BabySitter Logical

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I was sitting for Steve and Pauline Anderson. They have three kids under five, which I consider very brave of her. They’re a nice couple, not too much older than me, being twenty three and twenty five respectively. She’s very sweet and sociable and I guess that also describes him, though sweet is not normally a word I’d use to describe a man. Let’s make it nice and sociable, where he’s concerned. Plus he’s got a great butt, but I won’t mention that.

The kids were finally asleep and I didn’t expect Steve and Pauline home for a few more hours. Normally I’d be watching TV or texting friends but tonight I had a little problem on my mind. I had a little favour that I wanted to ask for and didn’t know how to present the request or how Steve would react when asked. I was trying to put some sort of little speech together and I was practicing out loud and getting nowhere. Why are these things so complicated? I took a deep breath and started again.

“Um, Mr Anderson, I was wondering if you could help me out with a little problem I’ve got.”

No. I’d already decided that I’d have to call him Steve. Make the appeal more personal, you know.

“Steve, I’ve got a little problem and I was wondering if you could help me out?”

Damn it! Pauline was bound to be there. I wouldn’t be able to get Steve alone to make the request. Should I make it both of them or should I appeal to Pauline and see what she says. If I got her on-side I’m sure she could persuade Steve to help me.

“Ah, Pauline, I have this little problem and I was thinking you might be able to help me resolve it.”

Yes, that sounded better. She loves being useful and she’d be agreeable and prepared to listen to what I say. All I had to do was sell the idea.

“This probably sounds a little forward but would you be able to persuade Steve to make love to me?”

Did that sound a bit brash, I wondered out loud? How else can I ask?

“You do realise that Steve is her husband and that wives don’t normally rent out their husbands to service the itch of any tarty babysitters they might have?”

A very cynical observation in a very cynical voice and I almost screamed with shock, spinning around to look at the intruder. I recognized him fast enough. Jared, Steve’s father. Only man I knew rude enough to barge into the house without knocking.

“I am not a tart,” I snapped, “and I have some very logical reasons for asking. I would have explained them to Pauline. She might have had another solution. And haven’t you learned to knock?”

“No. So you’re not a tart and you have reasons why you should have Steve screw you. Sorry, logical reasons. Are you a virgin?”

The scepticism in that last sentence was awesome.

“Yes,” I snapped, then corrected myself. “That is, no. Um, I’m not sure.”

The swine face-palmed himself.

“How can you not know if you’re a virgin? You do realise what happens when you lose your virginity, don’t you?”

“Yes, well I was going to explain that to Pauline and see if she could help me.”

“Why don’t you explain it to me? Maybe I can help without you trying to seduce Steve.”

“You don’t expect me to talk about my sex life to you, surely? And I wasn’t trying to seduce Steve. I was going to be very up-front. I wouldn’t know how to seduce someone.”

“As a matter of fact, yes, I do expect you to explain everything to me. Otherwise I’ll run you off and finish sitting the kids myself and tell Pauline and Steve I caught you planning to seduce Steve.”

“I told you I wasn’t intending to seduce Steve,” I groused. “I wanted them to help me.”

“Well, tell me what happened and maybe I’ll believe you.”

I folded my arms across my chest and glared at him. He was going to insist so I might as well explain. It would be practice for when I talked to Pauline.

“The whole thing started a few months back when I turned eighteen,” I told him. “Since then my boyfriend has been pushing for us to go further and cement our relationship. We’ve moved on to, let’s say, some pretty heavy petting. That’s what we were doing last night when things went wrong. He suddenly rolled on top of me and he hurt me down there.” I waved a hand in the general direction of my groin to show where I’d been hurt. “I screamed and he jumped off me and then he was squirting all over the place and I was bleeding and upset and he was furious. He said that I’d ruined everything and that I didn’t know what I was doing and it was all my fault and he left in a huff.”

I sighed, contemplating the fiasco.

“Anyway, after he’d İstanbul Escort gone I managed to calm myself down and think about the whole thing logically. I’m pretty sure I’m not to blame for him having a premature ejaculation, but maybe I’d aroused him too much too soon. I also didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to do after he jumped me. It seemed to me that I needed to know more, maybe have someone show me.

Now obviously I can’t have my boyfriend show me because it was pretty obvious he didn’t know any more than I did. Equally obviously, seeing I’m young and pretty with a reasonable figure it should be easy to find a man willing to show me what to do. The trouble is I don’t want some guy who will show me once and then latch on to me forever after. Also I don’t really want a married man because who wants a man who cheats?

That’s the stage when I remembered that I was sitting for Steve and Pauline. It occurred to me that Steve is older and has some experience and would probably be a good tutor. He wouldn’t exactly be cheating on Pauline if she knew and agreed, or even asked him for me. I was trying to work out how to approach Pauline about it when you turned up. That’s all there is to it and I don’t know why you’re laughing.”

“I see. It’s all completely logical.”

“Right,” I said, happy to see he agreed.

“Well, if you want some advice, give the boyfriend a handjob until he blows. Then you can arouse him a second time and he’ll take a lot longer to perform.”

