Angelica Angelina Pt. 02

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The events in this tale begin immediately after the events in part 1.


I moved several M&Ms around before reaching the yellow one. My pussy lips wrapped around it and I moved back to the bed. One knee was placed on each side of Mom’s head. I lowered myself until my cunt was two inches over her mouth. She opened wide. I released the candy and it dropped into her mouth.

Her eyes closed for a short time as she chewed the candy. She opened them and grinned at me. She looked to the side of the bed to Angelica. “You are right,” she said. “That was far sweeter and tastier than straight from the bag.”

“Want another?” I asked.

“In a minute. If I don’t get to the bathroom right away, I’ll end up peeing all over the bed.”

Mom leaped from the bed and headed to the bathroom.

“A little privacy, please,” Mom said when Angelica and I followed her.

“No, Mom,” Angelica said. “We have to show you how to pee.”

“That I have figured out.”

“No, you haven’t,” Angelica said while reaching down to the toilet seat and raising it up. “While standing, straddle the commode. Center pussy with water below and let go.”

“Piss while standing?”

“Give it a try.”

Looking somewhat skeptical, Mom followed the directions given. She centered herself over the toilet and soon the water shot out of her. “Oh, my. I’ve never pissed like this before. My entire life I’ve sat down to pee. This is a little exciting.”

“What makes it exciting,” Angelica said, “is that it is new, something you have never done before. New things are often exciting.”

Mom really had to go. For almost a full minute she created a waterfall. When at last finished, she reached to the toilet paper to dry herself.

“Allow me, Mom,” I said. “We are full service fuck buddies.”

Mom turned a slight red hearing what she considered a vulgar word from me. Her blush grew heavier when I tore off several sections of toilet paper and reached between her legs to dry her pussy.

Angelica took us both by the hand and led us back into the bedroom. There were two chairs already in the room. I took one, Mom took the other. Angelica trotted out of the room but was back only a minute later, dragging the chair from her room behind her. We formed a triangle with the chairs only a couple of feet apart. Our knees almost touched when we were all seated.

“We have a lot to talk about and to plan,” I stated to my two companions. “We have to plan for the near future.”

Mom said, “Yes, there is a lot I need to know. What I know is Sunday morning we were all in church, saying our prayers and asking for divine guidance. Now, two days later, I wake up bound to the bed and my daughters are taking turns licking my pussy.”

“And what a delicious pussy it is,” Angelica added.

Angelica and I spent half an hour telling Mom what happened on Monday. We were 99% honest with all we told her. The only time we told a little fib was about where we got the marijuana. We vowed to Rita we would never tell and had no plans of spoiling our only connection to the world of weed.

Mom spent some time questioning us, wanting us to verify her daughters had only been fucking each other for a little over a day and not for months or even years.

“The first time we stuck our tongue in each other’s pussy was yesterday,” I swore. “It was the first time either of us even kissed.”

“I guess your dad and I have been somewhat strict. You have to believe me that until today, I really thought I was looking out for your best interests.”

“We know. Those days are past. Now we only look forward, not backwards.”

“With that in mind,” Angelica said, “is there anything you desire sexually? Angelina and I have both agreed we would be subservient to you. Do you have some deep hidden desire that two beings without a dick can fulfill? Command us, we will obey.”

Mom was silent for a short time. Then we both watched her turn a deep red. This was not a slight red like it was a few minutes ago when I dried her pussy, this was apple red.

“Oh, Mom, you must have something really nasty to get you this worked up,” Angelica said. “Whatever it is, I like it already.”

Mom was hesitant at first, but once she started talking got into it. “All my life I have been told to sit like a lady. My mom is somewhat liberated compared to me, but even she only let me sit one way. I had to cross my feet at the ankles. My knees had to be next to each other. In grade school the teachers pounded it into me. In home ec we got graded on how we sat. Knees touching and crossed ankles got an A. Anything else an F. Everything I heard about any woman that did not sit in that one position was she was a tramp. It irritated the hell out of me. That is why I have never really harped on the subject with you two.”

“What do you want to do about it?”


Mom took her right leg and hooked it at the back of the knee on the end of the arm of her chair. She took her left leg and repeated the procedure on the other side. istanbul escort When she finished, it was as if she aimed her pussy at our faces. She was totally exposed. Her pussy lips were slightly parted. She was magnificent. Angelica and I both giggled as we copied her position.

