The Hokage’s Seat

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Village Hidden in the Leaves. It is the shinobi village that also plays the role of military power for Land of Fire, one of the larger nations. It is led by the current Fifth Hokage Lady Tsunade, also known as Princess Tsunade. She is the granddaughter of the First Hokage and one of the Legendary Sanin. One of the sexiest, strongest and most feared kunoichi in the world. But she also holds numerous quirks, an awful gambler, alcoholic, flatulent, foul-mouthed and rude, and unconcerned about others’ opinions.

As the Hokage, Princess Tsunade holds many duties, including but not limited to protecting the village from any threats, maintaining relations with other villages and nations, and also looking after the governance of her village. The latter requires her to spend hours every day in her office on her chair. This becomes extremely boring and agitating for a hyperactive and easily distracted woman like Tsunade. But recently many had noticed that she was able to spend continuous hours every day in her office without moving from her seat and seemed much more focused with her office work, but no one seemed to know the reason.

It was 8 AM. Sakura, a young Kunoichi, recently started training under Lady Hokage when both her teammates Sasuke and Naruto left the village to become stronger. She was on her way to the Hokage mansion. “Lady Hokage is much more devoted to her duties in the office nowadays. I wonder what caused such a sudden change when earlier she couldn’t spend 2 hours without going berserk and throwing a tantrum.” Sakura wondered. “Maybe it has something to do with the rumored assassin stalking the village, or maybe that weird chair in her office. Nah, just a comfortable chair can’t be reason enough. Even her flatulence is almost gone. Shizune must know. She is always beside Lady Tsunade. I’ll just ask her.”

She reached the mansion and saw Shizune, another medical specialist, and Lady Hokage’s student. “Good morning Shizune-sama.” Sakura waved at her, “I want to ask you something?” “Oh hello, Sakura. What do you want to ask? Don’t tell me it’s about Lady Hokage, everyone’s been bothering me about what’s going on with her.” Shizune waved back. “Oh c’mon please.” Sakura pressed her hands together, “You must know. And I am now Lady Tsunade’s student as well. We are sister students. C’mon please…” Sakura begged feigning comical puppy eyes. “Ok fine. Come with me. I have to meet Lady Hokage anyway.” Shizune replied with an amused annoyed face.

They walked through the halls of the mansion and reached the Hokage’s Office. Shizune entered the office, “Oh, Good morning My lady. I see you are already here.” She said seeing Tsunade on her chair behind the table. Eeek, Lady Tsunade is in her office early, something is definitely up, Sakura thought. Tsunade was close to 50 but used a special jutsu that allowed her to use her own chakra and maintain the physical body and appearance of when she was 25. Blonde hair tied up in two tails and wearing her usual sleeveless kimono style blouse barely covering her huge 106cm breasts, hourglass figure, blue sweat pants and high heel sandals.

Tsunade looked up from her desk and said, “Oh Shizune you are here and you as well Sakura. How is your training going?” “Well, My lady.” Sakura said and squinted. looking for clues. She couldn’t see anything different in the office except for the typical office chair which was replaced by a much bigger chair. “What are you looking for?” Tsunade asked Sakura. “Oh, nothing my lady.” Sakura quickly replied. “She is curious about your new found devotion to office work.” Shizune said. “Are you now?” Tsunade raised an eyebrow. Sakura waved her hands nervously, “Oh it’s just I want to know how you got your new work zeal, that’s all. I thought maybe I could find similar help for my training, hahaha!”

“Hmm, what do you think, Shizune?” Tsunade casually said. “I don’t see any problem with it. Sakura is a smart girl and very much like you.” Shizune answered. Tsunade tapped her finger on her desk a couple of times and then spoke, “Sure. Come stand here next to me Sakura, I’ll show you.” Tsunade said and Sakura followed. “You know about the alert for a foreign assassin in our village right?” Sakura nodded as she came near Lady Tsunade behind her desk. She could see the new chair clearly now. It was quite weird, she thought. It was pretty bulky for a normal desk chair and had a section about a foot high sticking out from below it. Maybe it was a footrest, Sakura thought.

“Well looky here.” Tsunade stood up from her seat. Shizune looked at the chair intently with a hint of jealousy in her face. Sakura gasped and covered her mouth. As Tsunade’s plump ass raised from the cushion a face appeared from underneath it. There was a hole in the chair and a man’s face poking out from it. Middle-aged, scarred and visibly exhausted and breathing hard. Tsunade without warning just landed her ass back down on the seat and on the face poking out. Sakura gasped again. “My lady what…who was that? What’s going on?”

