At the Villa Ch. 28

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At The Villa Ch 28


(Athina’s adventures on her first trip out of her small island continued to torment Sam. She wanted love in her own way; until I hope you enjoy it.)

Sam wondered; “Who came to disturb him when he heard the unexpected knock on the door.” He walked slowly away from the bathroom where he had just finished enjoying a cool shower; precisely before he was getting ready to get on the bed to sleep. As he arrived behind the locked door, he turned the knob from the inside and the door opened, just slightly. It was then that he noticed; who was there waiting. He was shocked. In person there was none other than Athina herself. She was clad in just the white hotel housecoat which, to Sam meant more than he had ever dreamed.

‘Is there a problem, sweetie?’ Sam asked.

‘Yes… there is; maybe even more than one… dad…’ She moved as close as she could towards him, very close… maybe even too close. It was then; when she looked straight into his eyes. It was the first time she had ever done so, looking directly in somebody else’s eyes. Sam felt a shock; a shock he had never felt the like of it before. No woman had ever done that to him from the day he entered Thessaloniki’s university. That look did not only penetrate his eyes, but also changed the diversion of his brain. His manhood jumped underneath the towel, which was the only piece of cloth that was covering his intimate parts.

‘May I come in; my dear Saamm?’ She asked while emphasizing the word “Sam”. Sam noticed the way she pronounced his name. His heart nearly stopped as he wondered; “were did the word ‘dad’; had gone”. He was perplexed. What is she after? Why did she come to his room? Is she tempting him? What is the difference between Athina and his biological daughter? Too many questions he had asked himself.

He looked around him and wondered how Athina managed to slip into his room, nearly unnoticed; without even asking for his permission. Not only that, he watched her, as she walked around his room very slowly, while evaluating every detail that was there. It was pretty much the same, as the one in which she was occupying. The only difference was that Sam was accommodated in a room with a double bed while she occupied one with two single beds. She wondered what the reason was. Was he expecting some company? “Whatever, the very worst he can do was to throw me out; but I don’t think he will do that.” She said to herself. His manhood immediately jumped to attention, as she got again too close. Maybe he really enjoyed what she felt.

She never, at any particular point did she change her eyes attention. She held them there, focused on Sam’s face and directly straight on his eyes; even though at some point, he tried to divert his point of direction. Every time his eyes went back he became hurt, as no woman had ever controlled him. This special occasion was the first time that he was about to loose control, of a woman. More questions passed through his brains, but he ended with no answers.

Athina did not think badly of him, because he had a room with a double bed. She just watched him moving away from the closed door… with just a towel around his waist. It was just big enough to cover from the waist down to his knees. Athina watched him moving while she wondered; if he was not wearing any underwear.

‘May I ask… why have you decided to come down here? Was it to eavesdrop on me?’ Sam asked.

‘Sure; you have every right to ask! Why not: dad? But… If I knew you had a woman with you I could not have interrupted… But I knew you were alone.’ She asked, while she continued walking, until she got as too close to him as much as she wanted, maybe even more than she wanted.

She again looked directly into his eyes. Sam was not sure he liked the way she focused her eyes too close on his. The way she was looking at him was much different than the way she treated him, since he undertook the mission to protect her… as a surrogate father.

“Is she not… the same Athina he knew.” He thought asking himself.

She continued walking towards the double bed. Sam wondered. “What was her unexpected mission, inside the walls of his room?”

When she checked it for comfort by pressing the middle of the mattress… ‘It’s a very comfortable bed, Sam?’ She whispered while she continued moving around the room, very elegantly and exclusively sexy.

When she was far enough from where he was standing, watching her, he felt the tension of his uncontrollable hard cock pressing against the towel. He stopped, his eyes moving up and down while devouring her beauty. He did not stop looking at her body; the whole view of her fascinating sexy body, even though it was still clad within her housecoat. To make things worst she turned her back towards him, while letting him enjoy that perfectly shaped part of her body.