“No secrets here,” Angelica said.

“Mom,” I said. “Tell us about your pussy.”

“What’s to tell? I use it to piss three or four times a day. I use it to make your dad happy two or three times a month. You two popped out of it. Other than that, it just sits there between my legs, hoping for something new. When I woke up this morning strapped to the bed, at first I was shocked, then scared, then enraged. However, when that first orgasm shot thru me, I was convinced. From this point forward, I plan to have several orgasms each month.”

“Way too low, Mom,” I said. “Instead of several, make it many, and instead of each month make it each day.”

“Is that possible?”

Angelica said, “Mom, like I said, my sister and I will be your sex slaves. Command us to eat your pussy. We will race each other to see who gets in that first lick. Sit on our face. Our tongues will pleasure you. You command. We obey.”

“We plan to be good daughters,” I added.

We sat in silence for a time, looking at each others pussies. When Mom saw our eyes fixed on her cunt, she reached down and spread her pussy lips further apart. First Angelica, and then I, dropped our legs to the floor and moved to our knees, getting a closer look.

“I liked being looked at,” Mom said. “It makes me feel pretty.”

Angelica said, “Mom, you are magnificent. I could look at your pussy all day and not get bored.”

“You really like being stared at?” I asked.

“Yes. Along with pretty, it makes me feel special.”

I lifted myself back up and retook my seat. “This is important. Do you two trust me? I mean unwavering trust. Trust as if your lives depended upon it?”

“I do,” Angelica said at once. Mom was only a couple of seconds behind her as she stated her belief in me.

“Wait here. I’ll be back in less than a minute.” With that I leaped from my chair and darted out of the room. The two waiting for me did not have much time to discuss what I was up to. I was back almost at once, phone in hand.

“Mom, yesterday after the first time I ate Angelica’s pussy, she was so tired she took a short nap. While she was out, I spread her legs and took a few pictures of that magnificent twat of hers. I put them on my computer, erased them from my phone. I took a couple of minutes and looked at a site that shows pussies, trying to see how she stacked up. You blew them away, hands down,” I said to Angelica.

“Now here is the thing. If you want, you can post a picture of your pussy. No names, no addresses, no phone numbers, no nothing. Most women show full frontal, along with name. Some show just the tits. Lots have dicks taking a rest in their cunt. This is what I suggest. Let’s take pictures of our pussies and post them to the site. Our cunts only, no head shots or other identifying features. No one will ever know it is us. It could be the girl next door or the girl on the other side of the world, no one will know. Observers leave comments. You can come back after a day or so and there will be a series of messages.”

“What if they say bad things about us?” Mom asked.

“I saw a couple of negative reports, but Mom, I have seen your pussy up close and personal. There ain’t nobody out there that can make a derogatory statement about you.”

I was shocked at how quickly Mom agreed. I thought it might take an hour or two to convince her. Instead she said, “Me first.”

Angelica and I were both surprised with what Mom did. She moved to the bed, lifted her legs until her knees were against her head, then moved her arms under her legs and next locked her hands behind the neck. I was amazed she was as limber as me and Sis. I took several close ups. After number five, Mom said, “Angelica, will you spread my pussy lips apart, giving a deeper shot of me?”

Angelica’s hand came into the viewfinder and granted Mom’s wish. My pussy was getting drenched with how excited I was getting. I would soon have to take steps to fix that.

I took a few more of Mom, then Angelica, and last of all Mom took a few closeups of me.

My computer was already set up for it, so we moved to my room. I connected the phone to the computer and moved all the pics over. We spent almost half an hour commenting on the pictures. I enlarged them so they filled the entire monitor. Mom chose hers right away. She picked the first one taken with Angelica spreading her lips. It was more difficult with me and my sister. The problem was our cunts looked exactly alike. The only way we knew which ones were Angelica’s and which were mine is because hers were ahead of mine. I was sort of happy with the confusion. Knowing my pussy was as grand as my beautiful sister sent waves of joy thru me.

