At the Villa Ch. 16

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Chapter 16

Sister’s Unexpected Arrival.

‘You’re still a bastard Sam. Still running after fresh flesh…’

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


About ten days had passed since the ladies had left the island, when Padme and myself, really started to feel the loneliness. Everything became so quite; then suddenly, we realized we started to miss that activity, which had been going on for hours each day. It was an activity that does not happen every day or in everyday’s life. Five beautiful ladies in the prime of their life had ended the first year’s course at University of Athens. They had became friends and for a secret reason collaborated with one of their clique, to go on a summer holiday to one of the Greek Islands away towards the eastern area of Greece; rather closer to the Turkish coast.

I received cards from all of them, including Lydia. Olympia had called me and thanked me for everything I had done, and she was proud that she had helped Lydia finding her precious uncle. She even told me that she had discussed something with Diane and they agreed that I mean them no harm and that they are ready to take the challenge.

Hearing such positive feedback, I immediately hired a student designer who had already done some work for my company in Greece; with which we were very satisfied. She was not only good in her work but was also very intelligent, not to mention that she was also very sexy.

Therefore without going to Athens I had explained to her what I really wanted done during a telephone conversation. She promised that she understood perfectly what I had in mind. She only had to pickup the key from our offices and goes to the mentioned premises and valuates how she can put my ideas into reality. Within twenty four hours I had faxed copies of what she was proposing. After evaluating her designs which were much more detailed than I had expected, I confirmed in writing so she can go ahead and start to put her ideas immediately.

The details showed precisely what I wanted, but she used the space in a much more efficient way than I had dreamed of doing myself. So, I asked for a budget which she prepared within a day and after I acknowledged it, she was ready to start work immediately. I even promised her that I will be coming over to Athens very soon, to help her coordinate the work and facilitate the progress.

Just two days before I was due to leave; an “unexpected call” came in on my mobile.

‘Hello! Who’s there?’ I answered.

‘Hi brother!’

‘Hi sis, how are you?’

‘Are you hearing the engines revving?’ she asked with a feeling that she was smiling. “Be at the airport within an hour.’

The call broke as quickly as unexpectedly was activated. Naturally for safety precautions all mobiles had to be switched off.

I advised Padme that all my program of visiting Athens had been scraped and that she has to prepare more food while I have to go to the airport… ‘Padme; sorry, but it’s unexpected…’

‘…To pick your dear bossy sister!’ Padme cut him off.

‘Yes, you are right. I hope she had learned something since she got married and would be a good obedient lady.’

‘What about us? With the young it was heaven… what will be with your sister.’

‘She’s worst than the five; and you together. I think, apart that she loves me dearly; that is what she is also coming for. I can also guarantee, she’s very hot, and need more than a man.’

‘Wowww, so I may get some of the action too.’

‘Sure you do. Before I go to the airport I have to cancel my Athens appointments.’


Before leaving, Sam called the administrator on her mobile excusing himself that some unexpected situation had came up and could he not make it to Athens; at least not for another two weeks. After that, he called the designer and explained to her that he could not make the trip but he had full confidence in her abilities and ideas, and if there will be any mishaps, she knows precisely where to contact him.

By the time Sam arrived at the airport and parked his car as close at was possible, the plane had already landed and was taxing to the designated gate. He waited a few minutes and walked inside the arrivals hall, still watching the door from where the arriving passengers were to appear. He was very excited, waiting for his sexy sister, whom he had never seen and not met in the last twenty years. At last there she was, walking straight towards him, with one hand pulling one of those modern bags on two wheels.

As she marked him, she gave that sexy seducing smile he never forgot and then ran the last couple of meters, let the handle görükle escort bayan go and the bag fell on the polished floor with a bang; while her hands went right tight around his neck, her lips smashed against his mouth, as if she was his wife or girlfriend.

It was a lovers welcome, but Sam was not happy with the way she kissed him; maybe there were friends or people whom he knew. He knew she loved him; she missed him and many times when she was lonely she craved for him. Fortunately she broke the kiss quickly enough that probably nobody cared.

