Another Foot-Perv Strikes

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Janey was all shopped out. She had hit every store on the Plaza that was worth her time. She sat down on the edge of one of the many fountains around the Plaza area. Digging through her bag, she found her smokes and grateful for her “dirty” habit, lit one up and inhaled deeply. The smoke off the first drag curled out from between her dark red lips.

She, like most women who have been out shopping all day, was very gratified with her many new puchases, and started thinking about the great bargains she had devoured. She looked down at her numerous bags, and couldn’t resist digging out the gold shoebox which contained her new dark-purple Mia sandals. The were very strappy and very sexy.

Looking around self-conciously, she slipped off her sturdy shoppin-sandals, and slipped on the strappy purples. She held her feet up admiring how nicely the 4″ heels made her arches curve up. Her silver toe rings sparkled in the sun. All six of them. Her fine-tuned toes were decked out french manicure style. It was a beautiful combination, she had to admit to herself.

She was about to slip the strappies off and back into their box, when she heard someone clear their throat.

She looked to her left to see that a strange man had sat down about 4 feet away from her on the edge of the fountain.

“Hi.” Janey casually spoke.

“Hi.” the stranger responded.

He looked tall even while sitting down. The first thing she noticed about him was that he had a camera slung over his shoulder.

She didnt really want to take off the strappies now that this man had planted his rather handsome body down beside her. Being of a sound fashion-concious-mind, she immediately felt glad that she was wearing a short, black cotton dress with small purple flowers on it. The strappies matched.

She lit another cigarrette and watched the traffic go by.

“Um, excuse me, miss.” the stranger said in a quiet voice.

She looked over at him, her eyebrows raised in question.

“I am taking some pictures for a piece of research I am doing, and, well, I was wondering if you would mind letting me photograph you?”

“Well,” Janey started after a few seconds of silence, “Tell me a little about your project.”

“Ok. Well, odd as it may sound, it’s a study on human hands and feet. The rest is pretty boring, but that is the major topic.”

“So, you don’t want pictures of my face, just my…hands…and feet?” Janey asked him.

“Pretty much. I mean, if you don’t want to have your face photographed, then I will make sure it’s not in any of the pictures.”

“Well, that sounds fun. Sure…I’ll do it!” Janey replied, feeling a bit flattered. He was pretty cute, and polite, too. Besides, he had spoken the magical word……”feet”.

“What would u like me to do first?” Janey asked, not helping but notice that these were her eight favorite words.

“Oh, by the way, I’m Rich.” the stranger replied holding out his hand.

“Hi Rich, I’m Janey.” she said sweetly, shaking his hand firmly.

“Well, Janey, let’s get some shots of your hands first, okay?”

“All right.”

Rich had Janey place her hands on her lap in various positions while he snapped a few pictures.

“Now for my favorite.” He said smiling at her.

“Your favorite?” Janey asked with one eyebrow raised teasingly.

“Your feet…in your new sandals.” Rich answered her.

Janey giggled at the fact that he must have observed her slipping on her new sandals. Janey had a foot fetish, and that was the only reason she was letting this strange man photograph her. She knew her feet were divine, and she was pretty damned thrilled that this hottie was wanting photos of her peds. She was also aware of the little signal going on in the back of her mind that he might be a bit of a foot fetishist himself.

“Funny you say that,” she responded, “feet are my favorite, too.”

She was definately testing the waters.

“Well, that makes this even more interesting, doesn’t it?” the stranger answered her flashing his charming smile.

“Sure does.” she replied, looking down at her outstreched feet.

He took many shots of bahis firmaları her feet, then sat back down on the edge of the stone fountain.

“I really appreciate your letting me do this, Janey.” he said to her.

“Hey, I am glad to be of assistance…for the sake of research.” Janie said with a pretty smile.

“Are we done, now?” she went on.

“Well, we’re done as far as research goes. But, if you would like, we could take some for the pure purpose of fun.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Hmmm, well, how about one of a cigarette between your toes?” Rich asked Janey playfully.

“Whatever floats your boat!” Janey giggled, completely thrilled at the suggestion.

She reached into her bag getting out her pack of smokes and pulled one out. Bending down, highly aware of the photographer’s eyes on her legs and feet, she carefully slid the cigarette between her big toe and second toe. She curled her toes a bit to grip onto it and leaned back giggling at the fact that she was holding a smoke in her toes smack dab in the middle of the Plaza.

“Nice grip.” he winked at her.

Boy, did this fellow have it bad. He was completely enamoured with her little tootsies.

He got down on his knee and snapped a couple of pictures.

“I know!” Janey said, “Let’s light it and I’ll take a picture of you taking a drag!”

