Angel’s Story Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Well.. the saga of James continues. We broke up rather recently, dear readers. This is April, and he and I stopped seeing each other in February. Since we work together, I’ve dealt with all the issues that go along with that. Mind you, I don’t recommend dating someone you work with, but I wasn’t working with him when we were sleeping together. Unfortunately, that job transfer came in the middle of things. Yes, dear readers, I’m not longer in the public education field, thank you God and Goddess. I got tired of close-minded small natured people.

I tried to be mature about it. I knew that I didn’t want any gossip or troubles about us floating around. The nature of the plant I work is that there are 9 women and about 100 men, and the men gossip worse than the ladies! It amazed me at first, but now I just now how to fan or halt them as I wish. I’ve never hidden my nature, even though I work in a small-ish company. Most of my closest coworkers know my preferences and how open sexually I am, and they all unfortunately know about James. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him for the longest time. Those long legs (he’s 6’9!) in tight jeans, spread open as he was on his back sliding around under a truck would make me wet as I walked by. I could smell him, even on the floor, his cologne, and I’d tingle. The section of the upstairs I work in has a one-way mirror so that the engineers can look down and watch the chassis coming in and the trucks being built. I would see him trotting around working on the trucks or welding the steel; it was horrid for concentration.

The end finally came after we had a hard time seeing each other in the time constrains and the weather constraints. Once winter hit, him living across town was a pain in the ass. Also, his ex girlfriend who was the mother of his youngest son was kicked out of her apartment. Not wanting his son to be on the street, he let her move in. I knew they were back together, I could see the way he was avoiding me, but hearing him say it still hurt. But, I knew it was best for the baby. A child deserves both parents if possible.

After we casino oyna broke up, I tried to maintain a professional friendship. I never said anything negative about him, I know he did the same to most the people I was friends with. However, I heard over and over again that he was watching me. I’ve told you friends, that I’m not a skinny little thing, and a lot of men don’t have a preference for that. They like their women built like twigs with bumps. I however have full milky thighs and breasts and round, curvy hips that are built for having babies. I would on the floor, be going through a pre-paint inspection on a truck and see him hovering nearby, supposedly busy. He’d stand and stare as I walked up the stairs to work, or end up behind me in line for the chow truck.

I got a phone call a few weeks ago. Very simply an “I miss you we’re still friends, we can do stuff as friends” sort of call. I asked for his help with something that needed fixed in my home and he actually did it. I was so pleased. We spent time just sitting in my room chatting. He touched me on my legs and arms, but didn’t do anything untoward. I wasn’t sure how to take it. Last Friday however, I received a phone call from him asking about this weekend, wanting to know if he could stop by and see me. And that’s when the fun began.

When he came in, I was putting my son (whom he knows) to bed, so they chatted for a while. I knew in the back of my mind that I’d have him between my thighs before the end of the night, so I had dressed accordingly. I hate bras, my breasts are large and full, and they’re just constricting, so I wasn’t wearing one. I had put on a long black knit dress with no panties when I got out of the shower, and just made sure to put lots of lotion on so my skin was very soft and smooth.

“Where’s my hug?” he asked, when my son had finally shut his door and gone to bed. I smiled to myself. This was going easily. I gave him his hug and felt him sniff my hair. I’m only 5’6; my head comes to barely mid chest on him.

We sat on my couch and chatted for a while, relaxing while watching The canlı casino Simpsons. Every time one of us got up to do something, he would move closer and closer to me. Finally, he laid his head on my chest and snuggled. I had missed this and I knew where it was leading. I felt his hand slide up my knee, up past my thigh, and onto my tummy. He was rubbing my stomach and nuzzling my neck. I could feel myself getting wetter. I slowly moved my thighs apart and he slid his hand to my pussy. He lifted his head and looked at me.

“Are you ok with this?” he asked. Was I? Did it make me a bad person to know he was touching me and living with her? I didn’t care either way, but the thought ran through my head. I could feel him push his hard thick cock against my thighs, which were on his lap.

“Yes, I am,” I said, and spread my legs and shifted my hips. He slid those thick fingers down and inside me, rubbing my clit like an expert. He kissed me, hard, passionate, and full on the lips like I like it, rubbing my clit in time to the movement of his tongue in my mouth. He leaned over and watched his fingers play with me as I laid my head back on the sofa and moaned softly.

“Ohhh, ya, harder like that,” I said as he started sliding them in and out his thumb triggering the clit. “You’re going to make me cum!”

He kissed me again as I came, and I could feel his hands get all wet from my juices. Pulling back from me, he licked his fingers clean and then kissed my breasts.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” he whispered, pulling me up. I joined him and led him back to my room. He walked past me and I turned to shut the door. After I locked it, he pushed me against it and bit the back of my neck. “I want to fuck your pussy,” he warned me. He ran his hands heavily down my sides, grabbing my hips and pulling them back to meet his thrust. Even through his jeans and my dress, I could feel how thick and hard he was for me. He pushed up my skirt and ground his crotch against my ass. “I want you wet and panting underneath me, Angel,” he said. Somehow, I knew I would be.

He pushed my straps kaçak casino down on my dress and moved away from me so we could get undressed. He undid his jeans and I was again amazed at just how big and thick this man is. I know I know, you hear “Oh this guy had a 12″ dick and he was so thick” when you read these stories. Well, I’m here to put my hand on a Bible, this man is as thick as a soda can, which to me, is better than being a foot long. He pulled me down on the bed and rolled me over, kissing all over me.

He spread my legs, and slid between them, but didn’t try to slide inside yet. Instead, he started sucking on my nipples back and forth. I had my legs locked around him, grinding on the head of that massive dick I begged for it, dug my nails in his arms and tried to pull him closer, anything. Finally he gave in and reached down to position me. Trying to slide in took some adjusting; it had been awhile since I’d had a cock that large in me. Finally we figured it out and he pushed himself in to the hilt. I groaned as he bottomed out. He got a rhythm going and I could feel myself start to cum. The man doesn’t have to do anything special, just the way he moves inside makes my nipples hard and my pussy wetter and wetter.

After I came again, he leaned back and looked down at me.

“Miss me?” he asked softly. I just nodded. My body just felt right with him inside it. I knew what really got him off so I pushed him further back and spread my legs wider. I slid one hand down between them, to where our bodies connected and started to slowly play with my clit. Because I had cum so much, I was super sensitive and I knew each frig of my finger made my muscles spasm inside on his dick. Slowly I worked myself, letting him feel me grip him harder and harder till I just exploded again. He groaned and leaned forward, putting my legs on his shoulders and pounding me harder and harder. I knew he was close so I just held on and talked dirty to him.

“Fuck that pussy baby, fill me up with your cum, give it to me harder, you know how I like it”. He let go and I locked my legs around him and held him close as he came.

He looked at me, his eyes locking with mine before a huge grin broke out on his face. I kissed him, and he collapsed against me, spent.

God I love fucking this man.

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