We all made a choice. I entered the site. It came up and there was rus escort a field available if you wanted to leave your name or any other information. I moved to the bottom and checked, ‘No Data Submitted.’ I posted Mom’s picture. I did the same for Angelica and then finally me.

Angelica looked at the screen for a few seconds before asking, “Where are they?”

“I think it takes a few moments to show up. We will come back in an hour and check the site out.”

Mom looked us both over for a short time, then said to me, “Angelina, the only reason I am doing this is because technically Angelica is your older sister. I’ve debated this since you untied me. Angelica, I want to fuck you. You will be next Angelina.”

I saw a small chill pass thru my sister. “Oh, Mom. I am delighted.”

Mom stood. Angelica moved to her arms. I pulled my chair back so I would be out of the way, but still have a good view. I was excited about the show getting ready to be put on for me.

Their mouths locked together. I could see cheeks move as they explored each other. Angelica broke the mouth contact and started to sink to her knees to have a bite of Mom’s twat. Mom stopped her. “You licked my pussy less than two hours ago. It is my turn to taste you. Lay down on the bed, spread your legs wide. Place your arms above your head and grab the bed posts.”

She looked at me and commanded, “Hurry to my room. Grab the ties you used on me and bring them here.”

“At once, Master,” I said.

This time the chill passed thru Mom as I used that title.

I was back soon, a half a dozen ties dangling from my hand.

“Bind her feet. Make it tight, but not so tight it cuts off the circulation.”

“Yes, Master,” I stated once more.

Soon my sister was safely restrained. She would go nowhere until the end of days if she was not freed. Just like when I took pictures of her yesterday, her feet were three feet apart. Her arms stretched apart the same distance.

Mom squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples. Her mouth returned to Angelica’s. Once more there was a war as their tongues pushed and shoved, desperate to learn all there was to know about the other. It was not long until Mom moved to Angelica’s boobs. “My lord, do you have a great rack,” Mom said.

Angelica was ready to respond but Mom ordered, “Do not speak unless I tell you to do so or ask a question.”

Angelica became silent.

Mom refined her command. “You may shout and squeal during orgasms, but not a single other sound.”

I bet there is going to be a lot of shouting and squealing, I thought, but did not make my comment out loud.

Mom moved her hand to Angelica’s cunt, moving her fingers in and out. Angelica began bouncing her hips. “You like that, don’t you?”

Angelica took a second to respond but recalled Mom’s instruction she could speak if asked a question. “Yes, Mom, I love it.”

“Yes, who?”

“I beg pardon. Yes, Master.”

“Family rule. When we have sex, address me as Master. During our love sessions, even when you are not speaking aloud but only thinking of me it will be as Master. At all other times, eating, church, driving, whatever, you call me Mom.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied. Angelica answered right behind me. I made up my mind to follow Mom’s instructions totally. Even when not saying a word, if there was sex and she was involved, even in my thoughts I would refer to her as Master.

Master finger fucked Angelica another minute before my sister shouted out in pleasure as her hips stood out as far as the restraints allowed. Master played with her pussy another minute before releasing her. Over the next ten seconds Angelica’s hips returned to the mattress.

“So much for fingers. Let’s give the tongue a try.”

Master scooted further down and as we both did to her, took some time to smell Angelica’s pussy. Her eyes lit up when she did. “I had no idea pussies smelled so good. I am close to cumming from just her aroma.”

I was not aware my hand drifted between my legs and began fingering my cunt. Master saw me at once. “Jacking off?” she asked. “Stand next to the bed and do it so my slave and your Master can observe.”

I stood and took my spot where she pointed. My fingers took hold of my knob and twisted and rubbed. Immediately tiny tremors started to move thru me.

Master put her lips on my sister’s pussy. I saw Angelica’s vulva move to the left and then to the right as the tongue exploring her shoved her around. Angelica soon shouted in joy as her body tensed up once more. I shouted right behind her as I also orgasmed.

Master was relentless. Even when Angelica began begging her to release her because she could take no more, Master licked and nibbled on her. Angelica screamed out and her body became rigid for almost two minutes as Master sucked on her. At last Master showed mercy and pulled away. She sat up on the edge of the bed and asked me, “A couple of times I tasted something sort of sweet and very spicy. What was that?”

“Master, şişli escort that was her pussy juice. As I said this morning, my sister is delicious.”