Rich’s mind reeled at her playful attitude about her own feet. Ahhh, this girl shows some real potential for many foot games, he thought to himself. Rich loved, loved, loved the female foot, and the truth of the matter was that he was merely using the “research paper” excuse to get nice pictures of women’s feet without freaking them out. He realized that this girl probably wouldn’t have cared either way!

He loved the way her feet were so feminine and she had excellent arches and a very sexy way of showing off her feet with her fresh French manicure and many sparklie toe rings. In all honesty, he would adore spending a day worshipping her feet and felt himself harden at the mere thought of it. Toes in the mouth, tongue on the sole, feet on the cock….SNAP outta it! Rich blinked back into reality and said,

“I like your idea!”

“Go for it.” Janey answered him smiling.

God, she has such pretty lips Rich thought to himself. He caught himself before going into another fantasy about her.

He leaned over and carefully lit her cig with her hotpink lighter. He took her heel in his hand and brought her foot up to his mouth. He took a long drag off the smoke. He caught a scent of something coconutty and figured it was some sort of lotion on her legs and feet. He grew harder at the nice smell of her. Janey snapped the picture and giggled.

“THAT was great!” she laughed, bending over and taking the smoke out of her toes. She offered him the smoke and lit herself a fresh one from her pack.

They sat smoking and Janey struck up a conversation.

“So, how long have you been photographing women’s feet?”

“A while now,” he answered, feign to deny what she had figured out.

“Sounds like an interesting hobby.”

“It is….interesting, and fun. Most women aren’t quite as cool as you are about it, but some are.”

“Have you ever taken pictures of like two girls feet together?”

“Yeah, several times.”

“I think that would be pretty fun.”

“It is…..very fun. Some women even let me suck their toes and they take a picture of it.” he said turning to see her reaction.

“Wow, that takes guts to ask, eh?”

“Depends on the girl. I don’t ask if I think I’ll be slapped or shot down with a long string of cursing.” Rich laughed.

“Ahh, smart man. So, you obviously don’t think I’ll slap you since you’ve brought it up?” Janey asked him.

“Nah, I think you’re pretty open to the whole foot thing. Almost as if you have some sort of foot fetish yourself.”

“Now, what made you think that?” she giggled at him, wiggling her sweet little toes in the sun.

“You have some of the nicest toes I have seen, Janey…and I’ve seen many toes.” He smiled at her.

“Why thank you, Rich. Put out that cigarette and let’s kaçak iddaa commence with the toe sucking!” she laughed.

“My pleasure.” he quickly responded, smashing out his cigarette on the sidewalk.

Rich wished his dick would settle down a bit, he didn’t want to make a spectacle out of himself. But just hearing her talk about her feet and thinking of sucking her toes made him harder than ever. What he wouldn’t do to feel her succulent little toes on his cock.

When he knelt in front of her, she bodly propped her foot up in his lap and it was then that she noticed the bulge in his jeans.

It was also then that Janey thought to herself, “Finally, a man who respects the sexiness of female feet.”

Rich took hold of her size 7 right foot and brought it up to his mouth. Her mouth partially opened as she excitedly watched her big toe disappear into the abyss of warmth. He sucked in his cheeks around her toe and she smiled and closed her eyes.

“That feels really good, Rich.” She said almost forgetting herself.

He gave the toe a good suck and answered her,

“Your like that, huh?”

“I really like it.” she said looking into his eyes.



“You forgot to take the picture.”

“Oh my god!” she laughed.

“I guess you’ll just have to do it again.” she said holding the cam up to her face.

Rich inhaled her toe again and she snapped a picture.

He inserted the second toe along with the first, and she cocked the camera and snapped it again.

An instant later, he was taking three…no four french toes into his wet mouth.


Now he had all five of her little girly toes in his mouth and Janey snapped the camera again.

He took her foot out of his mouth and before even thinking she commanded him,

“Now lick my arch.”

When he did so, she took another picture.

“I want a set of the prints when you get them back.” she said, her heart pounding hard, her panties feeling wet. He had struck a major nerve in her body while sucking her toes. To her, it was a form of foreplay…like she should be hopping into bed with this man in about 2 minutes.

“No problem, Janey.”

About a week later, one evening, Janey had just gotten out of the shower, and was getting ready to stick a dvd in and paint her toenails, when she heard a knock on her door.

She threw on a t-shirt and shorts and hurried to the door still a bit damp all over. She looked out the peephole to see her footographer friend standing on the other side. He had called her once this week to let her know the pictures were done, and she had invited him to stop by any night to drop them off.

And now here he was, and her heart was racing once again.

She opened the door with a smile and said,

“Well, hello there!”

“Hi Janey.”

“Come on in, I was just getting a bottle of wine out. Want a glass?”

