Ashworth Saga Ch. 03 – Curt , Michelle

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She was in the shower when her mom & Danny left.

Spend a day at the planetarium? With her little brother? Really? Was her mother insane?

Michelle could think of a thousand better ways to spend the day. She sat on the floor of the shower, legs spread, with the shower nozzle held close to her pussy. She had the water set on pulse and was striking her legs in a steady rhythm, first hard and then soft, starting low by her asshole, moving up her slit to her clit and then getting light and then starting at her asshole again. She had once described it as a close second to getting fucked. It just lacked real penetration.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door.

“Honey, it’s Dad. Can I come in?”

Michelle smiled. “Yes, Daddy.”

Curt walked in and let his eyes sweep across his daughter’s naked body. She was 21 now, almost 22, and still so very tight. In a lot of ways, even though she was taller and more athletic than her mother ever was, Michelle reminded Curt of his wife when they first met.

His gaze started at her cute feet and wandered up her tan legs. He glanced at the water striking her neatly trimmed pubic hair and lovely cunt as she washed out last night’s lover. Her stomach was flat and toned, almost muscular. She had perfect 34C tits with perfect little nipples that got amazingly hard. And her mouth, her pretty mouth and puffy lips, looked designed to give blow jobs.

Curt took his dick out and began to stroke it as Michelle watched. She said nothing, she just stared. She bit her lips and and began to rub her tits as she guided the shower head between her legs.

“She’s so much like her mother,” Curt thought.

After a minute or so of this Michelle spoke.


“Yes, Baby-Girl?”

“I want to taste him. And feel him. In me. Please.”

From day one it had been one of their rules, she had to ask for it. She’d never had to ask for it from any other guy (with one exception). The fact that her father teased her and made her ask for what she wanted was one of the things she liked about him.

“Is your bed made?,” Curt asked, “with clean sheets?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Michelle smiled as she answered. She’d made a point of changing her sheets as soon as she knew mom and Danny were going to be gone for the day.

“Do you promise to do the dishes and vacuum today?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Do you promise to be a Good Girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Well then,” Curt replied, “I think you deserve a treat.”

He put his dick away and held out a hand to help Michelle out of the tub. She stepped out onto the bathmat and he dried her off, running the towel up each leg and lingering and her ass and tits. Michelle could literally feel her pussy start to open up when he pinched her nipples through the terrycloth. It was like there was a connection between her nipples and her pussy.

She was barefoot and naked as he led her by the hand to her room and sat her on her bed. He’d turned the air conditioning on and the cold air made her bursa suriyeli escort escort nipples hard.

He stood in front of her and she opened his pants and pulled them down. He stepped out of them and stood in front of her. She stared at the long, thick, hard, cock in front of her. She held it in her hand.

“Dad might be 50,” she thought, “but he can still get it up. And damn he has a nice dick!”

“Can I kiss him, Daddy?” Michelle asked, giving her best doe eyed look.

Curt nodded and Michelle planted a kiss on the head of his cock.

Her freshman year in college Michelle had been assigned a gay guy as a lab partner in Astronomy 101. Many of the labs involved them spending nights together peering through a portable telescope trying to locate celestial objects. Although they never really became friends, they developed a decent relationship and occasionally discussed their non-academic interests.

One night, while they sipped coffee and waited for a break in the clouds, the subject of blowjobs came up. Her lab partner had given plenty and turned out to be a wealth of knowledge and good advice that he freely shared in lessons when they were alone. He was even nice enough to let Michelle practice on his dick, despite that fact that he was gay. He was the only other guy Michelle ever had to ask.

And now she was putting those lessons to good use with her father.

After kissing his head, she kissed his balls. She kissed and sucked his shaft, right at the point when it emerged from his balls. She licked down to the base of his balls, almost to his asshole, and let the balls rub and drag on her nose, face and forehead as she did. She licked up and down the shaft, her tongue pressed hard against the ridge of his piss tube. She flicked his piss slit a few times with her tongue. She took his balls in her mouth, not sucking them, just holding them on her tongue as she stroked the shaft. And then she rubbed her whole face hard against the cock, almost as if she was trying to jerk him off with her face.

Finally Curt had enough. He grabbed a handful of her hair in his left hand and pulled her off the bed to her knees. He used his right hand to aim his cock head at her mouth.

“Daddy’s needs to feed his hungry girl,” he said.

That meant he planned to cum in her mouth. Michelle gave him the doe eyes again and pouted. “But Daddy, I want to feel him in me,” she whined, “I need it, I need it!.” She wasn’t lying.

“Mommy and your brother won’t be home for hours. We’ll have plenty of time for that.”

Michelle looked up at him and smiled, “Really?” she asked, “I can have both? Promise?”

Curt looked down at his daughter’s pretty face. She looked so innocent. In some ways he supposed she was. “I promise, Baby Girl, we’ll do both today.”

“Ohhhh, thank you, Daddy!” Michelle smiled and clapped her hands like a kid being told she was getting a pony. Although she was hamming it up, it wasn’t entirely an act. She loved when bursa ucuz escort he came in her mouth and, if he came now, he would be able to go so much harder and longer when her finally fucked her.