“Don’t bet on it,” I muttered. “I just have to give him a loving look and he comes in his pants. If I touched him after that he’d blow again almost at once. He seems geared to fire at will but he’s only appears to have a couple of shots.” (I might be exaggerating here but you get the drift. He does tend to be a little prem. Every time.)

“Then you might find you’re better off finding a boyfriend with more self-control.”

I gave Jared a dirty look for that comment. I might have been considering it but I wasn’t going to have someone else tell me to drop him.

“Well, we’re not going to solve your boyfriend’s premature ejaculation problems by talking about them. Tell him he needs help and to go and speak to a psychiatrist. Your other two problems are simple to solve. One solution covers both.”

“Meaning what, precisely?”

“Are you still a virgin and how can you get a lesson in balling a guy? Attending to the second will automatically answer the first and I can help you there.”

“You’ll talk to Pauline and Steve for me?” Maybe he wasn’t such an asshole, after all.

“Don’t be dense. I’ll show you how to handle a man. That way you get your lesson, know for certain that you’re not a virgin, and don’t do anything that might mess up a successful marriage.”

“You?” He had to be kidding. “But you’re an old man.”

“Not that old,” he said. “Consider me experienced and it is an experienced man you need. I’m also too old to go chasing after you all the time so you’re covered there, as well. What could be better? It’s the logical solution to all your problems.”

The way he said it, it almost made sense. Almost.

“Ah, I don’t think, um, that is, you’re not quite what I had in mind.”

In other words, buddy, take a hint and back off.

“Hmm. Normally I’d take that as a no but right now I also have to consider Steve and Pauline so I’m afraid I’ll have to insist.”

“And if I continue to say no?” I asked sweetly.

“How would you like it if, as soon as Steve and Pauline walked through the door, I asked in a very loud voice if Steve wants to fuck you because you’ve got the hots for him?”

“You wouldn’t!”

He stood there smiling. He would, the rotten pig.

“All right!” I snapped. “I won’t say a word to them about getting a lesson.”

“Not good enough,” he said, still with that evil smile on his face. “That leaves you with all your problems unresolved and you might pick on the wrong person to help you resolve them. For your own well-being I feel I should settle this now. As part of your lesson you can take off your clothes while I watch. You’ll find that it will help arouse you. Stripping in front of a man, knowing he’s going to take you, gives you a little fillip. A head start on the excitement, you might say.”

I stood there stunned, wondering what the hell? He waited a few moments and then continued.

“Of course, some women, especially when they’re young and scared, prefer the man to undress them. They like to feel that he’s the master and they Kadıköy Escort can’t do anything about it. So, if you’re feeling a trifle nervous. . .?

His voice trailed away suggestively.

“I’m not nervous,” I said indignantly. “I’m just trying to adjust to the idea, that’s all.” The hell I wasn’t nervous. If I was wearing a mood ring it would be shining bright yellow. I had a feeling that I was doomed. One way or another Jared was going to give me a lesson.

I took a deep breath and started undoing my blouse. If he’d shown the slightest sign of triumph I’d probably have changed my mind on the spot and walked out of the house, leaving him to sit the kids. He just stood there, watching me with a look of interest on his face. Somehow, just standing there and looking, he managed to give the impression that he was really interested in what I was doing and keen for me to continue.

Now I’m not saying I was nervous, even if I was currently taking my skirt off. It was just a coincidence that a kaleidoscope of butterflies had taken up residence in my tummy. What was a little nerve-wracking was the fact that a couple of them had escaped and I could feel them in my groin. Bad butterflies.

I froze for a moment in my bra and panties, expecting Jared to say something, to tell me to get on with it. He just kept standing there, endlessly patient and attentive.

I turned to one side before I slipped down my panties. I then reached back and unhooked my bra, leaning forward slightly as I let it slide down my arms. That was a mistake, I realised, even as I was doing it. The bra dropped away from my breasts giving him a perfect side view with me leaning forward and them dangling nicely. I blushed and cupped them with my hands, straightening up to turn my back to him.

I expected him to promptly grab me but for about a minute he did nothing, or appeared to do nothing. Then a hand gently touched my elbow and he was encouraging me to turn to face him.

God, what a shock. I nearly screamed. In that minute of doing nothing he’d managed to strip and was standing there naked with an erection. My eyes were open wide (and I think my mouth was, too) and he took one hand and put it on his cock, squeezing it closed around him.

“Lesson one,” he said, speaking quietly. “While an erection is automatic you’ll find that you can improve on it by touching and playing with it. It also pleases the man and gives him a desire to please you.”

Then he just shut up, leaving me to make of his little speech what I would. I’m not an idiot. I knew he was saying I should stroke him. The point was, did I want to? Make it larger, he implied, by stroking it. Did I want that thing any larger? It seemed a bit too large just the way it was. I swallowed, cursed the butterflies, and started touching him.

One should never ignore what is going on around you while you concentrate on one thing, even if that thing is rather interesting. Somehow or other, while I was, ah, familiarising myself with Jared’s appendage (isn’t that a delicate way of putting it), Jared was shifting me about and I was suddenly aware I was lying on the carpet with him lying next to me, touching me in various places.