She pulled her face backwards and looked into his eyes, but her hands were still tight around his neck. ‘Dear brother or you prefer… dear handsome. You’re still handsome Sam. Fantastic… Why did you abandon me?’ She was so happy she had no idea how she could express herself. The last she saw Sam was nineteen years earlier, at her wedding and then he disappeared from her life.

‘Let’s talk about the present, the past is the past. When we relax we can open a few wounds, but today I know what you want. Let’s go.’


I picked the carrier and we walked towards where the car was parked; loaded the carrier on the back seat and then opened the passenger door and let my sister get in. Before I closed the door I got closer to the seat, pushed my hand against her crotch while she opened her legs. ‘Do I need to check how wet you are?’

‘You know you don’t need to; I’m drenched, hot and burning. It’s been two months since I had a real cock inside my body.’

‘So you are looking to the good old days?’ I asked.

‘Not so much brother, but I wanted to find you and be with you, more as a brother rather than otherwise; but I have to satisfy my ego too. Sometimes I get frustrated, you know what I mean.’

‘Maybe yes!’ I answered. My hand dug between her Channel pants or some other fashion name and there I felt the mess she had at the ‘centre’. She was wet, waiting; so as soon as we arrive at my villa, we were going to fuck like crazy.

Fortunately the car; was parked in a rather dark area; or better a shaded area. Discreetly I kissed my sister on her lips while I moved my hand inside her panties trying to push a finger inside her waiting vagina. Our tongues met and her legs separated so I could have better access to her wet pussy. My finger went in sweetly, hitting her G-spot on the first move. Her body jumped as I massaged it; she went wild. She put a hand around my head and kissed me aggressively. My dick became harder than steel. It wanted to break the restraints of the jeans I was wearing.

I wanted her as much, as much as she wanted me. I wanted to fuck her there and then, but that was not any more on my agenda. I gave her another orgasm and silently and without any more talking I drove back to my villa.

Padme was waiting for us and welcomed my sister with open arms. They kissed and Padme instructed my sister to follow her. ‘Both the room and the bed are ready Sam.’ Padme stated with a wicked smile.

At Padme’s statement I looked at my sister’s face hoping for an embarrassing look, but I sure had a very real sweet smile.

I took my sister’s hand and pulled her behind me as I ran to my bedroom. Our clothes flew and within seconds I was deep inside her vibrating body, her heart beating hard while I started to fuck her like crazy. I fucked her wildly until she begged me to stop. I stopped as I pressed the purple head against her womb, pressing harder, filling her to the brim. She tightened her muscles around my cock’s hardness and cried; a big cry of satisfaction as she cum and cum again and again.

My cock stayed hard and continued getting harder as it was surrounded by a load of cum of her making. She flooded herself as she exploded. Then, I remember she was always like that. I many times drank her juices as she was exploding.

She held me tight like a baby, kissing me, hugging me and crying with the pleasures she had missed, along the years. She rested with me on top as we were still intimately one body.

At last she cried another cry. ‘Sam please can you give me a breath. I feel squeezed under your body.’ I kissed her and moved next to her. ‘Tell me brother; did you cum.’

‘Why you ask? If you want more you know what to do, he’s still willing and waiting.’ I answered.

Taking no, no for an answer, she turned around and straddled me; pushing her pussy over my mouth while she took my cock into her mouth, just like the old golden days. She started sucking while I ran my tongue along her slit, from her clit to the entrance of her vagina. I knew she loved my tongue and as I returned to her clit and squeezed it between my lips, she exploded, but she did not give away my dick. She held it in her mouth and without any movement she expected me to shoot what she, for her first drink since she entered the entrance to my villa.

I was not in a hurry to fire my load I into her mouth and I was hoping that she would not touch my prostrate. Therefore, I continued working on her clit altıparmak eskort while drinking some of the latest juices that had flowed out, while I continued to suck on her vaginal entrance. I wanted to attack her nipples with my fingers, rolling them, and sometimes even squeeze them, but I was in an awkward position, with her body on top of mine.