Curt guided her by her hair toward his dick. It was more playful than forceful.

She opened her mouth and took in his big head, wrapping her lips around her teeth so they didn’t touch his dick.

He placed his hands on her head and guided it back and forth. She was in control of how much cock went into her mouth while he set the rhythm.

She felt her pussy open more and thought it must literally be dripping.

She kept her lips sealed slightly to his shaft and actually sucked as her head moved. Sucking dick didn’t just mean jerking a guy off with your mouth. Sucking dick meant SUCKING dick. Her gay friend taught her that.

He began to sway his hips as he guided her head back and forth, moving forward to push in deeper. He couldn’t help it, his daughter’s mouth just felt too good.

She gagged a little sometimes as the head pushed past her tonsils to the back of her throat but she didn’t resist or try to back away. That would be rude.

He took a hand off her head and reached down to touch her tits, pinching her left nipple. That was her daddy’s special signal to her. Her pussy trembled. She felt a wet drop run down her thigh.

“Someday,” she thought, “I am going to have my pussy licked while i do this.”

She placed a hand on his balls, the thumb pressed to where his piss tube emerged from his balls, the middle finger pressed on his taint, almost on his asshole.

His daughter’s mouth always made Curt come so quickly, today was no different. He stood up straight and sped up the pace, both hands on her head. He was no long moving her head, he was holding it still now as he fucked her willing mouth.

Michelle rubbed her twat with her free hand and began to finger fuck her wet hole.

Curt pushed forward hard and stopped with Michelle’s forehead and nose pressed to his stomach.

She gagged and involuntarily tried to pull back.

He held her there.

She took control of herself and relaxed.

He groaned as he started to cum.

She felt the balls in her hand pulse as he dumped his load right down her throat.

She was happy.

Not that she minded, but most guys came in Michelle’s mouth or pulled out and jerked off on her face. Her daddy was the only man who’d ever cum for her like that, right down her throat. Every time her daddy did it she swore the cum felt like it was going to shoot from her nose.

It was something very special between then and it only made her pussy wetter.

Even after he was done Curt stood there for minute, catching his breath, letting his cock get soft in his daughter’s mouth.

He pulled his softening cock from her mouth and then slid it back in. He did this a few times.

She kept her eyes on it and her mouth open waiting for it. She literately sucked it back bursa üniversiteli escort in every time he put the tip in her mouth. She kept her lips tight to it, taking even more care not to touch teeth to skin and tried to draw any lingering cum out of him.

Finally he was done. Curt slipped his now flaccid dick out of her mouth. He reached down and gently took her chin in his hand and tilted her face up to look at his. He smiled down at his daughter’s angelic face as she batted her eyes at him.

“Good Girl, ” was all he said.

She smiled up at him as she slowly moved a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy. She was sooooo wet and it was sooooo open now. She wished there was a guy there was a guy there to fuck her at that very second.

“Am I better than Mommy?” she asked him. It was something she’d wanted to ask for a long time and never had before.

“Yes,” he answered, surprised both by the question and his honesty. After a second he added “Much better than Mommy. Much better than any of the women I’ve fed, in fact. You’re Daddy’s Best Girl, my favorite.”

Michelle didn’t think it was possible without a dick in her, but her pussy got even wetter and more open. She thought of her mother and all the other women who’d probably sucked her father’s magnificent cock and loved being told she was the best at it.

She moved her wet middle finger from her pussy-hole to her ass. She pressed it gently against the tight rosebud of her other hole and, after a second or two, shoved it in. She was not gentle about it.

Normally she masturbated by rubbing her clit and then fucking her pussy with two or three fingers, never really playing with her ass. She didn’t know what made her do it that morning. Something inside her just told her it would feel good to have a long, thin finger in there. It did. She shoved her thumb into her pussy hole. It felt even better.

She was no longer on her knees now, she was sitting on the hardwood floor and leaning back against her bed. She began to finger fuck both her holes, her thumb in her pussy, middle finger in her ass, pinching the thin layer of skin between her holes. Her only lube was her own wetness.

She started slow and quickly sped up. She went at herself harder and faster than usual. With her free hand she crudely squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. She could taste he father’s cock and cum in her mouth, smell the seaman when she inhaled through her nose.

Curt had been watching his daughter masturbate for years and had never seen her do herself like that. It was almost like she was trying to milk her tits while was punching herself in the pussy. A tiny wet spot appeared on the floor under her pussy. It was incredible. The ass play was a new thing and it did seem to be heightening things for her.

He made a mental note of it. “Maybe I should try fucking her ass,” he thought.

As if reading his mind, Michelle screamed out, “OH. GOD. DADDY. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. YES. DADDY. FUCK,” and came. She squirted just a little when she did.

When she was done, he picked her up and placed her gently on her bed and sat next to her. He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her forehead. He never felt closer to his daughter than right after he came in her.

“Are you still going to want to want him in you later, Baby Girl?” he asked.

“Yes, please, Daddy,” she purred as she drifted off to sleep.

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