“Oh, no, I can’t stay long, I just wanted to drop off your pictures.”

“How did they turn out?” Janey asked already in the kitchen pulling a bottle of red merlot out of the cabinet.

“They are perfect….they are your feet.” he replied.

Janey came back into the living room. Rich noticed her damp skin and thin t-shirt clinging to her braless chest.

Holy fuck, not only are her feet hot, but she is just hot all around, he thought to himself.

“So, what’s your rush? Are you sure you can’t stay and look at the pictures with me?”

“Um, well, I have about half an hour before a class I’m attending tonight.”

“So, play hooky, and have a drink with me.” Janey winked at him.

“Sounds very tempting, Miss Janey.” he answered her.

The sexual tension was just too much for either of them to withstand much longer.

They sat on the couch and sifted through the pictures, lining them out on the coffee table and drinking red wine.

Janey turned to Rich and made a comment that nearly made him choke on his wine,

“Rich, would you like to do some more things to my feet tonight?”

“I’ll do whatever you’ll let me do to them.” he answered her.

“Excellent, let’s have some kaçak bahis fun then, shall we?”

Rich watched with anticipation as Janey slipped off her white keds. The six rings were all in place, and a thin silver herringbone anklet adorned her right foot.

Her feet were soft and a bit moist from wearing keds without socks on.

She leaned back on the arm of the couch and placed her feet right on his lap. He took one foot and kissed the tops of her toes. She snuck the other foot onto his cock and began moving her toes around very slowly and softly.

Rich sucked on her toes and felt his dick harden as her other foot circled over and over it.

“Did you bring your camera, Rich?”

“Yeah, it’s by the front door.”

“Go get it.”

When Rich got back, he handed the camera to Janey.

“Take off your jeans.” she told him.

Rich slid his jeans off and sat back down on the couch, cock stiff and ready for her feet.

Janey softly placed both of her feet on either side of his hard rod and brought them together, firmly squeezing his dick between her two soft arches. Rich moaned while he watched her hot pink toes curl around his cock. Janey held perfectly still and took a picture of his dick snuggled between her feet.

Janey began teasing Rich’s cock with one foot, and held the other one up to his mouth to be licked. As he licked her sole, his hand ran up the smoothness of her calf and thigh to the edge of her thin cotton shorts.

He ran his fingers under the skimpy material and played with her panties, flicking his fingers over the cotton crotch part, then slipping them under and gently teasing her pussy and clit.

Janey kept up with her end, and now had both feet back on Rich’s dick. She encased his cock once again between her feet, and slid them firmly up and down making him grow harder than ever. She slipped his ever-hardening cock inbetween her big and second toes of each foot.

The pressure almost hurt, but felt incredible, and Rich didn’t hold back his deep moans.

Hearing him moan, and feeling his fingers now deep inside her made Janey very hot and very wet.

“You know, I knew it would come to this.” she smiled at him.

She leaned down and picked up the camera snapping several pictures of his cock in between her toes.

Taking the pictures turned them both on even more, and Janey sat the camera down on the coffee table and concentrated on rubbing her lover’s stiff dick with her feet and toes.

She finally stopped and getting up on her knees, bent over his pulsating cock, and lowered her mouth onto it taking it completely in to the back of her throat. Janey felt his fingers glide inbetween her toes and over her arches.

After several minutes of deeply sucking his dick,Janey could tell the he was about to cum and pulled her warm mouth off his cock. Slipping off her panties, she stepped back up onto the couch setttling herself on his lap, legs on either side of his thighs. Rich grabbed her ass pulling her deeper onto him and kissed her mouth harshly. His hands moved over and over her smooth ass. Testing her limits, he gently slid his fingers over the wet crevice of her ass. As she moaned and arched her back-end towards his hand, he knew she wanted it. He slid his middle finger deep inside her tight ass loving the feel of it. Janey leaned back onto his finger breathing and moaning harder.

As Rich quickly forced two more fingers into Janey’s wanton ass, her cries became louder and the orgasm she received was sweet and powerful. Knowing she was coming all over his hard cock made Rich come seconds after Janey did. He pulled out of her shooting his come all over her feet and ankles. The sticky, wetness slid down in between her little toes as she wiggled them with delight snapping a picture of the whole scene!

“You know, we should have just video-taped.” Janey giggled.

“Yeah, but this was more interesting I think. There’s something more artistic about a still shot” Rich answered.

“I think I would like to become your personal foot model, Richie.” Janey said to him, her hair falling over her eyes in complete disarray.

“Yeah, good idea, baby.”

They both sat back and sipped their wine. Janey finally got up to take her shower and smiled at the feeling of dry come on her pretty little feetsies. Naughty little foot sluts adore that feeling!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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