Her body did not stop trembling. She seemed to be on the verge of another orgasm, something which she could not control, especially when she became uncontrollable. I was wondering how long she could resist but I was sure that she would explode again, soon.

I stopped sucking her, but instead I inserted a finger inside her vagina and which quickly hit her G-spot. That was the moment when she exploded again. She left my cock hanging there and cried and shouted until she fell on my body, lost to the dynamic orgasms she haven’t stopped enjoying, since she set foot on my doorstep.

I slowly pushed her over on the bed, hugged her against my body while I kissed her like she was my greatest love. In fact she was my greatest love. She made love to me and some of it was wild enough. She was still fantastic and hoped that during the next ten days or so we should indulge ourselves into some wild sex, better than the good old days.

‘Sam…’ she cried. ‘Why did you not cum… at least into my mouth? I could have loved retrieving the taste of years gone by.’

‘There are no problems, I can still fill your mouth anytime you like or any other hole, but the night is still young. If you like to get back on top and fuck yourself; there will be no hard feelings. As a matter of fact I love to fill you up again as you fuck yourself; while I enjoy playing with those hard nipples; you have there pointing outwards. They are still there, sis; hard as steel.’

She did answer; not with words but with action and in a sudden move she put one knee on each side of my body and descended her pussy slowly as she filled herself with my hard cock. Then she started to fuck herself like crazy. Up and down she moved taking my dick from one extreme to another.

I stayed relaxed lying on my back, enjoying the work my sister was doing, while I grabbed her rather elongated nipples and rolled and squeezed them, between my fingers. She got hotter and hotter and played every game to get me, to shoot inside her vagina. In the end I was also getting close to shoot my load. It was at the right moment, but I knew that my sister was not yet ready. I continued to hold until she was ready. She was close to explode and then I was ready. A last push and she grabbed my dick with her muscles as she started to shout. With that I also cried and the first load was delivered as deep as it could be inside her womb.

As the second salvo was about to explode she jumped and quickly enough, she turned around and took it into her mouth, together with the rest of what came out of my balls. Both of us were dead tired. It was the first marathon with my sister, since years gone by. I knew what she loved and enjoyed and also; that she always wanted it, her way. Before she pulled away, she passed her pussy over my face and slowly descended it over my mouth. Looking up I could enjoy the most beautiful and desirable view of her pouty lips; from between which it was leaking a cocktail of love juice, and cum mixed together. She was always a bastard and always got what she wanted. I only hoped that she was satisfied with what have just happened and maybe she got what she wanted.

After that I took her into the shower and after we cleaned ourselves, we continued on towards the pool area, totally naked. As I never minded being naked with other visitors I had; I was not to mind being naked with my seductive sister. After we cooled off in the pool’s water we enjoyed a nice dinner which was prepared for the occasion by Padme and who did not forget to present some of the best wine I had in the cellar.

A short rest after that exquisite dinner we enjoyed the coffee followed by a couple of tots of Tia Maria. We then relaxed for sometime exchanging the best times of our lives, from that moment when I ran away and we had not met for about eighteen years or so. Between sharing different exciting episodes we jumped in the pool a couple of times to freshen up. It was late after midnight when we were so damn tired, that we hit the bedroom.

We slept together as lovers; we kissed and hugged and down into our dreams without indulging into any sex. And dreams there were as we did not get off until after nine the next morning. Naturally when we woke, we made love, something which my sister was expecting we do.

Pleasuring her hot sexy body was her main agenda on her visit, although I knew that along the years she missed me, both as a brother and more as a lover. We did not fuck. We made slow love as we enjoyed the tremors of both bodies until we satisfied each other’s egos.

‘Sam I never believed how good you became. Well, Lydia told me that you were a fantastic lover, although nilüfer escort even in our days you were great fuck.’

‘But at that time you were too wild, sis. Too wild, and always knew what you wanted.’

‘Sam, something you never knew, was that I had a secret boyfriend, not the cousin. We met a few times and made him eat me. I was becoming so hot and he was so wild that I was scarred he will rape me. At the same time I had already been going out with my husband to be and I was not in a position to loose my virginity. I wanted my husband or my fiancé to be the one, so when the wedding preparations were at the highest level I thought that it was the moment when I will induce my husband to be the one who will break my cherry. ‘ She revealed.