With his eyes watching her, his brain was working in overdrive, especially when she started moldova escort to take off her housecoat. He watched… his manhood pushing the towel upwards; as quick it had became harder than steal. His desire to devour her virgin sexy body; was increasing. She looked sexy. His blood was boiling. Dirty ideas were filling his brain. The yearning to fuck her was getting stronger and stronger.

At that point she let the housecoat to fall on its own; becoming a heap around her legs. She let him enjoy her exquisite behind as she moved slowly while trying to provoke him. She showed no regret for what she was doing. She felt powerful, hot, sexy, and above all, she wanted him to love her, to be her’s and her’s only.

Sam was watching. By right he thought. “Beautiful women are always worth looking at; maybe they even show themselves to be desired.” Sam wanted her more than he ever wanted the sexiest woman that ever came his way.

That night she was more than desirable, she was stunning. Her green emerald eyes were focused, even penetrating within his body. When she came down from her room earlier on, his cock had made an immediate impact.

That last look was more intriguing. His cock pushed the towel upwards, exposing what was automatically happening behind the scenes. Watching what was going on she became very excited. She felt extra liquids flowing out from within her virgin vagina, slipping slowly against the skin of her tights. She watched as his cock seemed to move up against his stomach, the head slightly peeping above the towel. “It must be too hard to lift his towel, at the front.” Athina thought.

She continued to walk back towards him. One step after another she moved her ass from right to left. Seductively she turned slowly trying to give Sam a view of her bare arse, with just a string crossing over her rosebud, was the only item slightly seen. The peach coloured see through nightie which only covered half way partly over her bums, was the same colour as her G-String.

When she was half way between Sam and the bed, she made a180 degrees pirouette, giving him a good view of her fantastic bums, those perfectly shaped legs and not to forget the gap between them. Her pussy was barely covered within that little triangle.

Sam’s eyes had seen too many beautiful women, from teens to older; but Athina at that moment; she looked to be the most beautiful. His eyes were focused on her emeralds. He wanted her; he desired her. She was one of the most beautiful ladies he knew he could ever have.

Athina was teasing him, tormenting him. Being tormented was something he never accepted, but he enjoyed her charade as much as Athina loved acting it. She got closer, their eyes were too close, their lips were about to touch. The heat was growing, while the tension was at the highest level. Athina’s eyes were sharp. “They hurt.” Sam thought. Their lips touched, while her tongue made a whorish move between his slightly open lips. His cock was jumpy, ready to explode. He could not control himself. He pulled his PC muscle a few quick times, before he managed to avoid; being humiliated.

Athina’s lips pressed harder against his. Her body was too close. Her bare nipples pressed hard against his chest. They were as hard as steel; pressing into his body. With her left hand around his neck she held him tight. As the kiss lingered on, she moved the free hand downwards and grabbed his hard cock. At that moment she pulled his towel off, exposing everything.

As their lips slightly separated, she started to talk. ‘Dad, it feels so big… Wowww. Maybe one day I will be in a position to let you use it; but only for a good cause… maybe we can make complete love.’ She stressed the world LOVE.

Sam was shocked. What did she want to say, or explain? Why sometimes she was using ‘Dad’ and at other times ‘Sam’? HE ASKED HIMSELF.

Sam did not ask. She looked back directly into his eyes. ‘Dad maybe one day we can make real love, but not yet. You are not yet ready. But there is an eighty per cent possibility that you will change. Maybe; now you will not understand; but you may do so later, in the months to come.’

‘Sorry sweetie, I don’t think, I understand? What you are trying to explain, in a few simple words?’ Sam asked.

‘Dad, it’s already too late… and I like to play.’ Athina looked back precisely where she hurts him the most. (In his Eyes) She pushed him backwards, slowly, until he was against the bed. She was still holding his hard pulsating big cock in her hand. She also knew that it was on the verge of exploding.

Sam said nothing. He just watched. He felt, that he was not anymore in control. He became worried. He felt his hard cock still pulsating. He started to think back when he made love to his sister… and to Lydia. But Athina was different. It wasn’t incest, he thought. What will he do? Will he make love to her, fuck her; take her cherry? What does she wants? They were questions escort istanbul he asked over and over.