“We don’t know his bursa escort name, we just call him Slave. But we do know that he is an assassin from the Hidden Sound Village. Probably sent by Orochimaru to capture or kill me.” Tsunade said. “He tried to infiltrate my quarters 3 days ago but was so cocksure of his abilities and his curse mark from Orochimaru that he underestimated Me.” Tsunade bounced on her seat with the last word and grinned.


-Assassin’s POV-

I landed on the first-floor balcony without a sound and entered through the open window. It was a bathing room. I crossed the room and entered the hallway. Remembering the mansion’s map, I ran through the hall looking for Hokage’s sleeping quarters. With Lord Orochimaru’s curse seal my sneaking skills are on a whole different level. Others may prefer brute strength, I prefer the ability to sneak through crowds or halls and slit my target’s throat in complete silence.

I reached the bedroom and opened the door slowly. There she is. Hokage, in her bed, sleeping soundly. Easy prey. I tiptoe towards her and take out the syringe that will knock her out for at least 3 days. Even her immunity to most drugs and poisons won’t help her with this concoction. As I reach next to the bed I notice… silence. No sound from me or HER!!

In an instant, a fist came towards me but I was able to dodge it at the last moment. She made contact with the floor and literally punched through it. Guess the rumors of her strength were true. She spoke, “You are good at sneaking around, but that curse mark you are using emits a very noticeable aura and someone with basic sensory skills and experience with the curse mark will be able to detect it. Hah, I could feel your presence the moment you entered the floor.”

Damn it! I thought I was good. But no worries, her attack was powerful but too slow, if I move around I can surely land a fatal strike. I threw 2 shuriken at her and ran to her side hoping to flank her, but she blocked the shuriken with her bare arm and threw a kick at me. I couldn’t evade it this time so blocked with my arms crossed. They took most of the impact and I felt bones crack. I was sent flying through a wall and crashed on the other side. Out of options, I released the curse mark to its first stage, releasing the markings across my face and torso. sShe leaped and came down with an axe kick. I rolled to the side but a spin kick followed and I caught her barefoot on the side of my head. I flew across the hall but survived the direct hit just because of the Curse mark. I have to be careful since I cannot control the next stage.

As soon as I stopped with my back to the floor, she dropped her knee hard on my stomach knocking any air out. She got up and dropped on me again this time with both her knees. How is she so quick all of a sudden, was the first punch a ruse? I tried to breathe but she quickly pounced and wrapped her thick legs around my head rolling on her back and me with her into a reverse figure-four head scissors. She squeezed her legs behind my head pushing me into her crotch, not allowing me to breathe. I try to pry open her crossed legs but she has too much brute strength. I wriggled around with my face buried in her damp crotch but couldn’t escape the hold or her heavy scent.

“Oh quit squirming. I am going to squeeze every last bit of info out of you.” I heard her say from above and then she applied even more pressure. I started to lose consciousness and couldn’t think of any escape. I have no other option, must release the seal. I focus on the seal and let the power flow through it. A burning sensation flows across my skin throughout my body. The burning chakra is overbearing and I lose consciousness…

I wake up sweating and with a tired body. I open my eyes looking at the ceiling in a dark room. I try to move and “What the hell!” I say out loud with a hoarse voice. My head is locked in place with a collar and my arms and legs are bound with chains to the floor and I feel naked. I try to break free but the chains are tight and I feel extremely weak. 10 minutes pass by when I hear the sound of a door opening.

“So you are awake.” Hokage’s voice echoed through the room, followed by footsteps in heels. She came into view standing over my head. Her face is practically hidden behind her breasts. Damn, what is her chest size, I wondered. I notice her clothes are battered and torn in some places, but she seems without a scratch. What the hell happened when I lost consciousness?

“You wondering what happened when you released the curse mark? I’ll tell you, you bastard!” She said and lifted her barefoot and slammed it on my face, flattening my nose and covering my mouth with her toes. “You went berserk, underwent the cursed transformation, spouting fucking pincers.” She put more force on my face, pressing it hard against the floor. “Tearing through the walls and even dealing me some serious wounds.” I felt blood rush to my head as the force and pain increased… She suddenly let go and lifted her escort bursa foot. Huuuuggn… I take in deep breaths. Tsunade crosses her arms. “You nearly killed yourself idiot. I had to waste my Hundred Healing Seal to heal myself and keep you from dying.”