‘So you had always been a little naughty. When did you start masturbating? I asked.

‘A couple of years earlier at least; then our cousin joined me and we used to go wild, sucking each other’s pussies. When I felt satisfied being eaten by my cousin then you also came on board. That was the moment when I dumped my secret boyfriend. I wanted to get a safe guy so my cousin Tressa and I, had no alternative other than seducing you as also our other cousin George. As you know, everything fitted perfectly. Our parents were always away working and we had that desired liberty we craved for.’ She recounted as she kissed me and hugged me while rolling me on the bed, getting on top of my body.

She turned around and locked her pussy against my mouth. That was her specialty, having her pussy eaten while sucking either a dick or a pussy.

I craved for her pussy. It looked beautiful, nicely shaved, probably before she boarded the plane. I moved my tongue slowly on the inside of her vaginal lips, along the length of her vagina, from her clit to her asshole.

‘Fuck Sam; aaahhh… wooowww, that’s hot… brother, wowww so hot. Eat me Sam eat me hard; harder; harder.’

My tongue was still flowing very slowly hitting her erogenous points. I licked the inside of that smooth glazed pinky skin on the inside of her vaginal lips as I enjoyed the taste from the morning sex we had just been involved in.

She did not stop wriggling and crying with pleasure once I kept my tongue moving. She did not even care to feel or play with my hard cock, which was waiting there, at her service. She was totally lost in enjoying the joy of being treated like a woman, giving her what she wanted, while enjoying the pleasures her flesh was endowed with.

My lips never stopped licking and collecting the abundant juices which were flowing out from between her swollen lips. My tongue kept a very slow movement, pressing against the smooth skin as it moved. She cried and pressed her pussy harder against my mouth. ‘Fuck Sam… you’re still fucking good, you bastard. Yes suck me slowly… yesss that right… into my vagina Sam; send it deep; deeper Sam… deeper; deeper. Yes Sam… yessss… fuck me fuck me… fuck meeee sammmm… fuck me.’

I stopped with my tongue still embedded inside her vagina, totally washed out with the flush of love juice which had just flowed as another of her orgasms, took her by surprise. That was the moment when her body laid totally on mine; the dead weight killing me.

While her heart was really beating I moved my mouth away from her pussy, pushed her body away and let her lie on her back.

She looked lovely, her breasts heaving up and down with her beating heart, her eyes closed. Her face looked angelic, very natural without any makeup. I always loved my natural sister. She always looked beautiful and radiant.

I did not stop looking at her, lying there on my bed with her legs wide open, her pussy lips slightly separated and the love juice still flowing. I was being amazed at her body, evaluating its readiness for the pressures of the flesh.

I got on my knees on the bed and slowly moved closer until I moved my tongue lightly against her lips. Her body jumped. Her eyes opened wide. ‘Where am I Sam?’

I lifted my face a few centimeters but said nothing. There was no need of extra talk. She knew precisely where she was. She pulled her knees towards her body, opened them as wide as she could and with her right hand massaged the inside of her thighs, too close to her open pouty lips. It was then, that she had realized that an abundant stream of sex juice was sticking to her hand.

She looked into my eyes, her face glowing while she smiled; a very valuable smile which was worth too much to ever forget; then she lifted her hand to her mouth and licked some of the sticky mixture. ‘Emmmm brother, it still tastes great. Tell me, how many virgins did you break?’

‘In the last month; three. Thus that satisfies your curiosity?’

‘You know it does not darling brother; but don’t bother.’

‘Thanks sis; that’s better. I’m not interested how many boys you played with. Whatever happened, it was history.’ She only wanted to know how many women I may have deflowered.

I pulled a couple of pillows and pushed them under her ass. I did not need to ask, as she knew what I had in mind. She lifted her ass as I watched her pouty lips, still swollen as they opened wider, showing the slick interior, all covered in love juice. From behind me I pulled a cushion and pushed it under my ass, lifting myself a little higher while I sat comfortably.

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