At last Athina pushed Sam onto the bed. His rather long thick cock, which was as hard as steel, was resting directly on his stomach. Athina slowly crawled on to the bed until her body was lying on the side next to him. She pushed herself a little bit more until her eyes she focused them on his. Moving just a couple of inches, her face was too close to his with her lips were about to touch. Then she pressed her lips against his. Sam said nothing. He decided not to intervene; at least not with such a hungry woman crawling all over him. Then she kissed him again, slowly, with their tongues working simultaneously together moving from one mouth into the other.

The heat within their bodies was increasing. His cock was as hard as steel, resting on his body, while her pussy was as wet as it ever was. Since Padme had introduced her to what hot sex in practice really meant, she became rather wild and crazy. And what about all those tantric practises; she became a mature woman, ready to enjoy the finest pleasures her body can endure. She wanted to find out for herself what a man was ready to do, and how far he can go in the hands of a beautiful hot sexy woman. She wanted to learn from a male’s perspective; the art of making love. She wanted to discover the male organ, and how advanced he may be, in the art or the way of pleasuring a woman.

Padme taught her many other things, from sucking to whatever there was to learn. She thought her the way and how she can practice them, even though Athina wasn’t so much an idiot. She learned some more from the internet, when she browsed certain reliable articles and tantric information; mastering the art of love, further and deeper.

She pressed her body hard, especially her pussy against the side of his thigh. Sam immediately noticed that what was left of her clothing was not much. It was just the triangle patch of the G-string she was wearing, which was totally soiled. She continued to move the whole length of her body until she straddled him, got on top with her pussy settling precisely over his thick manhood. Another look into his eyes and he felt his cock getting bigger and bigger and ready to explode. To her amazement Athina felt something moving between her hot wet pouty lips.

‘Something is happening down there, my dear Sam. It feels like getting bigger and bigger. Do you think it will fit inside my vagina, but, only when the right time comes around? You know what I mean, my loving Sam?’

Sam looked back at her, but no words were uttered. She answered back, not with words, but with her lips, as they touched his. She moved her pussy forwards and backwards, pressing it hard against the length of his hard cock. She was hot becoming hotter. Moans of pleasure were escaping from between her lips. Sam noticed that the love juices flowing out of her vagina were plentiful. They were flowing along his hard member and down along his inner thighs.

‘May I ask, if you are ready to suck my drenched smelly little pussy, Sam? I’m sure it will taste great.’ Athina teasingly asked. ‘But there is one condition…’

‘Which is?’ Sam quickly asked back, hungry and without even thinking.

‘Whatever happens; if we marry, or if I marry somebody else, I want to be a virgin on my wedding night?’ Sam was shocked. He never mentioned weddings or any other kind of conjugation. But Athina’s eyes were still focused on his. His body reacted immediately. Even his hard cock started to strengthen its hardness, again. Sam had to control himself; quickly and before loosing his hardness. But it could be said, that she was in total control especially at that particular moment.

Athina was getting wetter and wetter. Love juice continued to flow abundantly. Her hot sexy words continued to flow from between her lips. She kept thinking, especially whether she should suck his hard cock. Will she let him suck on her hot wet little virgin pussy?

‘Sam, as your daughter, I know that you love me too much; I can say as much as my dad did; but as a girlfriend you also love me too much. I can estimate… say seventy five per cent… as at this very moment. ‘Dad; what do you think about my assessment?’ ‘Do you agree?’ She asked.

Sam watched her, looking at her face, but he did not answer. He had an answer, but he kept to himself. She was right in a way. He felt something growing within himself; but he was scarred to disclose it. Never before he ever thought; about getting married.

Athina did not press the issue. She just lifted her body from over Sam’s and turned slowly around until she lowered her drenched pussy close to his mouth.

‘Do you mind if you can take off that little bit of wet cloth?’ Athina asked. I’m sure you will feel more comfortable entertaining my little burning pussy, with your tongue. I’ m also sure that by now you are quite an expert is that field?’ Athina asked while she continued bulgar escort to tease him.

“Fuck.” Sam thought. He could not believe how naughty and dirty she was becoming. He obeyed and with some manoeuvring from both of them, the g-string was pulled out of the way. She had done the same to him before she grabbed his big hard cock.