I had heard of her Hundred Healing Jutsu, which allows her to store chakra little by little in a single spot and then release it all at once. She used her secret technique to save me? But why? “Uh, again with that stupid look on your face. I didn’t heal you out of the kindness of my heart, idiot. I will regenerate my seal again and I am going to use a new technique to do it.” A smile appeared on her lips. “I saved you because I will be using this new technique on your chakra, think of it as a blood transfusion. I will absorb your chakra bit by bit and add it to my reserves, quickening the entire process.”

She steps forward, placing one foot on either side of my head. I can see her crotch from the angle. She’s naked from the waist down! I can see her perfect round ass and her vagina. The view is amazing, but the cheeks are getting bigger. Is she squatting down? On my Face? Yes, she is! What the hell is going on? The naked cheeks keep getting closer to my face. They seem to be taking forever or is it just me? She finally lands down on my face with her full weight, overwhelming me with her scent and my sight goes completely dark.


“So that is what happened and how Slave here found himself in this predicament.” Tsunade bounced. Sakura was in shock. Not just from the assassination attempt but still thinking about the fact that there is a person under Lady Hokage with his face buried up her ass. She tried to collect her thoughts and asked the Hokage, “But I still don’t understand that…” she pointed to Tsunade’s ass, “And what is this new technique you are using to recreate the Hundred Healing Seal? And what is… his role in all of it?”

Tsunade smirks and Shizune chuckles. “I invented a new technique wherein I absorb the chakra from another person via direct physical contact and add it to my own reserves building the Seal. It accelerates the process and reduces the strain on me as a good portion of chakra comes from Slave.” Sakura listened to the Hokage distractedly, still staring at her ass. Tsunade followed Sakura’s gaze and snapped at her. “The chair is so I can maintain continuous physical contact with his face and drain his chakra, and also restrain and punish him at the same time.” Tsunade said and moved her hips, grinding Slave’s face between her cheeks.

Sakura understood the situation largely. Why Tsunade was spending long hours in the office and how she was so comfortable on the chair, it waived the strain of building and sustaining the seal. She knew Tsunade was sadistic and eccentric and a punishment like this was right up her alley. She asked, “So is the chair enough to hold….umm..Slave? Doesn’t he resist or try to break through?” Tsunade replied, “Of course, but he can’t move or resist. Not only is his chakra being steadily drained but the chair is well built as well. It prevents almost any movement and I keep supplying him with fresh air.”


Lady Tsunade released a fart abruptly. Sitting on top of the face, the air had nowhere to go but in Slave’s nostrils. He was used to the rotten smell now and just inhaled deeply. “I don’t think he even wants to resist anymore and just enjoys his role as a fart cushion.” Tsunade laughed.

Sakura was aghast and Shizune bit her lip. She just heard Lady Tsunade fart audibly right on the face of the man stuck under her ass, but surprisingly didn’t smell anything. That’s why her flatulence seemed to be gone, Sakura realized. Sakura, though still a bit shocked, was impressed by the entire thing. It was weird but seemed proper. “I guess it is an efficient and appropriate punishment.” Sakura spoke and chuckled nervously. Tsunade smiled, “So you do agree with the punishment. Shizune was right, you are smart.” Tsunade released a silent fart this time but a potent one. Slave coughed under her ass and moaned, tears forming in his eyes.

“Well then, I have a lot of work to do Sakura. We will talk later.” Tsunade dismissed Sakura and got back to the giant pile of papers in front of her. Sakura took her leave, “As you say Lady Tsunade, I will see you at the training grounds later. Goodbye.” She left the office and Shizune closed the door behind her. “She is a bright girl and a good student.” Shizune said and turned towards Tsunade who was already in the documents. “We have a busy schedule today my Lady.” They spent the next 10 minutes discussing the day’s tasks and duties. Tsunade farted at least thrice during that time and Shizune kept glancing towards Tsunade’s ass. Most of the air was still being consumed by Slave, preventing the office from stinking up.

“Uh, I am not comfortable. Time to work on the restoration technique.” Tsunade stood up, peeling away her damp pants from Slave’s face who started breathing heavily. She took them off showing bursa escort bayan her bare ass and settled her naked cheeks back down on his face.


