pursue it? Then her thoughts turned to maybe finding out herself, to maybe letting her know she might herself be interested.

But that was difficult thing to do, but what Andrea didn’t know was that Suzanne had had relationships with other women, she could never bring herself to go with another man. But other women were on the menu if applicable. The last time the older blond lovely had been with a woman was at a teacher training conference she had a attended, a three day one.

The woman, or girl had tagged onto Suzanne right from the start, and on the second night she invited her to her room for a drink. “Hmmm,” Suzanne thought, “maybe I’m going to get lucky?” She did and she was.

The auburn haired married twenty four year old never made any pretence of why she had invited her to her room. She just went straight in and took her, Suzanne had the time of her life for two consecutive nights, the woman had her every where, and every hole got filled. She was a very happy woman when she left, she had taken her number, but refused to give hers, she wanted the contact control in her hands and no one else’s.

Andrea slaved over what to do, she was almost certain now that Suzanne was up for a laugh, but what to do? She was getting more and more personal, and Suzanne seemed to be responding, would she respond to a full on assault? Then she remembered how that girl had taken her in the gym, would that work? She knew she was stronger and bigger, but the havoc that could ensue güvenilir bahis şirketleri from a forced seduction.

Andrea decided it would, then it wouldn’t, she was beating herself up on it. But fate took a hand, Peter announced he was going on a fishing trip with his best friend, he apologised profusely, saying he wouldn’t go if Andrea disapproved. It turned out it was a Saturday, Sunday thing, and she thought for all of one second, but kept him waiting for her answer.

Saturday came; Peter went off leaving Andrea and his mother alone for the weekend. She was in their bedroom trying to decide to do it or not. Not realising that she was dressing already how she had seen herself in her head. Bare footed, the shortest skirt she had, it also had a very seductive split up the side to the top, showing off a glorious toned thigh, it was held with two press studs. Her top had a tiny velcro strip that held it in place and could be removed in a moment.

She did her face, not that much was required, her hair she did as she knew Suzanne loved, she looked in the mirror, “how could she refuse or resist me?” she thought. Taking a deep breath she walked to the top of the stairs and called down to her.

“Yes Andrea?” she replied.

“Have you got a minute Suzanne please?”

“Okay, I’m coming.” Suzanne answered. Mmmm, thought Andrea, I nearly am too! She couldn’t believe that she was actually about to go ahead, was there time to stop this? No, she decided.

Suzanne appeared wearing her little white satin bathrobe, and also barefooted. Her long blond hair was loosely piled up and she looked ravishing, Andrea thought, and that was the point of no return, it had been and gone! She briefly thought of this new Andrea, I know I’m not all lez, she told herself, but I have to admit I like women too now, that’s something I didn’t know of.

Andrea took her hand and led her into her own bedroom, Suzanne happily followed. There Andrea took another deep breath, reached for the bow tying Suzanne’s robe together, and pulled it open, she had slid it from her soft white skinned shoulders, and down to the floor before she reacted to her.

Stepping closer to her, Suzanne breathed, “What are you doing Andrea?” not realising what was about to happen. Andrea put her arms around Peter’s mother and brought her lips to bear. Suzanne gasped and tried to pull away, but Andrea lifted and carried her on to the bed where she took control, as the girl in the gym had done with her.

Andrea stopped her protests with her kiss and tongue, her fingers seeking Suzanne’s nipples. This charged Suzanne into action, she struggled to stop her but soon found out she couldn’t. She tried twisting away, but hardly moved, this gave Andrea more grip, and was soon on top of her, firmly holding her down. Suzanne could feel the heat emanating from her son’s girlfriend. It was as charged as electrical particles surging through her.

The gorgeous black beauty lifted her lips from Suzanne and gazed at her. Suzanne’s mouth was wide open in surprise, she looked up at her black captor, and suddenly understood what was happening, her pussy pulsed, her nipples hardened, her soft tender body shivered and tingled.

“Andrea?” she whispered, trying to make sense of her sudden entrapment.

Somehow Andrea knew that Suzanne didn’t have the fight in her. “Are you going to fight me Suzanne, because you will lose if you do,” she told her. “I have thought a lot about this, and if I’m wrong about you, then I will suffer the consequences.”

Suzanne took a deep breath, this was something she wanted and needed, it had been quite a long time since her secret liaison with the married teacher she had met at the conference. But she hadn’t expected it to be with Andrea, her son’s beautiful and alluring black girlfriend.

“No Andrea,” she admitted, “I’m not going to fight you, I can’t.” Andrea felt a gigantic happy relief flow through her, she wasn’t wrong, Suzanne did like women, she felt she could see into the future, she had Peter, and now if things worked out, she would have his mother, who was also the gorgeous school deputy head too.

She kissed her then and Suzanne fell into place under her soon to be deep and dark lover. Andrea had no idea that Suzanne had fantasised about her, wondering what it would be like to be taken, and to make love to by a black beauty such as her. Well, her unasked prayers were being answered.

She would never have made any sort of approach to Andrea, she was her son’s pride and joy, she knew how much he loved her. But that hadn’t stopped her having orgasms on her own, imagining Andrea making her. Andrea gave way to the hold she had on Peter’s mother, they began to explore, soon Suzanne was taking the lead, but not in a dominant way, she just had more experience than Andrea. But Suzanne liked being the dominated one, and let Andrea know by telling her.

“I prefer being the submissive type, without being slavish,” she her between hot kisses. Andrea picking up on that began to assert her prominent role over the blond and beautiful older woman below her. Andrea immediately forced her on to her back and began treating her to a rough lesson in love. Suzanne arched her back as Andrea’s fingers found there mark in her hot pussy.

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