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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 30 – I Love Ethan

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 30 – Ethan is my lover!

“I take it things are going well with Ethan?”

“Yes, and that”s what I wanted to talk to you about too. I love Ethan.”

“I know you love him, Andrew. He”s a good man. He loves you too.” Mr. Thomas responded, giving Andrew a little hug.

Andrew desperately wanted to tell him more, how much the man meant to him. “No, you don”t understand. I really love him.”

Mr. Thomas” face looked confused. He looked at Andrew, puzzled. “I know, son.”

“He has been so patient with me and helped me realize he wanted to help me and nothing more.”


“You also know what I did to survive, and at first I thought he was just like the men I was with. I”m embarrassed to say that I offered myself to Ethan.”

“It”s OK, I”m sure he understood.”

“He kept pushing me away. But, well, I feel bad. I was so sure that”s what he wanted, I kept pushing. I stopped when I realized that I might lose him if I kept it up.”

“Well, you know, Ethan isn”t that way. He would never take advantage of a young boy like you. I know he enjoys your company, and some day he will have his own family, and I am sure that you will be a part of it. I can see how happy he is now that he has you.”

Mr. Thomas took a deep breath.

“Andrew, he”s been a different man since you came into his life. He was always helpful here at the shelter, but now I see him happy. He”s changed. I know it”s all because of you, or at least because he has been helping you.”

“Um, I don”t mean to be rude, Mr. Thomas, because between the two of you, my life has been saved and changed, but I”ve helped him as well. Once I realized he just wanted to help me like you help people, I realized that he missed a lot of things that a boy and dad should share because of Lincoln.” Andrew paused because Mr. Thomas had a puzzled look on his face.

“Andrew, what do you mean? Does he feel neglected? Did I fail him too?” He started to tear up.

“No, Mr. Thomas. He knows you built the foundation to help you deal with your grief, but he also feels you spent more time here than with him. I know you probably tried to keep things in balance, but this became your life. This place is amazing. You have helped so many people.”

“But you”re right, I fucked up our family; I focused on this place. I lost my wife, don”t know my own daughter, and made my son feel left out.”

Andrew was now hugging Mr. Thomas. “Stop. You can”t change it. Look at my life. Look at the lives of the other children you have helped. You can”t change their lives. All you can do is help them going forward to make the best out of life and help them to get into a better situation, but the past, the mistakes, they aren”t all bad.”

“No, they are ankara escort bad, they suck. I wish I could change them.”

“Listen to me. I was beaten and raped and ran away from the abuse. I sold myself to strangers to survive. I was lucky that I wasn”t hurt more than I was, but the night of the fire was the best day of my life.”

“What? How can that be? You almost died, your friend was in worse condition.”

“But, Mr. Thomas, if I hadn”t been there, if Ethan hadn”t been on duty, if I wasn”t saved from the fire, I wouldn”t have met Ethan. I wouldn”t have met you. As I told you, I LOVE Ethan. I mean it, Mr. Thomas. I love him with my entire being. I know he loves me too, but I need you to understand how important he is to me, and how much he loves me back. He”s given me a life that is better than anything I could have dreamed of. I”m not berated, I”m not sent to my room, I”m not told I”m a failure, an embarrassment or worse. I”m not passed around the poker table to suck off men; I feel important. I feel alive and, most importantly, I feel loved.”

“Wow, I”ve never thought of it like that. Wouldn”t you have rather not have been beaten and raped by your dad?”

“Sure, but if I hadn”t been, what would my life have been? Dad having sex with me daily; mom ignoring me and emotionally abusing me every day? No, I have a man in my life that makes me feel important, smart and loved, all because of what my parents did.”

“What can I do for Ethan to make him have the same attitude toward me?”

“You can”t change the past, but he missed out on a brother and a father and, really, a family. He loves you dearly and enjoys helping you out here at the foundation, but you two need to have a heart-to-heart chat. You also need to help him connect with his mom and sister too. He feels he has to hide that from you. He needs you to save him.”

“You”re right. I owe him that.”

“I know you didn”t deprive Ethan of anything on purpose, and I know that sharing my life with him has helped him realize that he had things pretty good. You guys just need to talk.”

“You”re absolutely right, young man. I just don”t know where to start.”

“Why not go try, but first, will you make me a promise?”

“Of course.”

“Promise me that you won”t ever try to keep Ethan and I apart. I may just be a kid, but I love him Mr. Thomas.”