Tsunade’s ass engulfed Slave’s face, flooding his senses with her soft skin and scent. Her farts adding another layer of wet potency to her scent. Slave inhaled the fart, aware of the consequences if he disappointed Lady Hokage. He continued to sniff and breathe the puckering hole, now snug with his nose, even between the farts, trying to get as much oxygen as possible. “Can you bring me some breakfast Shizune? I haven’t had a chance.” Tsunde spoke without looking up. “Of course, my lady.” Shizune said and left the office.

For the next 10 minutes Tsunade focused on her work. Releasing farts habitually unconcerned because of the fart filter under her. Shizune returned with a plate of dumplings and a cup of tea, along with a cup of pills, and settled the tray on Hokage’s desk. Tsunade finally took a break from her work and leaned back to relax. “Whew! Organizing new teams for Chunin exams is such a hassle. Can’t someone else do this?” Tsunade crossed her legs giving a bit of opening to Slave to sneak in a bit of fresh air. “The Hokage has always formed teams for the new ninjas. They must be properly balanced to ensure growth for every member. It may be a hassle but it is necessary.” Shizune answered, going back to her stack of scrolls to work on.

“Yeah yeah I know!” Tsunade frowned. She straightened up and picked up the cup full of pills from the tray. “Open your mouth slave, time for breakfast.” She said and slightly parted her legs, revealing Slave’s mouth underneath. He opened up without further need for orders. This was the only nourishment he received to sustain himself, other than what Lady Hokage released. Tsunade dropped the stack of pills in his mouth and moved forward, placing her asshole just above his open lips. “And something to help wash it down.”


Tsunade released a loud wet fart right in Slave’s mouth, echoing down his throat. He obediently swallowed his pills and the lingering taste of farts in his mouth. “Good boy!” Tsunade said while grinding her ass on Slave’s face. “Keep your mouth open and lick me clean. I need to relax while I eat.” Tsunade said and picked up some dumplings. Damn Shizune, you know sweet food in the morning upsets my stomach, she thought. Tsunade picked up a newspaper and flipped to the page with lottery details while eating. Slave followed his orders, he continued to lick Tsunade’s crack and asshole gently, cleaning any sweat and dirt. All the while keeping his mouth wide open and swallowing any farts that came along.

Tsunade finished her dumplings and picked up the warm cup of tea. She blew and sipped, enjoying the refreshing drink and soft caressing from Slave’s tongue on her asshole. Halfway through her cup, Tsunade slid back so her asshole was above Slave’s nose and her vagina over his mouth. “Time for your morning tea Slave, open up wide. I don’t want any spills or you will be sorry.” Tsunade said, still sipping her tea. Slave opened his mouth and raised his tongue, he knew what was coming and was well trained to take it by now. Tsunade sighed and pee slowly started trickling from her urethra, right into Slave’s open mouth below. The salty and acidic liquid slowly filled his mouth and he swallowed the Hokage’s golden liquid. The flow increased along with the taste and smell, overwhelming Slave’s senses and filling his mouth quickly. He gulped down large amounts as quickly as he could, to prevent any spills.

Tsunade preferred to use the office seat for her morning release and thus peed continuously for over a minute. She shook her ass to release any droplets and coupled it with a built-up fart. “Hmmm, wasn’t that nice Slave? Now clean me up.” Tsunade asked rhetorically. “Yes Mistress, Thank you for the meal.” Slave replied, the taste still lingering in his mouth, and began licking her wet lips. He licked her clean and poked his tongue in deep to be thorough. Around 9 AM, Tsunade was done with her breakfast, she organized her desk and started on the day’s work.


Tsunade continued to release farts and have her vagina licked, completely immersed in her work. Shizune sorted through the documents and generally aided the Hokage. After about an hour, a knock came on the door. “Enter.” Tsunade said and leaned back from her table. Kurenahi Yuhi, Jonin captain for Team 8, entered the office. “Good Morning Lady Tsunade. Team 8 has returned from our mission in the Land of Wind. The escort was a success and our client safe. I was asked to report to you immediately, is there something else I can help you with?” Kurenai announced.

“Yes, Kurenai. Please come closer, I want to show you something.” Tsunade said and stood up from her seat. Slave, free from the weight after hours, took in deep breaths. Kurenai walked around the table and saw the man with his face poking out of the seat. She stared at the sight for a couple of seconds and smiled, “So is this the stalking assassin everyone was talking about?” Kurenai came closer and examined the red face and the new office chair. “Yes. He tried to infiltrate the mansion and kill me during the night.” Tsunade told the entire tale to Kurenai.

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