“His cock looked magnificent”. She thought, as she studied its shape and form as she moved it around with her right hand.

It was after she examined it thoroughly that she slowly lowered her pussy over his mouth. With her right hand she straightened his hard cock in a vertical position while she was still getting its’ feeling. She examined the purple head or just the little area that was already exposed, as the foreskin was still totally covering it. The exposed area was the area which showed the oval slit. It was covered with the pre-come which was slowly flowing out. It did not take her long until she found the way to push the foreskin backwards and expose the whole, of that beautiful masterpiece.

She was mesmerized with its beauty. She had already taken a quick look on the net; but it was not the same. Hunger for the phallus was showing in her eyes. She immediately licked around the little oval slit, tasting the liquid as she continued to take the whole bulbous head all the way inside her mouth.

Sam just pulled the PC muscle and pushed his tongue straight between her pouty lips. Liquids flow. Sam did not complain. The taste was exquisite. The smell was intoxicating. He continued to lick round the inner lips as he pushed his tongue deeper where most of the flowing liquids were. The more he sucked the more it flowed. The tremors he noticed were happening every time he moved his tongue against her clitoris.

She took more and more of his hard truncheon into her mouth. The more she took the more Sam became amazed. At some moments he wondered if she ever had sucked any cock. He could not believe how much cock she took into her mouth, at any one go. He was amazed. She seemed to be quite an expert, as she never gagged. “Maybe Padme had trained her… so, so well?” Sam thought.

She took her time. It seemed that the rest of the night was not enough. A few times she nearly blew his load. She quickly pulled her mouth away. She was fascinated with its beauty. She started to suck on his balls, taking them one at a time while she rolled them around her tongue. Her eyes were totally locked on his manhood, which she did not stop holding and caressing.

Sam did not stop sucking on every part of her most sensitive spots, those that he could reach with his tongue. Her body trembled and every now and then she moaned. ‘Ooooohhh fuck Sam; so well I heard… that you an expert pussy licker.’

She was back sucking of his hard cock. On many occasions he had nearly lost it, and filled her mouth. He fought back; but she seemed to be a natural cock sucker. She touched his asshole and within seconds he filled her mouth with load after load of hot jism.

It was her first experience. She took every drop. Sam could not stop moaning. His mouth was still licking the flowing juices; which probably, in quantity they met what he had pumped into her mouth. She never let his cock drop out of her mouth. It became one of those strange rare occasions when his manhood did neither shrink.

It was still hard as if it was a piece of steel. If she was another woman he could have fucked her wildly, but he could not dare do that to Athina. She was too precious for him. “Will I ever have the opportunity to fuck her; make proper love to her?” Sam asked himself.

After another load of semen and a flood of female liquids, they hugged each other and shared the tastes as they wildly rolled and kissed on the bed. They were both hot for each other. Sam wanted to stop, but his instincts decided the opposite. Athina never gave him a breath. He was there hugging her and kissing her. Every now and then they attacked each other by sucking on each other’s genital parts.

Sam loved sucking on her nipples while she jammed her pussy against his hard cock, massaging it. Sometimes she went back to sucking on it, while he sucked on her vagina.

It was after three in the morning when Athina, satisfied with her achievements, fell into a deep sleep. Sam looked at her and loved the beauty of her face in the dim light coming in from the window. That look of her beautiful face and that smile on her lips; (full of Love) was incredible. He never before that day, had ever thought about to commit himself and live with the same woman. For Sam, he always enjoyed pleasuring their bodies as much as he loved to enjoy fucking them, himself. Satisfying their sexual desires was a great achievement for Sam.

Athina was different. He stayed there on the bed wondering about the powers; this woman had on him. The worrying part was; she knew how to handle a man; how she knew futuristic things. Dreams of marriage started flowing through his brain. He felt, he loved her more than he ever thought. His cock was still getting harder. He could not sleep. Strange thoughts were flowing; especially every time he looked at that angelic face, with that unending smile. She seemed it was getting sweeter and sexier as the minutes passed by.

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