“That she is. Come with me.” She stood and walked to the door with me immediately behind her. She stopped and looked back at Angelica. “You wait here until we return.”

I followed her back to her room. She led me to her bed and laid me down on it in such a way that my head was at the foot of the bed and my feet towards the top. She laid down the opposite direction and placed her legs between mine. It did not take me long to figure out what she was attempting to do. We ended up with her right leg between mine and my right leg between hers. We scooted closer together until our pussies touched. Then she began to grind against me. I copied her actions and our pussies played with each other.

Wow! She was so soft, except for her clit. It was a hard, hot, item that found mine and they massaged each other. I had no idea where Master came up with this idea, but it was a great one. Our hips shoved against each other and eased away. They returned at once, each clit desperate to rejoin its friend. It was not long until I shouted out as the orgasm took me. I had another and then Master joined with me as we both screamed out as one.

I fell to the bed, exhausted. I could hear Master as she panted, as tired as I was. Luckily, we did not fall asleep. Soon, Master stood and took my hand and tugged me out of the bed. I stood in front of her and she sank to her knees. She placed her hands around my hips and pulled me to her.

Her tongue was like the touch of an angel as she serviced me. She inserted it between my pussy lips and traced circles around my clit. She used it to dive into me. Master was blessed with a great tongue. Angelica and I had both sunk our tongues into each other’s pussy as deeply as we could. Each of us was able to explore about two inches into the other. Master’s tongue was a full inch longer. I quickly learned how important an extra inch could be. Her tongue entered my vagina and licked its walls. I rose to my toes, grabbed hold of Master’s head and tried to pull her into me.

Angelica gave great head. It was fantastic. I was starting to believe Master gave better.

My pussy shot forward and my back arched as the orgasm took me. I was as curved as if I were the bow part of an archery set. All my weight was on the toes of my feet. The room spun. Master refused to let me go. She had a suction lock on my clit and would not release it. More orgasms went thru me. I was getting desperate. I did not want to break the unwritten rules we made. In all things sexual I would obey Master, but if things did not change in the next ten seconds, I would be unable to keep myself from pulling away from her. It was that or pass out. Either way her mouth would no longer be sucking me.

Oh, Master is good. She released me only an instant before I would have broken contact. Talk about your gifted people, Master is a gifted pussy eater. She knew the exact time to let me go. If it had been Angelica eating me, or me eating her, I do not know if we would have done as well.

I fell back to the bed, barely able to move. Master wrapped her arms around me and we snuggled. When I had the strength, while she held me tight, I gently sucked on her nipples. She ran her fingers thru my hair. She kissed me on the top of the forehead, released me, and stood. I followed her. She walked out of the room with me three feet behind her. Instead of turning towards my room and the securely tied Angelica, she turned the other direction towards the stairs.

We ended up in the kitchen. “Get the bread and a sharp knife, please,” she commanded.

“Yes, Master.”

“We are not engaged in sex right now, only having a quick meal. Call me Mom.”

“Okay, Mom.”

While I was at the breadbox, Mom opened the refrigerator and grabbed a tomato and a jar of mayonnaise. She moved to the cutting board and sliced the tomato. She handed me the mayonnaise and I took a butter knife and spread it over a couple of slices of bread.

We sat down and had a tomato sandwich for breakfast.

“What about Angelica?” I asked while placing the bread back into the breadbox.

“She will be okay. She promised she would not leave until we returned and I believe her.”

I laughed and said, “Me too.”

“Now that it is just to two of us, I want to talk to you about your dad.”

“Okay. What about him?”

“We have to figure out a way to break him out of his self-imposed prison. It is possible he does not realize it, but he must be frustrated sexually. He screws me two or maybe three times a month. It was a lot more at first, but over time the frequency dropped. It is always the same way. On our wedding night, I got naked, laid down on the bed and spread my legs. He got on top of me and humped away. Two nights before he left for Colorado, I got naked, laid down on the bed and spread my legs. He got on top of me and humped away. We will be celebrating our twenty-first anniversary in three weeks. For twenty-one years, that is the only way it has happened. That must be at least part of the reason things slowed down. A few years ago I suggested perhaps I might be on top. He would have nothing to do with it.”

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