When I say various places, he had one hand on my breasts and the other was rubbing my mound, paying particular attention to my lips.

“If a man has any sense he can mark the stages of a lady’s arousal quite easily,” Jared told me. “These,” he said, rolling a nipple around under his thumb, “are an early indicator that the woman is interested. Other signs aren’t quite so semaphoric and need to be teased into giving up their secrets.”

With that his finger went dipping between my lips, exploring inside me.

“It is fairly safe to say that if a lady is pouting,” rubbing his hand against my inner lips to indicate just where the pout would be, “and she’s on the damp side,” slipping his fingers between those lips to test the waters, so to speak, “then she is probably aroused and waiting for the man to make his move.”

Jared was edging my legs further apart, moving until he was kneeling between my thighs. He’d extracted his cock from my grasp and it was now standing forth above me, threatening me, and I do mean threatening.

“Now if we were old lovers we’d just come together with no fuss or bother. Since you’re rather new to this it’s my responsibility to introduce you carefully. I’m going to part your lips and slide slowly into position. All you have to do is relax and watch, seeing how things go. You’ll see my cock sink into Ataşehir Escort you and feel it as it enters you. The seeing and feeling will help arouse you even more.”

Or give me a screaming panic attack and leave me crying for mummy. How was I supposed to relax with something like that attacking me?

All I could do was try not to scream as he spread my lips and pressed his cock against me. He gave a little push and then took his hand away and I could see my lips closing around his cock. It was really happening. He was going to fuck me.

“Wait a minute,” I gasped out quickly. “What if I’m still a virgin?”

“Then you won’t be in a few moments, will you?” he said and I could feel him pressing forward.

So I lay there, totally unrelaxed, watching his cock push into me. He’d give a little push and I’d feel him battering against my softness, feel myself yielding to him, while a little more of his cock moved out of sight. You’ve hear the old saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’? Whoever coined that had never seen a cock moving out of sight in such an intimate way. The more out of sight it became the more aware of it I became. It was stretching me and filling me, absolutely taking me over.

He finally slid home that last little bit and smiled at me.

“See. Simple, isn’t it. Now all you have to do is move with me. When I press into you, just press up against me. It will all feel perfectly natural.”

He moved slowly and just seemed to sort of lean harder against me and then relax. I waited nervously for a few moments while he repeated that and it didn’t feel bad. Odd, but not bad. The next time he leaned against me I pushed my hips us, pressing against him. He flashed me this wicked smile and winked, and my heart just flipped over.

He kept up that slow leaning for a while and I found I quite liked it. It was quite pleasurable and I felt I could do this quite happily for a bit longer. His hands had settled on my breasts again and he was stoking them, seeming to squeeze them slightly as he leaned in.

I never really noticed when he started to withdraw a bit more after leaning. It just seemed that he was pushing against me slightly harder and his cock was now sliding along my passage, titillating my senses. Quite pleasurable was moving up to exciting, and he was moving faster, his thrusts coming stronger. And they were thrusts, now. Instead of a leaning and a gentle rocking we’d progressed to where he was pulling right back and then driving into me, expecting me to push up to meet him and I was doing it. Slightly surprised to find I was, but I was doing it.

At some stage my legs had come up and wrapped around him, trying to pull him deeper, clinging to him. I was now crying out as he took me, little cries of pleasure as he drove in. I was burning up and the fire was getting hotter. He seemed to pick up speed even more and I was incoherent. I was trying to tell him I wanted him to come even harder but was just making wailing sounds as he did his best to drive me mad.

When he increased his pace yet again it was just too much for me. The fires in me just roared into life, sweeping through me and burning my life away, while I could feel him releasing into me, groaning as he did so.

Lying there afterwards I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing. Jared didn’t have that problem.

“Well, we now know that you’re not a virgin, and you certainly seem to know what to do with a man once you’ve caught him. Therefore, it seems logical to me that any problems you’re having sexually with your boyfriend are his, not yours. You now have two options, try to train him or wave him goodbye. Good luck if you try to train him.”

I glared at him but my heart wasn’t in it. I had no trouble having sex with Jared, even if he was older. That did tend to point to my boyfriend as being the problem. The more I considered him the more juvenile he seemed. I sighed. I’d hate to have to break up with him but it was probably the best thing for him. He could then find a girl who was better for him.

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” said Jared, “but aren’t you sitting for Steve next weekend?”

“Yes, on Friday. Why?”

“I thought I might come around and we could have your second lesson,” he said airily.

“Oh, no, you won’t,” I snapped. “I very specifically said once because I didn’t want someone chasing me around afterwards and I meant once.”

“And once was what you got. I just thought you might be interested in what it would be like if you were on top and took the man rather than being taken. Just a thought.”

Just a thought my eye. He deliberately threw that out there, knowing I’d be thinking about it all week. He was betting that if he dropped in next week I’d be willing to experiment. Well I won’t. He would wind up going home disappointed. That would show him.

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