“I won”t keep you apart. I think I need to go talk to my son.”

Ethan was teaching some of the kids trick shots on the pool table when his dad and Andrew came out of the office. His dad went over and put his arm around his shoulders and did a side hug. Ethan handed off his cue to one of the kids, and he and his dad walked out the back to the patio area. Andrew went around and mingled with some of the kids.

“Hey, you”re new here,” one of the boys said to Andrew. The boy looked to be about nine. He had dishwater blond straight hair, kind of a skater kid look. He had on a skate branded tee that he probably got from the foundation. It was a little big on his slender body. For a moment, Andrew had a flashback to Kerry. That”s kind of what Kerry looked like when they first met.

“I”m not staying here, I”m helping out now. This place actually saved my life.”

“Really, this place doesn”t seem bad, but I don”t want to go back to the group home. They told me I only have a few days here before they”re going to place me. I ran away from my foster parents because their son kept beating me up. They said if I threaten to run away or do it again, they will put me in a group home.”

“Did you tell your case worker about the foster brother?”

“Yeah, but they said I was making it all up because I didn”t have any bruises or cuts.”

“Did you ever have any? What happened?”

“Norman, the brother, threatened to suffocate me at night if I showed them. He said they wouldn”t take me right away and that he would have a chance to hurt me worse before I got away. I was scared, so I just told them I didn”t have any marks and they didn”t look.” Timmy was just looking down.

Andrew reached over and rested his hand on the boy”s back. He flinched and made a whimpering sound.

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“Timmy? What”s wrong? Did I hurt you?” Andrew lifted the boy”s chin to look him straight in the eyes.

“It hurts.”

Andrew didn”t even hesitate. He grabbed the boy”s shirt and pulled it up. There were bruises all down the boy”s back. Some of them looked really bad, they were dark purple and had yellow bands around the edges.

“Fuck!” Andrew yelled. The boy just started to cry. All of the kids nearby heard Andrew”s swearing and looked. That made Timmy just cry more.

“Follow me!” Andrew grabbed Timmy by the hand and took him into Mr. Thomas” office.

“Wait here, promise me you won”t go anywhere. You are safe.”

“I…,” sniffle, “I…,” sniffle, “promise.” Timmy responded.

Andrew went to the door calmly, but the moment he closed it he ran full speed. His vision was red. He didn”t even see the poor girl as he ran into her, knocking her snack and drink out of her hand and causing both of them to crash to the floor. Thankfully, she was a bit bigger than Andrew and neither were hurt. His pride may have been, but physically they were both in much better shape than Timmy.

“I”m sorry, I”m so sorry Kay. Are you OK?” Andrew asked. He had met her earlier.

“Yeah, just startled. Why are you running?”

“Timmy, fuck, sorry, uh, Timmy is hurt. I need Mr. Thomas and Ethan.”

“Go, I”ll clean up. You look good in red Andrew.” She said, laughing as Andrew”s white shirt seemed to soak up her red fruit punch.

Andrew got up and walked the rest of the way to the patio. He opened the door and ran to the men with a panicked look on his face.

“Buddy, what”s going on?” Ethan could tell something was up.

“Come, both of you. Hurry, Timmy. It”s, fuck, Timmy needs help.”

As they went into the facility, Kay handed Andrew a towel. “Thanks, Kay. Again, I”m really sorry.”

“Maybe you can make it up to me.” She winked at him. Andrew felt his face turn red. He just turned to take the adults to the office to help Timmy.

Timmy had pulled his shirt back down and was just sitting in the chair across from Mr. Thomas” desk.

“Timmy, Andrew says you are hurt. Is that true?”

“No sir, I”m fine. Andrew must have been mistaken.”

Andrew was starting to fidget and wanted to call Timmy out. He couldn”t break trust with the boy, but he had an idea. He sat in the chair next to Timmy. “Tell Mr. Thomas about your foster brother.”

“He was nice, and the family was nice.”

“Tell him why you ran away?” Andrew was trying to get the boy to tell the reason without having to expose him.

“I don”t know, I was stupid. Maybe I should get sent somewhere else.”

Andrew looked at him. “Timmy, don”t ever call yourself stupid.” He then put his arm across Timmy”s back to pull him into a hug. The touch caused the boy to whimper and jump. Mr. Thomas and Ethan were both looking at Andrew. He was staring back at them with a pleading look.

“Timmy,” Mr. Thomas said, “Did Andrew tell you who this man is?”


“This is my son, Ethan. He is a firefighter. He saved Andrew”s life. He”s also Andrew”s foster dad. They love each other very much, and you deserve to find a family that will love you just the same. Would you please take your shirt off?”

“Do I have to?”

“No, but like I said, my son is a firefighter and he is also trained as a paramedic. If you are hurt, he can help.”

Slowly, Timmy lifted his shirt. Andrew stepped in and pulled it over the boys head.

“Look! See what his foster brother did to him?” Andrew was animated and getting angry. Mr. Thomas just gasped. He”d seen some pretty badly beaten kids, usually it was the parents that did it and the kids found the shelter, but this was really bad.

“Buddy, I”m going to touch you very carefully. Let me know if it hurts.” Ethan said as he approached the boy and was poking behind the boy”s kidneys.

“Owie! Stop!” Timmy pleaded. Tears started to flow.

“Son, when was the last time you peed?” Ethan asked.

“It hurts when I go, so I try not to.”

“Is there blood?”

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“Andrew, grab a clean shirt and meet me at the truck. Dad, I”m taking him to the hospital now. Call the hospital and tell them I”m bringing them a boy that is in renal failure, then call Sarah and have her meet me there. ” Ethan was in his zone, barking orders. “Timmy, we are going to go get you some help. You will like Sarah, and I promise, you won”t be hurt again.”

Ethan guided him to the truck, Andrew was already there and helped Timmy into the truck and sat next to him in the back seat for the ride to the hospital.

“Who”s Sarah?” Timmy asked Andrew.

“She”s the person that made it possible for me to live with Ethan.”

“Really? Do you think I could live with you and Ethan?”

Andrew didn”t know what to say. The little guy was cute, and it would be fun to have a little brother, but he knew that it was hard enough for him to get placed with Ethan and was certain that it wouldn”t be possible. Besides, he didn”t even know if Ethan wanted another boy.

The hospital wasn”t very far, but it seemed like it was taking forever. Time was slowing down in Andrew”s head. He was worried about his new friend. When they pulled up to the ambulance bay, there was a gurney waiting with two people in white coats. They pulled the door open to Ethan”s truck and Andrew helped Timmy scoot over to the door so the men could lift him onto the gurney. Andrew started to follow them in and they told him he couldn”t enter. They told Ethan to park and come fill out papers, so the two jumped in and quickly found a parking spot. Ethan was walking so fast Andrew felt like he was running trying to keep up. The got to the registration desk and the girl knew Ethan and asked him to fill out some papers.

“Maria, treat him like someone the paramedics brought in.” All I know is his first name is Timmy, or probably Timothy, but he”s in CPS care. My friend Sarah will be here soon. Will you let me go back and talk to the doctors?”

“Sure, Hon, go right on back.” Ethan started to go, and Andrew was told again that he couldn”t go back.


“Stay here. I will be right back once I know what”s going on.” Ethan said as he hurried into the emergency room.

By the time Ethan got back there, they had the boy hooked up to an IV and had drawn his blood. The doctor was placing a catheter in poor little Timmy.

“Thank God you got him here. His kidneys are almost at full shutdown, I think we can keep him from having to get dialysis, but we need to stop the infection. Who the hell did this to this poor little boy?” The doctor asked.

“He said it was his foster brother. Did you see his groin?”

“No, what”s wrong?”

“Look for yourself; I was just about to finish the catheter.”

“Timmy, why didn”t you say anything about your nuts?”

“I”m sorry, Mr. Ethan. I was just in so much pain and I didn”t want anyone to know. I figured it would get better.”

Timmy”s scrotum was black and blue and about the size of an orange. His testicles should have been tiny little pea-sized bumps.

The doctor had some Betadine and was wiping it carefully over Timmy”s scrotum. He had a tray with a shot of Lidocaine and a pretty big needle to drain the blood.

“I think it”s time for me to leave.” Ethan said. “I”ll come back when Sarah gets here.”

“No worries, once we drain the blood, I”m going to have to ultrasound him, but if we find anything, we are going to have to airlift him to Children”s Hospital for a renal scan. We”ll check his boy bits and kidneys shortly. Be sure to bring Sarah in so we can get authorization.”

“Will do.”

Ethan walked out to the waiting room. Andrew ran to him to ask how Timmy was. Ethan wasn”t talking, he was pacing. Andrew was really worried. What did he know?

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